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  1. I’d rather France won. Far too many cynical and dislikable players in this Croatia team.
  2. Just too naive and inexperienced to play like we have from the second half onward.
  3. Mental tiredness. Just no one is switched on.
  4. Not sure I’d have made that sub unless Henderson has nothing left.
  5. Only one sub made? Okay then.
  6. This. I’d sacrifice him for someone deeper alongside Henderson.
  7. It’s great that Southgate seems calm and collected, but right now he needs to be going batshit to wake his players up.
  8. Literally before that went in I was screaming at Alli to close the cross. Happened for the earlier chance too.
  9. We’ve dropped way off the pace here. Handing the initiative to Croatia.
  10. Rebic still not in the book somehow.
  11. That was like Sunday league when someone is frustrated and just intent at taking someone out
  12. Didn’t take a goal kick in the end though.
  13. Why did that end up being offside?
  14. Beeb had the Sweden game.