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  1. You've just said then when I show you that he's the 8th worst offender of this in the team, you just point out the obvious reason why Trippier does and ignored the fact that he's less of an offender than both Alli and Kane
  2. Conveniently the BBC have just put up this great article https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44771432 BBC Fan Rating Chances / Goals Again i'm not trying to slate other players, all i'm saying is as even the BBC fan rating shows, whenever Sterling does anything bad everyone jumps on him, but they ignore or don't even remember when others do the same
  3. Unless someone can show me footage of people painting England flags on roundabouts in 1966 then its quite clearly bigger now
  4. We all know footballers are idiots, Pogba had a little swing out in the last game which a different referee or VAR could have resulted in a Red and missing the rest of the World Cup Who do we think will either do something stupid or even sacrifice themselves ala Suarez to get their side to the final? I reckon Giroud or Fellaini
  5. I can't see anything other than the same team and formation as they did against Brazil
  6. I wasn't born so yes I don't care about what happened in 1966
  7. nah Belgium are basically a PL side, would rather play what we know than the likes of Mbappe even though I don't think France have been particularly good so far
  8. Lingard has wasted countless chances and gave the ball away as much as Sterling during this WC, yet people don't jump on him like they do Sterling because he is playing well, whereas they just don't want to see that sterling is also doing the same It was good to see all these pundits call people idiots after the Sweden game https://streamable.com/fiotb Then you've got people like Vinny Jones https://talksport.com/football/397018/raheem-sterling-exeter-vinnie-jones-england-world-cup/
  9. ha that sounds awful, glad I don't care about such things
  10. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wall-Shame-Robert-Michael-Wynn/dp/1976910897 There you go
  11. They've been far from amazing this World Cup, team full of great players who have done enough to get this far
  12. I'd miss 90 minutes of watching Harry Kane if I just looked up the result
  13. Trying to think of a reason why westy would even watch the game if it was all just about the purity of football
  14. Someone decided to drag it out for another week
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