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  1. You don't pay any attention to an actual football match then Sterling is the only one transitioning the ball from defence into attack, as soon as he went off against Colombia, we had no one doing that and they just pushed further forward and dominated until their legs went into the 2nd half of extra time https://www.clippituser.tv/c/qvkgve just running into defenders Unless you meant Alli
  2. Rashford As someone who actually likes him and thinks he needs to move away now to a team where he's going to develop into a position, its insufferable how people overrate him based on coming on for the last period of a game with fresh legs and doing a little run against tired defences as if he's some world beater. When he starts for both England and Man Utd against a fresh side, you do not see the same player at all
  3. Yeah Godin, Kane and Kante been the most consistent throughout the tournament, others like Mbappe have just had 1 off games of brilliance
  4. You mean like in your thread title? oh wait Your lack of believing over the past week has been shocking
  5. World Cup Q/F France - 6 Letters Uruguay - 7 Letters Brazil - 6 Letters Belgium - 7 Letters Sweden - 6 Letters England - 7 Letters Russia - 6 Letters Croatia - 7 Letters Games Played on the 6th & 7th of July 6+7 = 13 13 Letters in.... IT'S COMING HOME !!!!!!
  6. Voted England before the tournament and see no reason why to change it
  7. Southgate reminds me of Hoddle a bit, has his ideas with the team that no one agreed with beforehand, Hoddle played wingbacks as well
  8. I've known plenty of City fans down the years who had the **** England they're full of Utd players attitude, westy is no different Would kill him to see a Spurs player lift the World Cup, especially the same Spurs player who has made them a more relevant football club than Arsenal
  9. My favourite stat is Neymar is the most fouled player, which some try and use as a reason why he does what he does. It doesn't take into account that he gains these fouls by diving and rolling around
  10. Bury also has the biggest gaming arcade in Europe
  11. One of the mods was deleting negative Columbia posts last night
  12. Unfortunately he's 1 of the few people in the organisation with an actual contract
  13. He's trying to get the final off next week HE BELIEVES!
  14. Now he can't even get me an England shirt because they've sold out
  15. My mate works in Sports Direct and is going to miss the game on Saturday ****ing Mike Ashley!
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