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  1. sorry not been doing too good last few days, will hopefully enter next round
  2. nah i don't have time I'll just have to have nil points
  3. I know 1 for sure and think I was able to get #10 If that's wrong my answer is better
  4. Oops! That was the only one I was sure I got a point for Should have read the question properly.
  5. I've been pretty inactive the last year so don't think I'll know enough to enter.
  6. England players were probably knackered because they don't have a winter break.
  7. Does it always go to someone in the final? My vote would be Hazard but I don't know if him not being in the final would hurt his chances.
  8. Does Pickford shout at his players much? There were a few times near the end where defenders were having communication errors (including the goal).
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