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  1. I have been offered the England job, and as a way to try to spark some life back into this save I'm taking it. Also, I couldn't turn down an opportunity to manage the best player ever to come out of an FM Academy of mine. Blyth -> Man City -> Real Madrid
  2. We went and did it again: Winning the league with 80 points feels undeserved but I'll take it. 6 players in team of the year is great! Very happy with that. 17 million well spent on this young man, our best player two seasons in a row leading us to two championships on the back of our defense. One of my favorite ever players in FM, Tom Simpson. He's an academy product from back when we were in League 1! And look at him now. I already posted the heartbreak of the CL, but we're getting closer to it.
  3. The Neutrals must have loved the CL today(I'm so mad):
  4. SEASON REVIEW 2040/41 An incredible season, with two trophies. A full squad effort too, they split the goals up really well in the League. 4 players with 10+ goals and another with 9. No massive stars, just a solid whole squad. Guess it's time to push for the CL. Hopefully we'll show improvement there next season, because I'm not sure how much I want to grind through it. Some additional good news though:
  5. This is maybe a question for the actual football forum since you're more likely to get fans of specific teams there? Not sure anyone here is Barnsley-heavy enough to be able to help you.
  6. well, we did it An incredible performance, although we started to sweat a bit at the end after being up 4-1
  7. Love a good Nearly Men save! This is a great read. Keep up the good work!
  8. This is a neat follow, as someone who only got into the sport in the late 00s! Keep it up
  9. 2 Matches to go in the season. At both Manchester clubs. I'm on 86 points, they're both on 80. They both have better GD than I do. So I (probably) need a point. At one of the two stadiums I have never gotten a point from. Here we go.
  10. JANUARY 2041: Another strong first half to the season. I think we'll go out to Madrid in the Champions League, but we're right up in the title chase again.
  11. I had forgotten that as Europa Winners I get to be in Pot 1. This has meant a much easier group than I had expected: We should qualify from this, either first or second.
  12. SEASON REVIEW 2039/2040 A loss at bottom of the table Newcastle on the last day prevented a shock championship, but we were pretty comfortably in the CL places all season. Very exciting times in Blyth! A great season to open our new stadium, and things are only looking up. How was our first foray into Europe? Uh, very good as it turns out! Some tight knockout ties but then a very comfortable win in the Final. I'd like to buy 1-2 stars this summer, but our squad depth is pretty good. Hopefully we can stay consistent next season and finish this off. Very close to
  13. the perils of house ownership! I'm starting to work on a search and having to worry about things like that is a whole new world after renting for a decade.
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