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  1. Its where Messi played most of the World Cup from
  2. Has Magurie ever been elite? He plays well for England, something you actually have to do to find out, giving a young centre back who has gone to Italy and won Serie A 1 cap in the space of a year is shocking in terms of developing your squad
  3. He gave a Serie A winning centre back 1 game in the space of a year, during a time where we were awful in the Nations League and Magurie wasn't playing well for his club, then didn't even call him up to the World Cup squad over Ben White who had found some good form for Arsenal You can't say players aren't there when he refuses to play certain players
  4. Courtois surely worst goalie, alongside most of the Belgium side. Big difference between players who are not expected to perform vs big names like he and KDB being awful
  5. Horrible stuff aside, from a football entertainment POV its the best i've ever seen, and the final lived up to the hype showing off the best 2 players in the world African side finally made the semi finals as well 10/10
  6. Atletico, PSG, Spurs, Man Utd and Juventus guaranteed a winner
  7. Also my mate who I caught in our league over the semi finals didn't even know there were perk options like wildcard I'm now a few points ahead and he's said he used his wildcard to fill his squad with Argentina/France players, don't think he also realises the 3rd place playoff also counts
  8. How Like I would assume it would just use your 1st sub as your 12th man, but then it says select someone, but nothing comes up as an option when you click on a player
  9. This really is the worst FF experience isn't it? The UI is awful How the hell do you use the 12th man? You click it and it says select someone to be the 12th man, but then there is nothing to select, so when you come out of My Team, the 12th man is no longer selected
  10. Can't be bothered seems strong, if he doesn't enjoy watching football or socialising in groups, thats something you should know before you decide to take him half way around the world for 4 weeks
  11. tbf that sounds like poor man management, something Gareth is heavily praised for Surely you know about this before you call him up and take him to Qatar, if this was somehow not known to them, then why didn't they know. If the problem was him not wanting to join in with the other lads watching football, that doesn't seem like the worst crime going
  12. My French replacement finally does something when its too late
  13. I win £40 in a sweepstake if France win, and even I want them to lose
  14. France are so bad when players run at at them around the box
  15. Stop being bitter!! They're not, as they haven't all tournament
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