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  1. AI Deadball Counterattacks

    The AI uses the same ME as you do. You are just experiencing perception bias.
  2. Players failing to react to the ball

    This is part of the rules of the game. http://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/lawsandrules/laws/football-11-11/law-14---the-penalty-kick The kicker can't touch it again until another player does.
  3. Curry for 2 - The 4132

    Yeah, it was great Best thing is that the pair of you just say it straight and the stand-out message from you both is "This game is not hard - don't press something for the sake of it, don't do something if you don't understand why you're doing it". People overthink the game, and hopefully by hearing that the pair of you just play it simple might remind people that it's genuinely a straight-forward game.
  4. Curry for 2 - The 4132

    Couldn't find where else to post this, but saw this from @Rashidi and @Cleon earlier - genius!
  5. Ajax not realistic

    If you have solid evidence of Ajax's budget, then please raise an appropriate bug report. Mouthing off in General Discussion won't get you anywhere.
  6. If you try really, really hard, you might be able to stop typing utter tripe. We get that you have issues with the game, but it gets very old, very fast.
  7. Unable to stop the rot

    You make three pretty decent points, and then spoil it with this crap
  8. It's an English language forum. SI will happily read a translation of the above.
  9. Corner instructions - Close Down Corner

    Have you got specific examples?
  10. Unintended Shoots

    You need to provide examples for SI to investigate.
  11. Already struggling...

    Aside from the focus on possession, how do you actually want to play? Who's doing what? You've omitted to mention that and unless you actually know your tactical plan then you're bound to struggle. Also, do you understand how possession is measured in FM? Ask yourself if that actually represents "dominatiin".
  12. Maybe you should be more patient? Posting bugs is great but SI can't respond to them immediately. Just because a bug isn't replied to doesn't necessarily mean it's being ignored, but it might not be as high priority to SI as it is to you.
  13. Set Pieces FM18 Beta

    It's being fixed.
  14. Is it easier to make tactics this year?

    I am amused by the spammy posts which purport to be holding back for full release to make everything work tactically 😂 There is an excellent tactics section on the forum. Use it. Playing the game for years isn't an automatic entitlement to succeed (and I'm delighted that it isnt). From reading some comments above, people are just adopting a scattergun approach to tactics. Stop, think, plan and observe. And use the tactics sub-forum - ask why your system appears to fail.
  15. Invisible Players

    Thanks 😊