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  1. It's a shame it's always behind the full version but there are completely legitimate reasons for it. There's no need to develop an inferiority complex about the delay even if it is a bit annoying 🤷‍♂️
  2. It isn't really. It's based on assumptions that the poster can't possibly know to be true.
  3. I'm still happy with things. Yep, the ME has glitches but we'll get the update when it's possible. My Grasshoppers side has just been promoted to the Swiss Super League, has had a "golden generation" of a youth intake and I've just realised we had some cracking players out on loan whilst we were in the Challenge League.
  4. Why did you choose all the settings you did? What was the intended style of play and why did you think this combination of Roles, Duties and Team Instructions would work?
  5. He is. Lacazette seems to be in the treatment room more than he's on the pitch. Has only started once in sixteen games.
  6. That's what I'd want too. For what it's worth after 16 games in my third season the top 4 scorers in the EPL are all strikers (Martinez, Aubameyang, Wilson and Abraham) and all are scoring at the rate of a goal every other game - so all are on track to get near 20 EPL goals in a season. It doesn't feel way off in my save.
  7. When people talk about strikers finishing, what sort of return are they looking for? I'm intrigued. I'm in my third season with Southampton and we're doing well. I've got Richarlison (the one from Everton) playing as a False Nine in a very standard 4-3-3. In 17 appearances this season he's had 65 shots, he's hit 49% on target and scored 10. So roughly four shots a game, 2 of which are on target, and his on target conversion rate is around one in three. How does that compare to real life? Sounds decent to me. My other striker is pretty similar. 12 appearances. 42 shots of which 48% we
  8. In Steam right-click the game, select Properties and in the Beta tab select Beta. Then you should be OK.
  9. A large proportion of "bug reports" being raised in the bugs sub-forum are just based on anecdotal feedback: "I've missed five penalties" "There are too many offsides" As a reminder (and as per the stickied threads in the Match Engine bug area) SI need you to attach pkms or they have nothing to investigate.
  10. And there's my thinly veiled point. For me, this is the best version of the game in 3 or 4 years, and I've been a pretty harsh critic of recent versions. I'm seeing a variety of attacking movement and goals that I haven't seen before. I'm seeing a better quality of defending than I've seen before. There are still issues with the ME and there likely always will be, but the overall enjoyment levels for me are higher than they have been for ages.
  11. I think there's a point where your own experience apparently differs so much from the majority of other users, that you either conclude that everyone else is crazy, or you consider that perhaps your own assessment of things is a bit off.
  12. Only SI will know and they probably won't openly share this info. Personally I'd be surprised if they try to shoehorn any more tweaks in because it's an incredibly tough balancing act, and fundamentally the ME is in a good place right now.
  13. My Timo Werner situation is definitely a bit odd. I've since signed other non-British players based in the EU and I'm being notified that they been awarded work permits and there are no issues at all. Hey ho, I suspect he should get one when the 120 days appeal window opens up again.
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