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  1. Update 10/04/20: Russie (D5) Serbie (D5) Give me your file in MP @Dai35 but I'm not going to be editor until Friday next week
  2. Mass not sorry, you have to do it by championship. @Dai35 Hi friend, For the old BDD error (because it is for each update of the game), you just have to do OK and then test and save. Then you can have fun.
  3. Update 09/04/20: Australie (D10) Oceania Champions League Fix Version
  4. Yes it's true, I don't like to modify other people's creations ^^ And I don't like creating clubs too much, which I like about the structures and organization but I listen to any proposal ... Send me an MP with more precision.
  5. Update 06/04/20: WAFU Competitions J.League Cup / Copa Sudamericana Championship
  6. Hello friends, I am not too active at the moment because of the confinement in France. I have a lot of work with my children and my telework (I am an administrative employee in a humanitarian association). I wanted to say a little word of support to everyone and I hope I help you have fun ^^. In any case have a little fun, take care of yourself and your family.
  7. The USA is coming to Europe thanks to this update. Take the lead of a team from the new nation NEW STATE (100% created). You have the choice among 100 teams from the USA and Canada but based in Europe (defunct club like Miami Fusion, Tampa Bay Muntiny, Chivas USA, Ajax Orlando, New York Astros, Toronto Croatia, New Mexico, Colorado Foxes, Ottawa Wizards, ...) Composed of 4 divisions: - Major League Soccer 1 (20 teams with 6800 reputation) - Major League Soccer 2 (20 teams with 5600 reputation) - Major League Soccer 3 (20 teams with 4500 reputation) - Major League Soccer 4 (40 teams with 3500 reputation) 2 groups 2 Cups: - Major League Cup - Major League Super Cup The 1st participates in the Champions League (qualification), from the 2nd to the 5th place in the Europa League. All clubs are empty, the recruitment preferences have been increased towards Europe and the whole world. League 1 clubs have a bank balance of 100 000 000€, 50 000 000€ for League 2, ... Each division has its own awards (minimum 10 per division). New media have appeared (ESPN, Fox News, ...). All ranking positions bring a bonus (60 000 000€ for the winner), TV rights, victory bonus, and more ... Come discover and test this challenge. All updates are playable at the same time. How to add NEW STATE By @Timo@ on FM20 Extract the contents of the .zip archive. Move the .fmf files to: documents/sports interactive/football manager 2020/ Create the last folder if it doesn't exist. Open FM20 and start a new career save. In the top right of the screen, under "Database", make sure each one of the database is selected. Steam Workshop http://www.mediafire.com/file/dsvr52t01f2qohj/New_State.zip/file
  8. Update 08/03/2020: France (D8 - Regional 3) - Adjustment of the reputations of all the teams from L1 to N3 according to the current ranking (Average of FM reputation and ranking) - Adjustment of the reputation of the R1 to 1900 (the 1st and 2nd current ones have had their reputation increased) example Wasquehal 2400 or FC Saint-Estève 2200 - Adjusted the reputation of the R2 to 1750 (1900 for the best) - Adjusted the reputation of the R3 to 1500 (1600 see 1750 for the best) - Correction of the names of the RESERVES now they are teams 2 (Example Lens Reserve = Lens 2) - Correction of the name of three letters for L1, L2 and N1 (fix R3)
  9. J'ai enlevé le Portugal c'est la seule qui bug. I delete Portugal, i work on but still bug. I try to fix ^^ All files are okay for 20.4.0 ... I want ^^
  10. Whats is your problem? Do you use other update, how change team, ...?
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