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  1. I can't. I deleted all my old FM content a month or two ago so all articles, pictures etc. were lost as well.
  2. The main reason for not having them, is that it would give human managers an enormous advantage over the AI. The AI would struggle to use "open" roles effectively, whereas we'd know exactly what we wanted to achieve.
  3. He was offside, mistakes happen. Thread closed.
  4. What a game! Watched in a pub surrounded by English people and maybe one or two with tenuous Welsh links, and everyone was desperate for Wales to win. What a fairytale so far! Brilliant atmosphere in the pub and what a performance. As others have said, this isn't some pissy small-side-done-well tale. Wales are playing good football and deserve all they have achieved so far. Long may it last.
  5. Glad he's gone. Zero idea who replaces him - we need tactical acumen please.
  6. How far does Brexit extend? Can I separate myself from this shower of **** team? Well done Iceland, fully deserved.
  7. Shoot me.
  8. Sturridge 😂 Fecking useless.
  9. It's just so bad. We play like we're on tramlines. Head down, run, bad pass / cross. Simply no intelligence or awareness either in off ball movement or on ball delivery. Awful.
  10. I don't even know why I'm surprised 😂 Typically dross tournament football from us with no final third tempo or guile. Interested to see what Woy does at half time - could hook a few.
  11. What happened to William Carvalho's "big move" last summer? Injury?
  12. Missed opportunity for Poland. Don't really "get" Gotze up front for Germany, doesn't work for me.
  13. Badly need to change something.
  14. We've been OK, just need that bit of composure in front of goal. Like Rooney in midfield, dislike Sterling's lack of awareness.
  15. Have enjoyed both games today. Now for England...... 😢