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  1. Yeah i'd go as far as saying at a World Cup that happens every 4 years people care more about results than how many shots we had
  2. and Croatia with some of the best midfielders in the World should have played much better 1st half and got better as the game went on, its not as simple as saying oh yeah England should have buried them 1st half. Even being 2-0 up at half time is no guarantee we would have gone through
  3. What utter nonsense Its a every 4 Year tournament where for the past 28 years we've been lucky to play more than 3 games in, trying to compare our outlook on a Mourinho side that plays 60 games a season is total ********
  4. Yeah he's offside dunno why you'd say he wasn't
  5. Imagine supporting a team with a set of fans who do **** like that oh wait
  6. Lampard's England career Well he hit the crossbar that one time
  7. We really must have the worst set of 'fans' in the world, couldn't wait for us to be knocked out so they can say how **** we were, but at the same time would have been celebrating had we won it
  8. Lets remind ourselves what the likes of Gerrard did at World Cups Although tbf he did score against football giants like Trinidad
  9. Well done lads, did the nation proud and far exceeded our expectations. All the numptees will come out now who couldn't wait to jump on the team but would have celebrated like it was the biggest thing to happen in their lives had they won The last few weeks have been incredible
  10. Also didn't want Higuain, Aguero, Vardy and Mahrez, but was overjoyed when they signed Welbeck
  11. Getting rid of Corluka and signing Zab was the best piece of business we did
  12. I thought Kante was MOTM last night, just like pretty much every other match he plays in
  13. We've gone all tournament not caring about who is captain like every other country instead of making a big deal out of it and its been so refreshing Part of what makes this England side so likeable
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