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  1. RTHerringbone

    Shouts in FM touch

    They aren't available to the AI. There are a few "leftover bits" from in FM Touch that are a legacy of it being based on the "full" game mode that still appear now and then. This is an example and it's just strings of text related to Shouts that are still called in Touch.
  2. Saelemaekers and Arp have made flying starts - straight into the team of the month. Arp (9 goals in 7 starts) is actually beginning to highlight the relative weakness of Cutrone (12 in 21). Might start looking for an upgrade…..
  3. Reasonable debut for Arp, came off the bench at half-time.
  4. So my Bonucci replacement is either going to be Kristoffer Ajer from Celtic for £16.75m, or Dayot Upamecano from Leipzig for £21m.Upamecano is way behind for Anticipation, Positioning and Concentration, but he's a Physical specimen. Ajer is pretty much a midfielder. He lacks the technical defensive skills of Bonucci but Mentally and Physically is comparable. Might actually sign them both as I'll be able to sell Bonucci for more than their combined cost and their combined wages will be about £30k p/w less too….. EDIT - tempted to pull out of the Upamecano deal as he's a bit crap technically really…..
  5. Haven't played for a few days. Beer means that I had made some choices on my last outing, so I've got Saelemaekers coming from Anderlecht for £22m, joining Hamburg's £22m Arp. To accommodate them I've listed Douglas Costa and Alex Sandro to see what happens. I'll shift Vagnoman to rotate with Sessegnon at left back and Saelemaekers will alternate with Cancelo on the right. It was a toss-up between moving Cancelo and Sandro on. Cancelo has picked up quite a few injuries but he out-performs Sandro regularly, so that made my mind up. Asensio can start playing on the right, Dybala will drop back to #10 and Arp will rotate with Cutrone. Club World Championship was a nice win. Beat River Plate without them messing our bus up Need to work on the Bonucci alternative now. Time to get the scouts earning their money.
  6. Good to know I can get big money for Costa. Will probably spend a chunk replacing Bonucci who's the only player older than 30 in my squad. My FM Serie A table is the same as real life. We drew at Cagliari but won the other 13 and have an 11 point lead 😎
  7. RTHerringbone

    Suggestion: offer alpha testing roles to some forum members

    Rashidi has been extremely close to the development cycle in the past, but that history doesn't automatically mean that SI take his opinion as gospel and rule out any changes if he / Cleon / anyone else "of that calibre" (my words) say in a GD thread that something isn't an issue. In my experience, nobody is more constructively critical of the ME than the SI team themselves. The issues of central play and attacking movement are just there - everyone can see them. They have been logged in many places and for a period of time, and the best minds at SI will be busily trying to balance things for the better.
  8. RTHerringbone

    Suggestion: offer alpha testing roles to some forum members

    Correct, but there are several other posters (you can see them all in the credits actually) whose names may be less familiar. It's actually many of the names you may not necessarily know who are often the most passionate and dogged testers.
  9. RTHerringbone

    Suggestion: offer alpha testing roles to some forum members

    I didn't say that SI have the resources they need, I was responding to comments herein which insinuated that the issues flagged in this thread hadn't already been observed and reported. A public Beta allows SI to get more examples of instances that need attention. That's presumably why they've rolled out a public Beta for the first time because more .pkms equals more code to refer to and more chances to understand what the underlying problems are. They absolutely wanted extra sets of hands on these issues.
  10. RTHerringbone

    Suggestion: offer alpha testing roles to some forum members

    Here's the deal: Alpha testers test the whole game, but there are "specialists" who focus more on the Match Engine than anything else. There is a mixture of people therein and I'd say a large proportion of them have at least of 15+ years of experience with the game. There are testers from all over the world, so there's a good mix of personal playing preferences, and people with very strong opinions on the various phases of play. That testing team saw things that you won't even have seen, as issues they flagged were documented and fixed for release. Everything raised in the Public Bugs Forum has been raised internally. You guys are all very good, observant players, but please don't imagine that you represent elite-level analysts beyond the resources that SI already have at their disposal - that's actually quite insulting. The reality is that, as FrazT has already stated, some stuff is just hard to fix. The bold bit - this is exactly the point. All these things were picked up, but things like attacking movement and central play are not inconsequential. They're big old elements to sensitively refine, so it's to be expected that areas like these take longer to tune. You guys do a great job and I can understand your frustrations, but please understand that the game is complicated and logging issues isn't a guarantee that a fix can be rapidly coded, tested and released. Similarly, SI might not reply to threads as often as you'd hope, but they do read everything and are working as hard as they can. Keep it up
  11. His injury proneness didn't really show in my first season. A couple of minor knocks but nothing longer than a week out. Man Utd wanted him and so I offered him to them for something silly like £100m. Seems like PL clubs are more loaded than ever because they were trying to buy Kane for a huge amount after Khedira left. In general, if any of my players are wanted by other clubs and I can see a replacement, I'll sell. It's the easiest way.
  12. You, @Mensell76 and others are brilliant with your bug logging. Keep it up. Believe me, the SI team will be aware of your efforts and will be really appreciative of the time you take to report this stuff.
  13. The "It's easy to replicate" statement is a common one. However, the guys need examples because the ways in which these issues manifest isn't linear. There are hundreds of preceding passages of play which can culmintae in the buggy behaviour kicking in. If SI have loads of examples from loads of passages of play, then they can potentially "fix" more scenarios.
  14. Yes, every example is worth it. My mentality in Betas in the past has been to spam the hell out of an issue until you're asked to stop. In prior versions of the game I've gone right off on one about defensive issues and have posted scores of .pkms to back up my view. There's no obligation to do this stuff, but if something really pisses you off and you want it looked at, the best approach is to log as many examples as you feel compelled to.
  15. RTHerringbone

    Width Problems

    In effect, yes. At the end of the day, SI need to be able to refer to as many examples as they can to deem whether or not something needs to be a priority. If they get more examples from the latest ME version, then it will highlight that an issue persists. Recording examples is part of the Beta process and they hugely appreciate your efforts.