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  1. True, Murphy, Verlinden and Lowe for example are all Championship Quality though and described as such in reports. So it's a stupidly strong side they pulled together/I've got to work with. Happy with how it's going but, won't lie
  2. "Have you ever heard of Rollout? I thought not, it's not a move Pokemon Trainers would teach you..." Inch by Inch... Build the Momentum. Soon we'll be bowl our way through the opposition. There are games where we just explode with goals. Upping the frequency of those games. That's the struggle. Into positive points and with the 2nd highest Goal Tally in the league. We'd only be firmly mid-table though if we weren't 12 points behind so there's room for improvement lurking ominously in the distance.
  3. My dreams of implementing a 1-1-8 with a highly aggressive sweeper keeper are still under development Edit: Missing my assymetrics though... Later, when I've lost my mind sufficiently...
  4. "Football, should be uncomplicated." Price told the assembled coaches in front of him, staggering slightly against the board. His pen drew a line right through the formation and with a furrowed brow he wiped away the mess, taking out half the little dots he'd so carefully drawn over the past hour with him. "And what do we mean by uncomplicated?" A blinking hive of nothing stared back at him. "GOALS YOU CRETINS! GOALS, GOALS AND...?" "GOALS!" They bellowed back. "Excellent lads." Formations A more relaxed, pump it into the box style 4-2-4 vs a high pressing 4-3-3. Look for these to be our main systems over the coming months. They're also very basic which fits where we are right now. A whole new squad meant a whole batch of Friendly games to get my systems running and to slowly whittle away at our abhorrent cohesiveness. Which has led to a... Mixed Start. On the plus-side we're scoring and games have been tight. Hopefully into Positive points by October. Rochdale was the obvious highlight. Daryl Murphy just absolutely demolished them, not bad for a 36 year old I thought was awful when he was at the toon hahaha.
  5. Plan so far is being a Journeyman, I'll finish at Bolton and move onto a different side in FM20 so it'll be as seamless a transition as possible. We'll see what happens though And yes, ready the sacrifices.
  6. Smoke fills the dark room. In it he sits, wincing at the fumes that emanate from the cigar. The man in front of him is shrouded by shadows. "So we are in agreement, yes?" The man asks him, the end of the cigar flaring threateningly. "Sure mate." Price says as he takes a swig of the bottle. "Just keep this topped up and we've got no worries." He can't see his face but he's sure the man is leering at him. "I see." Is all the man says after a short pause. Welcome aboard Mr. Price." Price goes to shake his hand but he doesn't get the chance. Two sets of hands grip him by the arms and drag him out of the office. The door slams shut behind them. Could be worse. Price thinks to himself as he's led away. Free accommodation and money every time I win, what's there to lose? On the last possible day, Bolton Wanderers were saved by a takeover from an unnamed businessman, in the final seconds of Deadline Day 9 players were acquired but in all the panic they forgot one very important detail. Who would manage them? On the streets outside the Macron Stadium a drunk former footballer woke up, little did he know that his mere presence would lead to a destiny, a long and winding road where glory or failure loomed in the distance. At the very least, they would remember his name... Had an idea for a save, but couldn't be bothered waiting a month to start it, so the idea of a hybrid will be crossed when it comes to it haha. Leagues and Player Changes made using the live update file on Sortitoutsi, Bury is still in this one though since I got it right before they were removed from the League. First step is survival and from there returning to the Premier League and then we'll go from there. Hope you enjoy!
  7. Alternatively, encouraging a slower tempo/retain possession should help keep the energy. Also Take a Breather as an instruction can be very useful if you want to try and keep everyone topped up near the games end.
  8. Pre-Season Our primary focus for this season was trying to inject an ounce of Financial Security into our side. To that end I'm faced with either two options to get that red back to white. A.) Push hard for Europe and hope Qualification Rounds can make us solvent if we crack the Golden Egg. B.) Develop as much youth as possible and farm them out for decent prices but High Sell On percentages and hope we get lucky with a World-Class Player Option B is safer, and given our facilities actually feasible, even if it'll mean a few more seasons of struggle before we see any real results. That being said, we did make some offloads this season to create a little bit of a stop-gap while our finance problems continue. Jacquet and Tugarinov were our star CBs but 500k in funds was difficult to turn down. In addition we were able to make up for their absence by securing a partnership with Anderlecht. Creating an option for free loans to shore up some gaps and add quality. With the idea that I wouldn't be going too overboard. To that effect, Dante and Kayembe bring us some quality for free and we'll use Dante to advance our own football, having the leeway to deploy a BPD and add an extra dimension to our backline. Kayembe is outstanding for this division. If you look at the Transfers In screen you'll see we brought in a huge name, FM Folklore based in Leya Iseka. We had 15k to play with and the Toulouse Board were willing to loan him to us on 2.1k per week. I figured it was a nice gamble to add a gun striker to hopefully fire us into the Top 4. This season has 2 main objectives in getting that 4th place finish we were cruelly denied last year and following the fact I somehow pried 300k for Jacquet, playing De Meyer like a madman to bank on a massive profit in the near future. Plan B on Steroids effective immediately.
  9. Pretty Comfortable survival all things considered, I can't see how anything could go wrong...
  10. Season 2 - 2nd Playoff Had an issue with a save file that wouldn't load, so unfortunately this is a bit of a mega update. Luckily the rest of the files look fine and normal practice should resume after this one. Aiming for 2-4 we had a very strong season for our first year in the B League. Just missed out on making the cut though. The League sorts by Games Won so while we had a better goal difference than both 3rd and 4th we have to settle for 5th and fight through the Relegation Playoff for survival. In good news though we have 6 games to survive and start with an 8 point lead over Mouscron. So I think we'll be fine
  11. Thanks man, Just loaded the 5 leagues I'd be travelling to on a Large DB + Argentina because I just like scouting the league. That way I could also relatively speed through it/enjoy a quick pace. Rest was just manic scouting since it's my favorite aspect of a save.
  12. The sheer Raum potential. I want someone like that haha
  13. Youth Intake Angelov and Kemp are the notable players. Angelov definitely looks like he could be... Something. We don't play with Right Wingers though so I'm going to need to change things around if I want to accommodate him.
  14. September "Aah fate, that flightly temptress that leads you down a heavenly path, one you follow blindly until it leads you right into a truck." Bad enough they beat us on Pens, now they're in our Group. The FM Gods are mocking me. Good month, toughed our way through the opening few matches and hopefully the Villareal game will kick start our firepower and help us barrel a few more goals into the net.
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