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  1. Yeah, I feel like you have to be really happy with this performance. 46 points seems like a successful first season up at all, let alone before match day 30.
  2. Please hide specific CAs/PAs of players in this forum, either with spoiler tags, or leave them out entirely. They are not allowed in here as per GPTG rules as lots of people don't want to see them.
  3. My Blyth updates are going to be very slow for a while. I did a massive purge of the squad because a lot of them just aren't good enough, so I'm going to have to do a big rebuild. It takes a while to build a whole squad, so I'm not sure when I'll actually make forward progress here. It's been necessary for a while, honestly.
  4. That's a really good price. Hopefully you can use it to increase the quality of some other positions and get over that hump.
  5. With the new update, I guess I'm going to have to start a new Arsenal save. I was not feeling my "Youth Only" save, which is why I haven't given an update lately. Very excited to see the player updates.
  6. It feels like not all that much? We've upgraded facilities 3 times up to "Average", and I don't remember the cost of each one. It just feels like I've gotten really lucky with Youth Intakes. Although, that being said, none of them have really thrived much after being sold. Eroglu seems like he has the best shot. I hope he makes it.
  7. o7 He's now making just about as much as my entire wage budget. I wish I could have gotten more for him(he's good enough!), but his first professional contract had a release clause because he wasn't going to sign it otherwise, and by the time I went to go offer him a new one, his head was being turned by Premier League clubs.
  8. I would have had at least 8 heart attacks if this were my team and not two AI teams:
  9. As much as it sucks to lose a player you love, that seems like a good price for someone you brought in on a free.
  10. Saved it. Very undeservedly so. I thought for sure we were going to lose to a goal from our first big sale of the summer, Ian Todd. This would have been incredibly bitter, because the player I had starting in his position this season was on loan from QPR and couldn't play in the Final. But a very late goal from another Academy player and then the most stressful penalty shootout I've ever been in. 6-5 with 9 rounds, the first 3 penalties missed, and us just needing to score the last to win but failing to do so. An absolute heartstopper of a shootout. But I guess I have another tough job to do n
  11. awful second half of the season. We choked away a great league position with a huge run where we couldn't buy wins, and nearly dropped out of even the playoff spots. Hopefully we can pull ourselves out of this rut for the playoffs
  12. JANUARY 2031 UPDATE: We're good this season. As you can see, we've cleaned up our defense a lot compared to last season. And we're scoring goals too, even though we had about a 10-match streak of only scoring 0 or 1 goal. If not for that we'd be comfortably in first place, but we've gotten out of that and have a 3-match winning streak to end of 2030. Hopefully we can continue that momentum into the second half of the season.
  13. I'm pretty sure that this kid is going to be the next to get snapped up by a higher-rep team: Hopefully he can drag us up to the Championship first though. 9 in 9 in League One so far is a good start
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