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  1. Injuries seem mental on this version. I haven't even finished pre-season in season one yet i already have 8 first teamers out injured and have picked up 2 injuries in EVERY game pre-season game i've played so far edit: and literally as i finished typing this and pressed submit, i simmed on another day to find THREE more injuries waiting in my inbox. This is ridiculous.
  2. Edit: I'm an idiot and have worked out what I was doing wrong Really enjoying the game. Surprised how well its running considering I've maxed it out and 3 nations all the way down the lowest league. Keep up the good work guys, looks like I'll be pouring some serious time into this.
  3. May have been covered here before so sorry if so, but how do I change how I see matches? Not interested in 3D highlights etc just want to see the tactics screen with the game being described below on the bottom bar. How do I change how I see them? Button bashed for ages on my last game but couldn't work it out
  4. Scored exactly this goal in my last match i played on FM16. Literally an exact carbon copy. The keeper just walks out and dropped it at my strikers feet. It was a 95th minute winner for me so i didn't complain TOO much mind
  5. Aren't Asda notorious for jumping the gun on game releases?
  6. It's entirely up to you when to start your long term save. I haven't got the money to get 17 at the moment, but i started a save on 16 in the beta and i still play it to this day.
  7. I'm so happy this got re-opened! Had to let everyone know how much of a chuckle it gave me when i saw he actually only drew the first leg 1-1. 40 rematches thinking he had won the first leg 3-0 : Thread of the year award done and dusted
  8. That's brilliant. TNS can reign supreme with all that money!! Best i did on 16 was sign a player on a free halfway through a season, then at the end of the season i was fighting off £8 million bids all over the shop. £8 million profit in half a season (if i accepted the bid that is, i didn't as it stands as he was a vital cog!)
  9. In a word, no. I'm the same. He always tells me to get rid of instructions and change to a different formation. "Yeah the guys have been on a 15 game unbeaten run and playing sensational football, but change the whole formation and way the team plays for the next game gaffer, yeah?"
  10. The program is called smcFanControl for Mac, a quick google search brings it up and it's an easy download. And yeah i run Mac OS.
  11. Head over to the Tactics section on these forums and post your formation, players, player instructions etc and you will find plenty of people who will be more than happy to help
  12. I play FM 16 on my 2013 MBP 13" Retina. With about 10 leagues loaded with all divisions the speed is absolutely fine, no qualms here. In terms of heat, mine does get hot when playing for a while, but i noticed this was mainly due to the MBP not booting up the fans until it was too late, i.e. the laptop was already really hot when the fans finally sped up. So i installed a program to manually up the speed of the fans, so i just get them going as i start playing and it keeps the heat down.
  13. So disappointed when we (Swindon) let him go. Still scored the best goal i've ever seen live!
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