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  1. wynter

    FM19 - Slaving Away in Sofia

    A year of defeats only to beat them when it counted the most. Well done lads
  2. Finally coming back to this. Thesis overtook life for the better part of the last 6 weeks but with it and Christmas over, let's see where we end up Made the Playoffs, only to lose in the 2nd round. Hopefully we can put together a stronger side and push for a Top 4 finish next season to really have a shot at the Serie B Narrative to get back on track in the very near future too.
  3. wynter

    FM19 - Slaving Away in Sofia

    Levski and Ludogorets I've got a handle on, CSKA I can't touch Games aren't even close and ive got no idea why because I don't change too much.
  4. wynter

    FM19 - Slaving Away in Sofia

    Got a little carried away and raced through the last two months We've got a 4 way battler for the title with 6 games, all of us shredding the gap between CSKA Sofia and ourselves. I still can't beat CSKA though and that's killing me because they're one of our most fierce rivals Final Games of the Season We've got a genuine chance at the title, something I never expected coming into this season. Albeit Dunav's season is arguably even more impressive, pretty sure we're a better club in terms of pre-season expectations. The biggest anomaly though is Ludogorets sitting so low and with almost no shot at the title, they're almost the living embodiment of perennial contenders.
  5. wynter

    FM19 - Slaving Away in Sofia

    Slowly taking over SI 
  6. wynter

    FM19 - Slaving Away in Sofia

    Youth Intake 2018/19 First Intake for the game and we got very, very lucky. Three Potentially Great Midfielders, personal favourite is Tsvetan Makendzhiev Gets Forward Whenever Possible and Arrives late are a pair of great traits, especially given my usual Sole Striker philosophy which means it adds an extra option into the box for us to work with. Thinking of transitioning into a Shadow Striker instead of an Advanced Playmaker and hoping his traits rub off in the form of goals. Krastev is your more traditional, AMC Donchev is just a ball-winner, but you need one from time-to-time and he can definitely put in a shift.
  7. wynter

    FM19 - Slaving Away in Sofia

    Winter Break Update Positive end to the first half of the season. Tight game, but we were also never really in it. Sounds odd when I say it like that but genuine chances for us to score were limited in comparison to the high percentage ones they concocted to grab their three goals. Again, a slight class above us which is just a slight bump on the bridge we have to overcome in the coming seasons. Quite happy to get over Ludogorets though, into the Semi-Finals and maybe we can retain our Bulgarian Cup after winning it last year irl. Top end of the table is even more crammed than it was in the last update, exception re Vereya who have slipped massively and opened up the race for 6th. Given the fact CSKA dominate us but are only 5 points ahead, we could strike if they manage to slip up vs other opponents and we find a way to fluke a result in the Championship rounds... Not out of 1st just yet, it's just tricky. Stergiakis with some insane development <3
  8. Transfers in for the season. Two permanent ones in regens in the Serie D/E that I thought had high potential. Pietro Fontanive Already turning out for the U19 Italy Side, where I first saw him and realised he was a steal. Davide Bernardi Offers a ton of creativity out on the right flank and a great hand for the division already. Upgrading facilities and coaching to get him to kick on will be pivotal. Steel to the backline and some more up front, the biggest signing though is Ravaglia. Should not be playing this far down, and definitely not for free. Chievo are idiots and he could practically keep us up himself if he wanted. With the quality around him though, we can definitely push at a back-to-back promotion.
  9. wynter


    Nice work in Europe so far solid results vs City and Basel. Amazing comeback in the Europa.
  10. Admittedly while doing the narrative I've been through S1, and I was going to split them into actual updates but Laziness has taken root. A man down in the playoffs and we still dominated the match, straight into Serie C and it'll take some savvy signings to make a survivable side.