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  1. Currently without a laptop, sorry boys. Might get it back Wednesday but I'd say move to another.
  2. Remembered a few awesome Yute Prospects for Mexico @Rikulec any particularly nice ones coming through that we can use for the WC/Next few years?
  3. If only we loaded Oceania
  4. Just simmed the last couple of months to keep things moving. Post-Bayern there was no chance we were dropping 2nd and 1st was out of reach. File sent to Andychar And if you guys want to take a look see around St Pauli Unemployed Board begged us to stay, was quite sad actually. Overall I had fun, the stupid idea I had gave birth to some hilarious goals/moments and the football was pretty entertaining. I do think moving out of Europe and chasing the remaining CL's is a worthwhile venture though and hope Andychar finds us a good club! I might be tempted to keep play Saint Pauli in my own time though. Disclaimer: Any concerns re the leagues Andy let me know his plans when I was starting the season, so played with additional ones for a year and shredded a few European ones to bring South America/South Africa into the mix, Andy will be cutting more out as he grabs the file to reduce numbers and improve performance
  5. This might be St. Pauli's last season... But there's a chance of a miracle.
  6. Will have this wrapped up tonight @andychar
  7. Winter Break survived and dominated. Only thing that stopped us from winning every match was Bacchin getting himself sent off right after half time with a shocking tackle. Legitimately threw himself in from like 3 metres out. T'was not a happy time. If Bayern were only slightly more awful this year we'd have a chance.
  8. We battled away against the top teams for the last two months. Dortmund, Bayern, Leverkusen and Monchengladbach among the number we faced off against. We ALMOST came away with our unbeaten streak in tact. Bayern were a step too far though and we were never really in the game. Doing good, Top 5 and a shot at the CL or Europa League, hanging with the top end of the table and staying a result or two above the Middle of the Pack. And coming up to January we decided to Bolster our Goalkeeping Stocks Igor Safranko
  9. We've hit the ground running in the Bundesliga, a tough first month where we had to navigate awful morale because of sales, changes in captaincy and other factors which almost led to a fulll squad revolt had be survived but after we started winning everyone stopped complaining and got on board. Our last game we slipped into Changing Lanes and Robertson put on a clinic with 1 goal and 4 assists two of those a cross to the backpost where our Giant Gerhard Hass headed in like it was child's play. Bundles of goals and we haven't been defeated in competitive play either.
  10. Last Two Signings Two players I forgot to mention but definitely worthy of praise. Andreas Lettner Right Wing Back on loan from Bayern, standout in his position and significant upgrade to our backline. Luka Vanneste Loan signing, we'll be covering all his wages at a hefty 45k p/w but he's miles away the Best CB we have at the club and a solid season out of him to push us forward will allow us to bring in more players of his calibre in the future.
  11. Transfers Big Window... Huge Turnover I'll start by crediting @OldManGravz with Markus Holscher Dude is a beast, and slots straight into the Attacking Hook role that is the heart of any tactic I make. I then built on that with some free transfers Cuny and Day Day may have been a Gravz signing, honestly forget but he adds some defensive steel while Cuny was a potential back-up/rotation for Holscher but I have an eye on putting him in my Mezzala slot in the midfield. What am I playing? Latest tactic I've been experimenting with that's been getting good results. Supplemented with Changing Lanes to make sure our strikers still actually get gametime (Tactic I used in Colombia won't repost) Why was what I'm playing important? Because when recruiting I had an idea... And that idea has given birth to The Unholy Trinity AML, AMR and the Mezzala slots are our primary goalscorers, all of them charge into the box from varying angles and all need high finishing/OTB movement to succeed. Then I had another idea/experiment and I decided to add height as qualifying factor for our signings. The Inside Forward and the Raum will drift into the box by default, they might be picked up by centre backs... Or ideally, they're going to be picked up by their man marking fullbacks and our opposition is going to have to deal with 187+ Tall aerial assassins swarming the box. Gonzalez, Haas and Gutierrez We have an armada of mobile, technically skilled Peter Crouches terrifying our opposition and it's going to be Champagne Stoke Football Major Signing Our last signing was forced on Deadline Day, Wolfsburg came in for Victor and when I was able to negotiate to 12mil I decided to let him go and seek better options. Paco Tenorio Not a Giant, but a killer Regista and DLP he'll be the fulcrum that connects the Defence to the Attack, the man that keeps the engine ticking over so Holscher can put it into Hyperdrive. Let's Go!
  12. And we have a new job Mexico are currently 6th in the Global Standings, quite a dominant team Continentally, coming off multiple Gold Cup wins and even a Copa America in 2032. The World Cup though has been dismal failure, after dismal failure. Let's make them Champions.
  13. First Major Signing Juan Manuel Gonzalez Not the most impressive signing but we're being a little experimental here. 190cm he'll be playing out right, cutting in as an inside forward. Amazing technicals, decent mental and physicals but what really swayed me was the height. We're going to have a 190cm Striker lurking at the back post and terrorising fullbacks
  14. Whoops I'll get started tonight.
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