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  1. Thanks! Don't think I'll be posting a career for a while. I have too many other games I want to get through right now to put that much time into FM. But it's still fun reading about everyone's careers. I should be around a bit more often, at least.
  2. Yes! I love seeing Belgian teams do well. I've been considering managing there for a long time but just never taken the plunge. This should be fun
  3. So in a week, you meet your goal with both a club and a country. Fantastic work, as always!
  4. I see this hasn't gotten any less weird in the ~month I've been taking a break from the forums Good to see you still making progress and looking like you're having fun with this! It's still a good read.
  5. This is a win-win final, eh? Either you get to stay at Stade de Reims and continue your Czech project, or you get to add a new team to the list! Your continued dominance is amazing. I wish I could get anywhere close to your performances.
  6. How you didn't go with "Lin-vincibles" I have no idea Great work regardless! Wish I could find the consistency you seem to find everywhere.
  7. Starting to feel a sense of deja vu here, with a decent start, but now we're in a run of bad morale and cannot get out and are below expectations again
  8. Oh, good, more possible upheaval, with a Presidential election immediately after the season begins.
  9. (We jump over to Germany...) Germany is a strange new place for me. Reserve teams playing in the lower leagues with first teams? This sure isn't England. I have to say though, the fact that we play somewhere called the "Mechatronik Arena" is a huge plus. It feels like we're a team of Transformers. Speaking of the squad... It seems very solid for this level. Nobody who's clearly going to lead us to another level, but I don't need that right now. I just want a solid foundation. Tom would be jealous at all this defensive talent I have. Let's hope I can make good use of it and get him jealous of how we play as well. I didn't want to make too many changes to start with, particularly with the solid foundation we have right now. Let's get off to a good start in the league and see what we can do. The board expects a solid performance but nothing outstanding, so let's get going.
  10. back to France, eh? And so soon after Saint-Etienne! I expect some discontent from green-clad French fans.
  11. You'll catch up in no time! Just do that ~100 more times and have him do nothing! Easy
  12. --------------------- Well, that went south quickly. We just could not buy a win by the end there. 7 wins, 9 draws, and 8 losses is not playoff-contending form. The players looked like they stopped caring. It's just as well, though. They never really found the defensive structure I was hoping they would, and that prevented them from finding the success I wanted in the way I wanted. I wish them all the success in the world, they deserve it. At least I'm away from Mayfork. It's probably his fault the players were so poor. They were distracted on the training ground every day by the ridiculous attempted disguises he'd infiltrate with. At least I get to read about my mates' management successes. They had to do better than I did. At least, relative to expectations. Now where did I put that stack of news about them....
  13. (we may be moving to a different manager sooner than I had anticipated, even though we're only 3 points off the playoffs)
  14. ------------------------- I was sure I had him this time. But Mayfork continues to elude us. We'll get him on trespassing one of these days. I know it's him. Who else would climb the fence and talk to my players while wearing a giant cartoon flowerpot on his head, thinking it'd camouflage him? But maybe I should stop paying attention to him. There's no chance his silly stories are actually interesting to anyone, right? I have more important things to worry about right now. ----- At least we stopped losing, but we need to start winning.
  15. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's been a rough start to life here. Our defense is leaking goals and we can't score consistently enough to make up for it. And now I'm going to have that bloody reporter Mayfork poking his nose everywhere around the club. Management looked so easy while I was a player, but I guess I don't have me playing for me. If only I could get out on the pitch and show them all how it's supposed to be done. We need to turn it around soon.