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  1. @Boyle.se thanks my friend. If i have time i finishe France this week end^^ @MelvinMat @witchplease & @kroshot Fix: Vietnam, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Gambia, Zambia, Latvia, Luxembourg and Faroe. New Update: Ghana (D3)
  2. Hello friends I was away all week, I went for a little road trip with my wife (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg). I therefore resume the update. I corrected almost everything Fix: Austria, Belarus, Netherland, Portugal, Palestinia, Slovakia, Japan, Thailand, WIP for Argentina and in add new club for France D8 ^^
  3. @eltarian --> The rules 3,6,9 are set for new championships (example: Cameroon, Fiji, Faroe, ...) not for expansion like France, Portugal or Germany. @Tikka Mezzala --> Make more level for spain is on my "to do list" but as for compatibility concerns, I would not create a new club ^^
  4. I love all your wotk. I add all. Thanks very good work my friend.
  5. UPDATE 13/02/2020: Arab Club Champions NEW Campeones Cup NEW
  6. @Quickzz ^^ Sorry. 3,6,9 ... is a rule that is most common in championships.
  7. @eltarian you are the first to tell me about this error. Does anyone else have this problem? I look at the friend.
  8. Thanks @anitamui but i realease an update today with the real format for Belgian cup like: https://www.mediafire.com/file/b37x6n8jh4uspup/Belgique_(D8)_-_By_@Timo@.fmf/file
  9. Update 11/02/2020: Macédoine (D3) NEW Version Belgique (D8) Divisions:- Level 1 --> Jupiler Pro League- Level 2 --> Proximus League- Level 3 --> Division 1 Amateurs- Level 4 --> Division 2 Amateurs (3 groups)- Level 5 --> Division 3 Amateurs (4 groups)- Level 6 --> P1-Première Provinciale (10 regionals groups)- Level 7 --> P2-Deuxième Provinciale (13 regionals groups)- Level 8 --> P3-Troisième Provinciale (8 regionals groups)
  10. @Jyuan83Hi friend, I understand, I will check the reputation of the clubs.
  11. You will be able to manage Real Madrid, Corinthians, Marseille, Slavia Prague, Galaxy LA, Marítimo, Kawasaki Frontale, African Club, Free State Stars or ... Benfica Macao. Take control of one of the 1,240 clubs from around the world (1st Division club from all over the world). Climb the 10 Divisions (structure below) win the mythical Copa do Mondialito and prove your suppression. Have fun with this complete update containing 10 divisions, 7 cups, ranking bonuses for each division, TV income, bonuses for all cups and trophies rewarding scorers, smugglers, hope, coach for each division (Week, Month and year)… Each team to keep their home country for the Regens (Benfica / Portugal, PSG / France, Corinthians / Brazil, Urawa Red Diamons / Japan, ...) Do not hesitate and take up the challenge of Mondialito. Rules for Yellow Cards change to 3,6,9,.. DIVISION 1 (All Teams) DIVISION 3 (1 group of 2) DIVISION 5 (1 group of 4) DIVISION 8 (1 group of 8) DIVISION 10 (1 group of 16) DIVISIONS Division 1 (20 Teams) Division 2 (20 Teams) Division 3 (2 groups with 20 Teams) Division 4 (2 groups with 20 Teams) Division 5 (4 groups with 20 Teams) Division 6 (4 groups with 20 Teams) Division 7 (8 groups with 20 Teams) Division 8 (8 groups with 20 Teams) Division 9 (16 groups with 20 Teams) Division 10 (16 groups with 20 Teams) CUPS Copa do Mondialito (All Teams) Copa dos Superstar (Cup D1 + D2) Copa dos Melhores (Cup D3 + D4) Copa dos Montes (Cup D5 + D6) Copa dos Origens (Cup D7 + D8) Copa dos Solos (Cup D9 + D10) Supercopa del Campeon (Supercup for champion all division) Transfert (D1) Transfert (D4) How to add Mondialito By @Timo@ on FM20 Extract the contents of the .zip archive. Move the .fmf files to: documents/sports interactive/football manager 2020/editor data Create the last folder if it doesn't exist. Open FM20 and start a new career save. In the top right of the screen, under "Database", make sure each one of the database is selected. DIRECT DOWNLOAD MONDIALITO STEAM LINK
  12. Update 09/02/2020: Finlande (D5) Monaco (D1 real) always amateur More détail on Steam
  13. @Florent div Je pense que tu es français !? Comme moi ... Thank you for your comment it's been super fun. I note your list and I will do it as I go along (I am currently on 2 projects) but I will do it very willingly. Generally if I stop at a certain level it is that the real information I did not necessarily find it (for realism ^^) But I'm going to do the research my friend. Good game for you. You must have a good pc to use everything ^^ Me with 3 countries is the end of my PC ^^
  14. ^^ I correct it now, thank you. It's now correct in the pack
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