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  1. Very much appreciate your hard work on the Megapack!

  2. You are right and in no way do I want to be angry with anyone. Sorry if I reacted badly. But coming from a creator and moderator of the forum, I would have preferred an MP. I made the modifications in my subject if the fact of "paying for a coffee" is annoying I remove it but I never FORCED anyone to pay me or to buy anything. I am disappointed with the way this is going on this forum. The subject is therefore closed. @Bigpole or @Wolf_pd please close my topic, block it or delete it. It could not be.
  3. @Number sevenIt doesn't discourage me. I really don't like to criticize other people and I respect everyone who tries to create. I don't understand why some people need to criticize what others do ... My pleasure is to create and share and I respect everyone and I would never dare to criticize the creations of others. So thanks ^^ "hello" @krlenjushkaOk I'll put a "nuance" for people who don't understand. I would add to every update or I made a non-real modification. I'm hallucinating seriously what is this way of doing? I don't force anyone to use what I share. But I can see that
  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 !!! @Bigpole Hello friend, thank you (I often start my sentences with a "hello") for your return. As I have always said I do not create a team for reasons of compatibility between all the updates that I carry out. I see that you are a researcher for Sigames so you know very well that the database you provide is very poor in terms of team. So what you've done in Poland is surely much better. Sorry that you have to criticize my creations but nothing obliges you to use them or to judge them ^^ I never judge the creations of others ... Or I speak directly to the pers
  5. Update 31/12/20 (last in 2020) Belgium(D6) NEW I added Belgium (D6) which I did again this morning. For P1, I put 16 clubs per province and repecting the real divisions as well as possible but they lack a LOT of club (there are only 630 teams for Belgium).This is the last update of the year so in advance I wish you a better year 2021. Thank you again to all those who pay me coffee, who say thank you who exchange with me and to all those who use my creations. Hoping to save yourself some distractions during these difficult times. Remember this is just a game so enjoy lif
  6. @PaMi 7 They are updated in the pack @anitamui No they only an 'ALpha' version for the structure and rules for test and correct me. ^^
  7. Update 2 - 30/12/20: Poland (D5) NEW I put you for those who wish to test to correct me: - Concacaf Caribbean Club Shield (Just CC Club Shied amateur + CC Club Shield professional) - African Champions League (All african nation play this, i add qualification round) these are alpha versions, so I am waiting for your feedback. Good game my friends
  8. Update 30/12/20: Palestine (D4) and 3 Gaza Levels and cup NEW Wales (D5) NEW
  9. Update 29/12/20: Kyrgyzstan (D2) NEW VERSION Mexique (D5) NEW Maldives (D3) NEW Singapore (D7) With Cosmo League (2 Levels and Cup) NEW Sweden (D6) NEW @ucdark test this version for chile and give me your advice Chile (D5) - By @Timo@.fmf
  10. J'ai la Belgique D8 @jurgen.muylaert mais j'ai eu des remarques dessus mais je n'ai pas tout compris, donc des critiques constructives et réalisables seraient les bien venues. Belgium (D8) - By @Timo@.fmf
  11. Update 2- 26/12/20: Malaysia (D4) NEW Greece (D5) NEW Vanuatu (D4) Regional Groups NEW @oJMPx i never replace country, i use a defunct nation and i add Euro Coefficient ^^
  12. I know @romaedmu but in the database only this state are almost complete. I really put this division to complete a bit but the original Database is poor. So I chose to put only the "full" to develop a little but it is especially level 3. But I would very much like you to detail me and explain all this to me by private message with great pleasure. Like that I would do much better. Thank you again for your remarks there is only like that that I am improving. @Gee_Simpson I saw a full update on the forum. So no sorry, i don't like create players. ^^ @ucdark i look now
  13. Update 2 - 27/12/20: Australia (D10) NEW Greenland (D1) NEW Thailand (D5) NEW Uruguay (D4) NEW Jamaica (D3) NEW
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