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  1. Always the same Match Engine fly in the ointment for so many posters. It isn't perfect and never will be, but do not underestimate the amount of work that goes into tuning, updating and refining it every year.
  2. Have been distracted by watching real football recently, but just dispatched Cosenza in style. Arp has netted 15 from 12 starts now - Ronaldo who? Title is won and we have Man Utd in the CL Semis and Inter in the cup final.
  3. The obvious question to ask is: "What do you notice isn't working?" Not the fact that you aren't scoring enough - why? Are there not enough people in support, as an example. It looks bit too safe. The Mentality is neutral and your mix of in-out of possession settings has you pressing high and hard, but then playing a possession oriented game when you get the ball. It feels like a contradiction to me.
  4. 1. It's a widely acknowledged weakness of the current Match Engine. 2. It isn't so nobody can explain. 3. Nothing tactical. I just remind myself that it's just a game, it is what it is, so we either sit and moan or we just move on and work with what we have. If you're feeling proactive, log a few examples in the bugs forum as all .pkm examples add to SI's arsenal of reference points.
  5. Here are some "real life" stats. You can see through balls per player per game in Player Statistics > Passes (not sure if that's attempts or completed through balls). So it implies that Messi and Neymar with 1.2 through balls per game are the most productive in football in the leagues they cover at the moment: https://www.whoscored.com/Statistics
  6. Cool. Thanks Neil and I hope you and the rest of the SI team have a good Christmas
  7. Do we know if FM Touch has also been updated, or will there be the usual short delay before that update is released?
  8. They aren't available to the AI. There are a few "leftover bits" from in FM Touch that are a legacy of it being based on the "full" game mode that still appear now and then. This is an example and it's just strings of text related to Shouts that are still called in Touch.
  9. Saelemaekers and Arp have made flying starts - straight into the team of the month. Arp (9 goals in 7 starts) is actually beginning to highlight the relative weakness of Cutrone (12 in 21). Might start looking for an upgrade…..
  10. Reasonable debut for Arp, came off the bench at half-time.
  11. So my Bonucci replacement is either going to be Kristoffer Ajer from Celtic for £16.75m, or Dayot Upamecano from Leipzig for £21m.Upamecano is way behind for Anticipation, Positioning and Concentration, but he's a Physical specimen. Ajer is pretty much a midfielder. He lacks the technical defensive skills of Bonucci but Mentally and Physically is comparable. Might actually sign them both as I'll be able to sell Bonucci for more than their combined cost and their combined wages will be about £30k p/w less too….. EDIT - tempted to pull out of the Upamecano deal as he's a bit crap technically really…..
  12. Haven't played for a few days. Beer means that I had made some choices on my last outing, so I've got Saelemaekers coming from Anderlecht for £22m, joining Hamburg's £22m Arp. To accommodate them I've listed Douglas Costa and Alex Sandro to see what happens. I'll shift Vagnoman to rotate with Sessegnon at left back and Saelemaekers will alternate with Cancelo on the right. It was a toss-up between moving Cancelo and Sandro on. Cancelo has picked up quite a few injuries but he out-performs Sandro regularly, so that made my mind up. Asensio can start playing on the right, Dybala will drop back to #10 and Arp will rotate with Cutrone. Club World Championship was a nice win. Beat River Plate without them messing our bus up Need to work on the Bonucci alternative now. Time to get the scouts earning their money.
  13. Good to know I can get big money for Costa. Will probably spend a chunk replacing Bonucci who's the only player older than 30 in my squad. My FM Serie A table is the same as real life. We drew at Cagliari but won the other 13 and have an 11 point lead 😎
  14. Have decided to pick up Fiete Arp for his £22m release clause. Most likely player to make way is Douglas Costa as Man Utd are interested. He's currently valued at £78m and is in ridiculous form, but he hits my 30 years of age wall in 10 months, so I might just move him on a bit early.
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