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  1. Actually quite cross at how Southgate has approached this game after the first 15 minutes. Put some pace on for God’s sake.
  2. If I win put it to Mrs SCR’s charity too please Better than Chansiri getting it!
  3. As a fellow moaning, miserable, Wednesday-supporting bastard, salut!
  4. Don't think I've got any of the starting squad - he was picked up from Swansea.
  5. He' the second player I've had with a work range change. Evans currently has Balanced for personality.
  6. I've noticed this more than once and thought I'd document this quick tip for the community. Basically, I can't stress enough the importance of praising and criticising training performance. For the former, I try to only do it once a fortnight for each player rather than every week (to avoid nonchalant responses), but I've occasionally noticed free stat boosts from this process. This is Jack Evans who has done okay in this week's training: Look what happens when he is praised: Nice little attribute boost for minimal input
  7. Quick question about training: I have main training set to average, 20% allocated to match training, and individual focus workload set to average. For the first team squad, the workload is listed as average, and for most of the season when looking at a player's training page their individual workload has said average. However, now all of a sudden the player workload has changed to heavy, and no settings have been altered as far as I know. I'm not too fussed as I'm not suffering a deluge of injuries or player complaints, but would just like to understand why it has happened. Incidentally,
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