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  1. Oh wow! I honestly thought you would be stuck here for a very very long time. All the best in the Final! If you win with Vaduz does that mean bye bye to the NT as well?
  2. It is. But I don’t want to leave before winning something with Fisher. So it’s just come a bit too early for me. Oh she will be. Don’t you worry about that.
  3. This is frustrating. Its come at completely the wrong time. I'm not confident I'm going to be in a position to finish Fisher this season, therefore I don't want to apply and suggest taking over at the end of the season. I might need to be patient here.
  4. Now That's What I Call a Cup Defeat Basically going to update you every time I get knocked out of a cup. The FA Vase is another competition we didn't really have a chance of winning but it would be nice to hit the board target for it. FM... Nope. 2 penalties for them and a sending off for us. Basically the game telling me to know my place. In the league we just haven't been able to get anything going really... We had leads in all 3 losses here, including 2-0 up against AFC Royal Holloway. We just can't hold onto them and its starting get a little fr
  5. Tytherington Town played Wincanton Town today. There were no survivors.
  6. Is there such thing as a cursed position?
  7. Every cloud I suppose!
  8. Cupset Well the chance of one anyway. Tier 10 vs Tier 7 for a place in the FA Cup First Round.....Qualifying. Its been a decent if not spectacular start in the league so this works as a nice distraction. It wasn't meant to be. We played well, it Price's goal was chalked off then there's no way in the World Lever's should stand. I took it well though... After a bit of a rocky start in the league things have picked up nicely. It leaves the very early table looking like this... All tight as you can imagine. The win against Pitshanger Dynamo put us
  9. Mini Fish(er) update So picture this...its the first game of the new season. The excitement is building. A new manager has come in and has actually shown some ambition. You stay quiet in the dressing room as everybody else slates his desire. You have seen managers come and go but something about this....it just feels different. You run out there, ready to hit the season, ready to finally take the next positive step in your career. Its ok thought. It didn't feel that bad. Maybe a few weeks on the sideline. It won't be so bad. It will give the back up time to shine. Picture t
  10. Unprepared Fish Play on Words You'd have thought with all the years chasing this job I'd be better prepared. Just a 2 hour drive to the Heart of London. The 2nd time we will find ourselves in this neck of the woods during this save. For those who have read it but have since forgotten. Fisher FC technically belong in the Greater London County which basically covers the entire of London. City of London is a small section within Greater London which doesn't have a team located inside. I could have disregarded it completely but decided the nearest team as the crow flies will re
  11. You get one guess as to the first thing I did when I went to Fisher 😂
  12. They wasted no time and the next Chapter of the save can begin!
  13. Here we go. Without sounding big headed this feels like a formality. Its why I quit so there were no hurdles to get over. Funny thing I've just noticed. I resigned that quickly after Playoff final I didn't get a season review. Here it is......it went swimmingly.
  14. Jesus Katie. Not even subtle anymore.
  15. Play-Off Final It what I'm hoping is my last game in charge of Leamington we have the small matter of a Play-Off Final. A completely surprising Play-Off Final I might add. Away from home in the season we were rightly and soundly beaten. A good win at home cemented our Play-Off place. They will be the favourites. Home field advantage could take charge here. But sometimes it just feels like your name is on the trophy.... 2nd minute - The ball is in the back of the net! But wait its being flagged offside. Host almost in dreamland. Leamington breath a sigh of rel
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