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  1. Unbeaten month, 3 draws and 2 wins, of those draws a very creditable one vs Barcelona. At this point it's all about dropping as few points as possible and while we did drop some, 9/15 is never a bad haul. Wider view of the table featuring Player Stats, Player of the month is currently 2nd in the goal haul with 6 of the 8 goals over this spell coming from his boot, De Tomas hitting his straps at just the right time. Enough that I renewed his loan for another season.
  2. Youth Intake Earlier in the year, as in the day I started out we did a full staff cleanout and the HoYD I picked up was Dominic Grau Technical, Attacking Style with the same Formation preference as me were all great signs and his first batch would be interesting given we had decent but not great facilities. Decent Intake overall, on signing a New Contract Lozano went straight to 5* while Osuna became our only cover at left back due to a minor recruitment issue in January. The first 3 were signed and the rest let go, hopefully one of them makes the grade.
  3. Horror gauntlet of Away matches and we came through in convincing fashion. The one game we had at home is the only one we didn't win! Honestly, the season's surpassed all my expectations and with it we have 9 points on Real with 2 games in hand. The gap keeps widening and I have no interest in taking my foot off the pedal just yet. We can breathe once we're in the CL. Speaking of Real though, somehow Solari still has his job. It's amazing. Player of the Update Has not missed a single tackle over this stretch of games and gotten further forward to provide two assists. Locking down the Right Flank which is vital since he's the only wide player we have on that side in our primary tactic.
  4. We aren't letting up. Atletico was a bit of an unfortunate result but the draw at Real was great. We've kept the pressure on the Top 4 and haven't given Real any ground in the race for Europe. With 2 games in hand we could conceivably open up an 11 point lead between ourselves and 5th place. 15 Games left for the season and the title is a foregone conclusion at this point but I'm more than happy to settle for third. Player of the Month Lucas Lima One goal and 4 assists over the past few weeks have been crucial in keeping the positive flow of results. Exploded into form after a solid season and hope it continues.
  5. Closing out the Window Made some big sales, losing players that were gradually being replaced and I decided to cash in while they still had money attached to their name. Moreno and Trejo were valuable rotation players, but they were being phased out. The sales had the idea of securing the budget in mind, but then I decided to take a gamble on Europe and shore up our biggest weakness in Right Back. Omar Elabdellaoui Solid Attacking Wing Back, at the peak of his career, looking for him to hold down the role for the next 2-3 years as we grow in stature. Gennaro Ruggiero Replacement for Iborra when his loan expires, Ball Winning Midfielder to a T and added depth option for the back end of the season.
  6. Yeah was happy I got rid of him so early, bigger laugh is Solari still hasn't been sacked yet. He's got to have something on the board Cheers! Thanks, also long time no see
  7. A near flawless run in. We went away to Barcelona and were horrifically outclassed. Otherwise we've played some terrific football and the results vs Betis and Girona were emphatic. The Girona one was my personal favourite after fearing a slight drop in form following the outcome of the Barcelona match only for us to completely dominate our opponents. Third place and ready to kick on for the second half of the season. Transfers Not many changes I'm really willing to make to the side, but we did have a huge issue with Mario Suarez 125k a week for a low end Spanish Side was single-handedly a financial black hole. Assume it was a remnant of his stint in China that wasn't updated, but 6million a season alone for a Bench player I wasn't even using was steep, so over the last 6 months I've driven him out of the club with a lack of gametime and calculated upsetting. With his wages freed we were given a small amount to spend, getting a 7mil budget out of his wages. We were already 4mil in the Red though so I've kept some of the budget and splureged on two propsects that were both cheap and ones I was incredibly interested in. Pelayo Looks fantastic, technically average but at 17 all the time in the world to grow. Will immediately slot into our AMC position and we'll look to accelerate his development. Barrenetxea Long-Term prospect, I love my Raumdeuters, looking for him to gradually usurp Kakuta over the next 2-3 years with gametime mainly from the bench and continual focus on his development.
  8. Easier to get rid of them if you make them unhappy too, give them FT status and then don't play them for a few months. Unhappy Players + Transfer Listed tends to get people bidding.
  9. Crashed out of the cup, not an ideal scenario going down to a club a Division below us, but we've got the added bonus of now being able to entirely focus on the league. If everything goes well we can hopefully maintain our form to stay far away from the relegation zone. Vigo and Bilbao are both having horrendous starts and we added to their misery while Sevilla and Atletico were very credible results to leave us 4th after 10 Games. Most valuable player so far has been Ruben Pardo Controlling the midfield with a sublime passing game and has barreled in some crackers from outside the box to take the load off our De Tomas just a little. Doing everything we wanted and letting our style flourish.
  10. Strong start, back and forth game with Villareal that ended when they poached a 3rd goal late on to leave us walking away with a draw. Leganes was a disappointing result but everything else has been going according to plan, some early points to kick us off and Atletico looming in the distance as we enter the next month with confidence.
  11. Transfers We had a transfer budget of $0 but over 50k in wages free after I told the board our side could definitely stay above the relegation battle this season. With it we were able to make some strong moves in the transfer market and really bump up the quality of our squad. Iborra and Pardo partner Imbula and Comesana in our midfield with a rotation between the four. Iborra functions as the Midfield ball winner while the other three play in more creative roles. Comesana is adept at filling in for Iborra both off the bench or on occassional rotation, able to operate across any slot in midfield. Biggest factor is Pardo though Just an immense Deep Lying Playmaker, looking for him to sit deep and control the game while Iborra does the dirty work. Meanwhile Sisto, adds an alternate option formation wise, allowing us to operate with a Right Winger and a skilled one at that. With Sisto we're created three tactics to employ over the coming season. All have an attacking ethos, due to our strength going forward, really looking to outgun any side we come up against. Tactics Personal preference is to play Tactic #3 at home, or if we're chasing away as I feel we create the most scoring chances with it, the 4-2-3-1 gives us a lot of time on the ball, bringing Pardo's most positive attributes to the fore, while the 4-1-2-3 adds a little defensive steel away from home or up against the strongest spanish sides. So far we've been alternating between all three and they'll be selected on a match by match basis than any personal preference.
  12. Giant Killing - In sport, when a weaker team or competitor beats a much stronger, well-known team or competitor, their success is sometimes called a giant-killing. Usually associated with Cups, everyone loves a good Giant Killing, unless you're the team that's been slain of course. While it's usually meant to reference a One-Off upset of the established order I decided to still go with it, due to the fact that over the course of this career we're going to be essentially killing the Giants of the Main Five Leagues - Germany, France, Italy, Spain and England with clubs fighting with smaller resources, lower quality players and continually fighting off relegation. So the Rules of the European Pentagon are as Follows Start with a Club expected to finish in a Relegation Position, usually 18-20th but Bottom 3 for the sake of brevity. Win the European Champions League with that club, resign and move on to the next stage of the Pentagon. The next club you join can either be predicted bottom three in the season preview, OR be in the bottom 3 after 12 Games have been played in the domestic league. Roughly a third of the season to minimise the risk of outliers/easy clubs. It's about creating sustainable, continuous success in reaching the Top 4 in your own league before you can push further, creating a Giant of your own before inevitably, you have to leave. It then becomes all the more interesting when the very giant you created can often be the team standing in your way of completing the next stage of the challenge. So I've taken charge of Rayo Vallecano The Unsung Madridstas Also a team with a lot of potential Kakuta, De Tomas, Trejo and Imbula provide very potent attacking/midfield talent going forward and while the side is challenged towards the rear of the field with an average backline, this encourages attacking play all the more. My preferred way to play Football Manager. So it's a quasi journeyman, with very specific rules about the clubs I can journey too. Hopefully it'll be an entertaining ride.
  13. Either Bilbao heritage or U16s are allowed if you haven't run one before/didn't know. Also, solid first season, just short of expectations but room to build, hopefully you can get some youth upgrades or something to propel you forward
  14. Heading into the final day... We held a one point lead over Dunav and Levski while CSKA had conspired to produce one of the most horrific chokes I've seen and have removed themselves from the running entirely. We hosted Dunav and a win or a draw was needed to at least ensure we had a shot at the title. Meanwhile, CSKA hosted Levski and we'd be hoping for a favor. Bore draw, barely a shot on target but Levski couldn't pull off a win and so we lifted the trophy on the final day, celebrating an empthatic Double to begin our start to life at Slavia. Player of the Season Galin Ivanov 40 Games, 18 Goals, 12 Assists 7.33 Average Rating Led the way all season and played far better than expected. Looking to use him next season as the core of our side. Unlikely title win, and a win we'll need to work very, very hard to retain next season. Focusing on consolidating as a top tier side in the League and hopefully engineering a run into Europe that can provide us some much needed prize money to surge to the next level.
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