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  1. Incredible to see Garry still wheeling out his AI bias theory How many years has it gone on and across how many "whufcxxxxx" aliases? Amazing scenes 👏
  2. We were bad for about 70 minutes but still got within a couple of penalties of winning it. We're good enough and young enough to be in and around the latter stages of tournaments for a few years. Southgate made some late decisions but he also guided us to a first final in 55 years so there's no need for melodrama. Bring on the next tournament. I think my only regret from today is about the penalty takers. You'd hope for a few names to be more resilient mentally and for them to step up ahead of a Saka or Sancho.
  3. Meh. We're on the right path. Not sure Italy are a particularly great side but over 90 minutes they deserved it, probably not over 120.
  4. To be fair we've been on the back foot since about 15-20 minutes in. It's just getting progressively worse. At this point we don't deserve anything from the match.
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