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  1. Keeping Feet on the Ground Might be waiting a while. Can we all take a moment to say how absolutely brilliant this is. I'm not going to post after every game but I just wanted to say... Its important we keep our feet on the ground, we stay focused. That being said, Andy's at the wheel, Will Bird is on fire and the World isn't ready for Rutland's finest! Should be a good episode of Peterborough and District League Premier Division Match of the Day.
  2. Cheers Jimbo been waiting to get my teeth sunk into this save for ages now!
  3. Running Around Rutland with a Net I forgot the sheer joys of deeply lower league football. Sign everybody, you don't like them or they complain? Yeet them back to once they came! My scouts have been sent out to view anybody kicking a ball in a field or a can down the street. If they look quarter decent they have been instructed to deploy the net! Repeat after me. Its just a friendly. Its just a friendly. Its just a friendly. I think we are going to need a bigger net! Greg sees this as his one last shot at the big time. We are just happy he couldn't out run th
  4. Hucknall. Just down the road. Always kept my eye on their scores and was gutted with the FA Trophy Final loss. Thanks for this database, it looks great so far. Been waiting since the release of the game and appriciate the time and effort you have put into it
  5. County 1 Rutland Pre-Season 2020/21 Its a job I've wanted my entire life. Its truely a dream come true, working for nothing. What are my expectations? High in the Cup but not so much in the League. The rule for cups is I have to play at least 3 games in order for it to count as a win. Here we enter the Quarters so before we even start we are only 3 games away from leaving...not that I hate Rutland...its a lovely place. Not a single McDonalds though. Got a long way to travel for a Big Mac. Anybody who follows my careers (firstly what is wrong with y
  6. Ok so I started this on FM20 with the intention of not getting FM21. Then I remembered I’m an absolute sucker for the new games. I’ve had every FIFA since 2004 and every Football/Championship Manager game since Championship Manager 2. So here we are FM21 and its time. Thanks to the painstaking work by @lionel messi I have an England database which goes all the way down to Tier 11. This was essential as once again I am going to try and win a competition with 1 team from every single English County. Here they are in all their glory. When I was doing research for this challenge I u
  7. No offence mate but its pretty crappy of you to come on a thread where somebody is working quite hard to get a database ready for people to enjoy and ask if there's anyone else that's got one. Try and be a bit patient. This is not a easy thing to do, people have lives with full time jobs. They don't need to be doing this in the first place.
  8. Chapter 2.4 Job Hunting Jobs were coming thick and fast and it seemed like I was clicking "Apply to All" more and more. Sevilla B turned me down, not even an interview. If that doesn't raise alarm bells nothing would! The Draw for the European Under 21s wasn't kind. We have proven we can beat Ukraine but don't fancy our chances against Belgium or England. The good thing was getting there at all I think. Brackley have given me my first opportunity for an interview at least. The next Euro Qualification group has been drawn but honestly I don't think I'll b
  9. Chapter 2.3 - I Don't Want to be a Chicken in Kiev Ok so the game is actually going to be played in Dnipro but for the purpose of what I believe to be a very good chapter name can we all ignore that fact? The first domestic job of the season has come up. Will we be heading to the 3. Bundesliga? Only time will... Not even an interview. Bad times. Germany rejected me. Time to try Italy. Didn't want to go to Italy anyway. I do miss Fish and Chips. Once again I'm not able to pick my Strongest XI for this crunch game. The pr
  10. Chapter 2.2 - You Don't Win Anything With Kids Kosovo and Iceland this month. Always wanted to go to Kosovo We got away with poor finishing against Liectenstein because they got nose bleeds everytime somebody wandered into our half. I don't think we will get that lucky against these two. I shall do totally exciting minute by minute updates as my professional career hangs in the balance! That and there's not really much else to report. A better stronger side is picked for this double header. Lets go boys! Its been coming after a strong start and finally
  11. Chapter 2 - Working with Youngsters Working With Youngsters - 1 I made my decision weighing up all the options. Wage, standard of living... It had nothing to do with the fact Bulgaria's Group looks like this.. Out of all the teams who offered me a job and were in qualifications Bulgaria were the ones who had the best chance of getting through. I turned down quite a few offers, this I feel is the best at the time. I will be keeping my eyes out for a Domestic job but this isn't a horrible placeholder. And lets face it, its something different...r
  12. Chapter 1 - Will Do Unspeakable Things for Food Starting off unemployed my first idea was just to go to the Job Centre and click "Apply for All". What worries me is I can't see myself getting any of these jobs! I listed 2 jobs I would never take on. Make it 3. I'm from Mansfield so there's no way I'm touching the sinking ship known as Chesterfield! I reckon I'd get a random U19 role somewhere but I can't see myself getting any of those club teams. Well I wasn't wrong! It was a rough 8 minutes for me I'm not going to lie. The voicemail Derby left me was just Wayne
  13. I wasn't sure if I was going to document this save or not. Basically I'm in limbo at the moment while waiting for @lionel messi to finish his amazing work on the England Tier 11 Database so I can restart the County's Save. I was doing the Joint Save in Denmark but Beta Problems put an end to that. I then went to Chelsea for a few seasons and managed to put a ridiculous team together easily and won everything. I've decided to do something I've not done for a while. Start a save with no agenda, no end goal. Just going to start unemployed with no badges or experience and just see where
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