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  1. dafuge's South American tour

    Always good to read your threads Good luck. Your 3 nations so far have been in the same order I did mine in when I tried a similar challenge.
  2. I subbed a player at around the 85 minute mark (after a Red Card) and then he remained on the pitch (see above) for the remainder of the match. I've attached the match pkm, but the issue does not happen when I replay the match so I'm not sure what else can be done? Leiknir F. v ÍA.pkm
  3. [England - general issues] (Official) Data Issues

    Derek Riordan (free agent) should have Bristol Rovers in his history 2011/12 11 games, 0 goals.
  4. [Bristol Rovers] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks Certain things will have been changed (player positions, favoured foot), but stat changes will be changed in the next update, these are still up for debate and will change over time. So do you think he shouldn't have it listed any more?
  5. [Bristol Rovers] (Official) Data Issues

    I'd love to put the stadium stuff in but until it's 100% underway it can't be done. It all seemed pretty certain once before until Sainburys ****ed it up, so obstacles are always in the way of such huge things.
  6. [Bristol Rovers] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi afferman, thanks for your feedback. I think some of the issues regarding players not being rated "high" enough is partly based on current over performance combined with a huge rise in stature in the last few seasons. A lot of the players (Brown, Lockyer, Harrison) were the same players that were with us in the conference and getting a huge bump in stats for each promotion is just unrealistic, I've tried to keep them realistic, but perhaps below where similar players are rated. Matt Neil has addressed a lot of the things I would have answered but I'll try and cover a few more. Lee Brown - I'm a big fan of Brown and he's a player I have focused on the most in recent editions. The players in the team who are rated higher in game are players who I feel are better players/better performers (Taylor) or loan players (who's CA has been set by their parent club, and will be adjusted during the season once have got games under their belts. He could maybe rated above Lockyer for the short term? But Lockyer has the higher ceiling and will continue to grow. Harrison - Is someone I've may be been over critical of in the past, he is someone I shall be working on more this season as he starts to play more often. He still isn't a regular starter though and I'm happy with how he is rated currently. Leadbitter - He's the fastest player in the squad and his stats reflect this, he is also one of the fastest in the division, I don't think he needs to be rated any higher in speed/pace at the moment unless there are some stats that he is as fast as the fastest championship players. I agree with a few of the points and I will look at addressing them. Feedback is greatly received though, the Rovers thread is often not the most active so getting different opinions on the team and how they should be represented can be difficult. There is feedback between myself and the SI team and fellow researchers, but the more opinions the more accurate things can get so keep posting.
  7. [Bristol Rovers] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi. I knew this would be an issue raised due to the hype over the takeover, I don't think that there is any further transfer funds this season and I wouldn't expect there to be much room for movement in the short-term, although I can agree there should be more than in previous years. Thanks for raising the issue and thanks Gripper for doing what you have done, that probably seems like the best course of action.
  8. Great work everyone looks good, hopefully not too stressful. This is a low priority issue, but how can I turn off my display settings for images/avatars? Ideally I would have them disabled. Similar forums have a "preferences" section but I can't see one.
  9. Just Fontaine would like a word. .
  10. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    Just me that enjoyed the tournament then?
  11. Euro 2016 Prediction League - Round 7 Final

    Sunday 10th July 2016 Portugal 2-1 France 20:00
  12. Wales to celebrate with open top bus parade around Cardiff

    It would be like England getting to the semi-final.
  13. Semi Final 1 - Portugal VS Wales #PORWAL

    Come on Wales \o/
  14. Euro 2016 Prediction League - Round 6

    Wednesday 6th July 2016 Portugal 1-1 Wales 20:00 Thursday 7th July 2016 Germany 3-1 France 20:00
  15. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    Pele once rated El Hadji Diouf as one of the top 100 players of all time.