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  1. The Saints period was brief 😅 Started there in 18th place in season two. Ended the season fifth and League Cup Winners. I had Ousame Dembele ready to join on a Free and the Board were expanding the stadium. Everything was looking great 😎 So I resigned, applied for the vacant Real Madrid job and was offered it. This is the start of season three. They just finished second but 10+ points adrift of Atletico. Barca were third. First job was to trim a mad wage bill. Bale, Marcelo and Modric were all on expiring contracts and releasing them has saved about £1m a week. I've offlo
  2. My spell in Argentina is over. I hadn't played for a week, realised the update was out so downloaded that and ended up winning the Libertadores and £14m in the process. That was enough for me over there so I resigned and I'm now in charge of a Southampton side in the relegation zone in January 2022.
  3. That's a LOT of Team Instructions. Did you apply them gradually once you had seen things that you wanted to correct, or did you set them from the start because you thought they'd create the playing style you're after?
  4. It's hard to say "What can be done to improve it?" if you haven't said how you actually want to play? Rashidi makes sensible points above to get a bit more dynamism and balance but what are the strengths of the squad and how do you think your system should be built around it?
  5. So you have to compromise if you want a tight defence too, or you accept that an aggressive attacking system has its weaknesses. This is a very aggressive system with a high line, pressing, only two defenders staying back and every other outfield player getting involved in attacks. You are going to concede goals.
  6. Finally news on my youth intake (17/07/2021). Looks promising….. There has also been a new chairman appointed who has no intention of making any investment in the club. Terrific.
  7. I've been tinkering with the AM. Originally he had no PIs and things worked fine but I always want more! I've added in lots of instructions to move him around and get him a bit more creative (Take More Risks, Roaming, Move Into Channels). The Striker role is DLF (Att). The only challenge with the system is balance - I do still need to get enough bodies forward and at the right times to make it enough of an attacking threat. I keep adjusting the wide roles to try and get some variety on the flanks whilst retaining layers to the transitions.
  8. Season one was a success: won every competition we competed in (still have the Libertadores vs. Boca in the Second Round and we're in the Sixth Round of the Copa Argentina - but both "restart" in what feels like season two). Financially we've eroded down from £9m to just £4m just as a result of no outgoing transfer activity. Commercially we earn a huge £10k a year compare to River who rake in £19.75m. The TV deal earns us just £800k in the whole season. Chinese and Italian clubs are eyeing up seven first team players so it's likely that we'll have to make a few sales to balance the b
  9. I play extraordinarily similarly with Argentinos Juniors at the moment, with the main difference being that the left sided "striker" is actually in the AMCL position as an AMC on Support. My team instructions are only slightly different and I love the play it creates because it doesn't over commit people forward but does give plenty of support when attacks unfold. Personally I much prefer having only one option in front of the ball and allowing play to build up from behind with quick triangles of possession or rapid counter attacks.
  10. Life in Argentina is still rosy, though my wandering eye strayed into a quick save with Chelsea to see how I could get on with a 3-4-1-2. I've tweaked my approach to a sort of wonky 4-4-2 and it's working pretty well so far. We're now competing in a 12 team Superleague and sit top after 5 games. Also top of our Libertadores group after 3 games so all in all, it's looking good. £9m in the bank but only a £1m transfer budget available (spending £197k of our £210k weekly wage budget.
  11. I can't add a .pkm or save for this as it isn't the sort of thing which will show with those files. In summary - I want mu default screen settings to be a windowed screen with 125% zoom. Whenever I start the game after having configured things as I want, settings have reverted back to full screen with 100% zoom.
  12. You seem to have some fairly well formed foundations in place, so why don't you lay them out in the Tactics Creator with those thoughts in mind and then you'll likely get more traffic in this thread. People like to dissect images rather than text as it's easier to see potential issues with clashes in roles / duties / instructions.
  13. I'd log it as a bug. Best case: it is a bug and gets fixed. Worst case: raise it as a feature request.
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