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  1. Is it me or does It feel like the commentary is like a second or 2 behind the action
  2. I can debunk this one as I've both scored and conceded a few goals like this, it is quite rare though (6 seasons in) the rest is all correct though
  3. Needing somebody for my left wing, Ousmane Dembele is 6 months from leaving but wants to run down his contract, and Barca wanted 60m for him Went for the commercial sales approach and bagged a transfer listed Neymar for 40m, who wanted to get a big contract for only a 5 month contract!!! Got him up to a year and take it from there
  4. He just scored a header against Chelsea for me, best decision you will ever make
  5. Any deadwood on high wages I've offered to pay 50% of wages for new club just to get them out the door.. The board can block sales they feel are too low in cost depending on players value
  6. Auba has been hit and miss, he and Lacazette never seem to be in form at the same time, reiss nelson however has been more useful on the left wing
  7. This is how i line up the team at the moment, Partey spent the first season being on the right of that midfield, but he partners with Torreira really well. I don't fiddle with creating set pieces etc. as i'm scared i'll break the game and get something super unrealistic
  8. Second seasons off to a great start, 3 wins from 3 in the league, beat Real Madrid in the euro supercup, and Nicolas Pepe has gone crazy and scored 3 hattricks already against Madrid, Sheffield United and Burnley, a further goal against Wolves Transfers In: Gabriel Jesus £26.5m, Loftus Cheek £12.75m, Brais Mendez £6.25, Chilwell £18.75 Transfers Out: Chambers £9m, Guendouzi £20m, Willian £15m, Mavropanos £15m, Cedric £8.5m Loans Out: Martinelli, ESR, Xhaka, Ballard, Ballogun, Nketiah, Lopez See how we do after the next run of games which are Norw
  9. I've booked the week off work, and it was pure coincidence that these lined up The end of season screens are brilliant btw plenty of info with great graphics unlike last few years with boring news items
  10. Overperformed in first season, should actually have won the league but bottled it on the final day. Had agreed a deal of £40 million for Aouar however work permit denied so cancelled it 2 points behind Man Utd, and level on points with Liverpool. Man utd at home to Burnley, Liverpool away to Man City and i was away to Southampton. City smashed Liverpool, Man Utd drew a blank against Burnley, and i followed suit with a 0-0 against Southampton I messed up my team meeting before it which did't help. Technically threw it away twice, lost my only home game of the season to West Ham in
  11. My only majkor injury so far was Callum Chambers having a set back in his recovery, first training session back he reinjured himself and has been out for a further 8 months My top scorers as i work my way through March are Lacazette (12) Nelson (10) Aubameyang (9) Saka and Nelson both on 5 assists, Tierney, Ozil and Lacazette on 4
  12. Only signing i made was Wilshere on a free, for nostalgias sake Lacazette, Luiz and Ozil all asked to leave for CL football, however only Laca was happy with me speaking to him so dropped it. Luiz and Sokratis sold, Mustafi, ESR and Balogun loaned out Didnt wanna go crazy with transfers early on as no money, which has just been fixed by the board giving me a cash injection at the start of December
  13. click that install button, come back here and keep people updated
  14. Here is mine, as others have stated there is definitely some idle time on FM12 but i still play it to this day. Hoping FM21 will be my new addiction
  15. im only working 11 days next month and 5 of those are in the first week, i am ready for the beta
  16. I just want my players to score more than 1 in 50 of their chances when running through on goal
  17. i knew putting off doing everything today would come back to haunt me, getting nothing done now
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