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  1. This is literally going to ruin my Inter save. It's impossible to extend contracts of any important player who's wanted by a team, even if it's just minor interest. Agents lock stepping stone promise and minimum fee clause, which is also ridiculously low. For example, Lautaro's price estimation was up to 70m€, but agent requires 60m€ minimum fee clause. If I can even extend the contract. Sometimes I can't even engage because of interest. Same goes for Barella and Bastoni, ridiculously low fee considering player's quality. Couldn't even extend Brozović, he was in the last year of his contract and I had to sell him. Only thing worse than this could be if the game was crashing, this is literally game-breaking. I can only imagine how bad will it get when I take over a smaller club. I understand the idea of minimum fee clauses, it happens in real life, but right now it's in ridiculously aggressive state and something like this would never happen in real life. That's just about clauses in general, when you take data research into consideration, it's a joke, no offense to anyone. I obviously understand that you won't put things that aren't official in the game, but tendencies simply had to be fixed. As the tweet (and many other reports, but I won't spam them) says, he rejected offers this summer and is signing a new deal. That means he should be willing to sign a new deal in the game, too. Then we have Barella, a childhood Inter fan who rejected everyone else to join. He's first in line to become the next captain, but in this game I can't extend his contract? Embarrassing from researchers. Meanwhile, Onana who won't extend his deal at Ajax gets an extension right away. And Overmars said Onana rejected them. Same goes for Kessie at Milan. He gets an extension right away, while for example someone like Rudiger can't be extended at Chelsea. No hard feelings, it's just beta, but this issue in general will be game breaking if most players have to be sold for ridiculously cheap because of agent demands. And we can't even ask players to fire agents.
  2. But is it a bug? Eriksen being unhappy about playing time is a bug. Idk about this one.
  3. It's actually bad. Players who're valued at 70-80m€ (which means 100m€ offer to be expected) can't be extended without 60m€ clause, which is a joke. Can't negotiate the clause, can't ask to sack agent, can't do nothing. Amazing work from Italian researches, as per usual. For players who already rejected offers and are about to extend irl. I tried doing it as the first thing when I created the save, now I'm in December and there's no chance. "Interest shown elsewhere." Idk why is there always a need to reinvent stuff which works just fine. It's not even major interest, but minor. And on the other hand, we still can't select an option that we won't accept paying a part of the wages for a player we sell, no matter what.
  4. After playing some more, non-negotiable "stepping stone" promise combined with ridiculously low non-negotiable release fee clauses is game ruining on my Inter save. I can only imagine how bad it's going to be when I take over a smaller club if it's not fixed. I literally can't extend a single important player without that garbage, effectively ruining my save. Players who already agreed extensions irl, btw. It's not official, but that means it shouldn't be an issue in the game. Meanwhile players at other clubs who don't want to extend are extending contracts in FM.
  5. Lukaku and Barella have the same technique rating. Even though Lautaro and Barella will extend (probably already did, just not made official), you can't do it in game because agents demand minimum fee release clause which is ridiculously low. Other teams also have issues with that, I bought Dybala for 50m€ and same wages he had at Juventus, completely unrealistic. Džeko scored 18 in 14 and got injured.
  6. Agents demanding minimum release fee clauses that are ridiculously low needs to be fixed, that's the only big issue I've encountered so far. Scouting assignments menu is unusable. Game stops responding for 10-20 seconds whenever I set an assignment. And my CPU is a big overkill for this game. This never happened in previous version. Idk what's happening there, maybe the game is loading all the players whenever I want to set an assignment?
  7. Skimmed through the topic, sorry if this has been posted before. My biggest wish for tactics would be some sort of dynamic instructions for multiple players with same roles. For example, addition of wide CBs is perfect for this and something that happens a lot in actual games. Let's say that if the ball is on the right side and I want RCB to also join the attack. RCB goes all the way up to like 30m from other team's goal. In that scenario I wouldn't want LCB to push higher up than central CB. That already works. But only if it's always RCB going up and LCB staying back via manual instructions. When the ball goes to the left side, LCB would still stay back. I'd want some kind of if/when function. If RCB is more than let's say 20m higher than central CB when team has the ball, LCB automatically gets "hold position" instruction and vice versa. And when one of the side backs is all the way up, other one and central CB shift a bit to cover space better. Same goes for fullbacks or even midfield trios in some situations.
  8. Nice of you to care so much afteer I already replied to Federico. Was a case of veterans stepping up in a big tournament. I'll make sure to mention you whenever Bonucci makes a mistake this season, but as if you'd know how he played last season, you've never seen a single Serie A game.
  9. I'll quote this post in a couple of months after Bonucci makes his next few awful mistakes like he did whole season long.
  10. I was a elementary school hero for a couple of years when I scored the decisive penalty in a final shootout. Honestly, it's ridiculous for attackers to have so much freedom when it comes to stutter-steps. Somehow understandable during regular games, but there needs to be more skill involved with penalty shootouts. During shootouts, I'd allow keepers to do anything they want within their 5m box, then you can call taking penalties skill. This will always be the most hillarious penalty for me, no clue how that one wasn't repeated.
  11. Being 1-0 up after a minute on a full Wembley and not making a single shot until the rest of regular time is the definition of being taught a lesson. Let's just say that if you copy-pasted this game into club football, any EPL and CL game, with Mourinho in Southgate's place, every single media outlet would still be trashing him for parking the bus.
  12. What exactly did either one do to deserve a spot? Cristiano scored a penalty for 0-2 against Hungary and then a 0-3 1v1 against keeper when they fell apart. Ran a counter for a tap-in against Germany and assisted for irrelevant 2-4 goal. Scored 2 penalties against France. Did absolutely nothing against Belgium. Lukaku scored two against Russia, one was the opening goal. Was a huge part of build-up in both goals against Denmark. Had a goal against Finland disallowed and scored a penalty. Didn't do much against Portugal, scored a penalty and missed a sitter against Italy. Neither did enough to be in the team of the tournament, but Lukaku at least had an impact in every game. Dolberg should've had it, maybe Schick.
  13. I thought he's waiting for VAR to confirm it, we already saw it happen from some goalkeepers. After rewatching the shootout a couple of times, it was one of the strangest things I've ever seen. Felt like minutes passed between each penalty, but then it went from Pickford's save to Saka missing the last one in an instant. One of the most anti-climactic things I've ever seen.
  14. Cristiano? Nani was still good and Quaresma was way more useful than for example Insigne, not to mention any other Italian winger. That one is hard to evaluate, I'll give you that.
  15. Obviously, his service to the entire world is invaluable. Saved us from English fans being insufferable for at least a decade.
  16. It's not even arguable, England has a way better attack, especially if we include the benches. Chiesa and Sterling were on similar level, by far the best attacking players of their teams. Kane had some nice build-up moments, but goal against Ukraine was the only relevant striker moment he had. Germany was a tap-in when they went all-out attack. But then we have to wonder why is Kane sitting 40m away from the goal? He surely didn't decide to do so by himself. If Southgate decided to use Kane as a deep forward, which is ridiculous in the formation he used, why didn't he use Rashford at all then? Anyhow, Insigne has shown that he's a one-trick pony, did nothing useful in th end except for that goal against Belgium. Immobile is not good. Berardi and Belotti are two hardworking players, decent subs, nothing more. Bernardeschi is useles. This is honestly the weakest attack of any team that has won a big tournament for as long as I can remember.
  17. That remark was meant in a way that it's disgusting to blatantly dive considering what happened. I said that it was obvious how players in that and Belgium-Russia game afterwards didn't want to fall easily considering what happened, but then they all started to diving again after a couple of days passed. Remember that Kane-Phillips situation from last night? Both of them acting as if they just suffered severe injuries, only to go up 5 seconds later because England still had the ball.
  18. I wasn't even talking about opinions, I was talking about people literally posting various troll gifs and one member even called me an imbecile, saying he's willing to take the ban. And then he edited the post 2 minutes later. I know it was an emotional rollercoaster, but some posters are a joke and always will be.
  19. Nah, I'm better than those people. Never kick someone when they're down. But some of the posts after Denmark game were enough to know true faces of some posters. An they were probably under heavy influence.
  20. Even I'm being respectful (by my standards ) considering how many of you people mocked that blatant robbery in semi-final.
  21. ^ Pretty much spot on. I'd say that Hojbjerg had an amazing tournament and he's in contention for one of midfield spots.
  22. By the end of the week, you guys will be trying to convince me that England's achievement of getting to the final while playing all games on Wembley is a beautiful underdog story about a team going against all odds.
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