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  1. This is a really good point tbf. My kids absolutely do not play games the way I did. It's all just about a quick turnaround with them and they have no qualms whatsoever about getting a new game and immediately running it side-by-side with a walkthrough on YouTube Ultimately the funnel of consumers needs to be topped up with new FM customers and I don't think Fat Mode is especially accessible, and I do think there is *something* between FM Mobile and Fat Mode. It is and was Touch, so I think we may well see it resurface at some point because there's definitely an emerging change in gaming that isn't catered for with the remaining FM options.
  2. But.......the Switch is great so you should get one anyway.
  3. Just don't expect it necessarily to be a long term home for FMT. I imagine SI either have some agreement in place with Microsoft and Nintendo regarding FMT as "exclusive" platforms or they had sunk so much time developing FM22 for those devices that they were beyond the point of no return. I still think FMT will be a goner across all platforms within 2 years.
  4. Hopefully the 3 nation limit is addressed in the new version. This review of FM21 is generally favourable. Sounds like navigating menus is OK once you get used to it.
  5. It makes no sense for SI to sink time and effort into a version of the game which isn't paying its way. This has been an inevitability for a while I'd guess, and so you can see why much requested features weren't implemented over the years - I imagine the writing was on the wall for a while. I drifted away from the game years ago anyway but do have a vague interest in seeing what it's like on the Switch. I bought one "for the kids" when the first Covid-19 lockdown kicked off and it's a great little machine. I can't quite picture how the interface and texty nature of the game work on the Switch, but I may take a shot at it for old times' sake. Do we have any idea when FM22 Touch hits the Switch? I'm assuming that'll be later than the 9th November and realistically I can't imagine that's a version of the game with legs either, but it's my only "Touch" option now. It'll hopefully run a lot better than on my aging MacBook so that's potentially another perk. On the plus side, I have noticed that the scale of delegation and the speed of processing in Fat Mode increased loads in the last year or two, so it may well still be possible to capture the essence of Touch in the full game. All may not be lost so it might be worth you all trying the demo and seeing how you get along.
  6. Incredible to see Garry still wheeling out his AI bias theory How many years has it gone on and across how many "whufcxxxxx" aliases? Amazing scenes 👏
  7. We were bad for about 70 minutes but still got within a couple of penalties of winning it. We're good enough and young enough to be in and around the latter stages of tournaments for a few years. Southgate made some late decisions but he also guided us to a first final in 55 years so there's no need for melodrama. Bring on the next tournament. I think my only regret from today is about the penalty takers. You'd hope for a few names to be more resilient mentally and for them to step up ahead of a Saka or Sancho.
  8. Meh. We're on the right path. Not sure Italy are a particularly great side but over 90 minutes they deserved it, probably not over 120.
  9. To be fair we've been on the back foot since about 15-20 minutes in. It's just getting progressively worse. At this point we don't deserve anything from the match.
  10. +1. Saka is every bit as capable as Mount at finding pockets of space, his pace is a huge threat AND he'll track back. Chiesa still concerns me.
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