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  1. What comments do you want? An attacking system has produced a high volume of low quality shots.
  2. Well have you watched a Full Match? I'll spend preseason validating that each player is doing what I want, but I don't get the sense that you know 100% what you want. If you read Jambo98's Leicester thread, that's a good example of someone with a clear idea of how they want to play. You need to have that clarity and then see if you can create that vision.
  3. I don't like the whole idea of an "away tactic". You shouldn't need a specific tactic based on venue. It sounds like you are assuming that you do, and that will be the majority of your problem. I play the same system irrespective of venue, and will amend things in matches if I need to, not in advance because I think I have to.
  4. If you add some .pkms, SI may be able to review and prioritise this bug.
  5. Might be worth going 4-4-1-1 as your wide midfield roles can be moved down to ML/R and used / recreated easily. Just modify a wide midfielder to recreate the IF. You will then get better defensive shape, potentially without hindering attacking output (but your pressing might suffer). With ML/R you'll probably be able to put Mane on Attack to get a good mix of movement on both sides of the pitch. Oh, and is Lovren technically good enough to be a BPD?
  6. The roles and duties are OK. It's nothing revolutionary and very much in keeping with all the old guides. I'd prefer not to have two playmaker roles in the middle as they'll probably both converge on the ball when you have possession, which may isolate the striker and make midfield a bit congested. With a 4-4-1-1 you have plenty of options with regard to playing style, but I don't really get your front two. If Guidetti holds the ball up, who other than Odegaard is going beyond him? Is he even doing that? How do you expect the team to move and combine when attacking?
  7. You haven't given much detail, so I'm not really sure what advice you can expect. What sort of issues have you noticed? Any problems defending wide areas? Is attacking play looking neat and tidy, or just a mass of players in the final third?
  8. I'm perhaps naively surprised to see people still air delusions of grandeur when describing why they play Sim Mode rather than FMT
  9. Can you provide an example of this please? It isn't overly clear what you are referring to.
  10. Excellent. Thanks for all of your work on the Beta so far
  11. You use Shoot On Sight, which won't be too helpful, nor will the ultra-fast tempo of the Attacking Mentality. Who's taking all the crap shots?
  12. See post #2.
  13. As HUNT3R says, SI will want you to upload .pkms with timed examples of when these lapses occur. As it happens consistently for you, it should be relatively easy to provide a few examples for the development to look at.
  14. Bloody good thread Jambo98 I love it when people take time to describe their vision and then analyse it's evolution in depth. I've not been round this bit of the forum as much as I used to, but this is as thorough a thread as I can remember in recent history. Keep it up!
  15. You'd need to give a load more detail. What system, what Roles and Duties, Mentality, Team Instructions. All that jazz.