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  1. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    Yeah I thought it would be something like that. I just went by this... Lots of finalists but no winner since it has been known as the Champions League. And regards to the woman in the office @Mandy42....I would.
  2. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    Try telling that to the Mrs, yet every year I have to watch Alan Rickman break Emma Thompson's heart (God rest him). On a Roll (Type it into IMDB. Honestly it's a film!). A few good months saw us milling around at the top but its going to be tight between the top 4. We started the month with 2 huge games, the first at home to Leon in the league and the second at home in the NACL where we take a slender 7-0 lead into the game. There were no shocks at all and in fact the only game that is close is the one between and American and a Mexican team. There's starting the month well and then there's this. The stats don't tell the half of it... We could have easily found ourselves up against it after the sending off but Orue, whose found a bit of form, put the game beyond any doubt and Goroso added icing on the cake. Huge win. I won't do goal by goal of the NACL because its absolutely pointless. I will be changing the entire 11. Club America left it late but managed to get past a tricky first round tie. We are still on course to meet them in the final. NYCFC probably had the same idea as me and didn't get out of first gear. So for the first time I believe I had a completely new starting 11 in two consecutive games. Lots of goals and no shocks. I'm a bit disappointed as I thought I'd get a badge for winning games with 2 different starting XI. Oh well. We are safely through with the best aggregate score...not that I was aiming for it . Confirmation of what we know and just look at the date. Its literally the next game with the second leg a week later. Being home first has its advantages, we could potentially build up a lead. But we need to be tight at the back. It should be a good two legged tie. And the pointless round comes to an end. Quarter Final draw looks like this... All Mexican and American with a Canadian playing in America. We will play the winners of that Cincinnati-Toronto game should we get through. Monterrey played a league game so they will be that little bit more fatigued than us. A brilliant comeback from NYCFC gives them the advantage heading into the second leg. If Club America go all the way they will have done it the hard way! So I started the first leg and made a cup of tea. Forgot about goal by goal updates so here's a very rough update. 3 minutes - Pachuca 0-1 Monterrey - The worse possible start to this tie and we are always chasing. 6 minutes - Pachuca 1-1 Monterrey - We weren't chasing for long but with that away goal its still advantage Monterrey. 11 minutes - Pachuca 2-1 Monterrey - What a start to the game and we have turned it around. Still not a bad result for Monterrey if it finishes like this. 20 minutes - Pachuca 3-1 Monterrey - That's better, a bit of breathing room and at the moment this could finish anything. 25 minutes - Pachuca 4-1 Monterrey - Stunning, absolutely stunning. Now I'm watching the second half its all going to go Pete Tong. This is dreamland stuff. Just to show how dominant we were! One foot and 4 toes into the Semi. Unless there is a turnaround it will be Cincinnati in the Semis. Leon look doomed meaning there could only be me as a Mexican representative in the semi final. First game for what seems like ages in the league... Great performance. Puebla didn't register a single shot all game so I'm happy. Back to NACL... NYCFC are through to the semi final following a really good tie. Looks like we will be flying the Mexican flag and potentially giving me an easier route to the Title. I say that because the last time an American team won the competition was....never. An update regarding the Mexican Cup Closing Stage...we won't be taking part in it at all. No idea why or if its normal. Its not the end of the World just one less trophy I can win this season. I've not rotated in the NACL despite the 6-1 lead. Seems silly but I don't want to take any chances. And my decision was justified. This has been so much easier than I thought it would be. Easy game and brilliant result over two legs. What a turnaround by Toronto and its a trip to Canada in the Semi's. An 89th minute penalty deciding the game. Rough on Cincinnati. Confirmation if needed. Could Leon following Toronto's example and make an epic comeback!? No. It means the Semi's look like this. I don't want to curse myself here but this is mine to lose. After all this there was still 2 more league games this season. The league has taken a bit of a backseat recently and with games being rearranged next month is set to be a very busy one! Good win. All 3 goals came from players we grabbed on free transfer. Satisfying indeed! The final league game of the month comes against the team who were bottom but with 5 games in hand over pretty much everybody, by the time we play them they have propelled themselves up to 6th in the league. Suddenly on paper it looks very tricky. Damage done in the opening 15 and the rest was a walk in the park. It means the table looks like this heading into the final month. Still all over the place with some teams having as many as 3 games in hand over others but we are looking good at the top with a chance to open up a gap. Its been a brilliant month. Next month will see plenty of rotation as the Semi Final of the NACL will be taking place.
  3. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    2 Fast 2 Furious For the second month in a row we start with 2 games in 3 days. The Mexican calendar can be harsh! I have to be careful because I don't want this team to burn out before the start of the NACL. Straight forward win. Was nice to have no dramas! 1 day rest then another game! Quite a few changes were needed before this one... Not that you could tell. A brilliant performance. Next up was a home tie against Monterrey who will be sick of the sight of us, I envisage more games against them too come. Very disappointing result really. We should have been 3-0 up after 10 minutes but only took one of the chances and it was probably the hardest one. They very rarely threatened but managed to snatch an equaliser. From then neither side looked like scoring. Opportunity missed. Leon away next, they are struggling but it won't be an easy game. Cracking performance. We were on top throughout and didn't look back once the 3rd went in. Nice and comfortable. Just what we needed as the next game is...FINALLY...NACL! Is it wrong to expect a lot of goals. Away leg first... NYCFC secure their passage into the 1/4's with the tasty looking tie between DC United and Club America still all to play for. Remember we could play one of them in the Final if we get there. Shocking intake and I don't think anybody here will end up challenging for a first team place. Took a while but finally we broke the deadlock. I was hoping that was going the be the floodgates opening... Steady progress. Dominance is coming through now. Woooooo. Starting to feel a little bad now. We gave them a break. Just enough time for one more. I got what I wanted. A lot of goals and a great performance. No surprises elsewhere. Table looks like this. Still all over the place. Look at the bottom Orizaba with 5 games in hand on the team above them! Mental. Our next game? Pumas.
  4. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    The Missing First thing I've noticed is the fact I'm not in the Mexican Cup Closing Stage this season. I don't know if this is because I won the Opening Stage or if its because I'm in the NACL. Either way its started without me. Maybe I get an automatic bye in the knockout stages. Who knows! Second thing I've noticed is the cruel start I've been given. 2 games in 3 days to start the competition. The transfer window passed with some departures but not a single player incoming. Every time I built myself a nice little transfer budget somebody would play their 50th game or play for the 5th time Internationally and it would all disappear. Logic says there's no need to bring in any players, would have been nice though. Great start to the season, shame about the late goal but I'm not going to grumble. Always nice to break records. 2 days later it was time for our second game of the season and it was a repeat of the opening stage Quarter Final. Another great performance. I didn't make too many changes as don't want disjointed performances. Away to Tigres next then away to America. Two very tough games and will be a good indication of where we are in the Closing Stage. Very annoying result. They scored with their only shot on target. We weren't good enough and a very early set back in the league. It's the first time we have lost with this new tactic and formation so I'm worried now it will spark something. I've hit a bad patch in each of the previous 2 stages. I don't want to start with one here. All that being said...its just one loss when they scored with their only shot on target. That being said we still need to bounce back, America away is probably not the best fixture in order to do that. Brilliant come back. It was an even game and could have gone either way really so I'm delighted it went my way! Still enough time to fit one game game in this month. A few changes might be needed as there is some fatigue going through the ranks. Toluca had a goal disallowed in the last minute to give me a nice mini heart attack. In the end we clung on. Not pretty but a win nonetheless. The means the table looks like this after a very busy start... All over the place really. Teams have played anything between 2 and 5 games. There's only one team who can over take us with games in hand and thats Monarcas Morelia. Personally I'm not worried about that. Next month sees my first ever North America Champions League game. Finally!
  5. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    This is The End A little dramatic, its the end of the opening stage. I await the winners of the other semi final... Which could go either way. I beat both of them in the Cup after changing my formation (albeit Monterrey on penalties). Before anything the First Round draw of the NACL takes place... Alajuelense are from Costa Rica and should be beaten over two legs. The rest of the First Round looks like this... Personally I thought Mexico and USA were kept apart but obviously not! Great opportunity for a Canada or El Salvador representative in the Quarter Final. But it wasn't just the First Round drawn... If we win its more than likely Monterrey in the Quarter Final. A very tricky draw. But if we get through we will avoid another Mexican team until the Final. I should be able to beat any team in the Semi there, assuming I get there obviously. Then its pick one from the above 8. Probably America. So the path has been drawn, they are the teams who stand in our way of lifting the NACL. Board expectation? Will have to get through Monterrey at least. Monterrey it is in the Opening Stage Final. It feels like an age since we played the Semi! Will be sick of the sight of them by the end of this continent. The second leg is on the 9th January. The closing stage started on the 10th January last season. I can't imagine the turn around is going to be very long! The Brazilian League has been loaded and I've added a fix name patch so I won't have to look at BAH or FLA... It did not work . Job for another day, its time for some actual football. First leg away from home. Lets do it. A pretty lacklustre first half ends goalless. Still a lot of football to be played in this tie. A goal out of nowhere and we are in control of this tense tie. Not a great game but it puts us in control, still all to play for in the second leg. Neither side have enough time to dwell, its time for the second leg... Monterrey needed two before...they still need 2. Now we are cruising. 2-0 at the break and it looks a formality now. It was a nothing first half an we are Champions! Mexican Cup obviously doesn't count. We are given a full 8 days off before we go again!
  6. Great read so far. Love the detail you are going into. Your real life hatred of Luiz takes me back to my refusals to play Ashley Cole when he first signed for us. It was Wayne Bridge all the way...quickly changed! KUTGW!
  7. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    Playoff 1st vs 8th and there really isn't any excuse for not winning this over two legs. So lets jump straight into it! Oh no! We were caught with our trousers down from a corner. He was on his own from the halfway line and we are losing. 1-0 down at half time wasn't part of the plan. But its the only shot they have had so no need to panic just yet. I was calmed and relaxed. Good response. Not the best of results but we are still in control with the home leg to come. Monterrey did the best but all games are still up in the air. You'd fancy Chivas, Monterrey, Us and Tigres to progress. Perfect start to the second leg but we can't assume this game is won. A good goal but a pointless one! They needed 2 goals to go through before and still need 2. We deserved the win. Safely into the Semi Final as was expected. Chivas in the Semi Final and I think its seeded all the way through even though it presents itself as a draw. Its 1st v 4th and 2nd v 3rd. We are one tie away from Champions League next season, just in case. I've wanted a cull for a season now but this squad keeps giving me reasons not too. A win here and the cull will be delayed yet again and I'll take this squad into the Champions League this season. Great start, we started strong. Its been a carbon copy of the Cup game we won 3-0. If we have that result here I'll be more than happy! Same player two brilliant finishes and we take control of the game! Richly deserved and we should put the game to bed in the second leg. We should be through now. They need 3 goals. Easy! Easy! Easy! Icing on the cake really. We are very easily into the final and with it qualification for next seasons Champions League has been secured, before we have even taken part in this season's! The reason why I haven't shown the other fixtures is because they haven't taken place yet! For some bizarre reason. Just looked and its because Monterrey are taking part in the Club World Championship. Makes sense! It means our next match will the the Mexican Cup Opening Stage Final against a hopefully tired Monterrey, annoyingly its away. 2 and a half year deal. I hope to be out in 6 months. We have our best 3 CM's out for the final so we have a ready made excuse! I missed a goal! It was all Monterrey, I looked away and suddenly we are 2-0 up! Didn't miss that one. 2-1 with 20 minutes to go and I am working under the thought that there is still no extra time. A little bit against the run of play and we are level. This Cup Final is going to go down to the wire. We will finish the game with 10 men as we picked up a sending off in added time. I was right its straight to penalties... 2 penalties each 1-1. Things are getting tense. 1 miss each from 4 and we have effectively reached sudden death. We scored ours... But they didn't! We got knocked out on penalties last season. This season we won the whole thing. So another trophy in the bag, we still have the Playoff final to come! The Transfer window has also opened but right now we have no money to bring anybody in and I can't really justify selling many players!
  8. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    The Double Technically we are still chasing the double but the title refers to the fact we have 3 scheduled games left (the playoffs will obviously come) and 2 of them are against Cruz Azul. One in the cup and the other in the league. One home one away. If I had to choose I'd prefer to win the Cup game to be honest. but lets win both. Cup first away from home. Great win and it seals our place in the Semi Final of the Opening Stage of the Cup. We technically have a double already this season I'd love to make it a triple. It means we have another game this month. Chivas in the Semi Final of the cup. Could have been better, could have been worse. They are currently 4th in the league. Back to back games and back to back wins. We did well to bounce back from a defensive error to grab the win. Chirico had a brilliant game. It means the league table with one game to go looks like this... 1 point seperating the top 3. Will be a fun final game. Semi Final will be before that though. All Asia countries have finally been removed from the game meaning I'm free to add all South American leagues! Once I finish North America and remove Mexico and USA I will be adding two European Leagues; England and Spain. Exciting times ahead! So after an International Break (don't miss those) it was time for the Semi Final of the cup. We started the better team and got our reward. We have taken control of this tie and are looking good. Brilliant 45 minutes. Picked up where we left off an technically the 4th came before the 3rd. We declared at 4. Brilliant performance and we have reached the final. The board are disappointed with my first place in the First Division. First v Third and with 1 point separating us it will be a tasty final. Looking at the date it could be after the playoffs. So we finish the regular season with a chance to finish top. Amazing after the crap I've had to put up with. We are away to 11th place Atlas while 2nd play 3rd. Tasty games. And I've only finished 1/5 of my challenge. At this rate it will be 2500 games before we are done here! Guaranteed to lose the next game. Boom great win to finish the regular season. We finish top. Absolutely delighted. We just need to come through the playoffs now. Remember a trip to the final qualifies you for the North American Champions League next season. We finished 19 points ahead of these in the league. Over two legs we should be getting through.
  9. andychar

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    The Pursuit of Happiness I want to put that tricky spell right behind me and move forward. Best way to do that? Win! Yeah like that! A brilliant opening half hour and the damage had been done. 4 wins from 4 since my job went insecure. I think that's definitely the end of that. Next up its current league leaders at home in the cup. This has been dubbed a must win, pretty much like the entire month. The biggest positive was somebody got sacked this week and it didn't appear in my inbox because I'm not longer one of the favourites to get fired next. 0-0 at the break against Tigres but we have absolutely battered them. We finally got the breakthrough on the 70th minute... That's what a hammering against the leaders looks like. Brilliant result and amazing performance. Yes we could have hit the target more but I'm just happy with the win. Not an easy tie but there isn't going to be at this stage of the competition. The board's expectation is Quarter Final so in a way, pressures off. A home game against 19th closes out the month. Once again its an easy win on paper. Problem is football isn't played on paper! We didn't show up in the first half. In the second half however it was a different story. Brilliant 45 minutes. We came into this month needing to improve... We 100% did that. We sit just one point off top with 2 games to go. Not to go all Kevin Keegan but I would love it if we came top! Love it!
  10. Nothing like a Makoto thread to make you feel completely and utterly inadequate. Keep up the ridiculously good work.
  11. Shame about Portugal. I had 5 seasons going through the leagues in Portugal and really enjoyed it! Looks like you have landed on your feet brilliantly with Vigo KUTGW!
  12. Great progress! Got out of that 2nd tier pretty quickly! It can be a death trap sometimes.
  13. andychar

    Every Country? Are You Nuts?

    So my planned morning of productivity at work has been dashed as I look back at this!
  14. As a Chelsea fan I’ll be following with high expectations! Dont let us down
  15. andychar

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the Forum As long as you enjoy playing and writing we will enjoy reading!