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  1. Barella is tasked with being the third player to press opposing CBs when Inter is against 3 man defense, like for eexample against Atletico. He also makes up ground upon lost possession because Dumfries (RWB) is more or less a winger while attacking and can't physically recover fast enough upon lost ball. Well, he's been an elite passer his entire career. For example, having just 10 dribbling is fair because he's not a dribbler and he's not agile, either. I'd even say 16 free kicks is high if we talk direct shooting because he hasn't scored a single one in three years. He's got more goals from corners (19). That's why I said those are arbitrary and I can understand the points you're making. Still, you didn't mention 13 stamina. If he's playing 90 minutes twice per week and having highest distance covered, then we can talk about his work rate, but his "quality" of running is irrelevant if he in fact does run 12km often. My bad, should've said quickness, because Bastoni has same acceleration and agility as Barella/Dimarco. As you said, taller players can't turn as fast or reach top speed that quickly, but they can have high top speed. Good feedback, anyhow.
  2. Ozil was playing #10 in 4231. Hakan is playing #6 in 352. Since both him and Mkhitaryan are bad on defense in FM24, how would you explain this? Youtubers don't like their defense, but in this video you've got some defensive action, especially at the end.
  3. Interesting, so work rate above let's say 15 means that player will go to extra distance (pun intended) and do more even when tactical setup doesn't require it to? Another long post:
  4. Since it's been asked for people to deliver on consctructive criticism with actual stats, I'm here to ask for some feedback/explanation about why some of the Inter player stats are the way they are. Wall of text in spoiler, with real player stats provided. TL;DR Three players playing the same position, playing more or less the same minutes and covering the same distance with similar walk/run/sprint metrics and yet work rate varies between 11 and 18, with stamina varying between 13 and 17.
  5. Great and really long thread about Inzaghi's setup. Shame a lot of it can't be replicated in FM, but it should help anyone trying to recreate his tactics.
  6. Way too many free-kicks are categorized as direct. Can't select more than one if needed instruction for wall and you obviously have to use at least three players in the wall due to actual direct FKs. Then when those 30m+ FKs are deemed as direct, you're completely f-ed due to 3 players standing in the wall for no reason and attack having extra players around the box, allowing for easy setups via crosses or just a couple of passes. Needs to be fixed.
  7. Not the guy you asked, but Esposito and Carboni are must keeps. Others not so much. I kept Fontanarosa for a season, he could be maybe used as a backup CB.
  8. Mark tighter for all CBs, more risks for mezzalas and strikers. Tackle harder for strikers to make their role closer to pressing forwards.
  9. Completely game-breaking, tbh. Two trebles in a row, third season was the best I ever had in FM. It's time to try it on a weaker side. 35-3-0 in the league with 129-20 GD. Run to finish the season:
  10. Been browsing the forum for this same reason with wide CBs (not the role, but players in general, even in libero role) and wingbacks. They just won't attack the space and especially the box like they do in real setup. For example, this from just a couple of weeks ago: First highlight, look at Dumfries, he's at the position Ivan787 and Ermes already mentioned. He's a threat, so Gasperini instructs Ruggieri to stick with him at all times because if Dumfries gets a head start, it's trouble. But that means the space between LWB and LCB is open. Then Darmian happens. This doesn't happen in FM even with Libero role. He was RCB in this situation, not RWB. Even if you look at the second highlight, Lautaro's goal, Dimarco is sitting in the middle, right next to Mkhitaryan. If you ask me, WB/WM should be "fused" into one position when they're the only wide player in the formation and all the roles should be allowed. Dimarco is effectively playing wide playmaker for Inter, but that role can be selected only as a WM, not WB. Then you look at the last highlight and it's obvious FM wingback never makes such a run where he's effectively a striker. Obviously it's hard to code this stuff into a game, but FM is still just about instructing X or Y, never about players being able to choose between options X and Y. As in if they're to run wide or inside, for example.
  11. Great post, but I'd say that FM roles aren't suitable for what's Inzaghi been using. First issue is that you can't really replicate middle-CB role. For goal-kicks and free-kicks after offsides, middle-CB usually gets in line with DM and two wide-CBs move a bit narrower, making a square for build up. Sometimes one CM will also drop deep if pressing from the opposition is harder. So you'd need middle-CB to be a BPD-cover on defense, but have more freedom to move at the initial build-up phase. Bastoni specifically is an unique player in world of football and is most definitely closer to libero than WCB role. Him and Dimarco are over/underlapping duo on the left and that definitely should be an instruction. Idk how to instruct it, though, because Bastoni often goes all the way wide and overlaps on the flank, but sometimes he underlaps and gets to the edge of the box. Right CB is more conservative, but also has surging runs that aren't as common. Think of Darmian getting a penalty from such run in Bergamo a few games ago. We'll see if Pavard gets even more freedom, unfortunately he got injured. Defensive winger is actually great thinking for Dumfries, as he contributes on both ends of the pitch. I'd say that he most definitely has a low crosses instruction because he just can't float a proper cross in. He's poor with the ball and best used when he either gets the ball into space for a quick cross or he's the cross receiver himself. Dimarco on the other side would even be wide playmaker for me. If you think about it, back in the day Mourinho talked about Sneijder and Maicon being two playmakers on either flank as Sneijder often moved to the left and now that's the case with Dimarco and Barella. Dimarco is technically amazing, but lacks physical attributes to be a wingback that just goes up and down the pitch. He also has plays where he ends up in the box and even scores from the inside, but he's mostly a playmaker. Calhanoglu is what completely ruins the system for me in FM, because apparently him having such stellar season backed with defensive stat is enough for 12 stamina and 10 work rate. Just a disgrace. If you watch games, three midfielders are always in line when defending, but they often switch places, as in Calhanoglu can end up on the left or right due to transition. Mkhitaryan is everywhere, maybe even a roaming playmaker role or a central midfielder with more creative instructions would be better suited. Barella is a classic mezzala on offense. Lautaro's pressing forward role is a no brainer, but I'd even say that Thuram is CF-S instead of DLF. For me, DLF is more suited for someone like Dybala or Correa (ugh). Thuram finds himself at the end of actions in the box plenty of times. Now what I disagree with is high defensive line, it's simply not the case. Obviously happens when Inter is chasing result like the Roma match you mentioned, but if there's no rush, it's a deeper defensive line. That's what saved Inzaghi's job, giving up on high press because defense was just shambolic and the entire team was disjointed. With Hakan in Brozović's place, everything is more direct. Brozović was better at recycling possession, but Hakan makes way more direct plays. Defensive block is kind of 8+2, making it really difficult for opposition to press Inter hard. Two strikers are always up forward, meaning that opposition has to commit at least three defenders at all times and then they're unable to create advantages against 5-3 block. If opposition creates an advantage on the flanks, Lautaro or Thuram will drop deeper and help the extrernal midfielder and wingback. I'd even say defensive instructions should be defend narrower and invite crosses. But in reality, noone even bothers with crosses against 3 at the back. I'd even say that passing should be more direct, with quicker tempo. Counter-attacking football. You mentioned Frosinone game, both goals happened from counter-attacks. Yes, it was a 40m wonderstrike and a penalty, but still. Wingbacks and strikers are outlets, then they try to make an advantage with quick link-up. Things tend to get tedious against catenaccios because noone except for Thuram is a good dribbler one on one. I'm not going to lie, I tried re-creating Inzaghi's setup in beta, but as always FM doesn't value this kind of tactics and I just had way too many defensive issues with WCBs, same as last year. Switched it to 352 full-on press with 3xBPD, 2xCWB and 2xAF, won two trebles in a row in second and third season. 35-3-0 in the league, the game's just broken if you play full press and it's so frustrating.
  12. Had some hours of planned internet downtime due to infrastructure replacements etc. What else to do offline these days, but play FM? Apparently not. This infuriated me so much I would've refunded the game if I still could. First launch? I've got 50h on the record already. FM is fully mainstream these days, I guess.
  13. Another issue I've seen is that on player profile page stats from the parent club are shown for some reason. I loaned Pedro Porro in January, but his Tottenham stats are still shown.
  14. The player in question, Esposito, was on loan in the first season (irl loan, I didn't send him out myself) and when he returned I just moved him to senior squad and I've been using him as a backup. As you can see from screenshots in spoiler, he looks like a traditional target man and should be the priority for aerial threats category. Even if I start him, he's still not there in any menu for setting order of priorities for any role, not just aerial threats. Screenshot of my team included, I've got 22 outfield players, only 19 of them on those lists. Other two that are missing, Carboni and Fontanarosa also had the same irl loan thing in the first season and then returned. They're the three youngest players with lowest current ability, if it means anything. But them not being on any list just seems like a bug to me. Since they returned from loan, they've just been available for senior squad, I didn't send them to play for u20s or anything. I think this is just a bug and I've got no clue how to get those three youngsters to appear on set piece categories.
  15. I honestly don't understand how to solve some situations. For example, defending shooting range FKs. I'll have 3 players for the wall and two more for the wall if needed. Four players defending and one staying up front. The FK will be at like 25-30m range, 4 of my players with defend duty are marking 4 attackers in the wall, but then on the other side of the wall there will be 3 more players, with only one of my "if needed" wall defenders marking them. Also, ground passes to the edge of the box are absolutely broken. Can't adjust edge of area position and it's just shooting practice. Don't get me wrong, it's beta and I think the overhauled system is great, but some fixes are needed. Another issue is setting players in categories. For example aerial threats. I've got a young, tall striker, want to move him up on aerial threat list, but my list has only 19 players, despite the squad having 22 outfield players. So he's stuck in the outside of area when he plays, because I can't move him up the list. Not on the list even when I start him.
  16. Is it just me or direct free-kicks just aren't happening? As already mentioned, corners and wide FKs are borderline broken, I'm scoring a ridiculous number of goals with mixed settings and not even trying to exploit a certain area, but in my 60+ matches played, I've seen only two direct FK goals. Scored one from the edge of the area in goalkeeper's corner and conceded one from like 30m+ out because of what looked like poor wall. As in the ball going on the outside of the wall into the corner. And I can't help but feel that even the best defenders look stupid way too often in chaotic situations. Second balls after set-piece cross is cleared or situations after blocked shots. While those situations are also one of the highest goalscoring situations in real life, some of the goals are just unexplainable.
  17. Interesting, because it definitely didn't happen in FM23 and there's just 4 Serie A teams in league phase on my save. Hopefully someone from the staff sees the post and clarifies if it's actually the new rule or just an oversight.
  18. Wait...you're telling me that from the next season onwards, in new European competitions format, teams from the same country can play against each other in the league phase? Because I just got both Juventus and Napoli as opponents while playing as Inter.
  19. Yeah, it's ridiculous considering Udinese agreed on a really low fee for Samadržić this summer and that Berardi is 29. It seems that they don't really care about Serie A. For like 10th game in a row, Inter has exact same 15m€ transfer budget and you can even get more from the ownership. Hillarious considering the actual financial situation Inter is in. Completely ruins the challenge because in FM it plays like Moratti is still in charge and you can waste money away. I already mentioned some attributes that are hillariously bad, but it's hopeless. I'd just honestly like to talk a bit to Inter researcher to hear his explanation because some of these hillarious attributes.
  20. Honestly, for years it's looked like someone who barely watches the team does the attributes. I love Lautaro, but they just gave him 17 finishing, come on. Barella still looks like some BWM type midfielder. In the long run stats of older players are irrelevant, but it's ridiculous that most important players of a CL finalist can be so way off for years, without any changes. But Onana instantly got updated as soon as he moved to MUTD. Also, attribute masking is way too strong. For example if I take over Inter, Milan squad is a big unknown, even the players who are there for years. Let alone players from other leagues. FM23 was the first time I disabled attribute masking, I think I'm going to do the same in FM24. Btw, Julian Alvarez is available for ~45m€.
  21. I'm really sorry my first post about FM24 has to be a complaint, but this is hillarious. Calhanoglu single-handedly saved Inter's season after Brozović's injury by playing as a deep midfielder in 352, got to CL final, continued being Inter's most important player this season and he's still at 10 bravery, work rate, marking and 12 stamina? How can a player who's playing every match and constantly covering the most distance have 12 stamina and 10 work rate? Like do you even have anyone watching Serie A or it's just about who can inflate EPL players' ratings the most. I see that beloved Maguire still has 16 positioning. Amazing stuff.
  22. Can confirm, just bought the game and instantly got the key, activated and it's in library. 38€ version with early access.
  23. I'm mostly looking forward to set-pieces refresh, it was long overdue. Some set-piece features I'm hoping for: Automatically switching between setups depending on which position the taker is playing. For example if my first taker is a winger, but gets subbed off and then a full-back becomes corner taker, it would be great if the game detected that and automatically switched assignments. This is especially annoying to constantly change when you have defensive players as set-piece takers. Delivery options also need to be adjusted. We should be able to mix percentages instead of it being either fully mixed or always in the same area. For example 50-50% mixed between near post and short action. Could even mix up the takers like this. 1A-1B options depending on who's having a better game or they just switch for variety if they have different preferred foot. Option for certain team instructions and mentalities to override player instructions for set-pieces. If I already need a couple of setups depending on who's taking the set-piece, adding another just for very defensive mentality in the stoppage time is a waste. Let's say adding an option that automatically sets everyone except for strikers/wingers to stay back for corners while in very defensive setup.
  24. ME is definitely better, the matches are more fluid and there are way fewer horrible situations with players just wandering off or getting dispossessed for no reason. Passing through the middle is nice and chances created are realistic, but after almost a season played on this ME, finishing is kind of questionable. Either the floodgates open or you score way more than you should in the game or you miss 3 clear cut chances any half-decent striker has to bury. Obviously, matches like those happen, but there are just too few "normal" matches were the better team wins with routine 2-0. It's either suffering to break down the opposition after they score from their only shot or they just get smashed within first 30 minutes.
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