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  1. summatsupeer is (as always) making a whole lot of sense. You'd do well to read each comment summatsupeer posted and then re-read it.
  2. You leak like a sieve though, which isn't too surprising given the Roles / Duties you refer to in which are critical positions if using a 4-2-3-1.
  3. It's not the Mentality that is the problem. herne79 is right - the whole thing needs an overhaul as it doesn't make any sense at all. I'd take his advice and read some of the pinned threads. At an absolute minimum, you have to change formation.
  4. The midfield pairing looks a bit too mobile for a 4-4-2. You've got one fella chasing everything that moves, and another bombing forward when you have possession. It risks leaving your defence exposed, especially with one attacking full back and a staggered wide midfield with both players on Attack Duties. I suspect you look all over the place when you lose possession in the final third.
  5. What improvements do you need to make?
  6. This would help SI enormously, it's something they should look to develop because it IS a faff having to download Filezilla, set things up and manually save and transfer .pkms from your User directory to the FTP server.
  7. That is a lot of crosses. To give the SI guys context, can you confirm the Roles and Duties you use out wide, and any Player / Team Instructions that might influence these numbers?
  8. These are quite good fun! I've not played FM much for about a year, but I've had a few Boxing Day beers and started a save with Celtic and it's just amusing. Really easy to dominate the centre of the pitch and create some interesting combinations.
  9. It depends on what you define a change in tactic to be. By your definition, can a change in tactic be as subtle as a Role / Duty change, or does it have to be a significant change, like a change in formation? I probably tweak at least "something" (usually a Role / Duty, TI, Mentality or Team Shape) in every single match.
  10. Yes. It might not be exactly in "the middle", but their setting's will adjust.
  11. Yep, that's pretty much it. Some Role / Duty settings already max out / minimise specific settings, so those aren't affected if a maxed out guy is asked to do more of the same (or if a minimised guy is asked to do less of the same).
  12. It seems unnecessarily aggressive out wide. Not sure why you'd use WB positioned wing backs rather than FB positioned wing backs. A small change like that can make some difference. You then have three central playmakers which will make midfield compressed as they all move towards the ball. Finally, you have loads of instructions everywhere: team level, player level and then OIs. The essence seems to be pressing, but you play a lower tempo possession oriented style (albeit it with through balls but reduced crossing. If you want reduced crossing, what do you see the main role of your wing backs to be?) If you look at the Team Instructions and then that poor DC, I suspect your players are pretty confused to be honest. I would: Move WBs back to the DL/R line and think about exactly what you want from them. Reconsider your roles in midfield. Consider mixing up duties / roles on the flanks to give variety. Rethink the use of all your instructions. Think about what style you want to emulate / create, and then think how that multitude of instructions combines. Consider the impact that aggressive closing down has on the defensive shape of your team. Look at the gaps you leave out wide and look at the space in the middle of the pitch.
  13. I think there is some under appreciation of just what sort of work goes on to enable the match engine to evolve. Significant background work has gone on in recent years to enable that evolution, but it takes time. You can't just rebuild from scratch and get anywhere near the depth and quality of something that has taken 20+ years and nearing 3 million lines of code to develop. So whilst on the surface we might think that no major work is occurring, in fact a huge amount of work is going every year on to improve the foundations for the future, whilst still enhancing the here and now.
  14. It's just cheating. Always disregard leader boards.
  15. Nobody is in a position to help until you elaborate on the systems you've tried so far. As ever, full details of formation, mentality, team shape, roles, duties, PI and TI are required.