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  1. News item reads "decent turnout" expected for upcoming match but says that if the number of tickets sold turn up, the match will have a 100% attendance. Should that not be regarded to be more than decent? screenshot below
  2. This is so much better than last years edition, great job SI
  3. Is it unrealistic for Ranieri to be sacked a season after winning the league because the club are underperforming? Just got sacked in December as the club are all the way down in 17th
  4. Yet to play a match, but the layout and designs are great. Also love the new backroom staff feedback screen Social media things alright, how dare a fan question me signing lacazette
  5. 2 steps out of work and i get the email about the beta going live! Racing home
  6. If the AI worked in a way where every player had a set price that they could be bought with stupid money, it wouldn't make the game very enjoyable to me, but that is purely because there will be certain players that I myself will not sell for any sum of money, especially if it is to another rival. Is it unrealistic for the AI to just never compromise in certain scenarios just because you throw a shed load of money at them?
  7. Keep in mind the beta save can be continued in tge full game, so you can always try a team you have never played before, and if you enjoy it continue when the full games out
  8. So close
  9. so whoever plays Portugal in the final wins right?
  10. failing to control himself and lacking leadership qualities!? not possible!
  11. What the hell are you on about
  12. Rooney saying he will still be available for selection, hopefully the next manager is not stupid enough to pick him
  13. This is why we cant have nice things
  14. tbf the way England played tonight was very Man Utd esque. So slow with the build up play and awful all round, give it to LVG