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  1. Really enjoyed following this. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out.
  2. County 2 Isle of Wight - Cowes FC August/September 2021 We start off tricky... First two league games are against teams predicted to be near the top. Mix that with an away FA Cup game and we have a tricky start! Well as starts go this isn't bad. We beat the team predicted to finish top very comfortably. We started like a house on fire last season. It's important we do the same here. 35 games to go! FA Cup next. Be nice to get through for Prize Money but we don't have any realistic ambitions here...surprisingly. A good win. We fully deserved it and we head into the next round. Big money really for this level. If we can win a few more rounds we might be finacially safe for a season. I mean ideally we get a First Round home tie but there's no way I can see that in our near future! We are away once again in the Cup but we don't know who we are facing just yet. We need to focus on the league again. If we can pick up a result here (doesn't have to be a win) it will show we are more than capable of challenging this season. Ok now we know. Nelson are a Tier 9 team as well. Again its tricky, could go either way. Lets keep fingers crossed we can get through to the First Qualifying Round. Solid point. Very even game. Could be annoyed we lost the lead twice. We also had some massive misses but I suppose so did they. Fair result. I'm happy. We took our eye off the ball when we went 3-0 up. Shame about the goals but no complaints from me. Happy. FA Cup time next as we go away to Nelson. I'd say we have a chance although away from home against a team in another league but same Tier anything could happen. Obviously the red card made the difference here. We started strong and the goal was against the run of play. I'd like to think we would have won regardless but we will never know! Into the next round we go. I'd love a kind draw. Get as much money as possible. And obviously to keep the quadtruple dream alive. Once again we don't know our opponents off the bat but we know at least this time its a home tie. Its good we don't know the tie because it means (I think) the highest Tier is 8. Ok once again the replays were sooner than I thought.... We kick off next month at home to Barton Rovers. They are indeed a Tier 8 team. We could have faced AFC Rushden and Diamonds which would have been kinder! They are 14th out of 20 at the moment so I'd say we have a small chance but we will be the underdogs. One game to round off the month. Be nice to start off the season unbeaten. We face Sholing away who are 6th at the moment. Not be easy! Its a game we were the better team. We created more chances. Honestly I see this as the first disappointment of the season. But its not a bad away point. It means the way too early league table looks like this... We are up there. That's a good start. The FA Vase draw has been made... Southend Manor are a Tier 9 team. It means this game could go either way.
  3. County 2 Isle Of Wight - Cowes FC Pre-Season and Friendlies 2021-22 After players releases... Suddenly we are predicted 13th and only 9/1. That makes me feel much better! Would have been nice to get a home draw. Molesey are a Tier 9 team. Don't know what to expect. Well Pre-Season couldn't have gone much better. Some teams were the same level so below. Its sets us up nicely for the new season. The Strongest XI we have. Its obvious where we need to improve. We just don't have the means to do it at the moment. Lets just hope for the best heading into the new season. Right lets get this season underway and see what happens.
  4. County 2 Isle Of Wight So we are still in the Isle of Wight obviously but what did I decide to do? Nothing. I didn't decide anything! Tier 10 goes. Newport (IOW) aren't a playable team anymore take that Steve Bishop! It of course brings a new problem. Would I even get the Fisher job if it came up! Any way back to focusing on Cowes. The only team in the Isle of Wight for me! We lost 3 quid! And you're happy! I can't really do anything until contracts are up and players are released. Then I can look at what we need and what we can get. So we have no relegated side but it looks like all promoted sides should do well. Once again we are predicted to finish in the relegation zone. At 20/1 though I still fancy we can have a good season. I still think we can challenge for the title again. These odds are before players are released and the player roulette begins. Once again there are no expectations this season. Depending on how it goes I could be using Instant Result a lot! Wessex League Challenge Cup remains our best chance of anything. Our wage budget is sky high despite all the releases. I don't think we are going to be able to bring any new players in. Maybe we are going to be in a relegation battle. The good news (if there is any) is we have pretty much the same XI as last season. If I'm right and we are the best in the league and we just were unlucky about coming up against 1 team better than us then we should be ok...end of the day I think this season could go either way. And just like that we head into Pre-Season and the Friendlies.
  5. County 2 Isle of Wight - Cowes FC Offseason 2020/21/Preseason 2021/22 This save is very much alive, I just, at the moment, don't have as much time as I want to play it. Hopefully things change in the next few weeks. I rejoin literally spamming space as we have nothing on the agenda at the moment. My task is simple. Do my best to improve the side. Honestly if we have the same season and the teams coming down and up aren't brill then I think we should finish top! Interesting to see Oakham United won promotion again so they will be in Tier 9 meaning they survive the cull. Hi SI I would like to report a bug. Now I have a decision to make... They are a Tier 10 team. Which means If I move I'll have to cancel the Culling of that tier. They finished 4th last season and are amung the favourite to go up next season. Its a Tier below so honestly it feels like a bit of a cop out. It would be the easier way of completing Isle of Wight but it might make my next jump (to Fisher) harder. What shall I do?
  6. County 2 Isle of Wight - Cowes FC 2020/21 Round Up I feel this wasn't a spectacular thing to break. Player of the Season was on loan. Lets get him back! Will Bird was on loan from Oakham United but we have signed him now. Biggest disappointment was the Wessex League Challenge Cup. This is without a doubt our best chance of getting out of this County. We need to be better next season! The goals and expectations remain "Avoid Relegation" so no pressure on next season on performing in the league. Didn't take a lot to break any of these. 2020/21 was much better than 2019/20 from the looks! Lets hope 2021/22 is even better!
  7. County 2 Isle of Wight - Cowes FC Rest of Season 2020-21 I never expected to challenge in the league but we were second best. I honestly can't wait to see the back end of Baskin Muffins. This is how the season finished.... By the time I gave up we were 12 points off with a game in hand which is up next. Be funny if we won every game and somehow turn it around. Could I in good conciousness call it a victory!? Well I think we played well. Looks like I might have been the weak link! Shows that even though I'm dissapointed its been a really good season for the club. Oh but I want to believe! Ok now I'm starting to take this personally. According to the stats we were second best so I will take a point. Baskin Muffins are one win away from the title now and naturally they lost. We are 8 points behind with 3 games to go. 3 wins from us and 3 losses from them....possible right? Youth Intake isn't horrible I suppose. I'm going to test a new tactic for the last 3 games... Straight simple 4-4-2. So far so good. Very even game looking at stats. Nice to see a penalty miss go our way. Muffins won so it meant nothing but at least it means we secure 2nd. 2 more games that actually mean nothing rather than me just saying they don't mean anything! I want a Tycoon dammit! Players are already on holiday. Looks like it was the worst performance of the season bar none. Great game to finish the season but another loss and just look at the stats. If you are going to concede nearly every time the ball hits the target then what chance have you got? Table finishes looking like this... We end up finishing a country mile away from top. Good riddance hope to never see them again. We need to believe we can do it next season. So it all means we are here... We aren't going to win something every season and this season we probably weren't expecting to win anything so I have to admit its been a good year. Hopefully we have set up a healthy base to come back next year. And hopefully the team who came down are awful!
  8. County 2 Isle of Wight - Cowes FC March 2021 Simple. Win. AFC Portchester are 5th so this isn't going to be an easy game. We just need to win one week and Baskin Muffins to lose just to give us hope. If it goes the other way then its game over. Game over. 2 goals disallowed. This is how our season ends. Not with a bang but with a massive whimper. I'll be using Instant Result for the rest of the season and I'll just post a End of Season review.
  9. County 2 Isle of Wight - Cowes FC January 2021/February 2021 One game left in January. We face bottom we NEED to win this. Its a win. That's all that matters. We still have the best GD in the league so lets keep picking up wins! February is...well...big. We have a 14 day break before we play Top away from home. I assume its our turn not to play a gameweek. If we lose that game we could be 9 points behind. I won't be Instant Resulting at that point though because we will have a game in hand to make it 6. I mean best case scenario we could finish our next game top of the table...that's how close things are at the moment. It isn't a must win but its certainly a must not lose. We have 10 games and 30 points left to play for. Baffins Milton won so we are 6 points behind. Adds more pressure on this game. You can't have 4 clear cut chances away from home against Top of the table and only take 1 and win. We were great. Their two goals were a 30 yard rocket and a 25 yard free kick. Other than that they weren't dangerous in the slightest. We deserved more, much much more. We come away with nothing. Our next 3 games are all at home. We are 9 points off with a game in hand. Our GD is 1 less but lets face it if we are catching up 6 points theirs will have to go down and ours will go up. That being said we are 1 loss away from Instant Resulting the rest of the season for speed! Its a win. Not great but 3 points. Baskin Muffins won 4-0 so the GD has taken a big hit. Y'all welcome. We host 2nd bottom next. Chance for a win and hopefully a big win. Although lets get a win first and foremost! Was very happy with this result I forgot to take screenshot of the result like I normally do. We were very dominant from start to finish and deserved not only the win but the big win. Baskin Muffins snuck a 1-0 win so its as you were. It leaves the table looking like this... Annoying we are quite ahead of everybody else its just one team who have been much more consistent. We aren't giving up but honestly at this point we need to pretty much win every single game and just pray they lose a few. We have 7 games left, they have 6.
  10. County 2 Isle of Wight - Cowes FC December 2020/January 2021 Ok after a horrible week I'm back on FM. Only one more game to finish off the month and the year. We are still fighting for an unlikely title and we still have one cup to fight for. I still think this is going to be an unsuccessful season but I think we have made good progress. We have nearly our strongest team. Lets go out there and finish the year on a high. Hard to take really hard to take. Even before the sending off we were dominant. What more can we do? Hitting the woodwork twice and dominating. Very frustrating. It feels like each and every game is like this at the moment. What start next month with a game against Shaftsbury and honestly its a perfect description to how I feel at the moment. The league table looks like this heading into the new year... I think even though we are 3rd we just aren't consistent enough for a title challenge. Obviously we still have a great chance but honestly I just don't see it. The big game this month as far as I'm concerned is the FA Vase game. I think as soon as we go 9 points behind the lead I will start using Instant Result in order to get to the next season as soon as possible. The good news is we have massively exceeded expectations this season so I won't be fired! I know I'm expecting to much from my players. Hard not to when we had such a huge start. As soon as I said that we got a new contract. Good stuff. A late goal made it closer than it needed to be. Red Card did change this game it was even before hand but we took charge and got a big win. I thought when we missed the penalty it was going to be one of those games! So a big win and one that once again gives me hope! Mid-table Hamworthy at home next. If we are to challenge this needs to be a win. Another big win. I've complained about luck recently but last 3 games we have seen 2 red cards and a missed penalty go our way so I can't really complain! Next game is the FA Vase. I'm not saying the entire season rests on this game but its a big one! We are away to another Tier 9 team. They are 9th in their division. We have a chance although I'd make them favourites. F*** this game. We came up against the Messi of Non-League football. Every single thing that Hernandez touched went in. So frustrating because as you can see we weret the better team. 9/10 we win that game and go through. This was the 1. Because I like punishing myself I looked at who we would have got in the next Round...we would have been home against another Tier 9 team...big opportunity missed I reckon. Right that's it then. League or nothing. I dont think we would have gone on to win the Cup but it really crappy going out like that. But on the bright side, top played while we were getting knocked out and got beat so the gap at the top is down to 2. Positives! We play 17th place Fleet away next. Again if we are serious title challengers we need to be winning this game! Second game in a row we lost a lead straight away. We are consistently inconsistent. Once again we created more chances but once again we can't win. They had 2 goals chalked off while we had 1. Home against 12th place Horndean. We need 3 points. We 100% deserved something so happy with the late equaliser. More dropped points though and once again a lead lost. We need to start defending better therwise we have no chance. One more game this month but that's the end of my session and I don't want to lose my post so here's the table... We have cut the gap to 3 points, could have been better if not for those 2 draws. We are still in the mix which is great but I don't think we will maintain till the end.
  11. County 2 Isle of Wight - Cowes December 2020 A good home month for us and hopefully a chance to bounce back in the league. We start with easily our best chance of getting out of here and that's the County Cup. We are away to a team bottom in our division. Cup football is a great leveller and we can't assume we are going to win. Frustration doesn't even begin to cover this game. We shut up shop to maintain the lead and couldn't do that. Then extra time was just surviving because all the back ups were on. Penalties, we had the lead and blew it, we had a penalty to go through and blew it. Basically there goes our best chance to get out of this County at the first attempt. Right I want us to put that horrible crappy result behind us and start back onto good form in the league. Sholing up next. They are 7th. Now that's more like it! Our last two league wins have been a combined 7-0. We need that form! 3rd place Tadley next. This is a big game. We are just ahead of them in the league. A win would really show we mean business. I shall look forward to seeing the new crop. I could rely on them heavily next season. We aren't good enough. There is no way we should be losing these games. We can't take chances and its absolutely killing us. All form has gone out the window. We are better than our prediction but we should be doing even better in the league. 100%. It seems every time we take one step forward its two steps back. We face Portland United away from home next. On paper we should be winning but honestly I have no idea what to expect at the moment! Tells you something when Portland are favourites. Biggest 1-0 win of the save so far. We dug deep for this one. Can argue we deserved it. I'm happy with that. Lets get some form together and win a couple more! 13th at home next to finish off the month and the year. If we are to challenge for the rest of the season we need to be winning these games. I am going to post this thread one game early...lets call it suspence!
  12. County 2 Isle or Wight - Cowes November 2020 First thing up this month is the draw for the next round of the FA Vase. We are at home but we don't know who against just yet. A replay will be needed. As you can see its at the end of the month and will be either Durham City or Portland United. We start with a massive game. Win it and we have a good lead, lose it and things will get interesting. It will be Portland for us. The Andover New Street game obviously been moved. Portland are in our division and struggling so on paper we should be looking at the next round. One of those games. We didn't deserve to lose. We got absolutely zero luck . We got nothing go out way including a goal disallowed. Lets just move on and hope we get the rub of the green. Christchurch up next. They are in 6th so this won't be an easy game. If we play like we did against Bournemouth then I think we can win it. That's how you bounce back! Great win and a brilliant first half performance. Away to Team Solent next and yes we will be taking our own packed lunch. We weren't good enough. Even after the sending off we did nothing to worry them. I think we have been found out after the brilliant start and I think we face an uphill battle to maintain a title challenge. Another away game against 11th place and this is where we are going to come unstuck. Both these back to back losses the stats have been absolutely bang on and yet we have come away with nothing. We aren't getting the luck at all, but at the same time we also aren't getting the performances. Its been a tough month to watch. Maybe my expectations have unfairly grown after the amazing start. Maybe I need to go back to being shocked we are winning rather than expecting it! I feel we are a downward spiral in the league. Hopefully we can continue the FA Vase adventure. Otherwise all the eggs are going to be in the Wessex Premier League Cup. We have played Portland this season already and beat them 2-1. It wasn't comprehensive so fingers crossed! Obviously the early goal helped as did the red card. It was a good performance and we go into the 4th Round. I think this is going to be the Last 32. Our first away game since the Qualifying Round so can't complain really. London Colney are in the same Tier as us. In their Division they are 7th. It will be a very even game. I would make them favourite due to being at home but by all means its a winnable tie for us. Maybe even be good to force a replay. The league table looks like this... We have dropped down to 3rd but we are still massively in the mix nearly at the half way point. Its also important to remember our expectation is "Avoid Relegation" with that we have a 20 point lead! If it gets to a point where the Title is out of hand for the sake of speeding up I will be using Instant Result.
  13. Haha I did the same! Even clicked on his name just in case. I wasn’t expecting this good a start. I was preparing a 2 maybe even 3 season charge with Cowes. Be great if I could one and done but I’m still a tad annoyed Fisher job is there now. Still tempted to apply and jump ship to get it finished.
  14. County 2 Isle of Wight - Cowes October 2020 Still a long way to go which is a shame. Chance for more progression in the cup. We start away to a team who has been struggling so far. Lets take advantage. We didn't take advantage despite them having 1 shot on target. We are at home against Top next. Its top vs 2nd. Big game even this early on. What a result from 1-0 down and 10 men. Result which gives me so much confidence for the season. FA Vase up next. We are going to be favourites to get to the Second Round. A casual limp into the second round. We were the better side but only just. It took a penalty. We have missed a few this season so I was nervous. Delighted to get through the hopefully the draw remains kind. £825 for that win. The prize money is slowly going up. We are at home again. We are getting all the luck we missed from the FA Cup. Ardley United are a Tier 10 team and are actually playing in the same Division as Oakham United. Oakham are still in the competition. How amazing would it be if we drew each other. We should be classied as favourites for the tie and hopefully can see ourselves into the Third Round. We will find out at the end of the month! Back to league action next we face 15th place away. Fingers crossed for another 3 points. Our best chance to win a trophy and we get an away draw against a team in the same division as us. Not the easiest draw at all but we will give it our best. Another penalty makes the difference. Another 3 points so I'm not complaining! This has come frustratingly early. I'm not going to apply because I don't want to get it then have to turn them down! Sometimes a team can take all season to replace a manager. Fingers crossed this happens here. AFC Portchester away next. 1st v 3rd big game. Brilliant performance from Bird. He's really made the step up and its a massive 3 points. Its a win that really makes me think we can maintain this title challenge. One more league game this month. It has been beyond my expectations so far. From hero to villian. We were under the cosh after the sending off and have no complaints. We move on! FA Vase time. We are the favourites. We should be getting through. Another red card nearly cost us massively. I couldn't have argued if it had gone the other way to be fair. Luckily it didn't. So the table after what seems like a really long month looks like this... We have a nice lead at the top. We have a cushion and can afford a slip up which really takes the pressure off. Onwards and upwards!
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