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  1. I think it’s fairly obvious his last name is BHTFC . Great job on this. Can’t wait for 22 to be finished. You are making a lot of people happy with what you do. Keep it up .
  2. The Time is Now November is shaping up to look like this... Busy week but then that lovely International Break just before the Copa Libertadores Final. Fingers crossed nothing nasty happens between now and then! First up though we have a few league games to get through. Maintaining fitness will be key with 3 games in 5 days. A very good performance and a good win to keep the good times going. Its going to be tough, we need to dig deep to maintain our unbeaten record. A goalkeeper error gifted us a win. We were against 3rd so this is a massive result. I think even at this early stage its going to be hard for us to lose the league. Next we have another home game, this time against the team currently 4th. The previous two games have left an impact so we are going to have to rotate heavily. It was a dissapointing first half but the second half we came into our own. Great win. Our next domestic game is the Copa Libertadores Final. But before then we have a two legged tie against Gambia in the World Cup Qualifiers. I shouldn't come into any bother against Gambia but my International experience has taught me to expect the unexpected. At 2-1 I wasn't happy. But we turned it on when we needed too and that should be enough to see us through. We grabbed the win which was the main thing it means we are comfortably through to the next round. Drawing Ivory Coast makes things harder for us and Burkina Faso won't be an easy game. Group winners qualify for the World Cup automatically. The 3 best Runners Up also qualifier with the 4th best Runner Up going into a playoff with an Asian team. Plenty of chances to qualify and I'm hoping we can manage it. So that's enough International Football it was time for the big one. The Copa Libertadores Final. Our run has a very Brazilian feel to it. I've not included the Group because I played no part. The best stat for me is only 1 goal conceded in 6 games against very tough opposition. Santos' route to the final... Only the one defeat early in the group stage. Other than that near perfect although it took a penalty shootout in the semi. They have knocked 2 Argentinian sides out already and will be going for the hattrick. I feel prepared! Lets do this! We are classed as favourites but only just. First Blood Santos. Now we will see what we are made of. But wait! Its been chalked off! High drama in the first 20 minutes! No chance of this one being chalked off! First Blood River Plate! We have taken control since the goal and deservedly get a second. This isn't over yet. 2-0 at the break. Its a massive 45 minutes ahead. Can we hold on?! The second half has been the opposite of the first, a complete non-event but suddenly here we are 2-1 and its game on. The Final Whistle blows! A great game of football but we have come away victorious! 3 down 2 to go. I will finish the season with River Plate unless a massive job falls on my lap before hand. Delighted! (I still have 2 more matches this month but I feel this is a good place to end this post!)
  3. Argentina Yes there is a film called Argentina. The draw for the semi final was made... There is still chance for an all Argentinian final but we need to get through Sao Paulo first. They are 5th in the Brazilian league so its a very winnable tie. October looks like this. We will know before the month is out weather we will have a Final or we will be here at least another 365 days. Scratch what I said, we are flying the flag for Argentina. Didn't realise there was still a second leg to be played. Our first game of the month comes against a team who has just won 7-0...lets hope our games ends a bit differently. We start the game 6 points off the top but with 4 games in hand! Velez keep winning putting us under quite a bit of pressure. That game at the end of the month with them is already looking huge. We had to come from behind but we did and we showed some grit and determination. Redondo had a brilliant game from midfield. Gap is now 3 with 3 games in hand. As I said before I would prefer the points but we aren't in a terrible position. Its time for my second first game in charge of Cameroon. Friendly against South Korea. I normally don't do friendlies but wanted to see where this team is at. Here are the stats And here the final score Really glad I gave International Management another shot! For the second time in a row with Cameroon I've lost when the opposition has had more goals than shots on target. You really couldn't make it up. Next match with Cameroon is against Gambia in the World Cup Qualifiers. Back to domestic issues and another winnable home game. Once again a come from behind win. Its all well and good while we can come back but we need to figure out how to score first! Next is the first leg of the Semi Final. Once again our first leg is away from home. If we can repeat our Quarter Final exploits I'll be very happy. I've changed formation and gone 4-3-3. I'm going for the jugular, it could back fire spectacularly. 0-0 at the break. We have probably just edged it but it could go either way. 26 seconds into the second half and we have a let off. The ball hits the back of the net but its ruled offside. Still 0-0 but a warning shot. It finishes 0-0 with us having the better of the game. Real knife-edge this tie has been left on. I will be making a few changes for the league, despite us being 2nd we are in a very strong position and although I'd love to keep the unbeaten season alive, the Copa Lib has to take priority. A great win considering the circumstances and it gives us confidence ahead of a massive second leg. So its simple. Win and I'm through to the final. Score draw or lose and I'm out. 0-0 and we reach extra time. We were the better side in the first leg but didn't really create anything clear cut while they had a controversial goal disallowed so it could go either way. But before that game we had an intake day...the best player had 3 star potential. Very disappointing. I was promised Argentinian wonderkids! Anyway back to the matter at hand. Huge goal! We need to defend now. A penalty and a good lead. From this point its our to lose but we are far from through. I've lost bigger leads. On the 32nd minute we had our own goal disallowed via VAR. Its 1-1 for disallowed goals now. 2-0 at the break but I don't feel confident yet. I fear a twist. 24 minutes to go and its become mission impossible as Sao Paulo find themselves down to 10 men. Last round same thing happened and we bagged 3 more goals... No more goals but I don't care. We are in the final and it will be Santos we play after a very gripping tie. Apparently the final isn't two legged anymore, so its us vs Santos at a neutral venue for the Copa Libertadores. One game away from being 3 down 2 to go. Velez away next in a top of the table clash. Its crazy to think if we lose we will be 6 points off the top (with 5 games in hand). A great game and an even better win. It means the table looks like this at the end of the month. We have a chance to open up a 12 point lead at the top if we win all our games in hand. Things are looking very rosy. Although next month its all about the Copa Libertadores Final.
  4. Rebirth Ok time to try and win the Champions League on every continent. I did an unsuccessful Chelsea save imposing the transfer ban. Players and fans were annoyed I didn't buy anybody so it became clear that until its properly implemented in the game (probably FM20) it's not worth doing it. It's made me want to finish this however. So lets get to it. I'm using a new skin. Will see how get on with it. The month ahead looks like this... Its going to take me a bit to get back into the swing of things and Boca away is probably not the best game to be playing after a long absence! It was a "welcome back to the save" start as we were behind after just 16 seconds. A nice deflection brought us level. As the game went on I was caught between being happy with a point or going for the kill...I made a few defensive changes, drew them onto us and smashed them on the break. 2 great late goals gives us a huge win and bragging rights. Next up is the away leg of our Champions League Quarter Final. Historically in the save Argentinian teams have the upper hand over Brazilian teams so lets see how we get on. We started strong and finally have our reward. Great start. 1-0 at HT. Gremio have come into it a bit more and its quite an even game. 1-0 the final score. It was a very even game and we have done brilliantly to come away with the win. This tie however, is far from over. Regarding the Copa Libertadoras I've decided if I win it here that's it I'm classing it as won. Even though I've not completed a full tournament I will have played more games than I missed and that's good enough for me. I would finish the Argentine season and move on, preferably to South Africa but quite possibly Europe. I've also made a decision to return to International Management. I have some unfinished business. Its my second stint with Cameroon. My first stint ended when we were dumped out of the African Nations 2-1 against Burkina Faso. They had 1 shot on target all game. I want to avenge this. My first game will be a home friendly against South Korea of all places. Will be nice to see some familiar faces! Back to Domestic issues and we have a chance to open an early 8 point lead at the top if we can beat Newells Old Boys at home. It was a tale of two set pieces. There's a free kick ours a late point saving penalty. Truth be told we were that dominant it feels like 2 points dropped despite the late penalty. We are away to bottom next and it would be nice to go into the second leg of the Copa Libertadoras with a win. A very good first half. We didn't really do anything the second half but we didn't need too. Onward to the second leg of the tie against Gremio. All to play for with us having a slender 1-0 lead. Its a goal that changes nothing. They needed 2 and they still need 2. Gives us a platform. 1-0 at the break and its one foot in the semi final. A red card with 15 minutes to go really makes it mission impossible for Germio. Beltran misses the penalty then converts the rebound. We are through. We are rubbing it in now, I was late with this screenshot, the reason why I need to tell you is... ...these goals weren't scored this close together. 4-0 is the final score. That sending off really hurt Germio. Not that I'm complaining! The table looks like this at the end of the month... A few games in hand. Rather have the points though!
  5. I think you might be onto something. My biggest worry is the finances. Now 300k in the red and showing no signs of stopping. They lost in the playoff against Wick who then lost in the final and then last season finished 5th. I’m removed the Highland/Lowland leagues so unless they get an unlikely promotion it’s the last we will hear from them I’m afraid.
  6. Playoffs...Pray for Me So it turns out I have the playoffs completely wrong. 16 teams went into a draw for the Quarter Finals. It covers all Tier 8 teams. We play the team who just beat us 2-1. It will be played at the New York Stadium, home of Rotherham United. A neutral venue is perfect for both teams. They beat us 2-1 at our and we beat them 3-1 at theirs. It will be a good game and with only 3 points between us in the league its anybodies. Although if we go by form Stockbridge Park are the favourites. Good thing about the playoffs is form goes out the window. I have no idea what to expect from these playoffs but I'm going to take a guess and say we are 3 wins away from Promotion. So here we go, a season of hard work rests on the next few games... We have started strong and threw the first punch. We were 1-0 up against them a few games ago and lost 2-1 so there's still a long way to go. 1-0 at the break in a very even game. Very good watch this. I'm calling it now next goal winner. Or no goal at all! Even better! We soaked up a lot of pressure in that second half put to a man we played remarkably well. The season extends to at least one more game! I have a feeling the Semi Final will be against Carlton and the Final will be against Gainsborough...could be wrong though. Well I was right just in the wrong order. Massively difficult game and this is probably where our season will end. Once again its a neutral venue. Probably for the best, they beat me 3-1 at my gaff and we drew 0-0 at theirs. Absolutely nothing to report in between games so here we go... 0-0 at the half and neither side has got going yet. We are in for an interesting second half. GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL! Happy with that. Curveball. Know nothing about this team... They only bagged 3 more points than we did in their league. Its hard to gauge because its too different set of fixtures. As always its a neutral venue. One more win for promotion and me to clash Sheffield as "complete". Here we go...absolutely unknown... We have been the better side...just hold on! 1-0 at the half and we have a strange sense of control. One foot in the next tier! Absolutely brilliant stuff! Us and Carlton have won promotion. He was brilliant all season, mainly set pieces but all important. Densmore....what a man. I now face a decision. Do I stay with Sheffield until a new job comes free or do I leave with my head held high but with no chance to improve my reputation.
  7. Finally an excuse to use goal by goal updates! 4 games to go. 3 points seperating 3 teams going for 2 places. Clear? Good. 2 midtable away games then a huge home game with already relegated Belper last game of the season. Stocksbridge have a harder run in than us. Those last two games are killers for them. Marske on the outside looking in at the moment but with probably the easier of the run ins. Interesting we all have 3 away games. Its really anybodies at the moment. I mentioned the month without conceded but its actually been a month and a half. We boast the 2nd best defensive record in the league. We just haven't scored enough and that's my fault. First goal conceded in 6 and nearly a half games and its a bad time for it. We need a strong second half. Couldn't have asked for a better start to the second half. Game on! False hope we have been terrible since the goal. Terrible result but Marske lost so really we got away with one. Worcester City with a game in hand can't be ignored and AFC Mansfield will be tasting blood. 2nd bottom Maltby Main away next, they are fighting for their lives. It won't be easy, especially after that performance. A penalty and that is just the start we dreamed of! Can't say they haven't deserved this. We have been poor once again. How big of a goal is this? A let off but we hold on for a massive massive 3 points. Top 4 guarenteed themselves a playoff place. Its between us and Marske but really, with a 6 point lead and a 15 GD advantage we are surely ensured a playoff place. The question is can we steal 4th from Stocksbridge? Stocksbridge next in our final home game of the season. Win and 4th is in our own hands, draw and we still have a chance. Lose and depending on Marske's score we are looking over our shoulder. Took a bit longer than the last game but that'll do. Game on. Yeah bit to late for that...I've seen that message twice now this game. The first goal was an injury. That's how the game finishes. Simple not good enough. Marske only drew so we are in the playoffs. Who we will play is anybody's guess. Given the choice I think I'd want Carlton but all 3 will be very tricky games and we won't be favourites for any. Our form has been shocking in this run in and really we only have a playoff place because Marske blew it more than we did. Fair play to Stocksbridge, they are the only ones who stepped up. We have rock bottom Belper away. We need to finish with a win to boost any confidence. Well it was a win but in no way did it boost confidence. The final table looks like this... My arch rival Boston Town won the league, and look who came 2nd and the team we will face in the playoffs. Not good for us. I wanted playoffs. I got playoffs. We have been brilliant in places this season and absolutely awful in others. Lets see what happens in the playoffs. You never ever know.
  8. One more Golden Generation and we will be Brazil Its time for the Youth Intake...please be 11 5 star players covering all positions... A double barrelled name...you'll fit in nicely. I looked Ashley and his more exotic brother Ramirez aren't actually related. The disappointment washed over me. The rest were crap and will probably be signed for filler. I've decided to change tactic and formation as we just aren't scoring enough goals. For the first time in all my FM19 saves...I have 3 strikers on the pitch. First up this month is AFC Mansfield away. A tricky game and just up the road from my parents. First up this month is a home game against Cleethorpes. Quite a long way away from my parents. Its also worth noting we having beaten them since this save started... We scored more goals in this game than we did in the previous 6. And more goals in the first 5 minutes of this game than in the previous 2. New formation is clearly working a treat. Great performance. We need to build on this now and really finish the season strong. Our postponed game is next. Better not disappoint the parents again. From all the goals to none of the goals. Neither team stood out as the better one so a fair result. Not the worst result in the World but it leaves us with work to do. Stamford away next, they are a few places behind us but are quite a bit back. Still a very tricky place to come. A great second half after a nothing first. The Densmore free kick settled us then the Newton second put the game to bed. Newton has been brilliant since moving to 3 up front. Next up and final for this month is a home tie against Ossett. Similar game to the Stamford game. Must win but all of them are at this point of the season. Another fantastic performance and another vital 3 points. It means we haven't conceded a goal all month which is probably the first time I've ever done that. 4th and a 3 point cushion with a better GD. We are in the driving seat with 4 games to go and we need to see it through. Annoying as it stands we are playing Gainsborough.
  9. Promotion push? You're having a laugh! I hated last month, we went in with such high hopes and a brilliant chance and completely ballsed it up. Angry with the team. They need to improve and now otherwise we are going to lose the playoff place. Well its not a loss! So now the first game of the month is away to 2nd. Great game to play when you need to stop the rot. Well its not a loss! Fair result. Neither side did enough to win. We haven't scored in 3 games...since Atherton signed a new contract. Our postponed game is next. We need to win to climb back into a playoff place. Games are quickly running out! All 3 remaining games this month are at home. Massive opportunity for 9 points to really take some of this pressure off. Starting to really hate this. 2-0 up and absolutely cruising then out of nothing we were 3-2 down. Really really really hating this. Oh and Atherton missed several sitters. Even if somehow we turn this around and get a playoff place I really can't see us going up. I said it last season but this season I mean it. I'm culling. There will be a few players who keep their place but if I have any doubts a new contract won't be offered. It wasn't pretty but it was a win. Such a vital 3 points. We need to build on this now! Final game of the month sees a winnable home game. Seems everytime I say that we get beat... And I'm truly delighted....*cough*. Absolutely losing the will. Its like watching a completely different team that just a few months ago. Amazingly we are clinging onto a playoff place by the skin of our teeth. 8 games to go at right now we are as likely to finish 12th as we are 4th.
  10. Go Hard or Go Home! Absolutely massive month this month with some massive fixtures. It all starts away from home...I'm scared. Scared at how good we are! Nah this game could have gone either way. Last season we would have lost this game this season we won it! Gainsborough next. Win and we are right in this title race, lose and its a long way back. This is Championship side Bolton bidding for our Striker. We have 0% chance keeping him so might as well keep him till the end of the season. Amazingly he isn't annoyed about me rejecting. Probably because he knows hes free soon. Portsmouth, Charlton and Doncaster came calling before something amazing happened. I tried him down! I thought I'll give it another go and he was willing to discuss terms. Delighted to keep him. Just one of those games. They scored with their only 3 shots of the first half and we just sunk without a trace. Its really disappointing. Its probably us out of the title race. 9 points is going to be to much to catch up. Gainsborough need to kindly do one out of this league and give somebody who belongs at this level a chance. Boston Town at home next. I'd never heard of this team before this save and yet I hate them with a great passion. Tis a big game because this is potentially going to be the playoff game if we maintain our form. Well we have shown our true colours. Absolute bottlers. Gascoigne will get both barrels as he single handedly screwed us. Carry on like this and it won't even be playoffs. The final game of the month isn't must win its BETTER win. Here's the result. Here's the table. I have nothing to say.
  11. Really tough loss especially with minutes to go i normal time. Still a fantastic season!
  12. New plan. Lull everybody into a false sense of security then boom!
  13. His contract is up in the summer and guess whose got to big for said boots
  14. We have so much more time for activities! 1 game a week...every Saturday afternoon...just the way it should be! We start with an away trip to Mickleover who sit in the bottom half of the table. We need to prove the previous away win wasn't just a flash in the pan. Absolutely typical. The very moment we put ourselves into a good position we put in a performance like that. It may have been a late goal buts its no more than we deserved. Annoyed is an understatement. We have rock bottom only picked up 7 points all season at home next. I will be demanding a win after that piece of crap performance. A much needed win and a much needed hat trick for Atherton who has lost some of his fine early season form. We did it the hard way coming from behind but we showed a good spirit. On wards and upwards. Away next and honestly our form is all over the place I have no idea what to expect. The team we play are in the same positions Mickleover were when they beat us so who knows! An ugly game saw 12 yellow card and 1 red card. Middleton was making his debut for us after I snapped him up on free transfer. He certainly left a lasting impression! It wasn't a great game at all but it was a great win and that's all that matters. Another great win to finish the month. Atherton I think its safe to say has found his shooting boots once again. The table is starting to look rather good. 6 points off top and 6 points clear of 6th. Next month sees us play both Gainsborough Trinity and Boston Town. Two massive games but with both being at home we have to fancy ourselves.
  15. When I noticed it was only 4 points I had to double check make sure they weren't against me...I was relieved!
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