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  1. There is a guide with the Guardian tomorrow.
  2. Yeah... just...remarking thats unusual
  3. Lineker announced the result at the top of the show.
  4. get the **** off the pitch you useless *****
  5. Straight in at number one http://www.midfielddynamo.com/matches/top_englanddebacles.htm
  6. Sterling has impressed in training after a phone call from Pep reassuring of his future at City apparently.
  7. No more Bilic. He's returning to manage his club apparently. The Guardian rates the pundits so far: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/jun/23/euro-2016-pundits-battle-sofas-pundits-slaven-bilic I bet Thierry is happy France-Ireland has been picked by ITV.
  8. We have unlimited transfers and an extra €5m for the last 16. Some small price changes - Perisic up 0.2, Payet 0.1. Bale no rise.
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