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  1. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    One Track Mind Busy month but thanks to our early exit its all in the league. Chance to really pull away. I got it wrong its Busan away not Seoul away. My bad! We had a bit of a rest before the first game of the month. A chance to recover from the epic 5-4 win. Easy come easy go financially! Our route to the Champions League was drawn in the meantime. Very happy with Quarter Final draw...although in the press conference I said I want to draw these because we can beat them...In past experiences that doesn't ever end well! 3 out of 4 semi finalists from last year all have a chance of getting there. Happy with the potential Semi Final draw, we have avoided both Jeonbuk and Al-Ittihad. We beat Persepolis in the last 16 last season as well. Our route to the Champions League has been paved and we are happy! Sangju first up this month and its a game we should be winning. 1-1 at the break and they have scored with their only attempt, do I shout or encourage? I decided the way we have been playing recently they had earned me not shouting at them... Last game we got a last minute winner when maybe we didn't reserve it. This time we would have 100% deserved it. Evened itself out. Erm... Think they asked the wrong manager that question. We also hit the woodwork 3 times in that match. How we didn't win it I'll never know. Keen to move on we have two very tricky away games next against Busan who I hate playing and Jeonbuk who are just too good. Great result. We raced into a 3-0 lead before Busan started trying to make a game of it. We killed them off well near the end. Great bounce back after that disappointing draw. Jeonbuk away but with the lead I have at the top this almost feels like a gimme. Good news is this guys wants to sign a new 5 years deal... Bad news is the sneaky agent put in a 1.1m release clause without me noticing. My fault obviously but I could lose him at a steal and even worse it could be to a domestic rival. Fingers crossed nobody comes in for him. Watch this space, I have a bad feeling. Anyway onto the game against Jeonbuk...not to spoil the latest table but...SPOILER ALERT...If I beat them I will open up an 11 point gap over them. It was a game of set pieces. We scored thanks to a penalty in the first half. Midway through the second they got a penalty of their own but it was saved. Then as we ticked over to added time they scored a wonderful free kick to gain a much deserved point. Good result and it keeps them at bay. After two tricky away games it will be nice to go home. I would say its a winable game but after last time I said that I won't say it...we should win though. Near enough a full strength team...no excuses. Its an easy game when they have a man sent off after 3 minutes. It probably should have been more but the win is all that matters at this point. We have Ulsan away next its top vs 2nd and if we win we can open up a nice gap at the top of the table. Avoiding defeat would be nice. Another brilliant away win and we have come through a tricky month brilliantly. We have a guaranteed loss next against Jeju, I just don't know what it is about them but here are our head to heads since I took over. Only 2 wins out of 9 but when we won boy do we win! We had an away fixture against Seoul not long after this (although a completely different month!). So for once I'm not expecting anything as I will heavily rotate. Cue the 5-0 win. Not quite 5-0 but it will do nicely! Jeju saved me a clean sheet bonus at the end in a game we looked very good in. My transfer window made sure we had some strength in depth and result like this proved I made some good decisions. It means at the end of the month the table looks like this. A very healthy 7 point lead over 2nd place but look at that 12 point lead we have opened over Jeonbuk who look in danger of missing out on Champions League qualification all together! Now that would be lovely. Still plenty of time left and next month sees the return of the Champions League.
  2. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    Breath Easy Only the 5 fixtures this month starting with a pointless Champions League game. A chance to rest some players ahead of what should be 4 winable league games. Good win for the back ups. Means we finish the group stage with 6 wins from 6. Just like last year. Final standings for us and the grass had no time to grow... A Uzbekistani team. On paper I would make us favourites but they had a good group stage. Either way I'll look forward to the Knockout Stages. It means this "short" month now has a few more Champions League Fixtures. We have a rare 7 day rest in between fixtures now. Next up is a home tie against bottom. 1-1 at HT after a shocking first half display...for once I was encouraging instead of shouting at them. It wasn't pretty but it was a win and that's all that matters. The original plan in the next game was to play a full strength team but with Champions League on the horizon I had to set my priorities. Reserves are playing well recently. Damage done in the first half which meant I could rest the odd few starters who I had to play. Its all set up lovely for the first leg of the 2nd round of the Champions League. We were at home first. The only team we were at home first last season we got knocked out. So a big game ahead, we couldn't slip up in this round, we needed to at least hit Board Expectations. No slip up and 9 toes into the next round. I will rotate in the second leg, it will give me a chance to focus on the league a bit more than I thought id be able too. Don't get many big wins so this is nice to see. Decent win. I made no changes for the first time this season as I plan to rest players for the Champions League Second Leg. 7 changes made and they really let us down only winning 5-0 when the first team won 6-0. All jokes aside it was a great performance and a very easy tie that played out more like a Qualifying Round not a Last 16. No complaints from me! The entire round looked like this. Split straight down the middle between East and West with only 2 South Korean teams qualifying. I would fancy my chances against Shanggang and Western Sydney Wanderers. I'm unsure about any team from the East. Worried about Al-Ittihad who easily knocked us out last season, was hoping somebody would do us a favour before we had to play them! One more game this month and it was away against a middle of the range team. Potential for slip ups. What a game of football. We were 1-0 down early then 2-1 up then 3-2 down then 4-3 down. We scored the equaliser with 5 minutes to go and I was happy with a point. We snatched all 3 in injury time. Perfect month. Leaves the league table looking like this. We have a 6 point lead over 3 teams. I don't think I've been sitting this pretty in the K League before. Next month we face Jeonbuk, Ulsan and Seoul all away from home. Massive.
  3. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    Thanks that means a lot. I’m happy with the squad this season. Playing better just need to avoid injuries which seem to be piling up!
  4. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    Cheers mate. I think any advantage going forward will be slim. Its going to be a close league season!
  5. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    Home Alone April is ridiculous. 6 out of 9 games at home. We need to take advantage of those games and build some sort of lead. You'll have noticed this. Hard to tell if this will be a tricky game or not. They were awful last season. I'm sure it will take me days to complete this month! Back up to Very Pleased. Its a fickle business! We were terrible for large parts of this game and found ourselves 4-1 down. We managed to grab a goal just before the half but it looked like it was going to be a defeat. Two goals in the last 10 minutes recused a point for us. Not happy with the performance really but delighted we managed to comeback and avoid defeat. Last season we had so many draws that should have been wins. This one should have been a loss. Not the ideal way to start the month and with my next two games the Champions League and Jeonbuk I needed to be careful with my rotation. Good win in the Champions League helped by the fact they had a man sent off in the first half. With no incentive to win the Group it will be rest and rotation for the final 2 group games which will help me long term. Jeonbuk next and to be honest I'll be happy if we avoid defeat. I don't want to fall too far behind this early in the season. Things going well? Here your star man now has a Hernia in the busiest month of the season. Right Ok. What a performance! It was 4 but my God it could have been 10. We absolutely battered them from start to finish. I'd say probably one of the best results since I took over. Now historically we have followed up a brilliant result with an absolutely shocking performance... I learnt a lot from this team in the game. We were 1-0 up and looking good when Valdes (the young CM) got himself sent off. After that we were brilliant, we raced into a 3-0 lead at half time. Gyeongnam scored early in the second to make a game of it. We defended brilliantly we our 3rd and 4th choice CB. We added a 4th late on but I'm delighted with my lads. This was the sort of game we would have drawn last season. I'm really hoping we have turned a corner. I think my transfer activity has helped as I've been able to rotate better than last season. The trickier time of the year is yet to come however. I mentioned early that there was no incentive to finish top of my Champions League Group. I'd need not worry. Ulsan at home next and it has the potential to be tricky. Another great win. Ulsan had the better of the early exchange, we scored against the run of play and managed to take control of the game. Satisfying win indeed. Next up is a pointless Champions League game, I will be rotating as much as physically possible so I can imagine it's not going to be a pretty performance. That's very annoying. Told you it wasn't going to be pretty, just surprise it was them not us. Great performance from some players trying to work themselves into my starting line up. With one more game to go its everything to play for in my group. Somebody is going to get through with a minimum of 7 points and there's something a bit sad about that! Worth pointing out all 4 South Korean teams have qualified with a game to spare. Away game against Jeju in the league next. They have a habit of turning me over occasionally so we need to be on our toes. In fact we haven't beaten them in 4 games. Jeju seriously need to f*** off! Hate playing them. We battered them from start to finish. They scored 2 goals in 5 minutes to turn the game around. Hate playing them. They need to die. Cup next. I demand a response. The draw for the next round has been made and if we both get through it will be Jeonbuk at home. Will be an early exit for a favourite. Annnnnnnnd if we somehow get through that then its either Busan or Jeju at home in the quarter final. Two teams I'm historically terrible against...at least they will be at home. First things first...beating the decent team who got relegated last season. Some times there are just no words. Out of cup already. To make matters even more annoying Jeonbuk also got knocked out so we would have had a nice easy passage into the next round. Its league or nothing if we are going to make Champions League next season. Obviously we want to win the Champions League so never season won't matter! Still one more game this month and truth be told I just want to get it over with. Good to see we finish this already tricky month with a nice easy match, home to 3rd in the league Seoul. Two bad results in a row but overall its been a good month, we needed to win this final game to take something into the next month. Great way to bounce back. Put the disappointment of the cup behind us and make sure we at least finish top 3 to secure Champions League next season. Although I think without winning the league winning the cup was the only thing that kept me my job last season! So after a long month the league table looks like this... We are top which pleases me but its close between the top 5. I imagine Busan might not to be able to keep up but I cant see any reason why the top 4 won't be close all season. Worth noting that all the top 3 are out of the cup. Makes me feel slightly better about it all!
  6. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    Just Getting Started March was where the league really got started with a busy month. We have a chance to really take control of both the league and the Champions League. Funabashi Bandits actually won the opening game so we can't take them lightly. Oh come on!! My finances are pretty much exactly the same as when I took over. Last seasons disappointments... After all the transfers dynamics still look good. A brilliant win the Champions League gives us two wins from two. Shinji's replacement got 4 which pleases me greatly. Onto the league now and a chance to assert some dominance. This doesn't tell the tale of this game... Get in! Oh Come on! GET IN!! Last season that game would have finished 1-1, this season already feels different. Frustrating. Nothing I can do about these injuries but they have a habit of piling up. It's the very reason I needed to go out a recruit another striker! I've learnt from mistakes of last season and have started rotating more, it does mean I'm probably going to get a few disappointing results.... Unless you like goals and no defending. Brilliant game of football. We were 5-2 and cruising before 2 goals in 2 minutes in the last 5 put some pressure on us. I want goals this season and so far my team is delivering. Sorry defenders. Those are rookie numbers. You need to boost them! It was gameweek 3 in the Champions League and we were away in China. You know my history with Chinese football...I wanna crush em. Just before the game I withdrew 9 players from International Duty, only 2 players will go as they are competitive fixtures. I know its not real but I honestly feel guilty! Fingers crossed players won't start hating me because I keep removing them from International Duty. Any way onto the football. Close to our first clean sheet of the season but a great performance and some good finishing. It means at the half way stage of the group stage it looks like this. I don't think it could be any better and with 2 out of the 3 games left at home we should be comfortably in the knockout stages. We learnt last season that there is no advantage to winning the group as there is a bug so as long as we get through I'll be happy then its just fingers crossed for a nice draw. Lee Ki-Je played his first game of the season after being injured in pre season. He went off after 61 minutes and will miss another 3 weeks. I was so delighted when he signed a new contract. Good if not spectacular. First clean sheet of the season! One more match this month, we win and we are perfect. Lets make it special. That was the opposite of special. We were missing both starting forwards, one injured and the other International Duty and it painfully showed. Absolutely nothing positive came from the game and its a missed opportunity. A few teams with the games in hand but no real shocks so far this season.
  7. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    The Lost Boys Annoyed with my error in judgement with foreigners it puts a lot of pressure on this guy... He haven't registered a better player for what he COULD become! He got a 6.6 in the first game of the season. Not great but not terrible. The good news is I have a slot for an Asian Foreigner if need be. Looks convincing. Far from it. At 1-1 they had a penalty saved which really turned the game. We scored twice in the last 15 minutes to give us a huge win to start the season and the Champions League season. Next up was another away game at newly promoted Suwon FC, who replaced Suwon in the top division. If we are going to challenge for the title its the sort of game we need to be winning and hopefully scoring quite a few goals as well. Yeah like that. Great performance and we were 5-0 up within 30 minutes. Shame we couldn't get any more. Normally I'd be annoyed at the goal conceded but seeing as thought it actually means nothing I'm not bothered. We will play harder games this season but its an encouraging start.
  8. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    Friend Request I hate friendlies. I know they serve a purpose but I absolutely hate friendlies. Players get injured and nothing good comes out of them. That's why I never personally manage them. Very similar expectations to last season. Was either this group or E and trust me E would have been a breeze. This will be tricky. Never tell me the odds! We slipped to 3rd. I think we should be challenging for the league. Dangerously I have a good feeling about this season. I think it will go one of two ways. Either I'll win everything, or I'll be fired. Hate friendlies! Ake Loba had a good season last season and I'm hoping for big things. Seems the bookies are expecting the same. Kim Young-Ki is a brilliant player and has come leaps and bounds. Fingers crossed he has a big season. Three players in the Young Player of the Year running. It bodes well for the future. I've picked my foreigner who will miss out...he isn't happy and I have only just bought him for 900k. I feel silly. Love this...the tactic my first Champions League opponents are going to be rocking... Good preseason...only 2 major injuries. The season starts with the Champions League...lets do this!
  9. Imagine having that much money at that level of football and not going up! Should smash it this season, get that promotion in the bag.
  10. andychar

    [FM19] The Amerigo Vespucci Diaries

    South American leagues are oh so deliciously complicated. Did I win the league? Who knows!? Any way great read so far, good luck with the rest of the challenge!
  11. andychar

    [FM19] Kosovo's Rise

    Great first season and a good effort in the Champions League.
  12. How old is the Lusitanos manager. Any chance of retirement?
  13. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    Shopping Ok I'm going to say it...I have 100% in this team. I think with this new tactic and with a team not destroyed by injury or Internationals we are very strong and very hard to beat. We drew too many games last season and this time it cost us. We were going great in the Champions League until the Semi Final when we were battered and bruised and generally needed a rest. This tells me that we need some depth. I'm happy with 10/11 players in my starting lineup. We just need a good strength in depth. I'm going to try and not sell players this off season but get a couple of utility players who can cover a range of positions. I have a good feeling about the upcoming season. We just need to be smart about it. A few team records went this season. Lee Ki-Je wanted to go to Jeonbuk in the summer transfer window. I didn't let him...and this is why. He was the first signing I made and he is showing me why. Defensively we were brilliant last season, bad luck that wasn't the tiebreaker! I really don't want to lose this job as I've built something here so this... ...kinda worries me. I have zero room for mistakes at the start of next season. Jeonbuk very nearly becoming Champions of the World. That's what I have to compete with! The new fixture list came out which means the first set of odds came out. Not quite sure why Busan haven't got a Champions League place but to be honest I don't care. We were 2nd favourites before any signings. I'll see what it is come January 1st. We currently have 3 arriving on the 1st. 2 of which will slot into the first team and another who will be a good CB back up to help with injuries and tiredness. Good to know I'm not insecure anymore. So my new signings. Young foreign player who I have high hopes for. Fingers crossed he can develop quickly and make a difference. Spent more than I wanted too really but he will be a great addiction to an already impressive defensive core. My replacement for Shinji and another young player. There is a theme for my starting 11. After early transfers Jeonbuk are still heavy favourites with the top 4 ahead of everybody by a margin. As it stands this would be my full strength starting line up. GK - Been my number 1 since I started, never given me a reason to replace him. RB - Spent last season out on loan and got a full season behind him, willing to give him a chance to fulfill his potential this season. CB - One of them is Don't Sign This Bellend the other is a youth product. Both brilliant. LB - Don't want to sell this guy but he was unhappy I rejected Jeonbuk last season and they have come in again, I've delayed and offered a bumper contract in the hopes he stays. MC - Valdes I'm excited about. I'm currently in the market for a South Korean midfielder as I believe this is the weakest part of the field. AMR - Another player out on loan last season, really excited to see what he can bring. AML - Another weak link and another position I'm looking to improve. ST - Happy with both my strikers. Will probably need another as back up as we are pretty thin on the ground. Big wage but that is a brilliant result. I'm not in the business of strengthening my rivals! 4th new player as I've taken a gamble in order to improve that AML position. He will be playing inside forward which isn't his strongest but I think he will make a difference. And with that signing I've made a mistake. I've miscounted my foreigners and I have one 2 many. Somebody is going to have to go. New signing. He will be a good rotation player for the CM position. Its still not our strongest area of the pitch but I'm happy with the squad I'm building. I've managed to get rid of the foreigners I wanted to but once again I haven't been reading the rules. Turns out can have 4 foreign players as long as one of them is Asian. I have 4 non Asian foreigners. I'm going to absolutely p*** somebody off and be short in one position. I haven't decided which one yet. My last signing gives me the depth up front. I'm happy with the squad. Lets do this.
  14. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    I thought it was harsh. My status is “Very Insecure”! Its still 2 and a half stars so not really much improvement. I did get offered an Interview at Jeonbuk though without applying so I’m confident I can get a decent job if nessessary!
  15. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    Outbreak So it was a 2 legged Cup Final with our only chance left of silverware before I have some decisions to make in the off season. Busan have given us problems in the past. The first leg is at home. Day before the first leg and two players are sent home with Flu. Its just been one of those seasons really! Great start! Lets keep going. End this in one leg. Lovely. Great performance and one hand on the cup. It came at a price as we lost Shinji to an injury. I will more than likely be selling him so he could have played his last game for us and scored his last goal. So we went into the second away leg 3-0 to the good and surely just surely even we couldn't blow it from here! Jeonbuk absolutely destroyed their Saudi Arabia opponents and retained the Champions League. We can beat them, maybe we should have been better in the Semi Final. I'll go into next season full of confidence that it will be the first piece of the puzzle. So I had a chance to postpone the Second Leg because of International Call ups. If I could have done that before then maybe I would have won the league. Maybe its because these are qualifiers and not friendlies. Maybe it was my bad before for not withdrawing them. So the postponement didn't work as the second leg will still take place smack bang in the middle of the break! Luckily we have a 3 goal cushion to play with. My Keeper and entire back 4....woooooo. Who needs Internationals! Totally deserved they have battered us. Destroyed us but the result didn't matter as... A nice way to end the season. Ooooooooo. So Semi Final of the Champions League, missing out on the league title by Goals Scored and we lifted the FA Cup. Its been a good season really but it does have a feel of "what if" hanging in the air. Erm...very harsh in my eyes. I finished level on points with the Champions. We didn't win because they scored more goals. "Teams terrible performance" seems very very harsh. Looks like I have zero room for error heading into the new season. Truth be told this has made me think twice about even staying with the club if the right job comes available.