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  1. Add 14/12/18 (Evening): Koweit (D2) La Réunion (D2) Saint Pierre et Miquelon (D4)
  2. Add 14/12/18: Emirats Arabe Unis (D2) Hong Kong (D4) Jordanie (D2) Sri Lanka (D3) ADD INDIVIDUAL LINK BY NATION (All nations)
  3. Very Great my friend. Big work.
  4. yes indeed I tried to realize that but I still have to oprimise it.
  5. Add 10/12/18: Bhoutan (D3) Népal (D4) Oman (D3) Montserrat (D1)
  6. Thank you. Yes of course but i think Claassen is working on it.
  7. But they are young peaople who played football, no? U18
  8. For 12 games. No reserves or young? Yes less?
  9. yeah i see, i make a championship with 6 rounds. I take the real transfer calendar. - limit 30 players - U23 team - 8 foreigners What do you think?
  10. Update 07/12/18: Bangladesh (D2) Kirghizistan (D3) Pakistan (D1)
  11. By Timo for FMSLife Sujet Original Support @Timo@ You will be able to manage Real Madrid, Corinthians, Marseille, Slavia Prague, Galaxy LA, Marítimo, Kawasaki Frontale, African Club, Free State Stars or ... Benfica Macao. Take control of one of the 1,240 clubs from around the world (1st Division club from all over the world). Climb the 10 Divisions (structure below) win the mythical Copa do Mondialito and prove your suppression. Have fun with this complete update containing 10 divisions, 6 cups, ranking bonuses for each division, TV income, bonuses for all cups and trophies rewarding scorers, smugglers, hope, coach for each division (Week, Month and year)… Each team to keep their home country for the Regens (Benfica / Portugal, PSG / France, Corinthians / Brazil, Urawa Red Diamons / Japan, ...) Do not hesitate and take up the challenge of Mondialito. DIVISION 1 (All Teams) DIVISION 3 (1 group of 2) DIVISION 5 (1 group of 4) DIVISION 8 (1 group of 8) Transferts July 2018 Best Players of month D2) DIVISIONS Division 1 (20 Teams) Division 2 (20 Teams) Division 3 (2 groups with 20 Teams) Division 4 (2 groups with 20 Teams) Division 5 (4 groups with 20 Teams) Division 6 (4 groups with 20 Teams) Division 7 (8 groups with 20 Teams) Division 8 (8 groups with 20 Teams) Division 9 (16 groups with 20 Teams) Division 10 (16 groups with 20 Teams) CUPS Copa do Mondialito (All Teams) Copa dos Superstar (Cup D1 + D2) Copa dos Melhores (Cup D3 + D4) Copa dos Montes (Cup D5 + D6) Copa dos Origens (Cup D7 + D8) Copa dos Solos (Cup D9 + D10) How to add Mondialito on FM19 Extract the contents of the .zip archive.Move the .fmf files to: documents/sports interactive/football manager 2019/editor dataCreate the last folder if it doesn't exist.Open FM19 and start a new career save. In the top right of the screen, under "Database", make sure each one of the database is selected. Support @Timo@
  12. Update 06/12/2018: Ouzbekistan (D3) Tadjikistan (D3) Turkmenistan (D2)
  13. Thanks my friend ... and i make today Singpore. Ok i note India League. Update 02/12/18: Fidji (D2) Add 02/12/18 Iles Salomon (D1) Add 02/12/18 Singapour (D6) Cosmo League (2 Levels and Cup) Add 02/12/18