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  1. England players were probably knackered because they don't have a winter break.
  2. Does it always go to someone in the final? My vote would be Hazard but I don't know if him not being in the final would hurt his chances.
  3. Does Pickford shout at his players much? There were a few times near the end where defenders were having communication errors (including the goal).
  4. Yes this tournament was better than the 2002 Quarter Final defeat for England. England did things as a national team they haven't done before (in my lifetime) Play well against the "bad" teams. Yes we absolutely should have beaten the teams we beat, but I have memories of England failing to beat Nigeria and Sweden in 2002 and scraping through the group. Even 2006 when we won against poor opposition we didn't make it look comfortable. The Quarter Final against Sweden was boring, comfortable and it was great! Time and time again we've been let down by "golden generations", we come into this tournament with no expectations and get to the semi finals.
  5. Best world cup since 98 for me. Really enjoyed it
  6. I'd have Courtois instead of Pickford and Pogba instead of Coutinho. But otherwise mostly agree.
  7. Passionate: “I expect a win today”.
  8. Suarez hasn't done anything yet has he? Maybe he'll streak during the final.
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