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  1. Neymar to do Nadal and go off injured when losing
  2. Shocked that Brazils apparently amazing defence has been so open when they've struggled against average sides who didn't have anyone to put it in the net
  3. Neymar just leaving the ball instead of going for the tackle
  4. So the last 5 minutes of the game then
  5. Everyone gushing over this **** Brazil team has been hilarious Could be another 7-1 this
  6. Pogba so stupid, your putting a World Cup final at risk ffs
  7. Why would you wipe your nose with the inside of your shirt
  8. He can only make chances if players are making runs though and so far he's only had Lingard doing that
  9. I don't think anyone is trying to make out he's been amazing, but its insufferable when he's the target of abuse when he's sticking to his job in the system and making it work. The idea that putting in Rashford for him and suddenly we're going to be amazing is laughable Apart from the chance against Tunsia that was offside anyway and the header that Stones scored from, I don't think anyone has got the ball to Sterling in a goal scoring position. Lingard had a simple ball across to him in the box against Colombia and he fluffed it
  10. He had a quiet 1st half, then 2nd half everything we did going forward went through him, as soon as he went off, we offered nothing
  11. I'm way less nervous, simply because if we'd have lost that game against Belgium and gone out we'd have just been a laughing stock and would have undone all the good work
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