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  1. So close
  2. so whoever plays Portugal in the final wins right?
  3. failing to control himself and lacking leadership qualities!? not possible!
  4. What the hell are you on about
  5. Rooney saying he will still be available for selection, hopefully the next manager is not stupid enough to pick him
  6. This is why we cant have nice things
  7. tbf the way England played tonight was very Man Utd esque. So slow with the build up play and awful all round, give it to LVG
  8. Just give it to Beckham, who cares anymore
  9. Hope Pep wasn't watching, for Hart and Sterlings sake
  10. Roy doesnt have the guts to drop him, no chance in hell of subbing him
  11. Means an easy final
  12. Loved Keown saying a tackle was a foul, and then on the replay Savage just smashed it as it was a dive and was pointing out no contact. Really enjoyed the way they had a commentator for each side
  13. The great thing is, all beers are ****
  14. This thread is off to an awful start