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  1. ive genuinely never felt this disturbed about something on tv, i'm feeling nauseous
  2. sorry not been doing too good last few days, will hopefully enter next round
  3. nah i don't have time I'll just have to have nil points
  4. I know 1 for sure and think I was able to get #10 If that's wrong my answer is better
  5. Oops! That was the only one I was sure I got a point for Should have read the question properly.
  6. I've been pretty inactive the last year so don't think I'll know enough to enter.
  7. Played a game last night, won 4-1 away from home then my PC crashed.
  8. 10 games into the season and I'm currently sitting 7th! I don't expect to stay there are we've been riding our luck a bit in some games, but so much better than last season already.
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