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  1. https://www.apple.com/uk/itunes/charts/songs/ 3 Lions 1 & 9 Vindaloo 13th World in Motion 21st We can do this
  2. Definitely this forum, although people seem to have started to get onboard with the idea that he does a lot for the team after the Sweden game Just the Utd and Liverpool fans now
  3. Came home last night about 10ish and I can't remember the last time i saw our town centre so busy, every pub, kebab shop just packed full of people and loads in the streets, it was amazing
  4. Im on my 10th pint of Guiness im shiting tar tomorrow
  5. Did you honestly read my post and take it seriously
  6. Oh come on you know if Sweden would have won they'd have been in out faces with their flat packed **** and stuff **** em
  8. Never in doubt, bring on anyone IT'S COMING HOME! LET'S GET ****ED
  9. Did you read the Colombia thread? People can't wait to jump on this team Even the thread maker :-o
  10. Neymar and his representatives are probably too busy trying to work on a transfer to France
  11. I'd quote all my posts saying how Brazil were **** but it would take me too long It's coming home!
  12. BBC shown an angle where on 1st contact the ball is still in play by a long way
  13. Definitely a penalty not sure how anyone can watch that and say it wasn't
  14. Everything I say is 100% accurate though
  15. Rio: Nothing was going to beat him tonight except for that header
  16. Nah will be the manager and the referees fault
  17. Haha **** off Neymar you disgusting rat
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