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  1. JANUARY 2034 UPDATE A few things to talk about halfway through the season. First, some notes on a former player: I am so, so happy to see his success. Just look at him, he came from our academy Now, back on the home front: Out in the cups to two Prem teams, nothing shameful in that. Looking at the table.... Oh, is that us in a playoff spot after 24 matches? It sure is. I'd still like a bit more consistency, but I guess this is the Championship, and what I've learned in three seasons is anyone can beat anyone in this League. Looking forward
  2. Hello??? What??? This is against "second season in the Prem" Norwich too. We absolutely stomped them.
  3. BLYTH SEASON REVIEW 2032/33 10th! I'm very happy with this. We were far more consistent this season. No huge winless runs. No huge unbeaten runs either, but that's fine. It meant consistency and a very good 10th place, 7 points off the playoffs. Of particular note this season: Roy Walsh was third for goals in the entire League. You love to see it. And on that note, I'm unilaterally claiming Roy Walsh as a Blyth Legend, even if FM doesn't say so. Here's why:
  4. Not at the right computer for a full update, so that'll have to wait, but I have completed another season with Blyth. I am quite happy with the result, and I think it's time to call someone a club legend, even if they don't have that label in-game yet. I'll leave you with that to ponder until the weekend's over
  5. Also, it's, uh. It's time. Glad I stuck on that release clause:
  6. JANUARY 2033 UPDATE: A decent first half of the season. I'm actually much happier with this than last season, even though we were higher at this point last season. We're more...consistently inconsistent, I guess? We haven't had a giant unbeaten or winless run, so I think we're much closer to where we ought to be right around 12th. But you can see that we've got Man City in the FA Cup, like we had them in the Carabao Cup last season. How do we think this is going to go? Yeah, that's about right.
  7. Also, it's wild to me that I signed a player I recognize from this season in the Prem to Blyth: I'm not sure how impactful he'll be at 34 years old, but this was more of a "look how far I've come" signing anyway.
  8. Well, I was wrong about who was the next player to get snapped up by a Prem team.
  9. I forgot to mention, we've got yet another academy player on "snapped up by a Prem team" watch: He immediately became one of my starting central defenders. At 16! And you can see that he also got a full senior cap with Albania. It's honestly just amazing how good our youth players have been this entire save. I made sure to immediately sign him to a pre-contract, and was able to get away with a 9M release clause, so if any Prem team comes sniffing around, they'll have to pay.
  10. Blyth Season 2031/32 Review: I'll take 17th! While we continued to have a rough end of the season, we ended very safely in 17th, 16 points out of the relegation zone. For a team that got a surprise promotion and had to do a lot of panic transfer activity to try to get players that could survive in the Championship, that's a huge success. Hopefully I can find a few upgrades this summer and just slowly build up the team. But 17th with by far the smallest payroll budget in the league is a massive success. Hopefully our continuing reputation increase can lead to us getting the players w
  11. Late January, about two-thirds of the way through the season, and yes, we did hit our expected rough patch: Down to 13th and out of both cups. But honestly? 13th is great. We're still 15 points clear of the relegation zone, which is further away than we are from the playoffs, which we're 9 points away from. Hopefully we can keep this up and end comfortably mid-table. I'd snap that off if you offered it to me at the beginning of the season. I would now too, honestly. We did get to face our old star youth prospect Mustafa Eroglu in the Carabao Cup. Man City threw him on fo
  12. About a third of the way through the season and...maybe I should stop doubting my team: Just lost to Shrewsbury to stop a 9 game unbeaten run, but this is massive success. 9th place(although yes, it's the Championship, it's really tight top to bottom. We're 4 points off second and also 4 points from 14th), Carabao Cup quarterfinals, and I'm feeling good about the direction of the season. I can't go on a massive winless run here, but I don't really expect to with how we've played so far this season.
  13. Ah, the perils of a newly-promoted team: Here's me spending 53k per week, meanwhile, West Brom spent 71M on transfers this window.
  14. Hey folks! Sorry about the month-long disappearance, but real life happens sometimes. Coming back with some Blyth updates soon, now that we're in the Championship. It is a...I can't actually say "rebuilding year" the season we go up to the Championship, but "building year" seems appropriate. Had a lot of players who were nowhere near good enough for our level and had to let them go and replace them. And with this being like a dozen+ players it's kind of exhausting. But I'm spending some amount of the money I acquired through youth player sales. With an 11 million pound balance
  15. Note that this is after season 1, but it should look similar at the start of the game:
  16. I had a very eventful Season 2 Summer Window: Lots of ins and outs. I am very excited to get to play with James Ward-Prowse post-buff. He has a delightful attribute layout. I also brought in several young players on frees: Start of the season has gone really well! 5 wins in 5 in the League. JWP already with 4 goals and 2 assists in these 5 games, averaging 7.45 rating. Already worth the purchase.
  17. Tried some cheeky bids for Kane, but he's not interested. Which, fair.
  18. I don't know! They didn't sell players(until this offseason), I didn't see any huge injuries. They just...didn't work. Kane had 6 League goals
  19. I would consider this probably the best possible Season 1 Result: Bye Spurs! Enjoy the Championship!
  20. Yeah, I feel like you have to be really happy with this performance. 46 points seems like a successful first season up at all, let alone before match day 30.
  21. Please hide specific CAs/PAs of players in this forum, either with spoiler tags, or leave them out entirely. They are not allowed in here as per GPTG rules as lots of people don't want to see them.
  22. My Blyth updates are going to be very slow for a while. I did a massive purge of the squad because a lot of them just aren't good enough, so I'm going to have to do a big rebuild. It takes a while to build a whole squad, so I'm not sure when I'll actually make forward progress here. It's been necessary for a while, honestly.
  23. That's a really good price. Hopefully you can use it to increase the quality of some other positions and get over that hump.
  24. With the new update, I guess I'm going to have to start a new Arsenal save. I was not feeling my "Youth Only" save, which is why I haven't given an update lately. Very excited to see the player updates.
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