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  1. I really feel like I pulled a fast one here somehow: this fee seems incredibly high for him. Maybe he'll prove me wrong, but they're paying more for Cottrell than I did for Velamazan, Belmonte, or Daramy
  2. Yeah. Belmonte is good, as you can see, but he under-performed for me compared to what I expect from the position I played him in, and I was a bit clogged in the midfield. Torreira, Kana, Guendouzi, McKennie, and Willock are all fighting for two spots, and Belmonte just meant nobody was getting enough playing time. I like Torreira too much IRL to sell him, and Belmonte is my second oldest midfielder. You had a heck of a first season though! That amount of player movement is way more than I like to do in any save, but it clearly worked for you.
  3. I waited a bit too long in-game to post this, but I finished up another season: A fantastic season in the League. 34 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses, with both losses being in May, after the title was already won. Also won the Champions League in a nailbiter: My star player is Antony, who is just unbelievable on the right wing. Transfers: Kana came in, but was a backup midfielder this season. He's going to be playing more this season, with the departure of Tomas Belmonte, who I brought in last season for 6M. A healthy, healthy profit off him. Vandro came in as a backup to Tierney. He is nowhere near as good defensively, but is performing fine as a backup. Velamazan was transfer-listed by Barcelona for some reason and was a STEAL. I had to send him out on loan this season, but he's going to be playing for me this season in a rotation with Nketiah, as I start to phase out Aubamayeng and Lacazette. He had 22 goals last season on loan at Sevilla, so I am stoked for him to play for me. Leger is a cheap pickup I hope to develop and sell at a profit, TBH. You may notice Tim Krul in the "Out" list. I brought him in for free as a third goalkeeper in the summer, and when people came in for him in January I didn't want to stand in his way. Overall, a fantastic season, and I've hit the point where I may start just playing my developmental prospects more often and phase out/sell my aging players more quickly. Only so much further I can take the club progress-wise at this point, it's now all about the fun I can have developing young players.
  4. Season 3: Premier League: An excellent season, with our only two losses being at Man Utd and at Man City, and yet we still only BARELY beat United to the title Champions League: I'm facing off with Liverpool in the final shortly, will report after it's done(I have something more interesting to discuss and wanted to get this up now) FA Cup: lost in the fifth round at City, 4-3 in extra time. It was WILD. Carabao Cup: Beat Newcastle in the final, 5-1 ----- However, after the last match of the League season, I suddenly got this message: Apparently there was a takeover, and they put in bids for both Thomas Lemar and Arthur because of their campaign promises? We'll see what happens with that, but I think this is a new feature. Have others seen this? EDIT: Apparently neither Lemar nor Arthur could agree on contract terms, even though the transfer offers were accepted. Fine, that's as undisruptive as I could have hoped for.
  5. Great buy with Camavinga! I love being able to buy fantastic young players. He's a bit more expensive than I usually go for, even in my Arsenal saves, but is a good fit for the squad.
  6. Excellent! I may have to add that to my regular play. The built-in IR of FMT has let me go through an entire half-season with Arsenal's new best friends Frankfurt on my laptop here over the holidays in less than a day, when it normally takes me a couple weeks. I'd like to get further in these saves than I usually do.
  7. Great win with Gladbach! I have a bit of a soft spot for the German leagues, so it's always nice to see someone have success there. I'm excited to see Partizan. This should be a bit more of a project. Also, I think you've mentioned you have an IR button to go through seasons faster? How did you add that? This is full FM20, right?
  8. Post-Season 2 Update: League: A very solid league performance, ending with us as Champions! Carabao Cup: A victory over Spurs in the final, although we left it late. FA Cup: This was a tough competition for us. We squeaked by(or at least it felt like we squeaked by) several teams before United shredded us in the semifinals: Champions League: Good performances in the group stage and against Inter, but we just completely lost it in the second leg against Liverpool: Summer Transfers: I felt very good about my transfers this time around. I was able to acquire McKennie from Schalke and Belmonte from River for a cheaper combined price than I got rid of Xhaka for. With the departures of Xhaka and Zeca, my midfield gets a LOT younger. I was also able to sell Mavropanos to Norwich for a much better price than I was expecting. He was not developing to the level I wanted out of my defenders, and it was just time to get rid of him. Between that, sending Sokratis out on loan, and the impending retirement of David Luiz, I needed some new blood. I found that new blood. Badashile is a backup who I am hoping to develop over the next couple seasons. He'll get some time with the first team, but has a little bit to go before he's a regular starter. I am VERY happy with the acquisition of Christian Romero. At 10M I feel like he's a huge bargain who will be a rock in my defense for YEARS. Hopefully he turns out as expected. Unfortunately for Ainsley, he just wasn't quite reaching the level I wanted from a first-team player, and with the purchases I made in the midfield, he just wasn't going to get any starts. So I hope he succeeds at Lyon, but I wasn't going to turn down 23M.
  9. I'm also not excited about you going to Spurs, as an Arsenal fan. But the places you hate going (Leeds) are often the most entertaining posts in the save!
  10. I am excited to see you at Gladbach! It was a good time in your previous visit. It also took me until this update to realize that Spurs were eligible this year, because of their real life Champions League finals loss.
  11. Eddie Nketiah has been great for me so far in season 2 as an Advanced Forward, at least in the cup and continental competitions. Still needs to find some more league consistency, but that's where Aubamayeng has been shining for me so I haven't needed him to shoulder the League burden yet.
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