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  1. You are doing much better than our beloved Roma in real life, my friend Romanista As you know, we lost almost all the derbies, so i would take you as a coach instead of Fonseca any day
  2. I've been trying to (kind of) copy Fonseca's Roma, i couldn't get it to work with 3-4-2-1, so i did a 5-2-3(WB) like this Instructions are very similar to yours(no tight marking), BPD's have stay wider, sometimes it' struggles to break down very defensive teams (especially the ones which play with 3 at the back and a DM) but overall plays very nice football
  3. Today i finally bought FM 21, i'm still undecided what is gonna be my starting save, probably some lower league club until the real life winter transfer window is done, so i can take over my favorite club, AS Roma Looking forward to updating you on my results and progress!
  4. Thank you! I was thinking about DLP-su and CM-su in the middle, Standard defensive line and lower LOE and without counterpress for Simeone style.
  5. Thank you Could you tell me what you think Simeone's setup would look like?
  6. Oh man, great results! glad you're enjoying it Is this on FM 21 or FM 20? Post feedback anytime you want, and if you notice things that could can be improved etc. I will post some more feedback and progress in couple of days, didn't have much time to play these days
  7. Of course, please do i'm curious to see how it unfolds with Callejon and Ribery on WM-s, and Fiorentina is Roma's sister club, Davide Astori and great Batigol connect us!
  8. Thank you for dropping by RTHerringbone! I remember your blog and articles that helped me learn a lot about the game, especially the one from FM 16 about Aston Villa Very clever thinking with AM-su, and filling all the strata probably has benefits that you cover the whole pitch and there are no weaknesses with different opponents formations. Does your AM-su have ''get further forward'' or any other PI? What's the other strikers role? I would like to try it with Roma, maybe use it as another option.
  9. Thank you neptune's blue For the WM's good PPM is ''cuts inside from the wings'' and it's good to have a player that can pass at least a little bit because they also contribute to playmaking (lets say minimum of 12 for passing and vision is needed). But if you have a WM on one side that is better in passing like Mkhitaryan, and one that is more attacking inside forward type of player like Pedro, its still ok, especially if they are hardworking like them. But you know what is really beautiful in 4-4-2, you can also play a wingback on that position, if he has solid technique he can total
  10. Hey guys, thank you for the comments! As Sting said when they couldn't finish some songs they recorded in a studio because they complicated the arrangements: ''Gentlemen, simplicity, not stupidity'' Sometimes when it goes really bad in football (similar to life), it's just you complicating and overthinking things In my last couple of games I went more attacking, with two MC-su and DLF on attack and we are still making a lot of chances and scoring, while being great defensively. We've had 3 CCC's and been much better against Juventus, but the game finished 1:1, a huge mistake by
  11. Hello guys, I've been playing FM for 20 years and as much as i love the game in last couple of iterations I've been suffering immensely. With introduction of massive effect of the roles and constant need for tinkering with tactics, FM became really frustrating for me so i always gave up after endless trying of different stuff. I've read a lot of articles by great masters of this game like @Cleon, @Rashidi, @Ozil, @Experienced Defender, and it became my obsession to read every night before sleep about roles, width, defensive lines and I've gone for the approach of not caring for the resul
  12. I tried it in FM 20, its very stable defensively, sometimes against teams who play with 3 central backs and DMC chances are not easy to make and a lot depends on wing backs, but i guess its much better in FM 21s match engine I was 3rd at the end of season, wins against Lazio 4:1, Juve 2:0, Napoli 3:0 (oh the irony), Roles: Pau Lopez SK su Mancini BPD su with stay wider Ibanez BDP su (stay wider) Smalling CD co Spinny CWB su Karsdorp CWB su Veretout and Pellegrini as MC su, Pellegrini on the side of Pedro and with more risky pass PI (they cover really good and Pellegrini h
  13. I have the artistic approach Kind of Zdenek Zeman but a little bit safer philosophy, trying to make my teams play nice attacking football, and if the results go with it, i won't complain, if they don't, i go somewhere else
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