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  1. So I actually though that graphically it seems to have progressed quite a bit? Obviously on my own there.
  2. Haven't you just answered your question?
  3. It depends what you want him to do, and how you want him to interact with the IF and the rest of the team. There is no formulaic approach, so any suggestions offered will just be subjective preferences.
  4. Roles, Duties, Mentality, Team Shape, Formation(s)? It's more than just adding / removing Team Instructions to unlock an opposition defence, you need players stretching defences and creating space, so your combinations of Roles and Duties are critical.
  5. You'd need to elaborate, starting with the sort of things you've tried so far.
  6. Regarding the original question, I don't believe the Role has been tweaked since its inception. There was some debate in testing specifically about this Role and the much-maligned Inverted Wing Back, and I'm pretty sure I remember that it wasn't possible to directly tweak individual Roles for FM16 as there just wasn't time.
  7. No better explanation. I think it was just becoming rather dull with a lot of pointless to-ing and fro-ing over what was essentially just a nice gesture from SI. But then I'm an ex-Mod, so I must be biased or something.
  8. Yeah, I wasn't overly clear! Obviously a full ME rewrite is a rarity because the game has almost 3,000,000 lines of code. What I meant was that tweaks to base MEs happen all the time. This doesn't mean that these tweaks will necessarily be limited in scope either, because SI can introduce new modules within the overall ME which can massively enhance specific components of the match engine. In recent versions, they have been subtly updating a number of modules in order to make them more scalable for future development, so hopefully enhancements to some of the more obvious defects can be introduced in the not too distant future.
  9. There is always a new match engine, so you don't need to worry about that. Whether it addresses existing deficiencies is one thing, and whether it adds new quirks is another!
  10. 37. Played since whenever Championship Manager Italia was out. My interest is waning at the moment but I'll still be keen to see what FM17 looks like.
  11. I'm fine with the concept. I personally don't care what new features are revealed as I'm happy with the core content of the game. Those core components can all be improved, so as long as 17 is a better version of 16, it's all good.
  12. This just cannot be achieved in FM16 (or before) because the in possession positioning of centre backs just doesn't replicate this width when the keeper has the ball. I (and others) have requested some development to enable a sort of "set piece" style interface to influence player positioning at goal kicks, so hopefully this will be on the SI radar, as it's essentially standard positioning for many sides these days.
  13. I can't. I deleted all my old FM content a month or two ago so all articles, pictures etc. were lost as well.
  14. The main reason for not having them, is that it would give human managers an enormous advantage over the AI. The AI would struggle to use "open" roles effectively, whereas we'd know exactly what we wanted to achieve.
  15. He was offside, mistakes happen. Thread closed.