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  1. Can't create chances

    In my opinion - no. You have to have an understanding of how you want to play, otherwise you're just throwing mud and hoping some sticks. It doesn't need to be chapter and verse about exactly what happens with every player, in every scenario. However, as a minimum you need to know what the main contribution you expect from every player is when you're attacking and defending. Without that, as Cleon says above, you can't determine whether the players are doing what you need.
  2. Can't create chances

    It's subjective though, and that's where the comfort blanket of a guide based on assumptions can be more of a hindrance than a help. Different players can and will perform the same role in different ways. Yeah, the nuts and bolts of things will be broadly consistent, but attributes and PPMs don't exist just to be meaningless data - they affect an awful lot. So the risk is that you'd pore over a guide, build a system around it and then it wouldn't make sense to you if things didn't play out in the prescriptive manner laid out in some guide. In a way, that is exactly why SI aren't overly explicit with the nuances of each role and duty - it's because they know that if they write something which implies that Role X will always and only do a, b and c, then they set themselves up for a fall. Again, that's why the stuff that the likes of Rashidi, Cleon and herne write is so important to look at. They are not fixated with in-game descriptions or any of that stuff. They know how they want to play, what they expect of their players, and how to identify what is and isn't going to plan. Then they'll logically and systematically tackle things in a controlled manner - and they do that from watching matches.
  3. Can't create chances

    The balance of that latest system looks a bit off @BrianMunich; you basically have no midfield linking defence to attack. Have a think about how you actually want to play and how each player fits into that. Watch how your attacks unfold and just pause the game at random moments to see where your players are positioned and what options are realistically available to the man with the ball. Then also watch what happens when your attacks break down and see where the opposition finds pockets of space. Read Cleon's last posts to see the sort of things he's keeping an eye on, how he spots issues with lack of support / runners / passing options, and how he addresses them systematically. In your last system, it really just looks like you've been a bit random with your role and duty selection.
  4. Awful computer turning form against you

    Ah, there's a blast from the past! Used to thoroughly enjoy his rational posts 😂
  5. Morale - How are you finding it in FMC?

    Disagree. Morale was never a problem when I played FMT, it's just a nice scapegoat to mask user shortcomings.
  6. Rage quitting

    It's a computer game, don't get wound up about it as there are more important things in life.
  7. This time for real

    Someone on the last page mentioned trialling stuff in FMT. I wonder @looping if it might benefit you starting afresh in that game mode? It will remove any impact of Tactical Familiarity and enable you to make the changes you want without any detrimental impact on players' "knowledge of the system". At least if you do that it will rule out Tactical Familiarity as an obstacle obstructing your progress. Just a thought.
  8. Grassroots Tactics: Simplicity.

    Bit harsh to imply it could be reluctance or laziness? Maybe it's just a really hard game to code? SI would never intentionally leave a bug in the game if it could easily be resolved.
  9. Create chance but can't score

    You need to show your whole tactical setup to get an informed view. Judging by the shot count (which is far too high, and far too inaccurate) you probably use a high Mentality and / or a number of Attacking Duties. How many goals per game should you score? Monaco score almost 3 per game in Ligue 1 this season, but that's not normal. If you look at the top leagues and take Barca / Real Madrid out of the mix, the top teams score two per game.
  10. How to get ST to drop deep in 442

    Just use an AMC Role and wait for the guy to become comfortable in that position.
  11. FM15 to FM17 Struggles

    summatsupeer is (as always) making a whole lot of sense. You'd do well to read each comment summatsupeer posted and then re-read it.
  12. You leak like a sieve though, which isn't too surprising given the Roles / Duties you refer to in which are critical positions if using a 4-2-3-1.
  13. Celtic & rangers

    It's not the Mentality that is the problem. herne79 is right - the whole thing needs an overhaul as it doesn't make any sense at all. I'd take his advice and read some of the pinned threads. At an absolute minimum, you have to change formation.
  14. Help with 4-4-2

    The midfield pairing looks a bit too mobile for a 4-4-2. You've got one fella chasing everything that moves, and another bombing forward when you have possession. It risks leaving your defence exposed, especially with one attacking full back and a staggered wide midfield with both players on Attack Duties. I suspect you look all over the place when you lose possession in the final third.