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  1. Yes But don't offend our new moth overlords in case they cross the Channel.
  2. Ronaldo on that stretcher has been the best movement Portugal have had so far.
  3. The moths have eaten him.
  4. Joe Allen is a bit naff isn't he?
  5. It's over now. At least it's not raining back home Wales.
  6. He's done something!
  7. Might possibly be over now. Just maybe.
  8. 'Fatigueness'? The English language in the hands of Glenn Hoddle ladies and gentlemen.
  9. Although that did use to have a verse about crushing the Scots. Good times
  10. GStQ's only saving grace is being mercifully short.
  11. What on earth was Boateng doing?
  12. The Wizard of Oz!
  13. Italians bringing out the dark arts now
  14. Bit cagey so far, but Italy should probably be ahead.
  15. You can thank me for tonight's excitement