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  1. He had been flirting with the Ballon d'Or for a couple seasons, but actually took it down this year!
  2. I don't think that's a bug, actually! I've found that the AI managers for City don't rate Sterling. He was released on a free at the end of his contract in my game and is now at Watford. Go for him if you're interested(or you can see whether he gets released and maybe snap him up for free if his contract expires at the end of the season).
  3. with THAT many signings??? Are you just buying kids directly from the hospital after they're born so you can't use them at CB?
  4. Solid yet disappointing season 3 for me: We beat our points total from last season, but still couldn't win the title. Eagle-eyed readers will notice that Manchester United hit 102 points with 32 wins and 6 draws. Yes, they had an unbeaten season. No wonder my 3 losses were too many. I had mentioned my worry about the Calvert-Lewin signing early in the season, but as it turns out... 23 goals and 6 assists. I'd call that a good return on 30 million for a 23-year old English player. Next season may be tough though. I'm losing Cech, Wilshere, Jonny, and Iwobi for various reasons. I should have a few young players to bring up to replace them though, and hopefully I don't lose anyone else.
  5. Yay! Back in Sweden! Hopefully this save hooks you more than the last one did. I'll definitely be following along.
  6. This is a fantastic read! I always love your threads because of the approach you take every time. It's what I want to end up doing, but I get distracted by buying players(although often they're young players I then develop further). One question: I thought I noticed something on a previous page about you have your Assistant take off a player at halftime with IR. I'm starting to dabble in IR because it gets me through a season so much faster than playing every match, but my assistant will not make substitutions unless someone gets injured. It's pretty frustrating, because often I'd like to get some young players time, but only if we're up by a lot late, and am not sure how to do that. Is that possible?
  7. Jorge Mere has been good for me. I believe he starts at Koln.
  8. This is a great read! Great characters, fascinating concept. I'll definitely be following along.
  9. Welp, I'm eating my words already(Auba was badly injured on int'l duty over the summer, so Calvert-Lewin is starting until he gets back)
  10. I went a bit transfer-crazy(at least for me) in the summer before season 3. I'm pretty sure Calvert-Lewin was a mistake, but with a Brexit involving foreign player limits, I wanted a young English striker. We'll see what happens.
  11. Not sure. I might revive that youth-only Arsenal career, as I have a lot of fond memories of it. Right now I'm just trying to chug along with my own first FM18 save(I got a new job which pretty much coincided with me disappearing from the forum for a while, and also not picking up FM18 until recently). If I get inspiration, I may start something new.
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