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  1. 1. readingfanman 2. Jonno-Blood 3. Robbie.Knox 4. TigerChris 5. darren1983 6. Jorg 7. Emersonlfc 8. Umney Top work rfm!
  2. Great idea m8, but if you do this then you could have Homeless football too!
  3. Pretty cool idea Gills, would be a nifty little feature to have.
  4. How do you play your game?

    Usually begin as Rushden in one save, a team from the lowest league(in England it's Maidenhead) and sometimes feel like starting unemployed
  5. Reviving the legend

    Looks like it's going to be your season Donners! KUTGW
  6. Reviving the legend

    Still going strong! Keep it up
  7. Fran you mean: Rooney/Torres Anderson Nani Hargreaves Carrick Ronaldo yeah?
  8. OTF plus randoms do England!

    Decent albeit on the slow side first couple of sessions guys. Got to the beginning of the season and it will only get more exciting from here!
  9. OTF plus randoms do England!

    Liking the banners Hope we can reach the first few games tonight too
  10. Reviving the legend

    Excellent to see you back Donners. Remember your previous stories which were excellent to read.
  11. Bale is good from when I've gone to Southampton matches with my Saints supporting mate. But he isn't £8m good, wouldn't even put him down as £4m good at the time being.