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  1. They were all found within minutes of that post anyway from match reports, all their Twitter names were posted as well, they've ****ed their lives up
  2. Going to put this is spoilers because the language is disgusting, but this is apparently a Portsmouth youth team groupchat Only good thing is none of them will ever have a career in football after this People have already found who they are from match reports *Warning* clicking on the below Twitter thread will bring up disgusting racist language
  3. Yeah Dolberg or Schick for Lukaku and that is pretty much the correct team imo Harsh on Stones and Chiellini as well of course, both probably get picked because of their goals
  4. Imagine the odds of these 3 being in the team of the tournament at the start
  5. Foden is that player, we just don't play a system that uses that type of player
  6. Yeah Mount was better defensively than he was offensively, which was really part of the problem
  7. Official team I think its pretty much spot on, other than Lukaku Shaw/Spinazzola is a coin toss, goal in the final though should probably have landed it on Shaw's side
  8. I mean, I was clearly joking about all the **** Baptista has spouted in here over the past month about how Grealish was going to demand the ball when others wouldn't etc and wouldn't let games pass him by, but then you reply to me saying how Grealish is the only one other than Sterling to come out in a better light People didn't even want Saka in their 26 man squads ffs
  9. He can apologise to you when you apologise to the thread for all the stuff Grealish was going to do when he was on the pitch that he did none of
  10. Anyone putting players from those sides amongst the favourites who flopped out early doors over players who went deep and had no right to, are ridiculous
  11. Of course it would have, Sommer didn't celebrate against France until the ref gave him the ok from VAR
  12. I thought he knew he was off his line so was expecting a VAR retake, couldn't understand what was going on at all for several moments
  13. Not many other occasions as a football fan where i've celebrated a moment more than that Pickford save from Jorginho
  14. Imagine losing a Champions League final and a Euros final in the space of a few months
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