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  1. Deserved the lose today. Bowling was absolute rubbish and the batting is pathetic to watch at times. It's like they get so excited that they have hit the ball they feel they have to run. The Rashid run out summed up everything.
  2. PleasedToMichu

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    https://www.gamespot.com/articles/days-gone-release-date-and-new-trailer-revealed/1100-6459465/ Feb 22nd 2019 for Days Gone.
  3. Finally getting in to Just Cause 3 somewhat. I absolutely loved 1 and 2 and I've had 3 since release day but it just never stuck with me until now. Frame rate is absolutely atrocious at times though.
  4. Honestly, this is fu*king scummy.
  5. PleasedToMichu

    Love Island

    My Facebook is full of it. My twitter was full of it until I blocked it. Yet I was SURE I could come on the FM forums and have freedom from it. Shame on all on you.
  6. PleasedToMichu

    Day thread

    So at work at the moment I'm: - doing my current job - training for my new job - training someone to do my my current job - covering work for someone else who is off All good fun!
  7. Yeah if this gets good reviews/feedback I'll look into it. And then occasionally join in the odd OTF tournament
  8. PleasedToMichu

    The PES 15/16 Thread

    Blimey this couldn't back up my previous post any better. This is exactly the scenario for the goals I just described. It's almost like these are the only goals at AI want to score.
  9. PleasedToMichu

    The PES 15/16 Thread

    So I've got Xbox Game Pass on the go now so I've been giving 18 a go. At times it's great to play, at other times it's the most frustrating, annoying and damn right stupid game The gameplay seems OK, quite slick at times but at other times it's like playing with 11 robots set to move as slowly as possible. The defending just seems shambolic too, I've just lost a game 3-0 and all 3 goals were exactly the same; my centre back (who I'm not controlling) just sprints out of the line chasing the ball, AI just chip the ball over the top into the space he leaves, noone covers, goal. I'll keep playing as I want to give it a go but crikey it can be frustrating!
  10. PleasedToMichu

    Visa payments disrupted

    Used mine at pretty much the time this was first posted so I guess I got lucky. BUT I will use it as the reason I haven't transferred my half of the breakfast tab from earlier today to a colleague
  11. I haven't played either but have watched streams and videos from all the guys in here and frankly both games are terrible.
  12. As much as I like the demo, I couldn't see myself playing this for enough time to justify buying it at full price. Won't say no to Mario Golf though...
  13. Stardew Valley is just an absolute joy to play. The "Just one more day" formula resulted in me putting about 35 hours into it in under 2 weeks I went to look things up but as I did I saw a post saying just to go in blind, find things yourself, stumble upon stuff and just enjoy playing it, so I'm doing that for now. Will no doubt look some stuff up as I go further on.
  14. I think I might wait and see how well this reviews. I want a bit of the proper RPG games, but believe that's due next year from what people are saying.
  15. I was rushing. Got SoD 2 because my brother in law has just got it and wants to Co op, been meaning to try Pro Evo for a while and then I just quickly went for Homefront.