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  1. These reports about the "Brazilian variant" being detected in Britain reveal the fragility of the system for arrivals into the UK. Bunch of people flew back from Brazil via Zurich so it is known what flight they were all on. Three cases found in Scotland and three in England. They can't find one of the English ones because "a third, currently unlinked individual (remains) at large whose identity is unknown because they did not complete the registration card that came with their Covid-19 testing kit."
  2. Had my first BBQ of the year today
  3. What a great weekend for running about Full sunshine down here, hardly any breeze and still cool enough to churn out some miles without getting too hot and bothered. I've done a couple of 10 mile runs this weekend; one with a mate and a solo one today where I went out with no route in mind which is just not what I normally do because I'm a control freak and my head doesn't usually like making stuff up as it goes along. I managed to more or less hit 4 hour pace today and my heart rate averaged 129 so I'm feeling reasonably optimistic. This coming week the mileage creeps up a bit so
  4. I don't even watch many films but it's clearly Lost In Translation 🙄
  5. And he stubbornly seemed to refuse to concede that he's ballsed up too. That made him look even more ridiculous. Hopefully England can use that as fuel to kick on in the second half.
  6. That first one was a mess too. Can't see how the ref thinks that he gave England enough time to get back into position there, it was nothing like it.
  7. Good weather does wonderful things for the soul. Last couple of days have been idyllic and more to come tomorrow 😎☀️
  8. I've no idea why I've done this to myself because it absolutely turned me inside out. My dad died towards the end of 2019. **** like this is why music can be so powerful. I hadn't even heard of it before but it popped up in recommendations on YouTube. Jesus.
  9. These are all awful. Can't believe this shower of **** and bloody Skips are still in the running
  10. Nice. Must have been incredibly frustrating to have something out of your control (snow) stopping you from going out for so long. Have you decided what training plan you'll do?
  11. I've moved into my 8th week of training now and it's a pretty easy week in the sense that there are no really long runs even though it's still another 45+ mile week. Today was the one rest day in the week and it does feel like I'm slowly adapting to the slog because I feel a bit fresher than on previous Wednesday's. Next four days are 9, 6, 10 and 10 miles and frankly I'm looking forward to them. The weather is good, it looks like we're seeing light at the end of the pandemic tunnel - reasons to be cheerful!
  12. The bacon looks cooked to me but I can't stand it when you get that white stuff on it - failure to get rid of that is a pretty criminal presentational oversight. Wasn't sure exactly what it was so here's some bacon education for those not in the know: That white residue is mostly water, along with denatured proteins from the meat. When meat is cooked and the cells expel moisture, there are a lot of dissolved proteins which sometimes make the liquid light-coloured and thick. People tend to notice it more with certain meats than others. With bacon, it tends to show up a little more bec
  13. That's right and I think there are only two 16 mile runs. The thing is I won't have "race conditions" - it's just me on any normal Sunday, just with a marathon thrown in. So no aid stations, no crowds, no other runners to chase down / cling onto! EDIT - Have just ordered a water reservoir for my hydration vest so I'll be able to carry a total of 2.5l with me now. I reckon that should be enough unless it's hot (and I'll start early if needed) so hopefully I won't need to do a pitstop at home now. Probably only had about 600ml today but 9 degrees in February probably won't be replicate
  14. Ticked off 14 miles today. Not sure where my head is at 7 weeks into this 18 week plan. Just short of 50 miles this week and it has been OK generally. The run today was relatively lumpy for down here and my average heart rate was 134 so it was really comfortable. I think my fitness is looking OK and I've been using long runs to practice my gel and hydration plans and that's been fine too. I think I'm in a place where 11 more weeks of training can only put me in even better shape physically but mentally the idea of running 2 more hours than today is still challenging.
  15. Had a very average run today which isn't ideal ahead of a 14 miler tomorrow 😬 Just found even modest hills far more tricky than they should have been. Will put that down to not sleeping well.
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