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  1. Agreed, Aguero is definitely the frontrunner for it and no reason why he won't carry on banging goals in for fun!
  2. As a United fan, I was looking forward to the POTM Rashford. Ended up being a little disappointed that it wasn't an 88 card. One more IF and his Headliner card makes it pretty much obsolete (imo, anyway). Sold whatever I had bought with the intention of completing his POTM SBC and grabbed a fresh HL Rashford for 540k (PS4). Thankfully, still at that price now, which compared to most of my purchases on FIFA is a surprise! Don't think I'd be able to do the same with a possible Pogba POTM card if he continues his current form though.
  3. Since I've made an appearance in PHL's photo, hi! I'm sure some of you remember me from online seasons of yesteryear. Not sure I could commit to joining a new league for 2018 full time but potentially if it's possible I could dip in and out for any weekend races. See just how badly I've regressed from the days of winning the odd race.
  4. Thought I was going to get sweet FA from my MM packs until the last one... Aubemeyang! Nice 300k+ there since I'm not interested in a Bundesliga side this year (focusing on Serie A and slowly building an all United side).
  5. Anyone pack anything worthwhile from SB rewards this week? I hit Gold 1, missed out on Elite 3 by 1,500 or so but should be looking at an Elite rank this week as I've got used to playing against Legendary AI, save for the odd ridiculous moments when the AI is definitely going to tear you a new one. Packed IF Lichtsteiner which I was more than happy with considering my main team is a Serie A side, fits in perfectly at right back! Have a super pacey/sweat MLS side that I use as fitness rotation but having solely used my Serie A team for half of the SBs I feel like I should go for a cheap s
  6. I second that! Great card, just a shame he is only 3* skills.
  7. I'm looking to build a new PC since my previous one has finally bitten the dust after 5 years. That PC actually had parts chosen by Wakers from here but not sure if he's active still or not! Been having a look on Reddit and using pcpartpicker I've put together something but open to different ideas on parts. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/ZhdLZ8 Max budget is £1k I'd say, I'm not looking to get a new monitor at the moment so possibly the GPU in that build is a little redundant for a 1080p/60hz monitor that I'll be using.
  8. Yeah, it's still around that number right now. Thanks for the info Mozza!
  9. Thought I'd ask in here since we have some knowledgeable folk and I couldn't seem to find anything online regarding it. How soon to horse racing events do races become NRNB? Looking to put a bet on The Derby but ideally I'd like to take NRNB just to cover myself
  10. Early October, though with the World Cup of Hockey this year I'm not sure if the regular season start is being shifted. Ends in April, with playoffs straight after which typically finish early June.
  11. Already have the BTS in a double with the Sheffield United game, so I can't resist going back in on the 7/4 here.
  12. No worries! It's been so long since I've played MM I don't have one right now. Think I was around MG1 level when I was actually playing. Feel free to PM me your Steam ID and I'll get you added.
  13. What MM ranks are you guys? I've been considering getting back into playing, would be cool to team up with some OTF'ers
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