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  1. Sporting KC - Has Cow Every coach loves the smell of a new season. New opportunities, new goals, new players, and everyone has a shot, at least in MLS, to do great things. Sporting KC had to go to DC to open the season. A tough, but winnable, match. It started out slow, with both teams appearing to be nervous for the start of the season. But SKC got the start they wanted, with Kei Kamara getting free at the top of the box and blasting it past Bill Hamid. This seemed to only settle DC down, however, and DC fought back off a corner, with Saragosa putting it in the net for the equalizer. It got to halftime at 1-1, but Has Cow felt good, felt like his team was on top. Unfortunately, when Andy Najar got free down the wing in the 68th minute and crossed it into the box, it bounced off defender Matt Besler for an own goal. A devastated SKC team was unable to do anything after that and lost their opener 2-1. The next match, against New England, started similarly slowly, until the 30th minute, when always solid Rev Benny Feilhaber stuck it in the net after a scrap in front of goal to give NE the lead. A quick response from newly acquired striker Jairo Arrieta equalized. It looked like it was going to be 1-1 going into the half, but Kei Kamara forced an OG from New England similar to the one KC gave up in the first match, and KC went in with a lead. After halftime, an interception led to some great passing and ended in a Kei Kamara goal and a 3-1 lead. Leading into the final ten minutes, KC felt pretty secure, but when Julio Cesar stuck it in from the top of the box, the home fans got nervous. They weren't nervous for long however, as a cross got to the back post for a Kamara tap-in. That 4-2 final would be how the match would end. The next match against Dallas was more professional, with the defense barely giving Dallas a sniff, and Arrieta and Paulo Nagamura chipped in goals for a 2-1 win. Chivas's defense gave KC a challenge in the next match, but Peterson was able to unlock the defense and give KC a 1-0 win, as well as the lead in the Eastern Conference. The next four matches, the squad would be without their coach, as he had an emergency come up. He was hoping for similar results, but it was not to be. Out of the next 4 matches, there were 3 draws, as well as a 2-0 win against RSL. Arrieta and Kamara kept up their scoring proficiency, but it was not enough to get wins. When he came back, SKC was 3rd in the East with 15 points. The manager was not happy with the draws, but they weren't losses. Hopefully with his return, the wins would come with them.
  2. I'm finding that players seem to have absolutely no awareness in the current ME. The ball rolls slowly past them as a member of the opposing team just runs through the line onto the ball into a great position. For both me and the opposition. It's just rather frustrating to have every match decided by who is less aware.
  3. Jol said that him "refusing to play" was harsh and that it was a joint decision.
  4. Song is as close to official as it can get. It's on Arsenal.com
  5. wow. 24 million. wow. Nope. It's actually worse, I think.
  6. Hey guess what. Lowly Arsenal are the first English team to qualify for the knockout rounds.
  7. I'm pretty sure he should've had a penalty called against him at one point though. He was grabbing Altidore(I think it was Jozy) pretty solidly.
  8. I have finished my second season, and it was good, although could have been better. I won the League Cup and was in the EURO Cup and FA Cup finals, but lost each of them in heartbreaking fashion. 1-0 to Inter in the EURO Cup on a header. Very even game otherwise. I lost the FA Cup final to Man City on penalties after a 4-4 match which was just completely bonkers. However, I did finish second in the league, much better than the 5th of last season. Man United was so far ahead of everyone that I had no chance of catching them. I do call it a success, as I won a trophy even though I could have won 3. Ah well. I'm unsure what I want to look for, as I feel I'm pretty strong in every position.
  9. Was this first season? Because they were incredible in my first season as well then just trailed off completely second
  10. I should be taking part in this shortly. I'm just unsure who to put in here because I've got a few possible players. Perhaps after this season when I see who has progressed the most.
  11. I actually finished 5th(that was probably why he accepted less, but I'm rather shocked that he accepted a new contract when I underperformed). Van Persie was by far my best player in the first season, scored loads of goals and we faded from 2nd to 5th when he got injured in march for 3 months. His contract is 75k, 7.25k app. fee/goal bonus, 10% sell on fee percentage, and 350k team of the year bonus. I can't remember what his loyalty bonus/agent fee were, but I'd guess they were pretty high.
  12. Wow, some people are paying a lot to van Persie. When did you offer him a new contract? I was able to get him to accept a new 4-year contract at 75k/week before the start of the second season.