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  1. You get one guess as to the first thing I did when I went to Fisher 😂
  2. They wasted no time and the next Chapter of the save can begin!
  3. Here we go. Without sounding big headed this feels like a formality. Its why I quit so there were no hurdles to get over. Funny thing I've just noticed. I resigned that quickly after Playoff final I didn't get a season review. Here it is......it went swimmingly.
  4. Jesus Katie. Not even subtle anymore.
  5. Play-Off Final It what I'm hoping is my last game in charge of Leamington we have the small matter of a Play-Off Final. A completely surprising Play-Off Final I might add. Away from home in the season we were rightly and soundly beaten. A good win at home cemented our Play-Off place. They will be the favourites. Home field advantage could take charge here. But sometimes it just feels like your name is on the trophy.... 2nd minute - The ball is in the back of the net! But wait its being flagged offside. Host almost in dreamland. Leamington breath a sigh of rel
  6. I should hope so I'm about to take a team into the 6th Tier and you are Tier 10!
  7. Playoff Semi Final A bit of Deja Vu. We start the playoffs as we ended the season. Fingers crossed its the same result! I think they will be angry. What a start! Volleyed home with force from a corner. Dreamland for the visitors. They went 1-0 up 4 days ago and were pegged back in seconds... What's the ref done here! He's given a penalty. What on Earth is he thinking? Rushall have a chance to respond straight away but honestly that is the worst decision you'll see in a very long time. Bottom right. No chance. Rushall have been absolutely gifted a goal h
  8. No milking required We had a great finish to the season. No suspense requried. We went away to Rushall with them needing just 1 point to clinch the Title and Promotion. We turned up and spoilt their day... And now I think they want sweet sweet revenge. A fantastic season where we actually lost the least amount of games in the entire league. Too many draws but playoffs is brilliant. However.... My head would be elsewhere....
  9. 51% of Hereford fans need their head examining! They were only predicted to finish 12th. They are currently 15th. So maybe that's why he's clinging on. Honestly I thought they were predicted higher.
  10. Yep......still here So we are 5 games away from the end of the season and still nobody has been fired and I'm still at the helm at Leamington. So with 5 games to go where are we at? We have maintained our strong "hard to beat vibe". The loss against Coalville was awful, easily the worst performance of the season. The 3-1 win againts Worcester away was easily the best and perhaps biggest. We have a 5 point cushion over 6th. This has been an amazing season and if we can somehow hold on and get a playoff place then it will cement this season as maybe the greatest ach
  11. The Hereford job is insecure at the moment which is a no brainer considering their position in the league, before it was a case of "can we finish ahead of them". Now its a case of "just how far ahead can we finish?" The Fisher job is also insecure (I've been laughed off). They won't go up this season. Surely this is my best chance to tick this one off the list. Blyth Spartans is another job insecure. They are stuck between Playoffs and relegation and not close to either. Surely one of these jobs needs to come free sooner rather than later. There are other jobs in Heref
  12. Another Year in Warwickshire So its January and I still find myself in Leamington. I have declared interest in 3 jobs and been laughed off all 3. Nobody is willing to give up on their current managers. Fools! Its still been a good season so far. I don't know what curse I've been put under in regards to the Southern League Cup but it just never ends well! Not so surprising defeats against Lowestoft Town and Welling United. Generally speaking this season has been much more successful than I thought it would be, and it shows in the league table. We are 4th! A full 1
  13. That's enough FM for today me thinks.
  14. Huge news. We have been taken over with no investment and absolutely no changes to the vision or expectation. I'm still reeling.
  15. I don't want to be here. You don't want me here. Yet.....here I am! Not many wins since the last update but we have proven hard to beat. I showed you the ridiculous stats from the FA Cup game. Once again in the league we had a man sent off and were left just picking up the pieces. Since then its been fairly solid. We had a wobble against Kings Langley and relied on a late goal just to force ET but showed we were made of stern stuff. Its a bit of a misleading table. A lot of teams below us have a games in hand so I can see us sliding down the league without even kicking a ba
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