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  1. #TorodoinWork This year's CL should be interesting, think you have a chance or not just yet?
  2. The Elephants of Sicily

    Transfers Three transfers in for the window adding some depth to the squad. Also featuring a bit of a gamble on my end as we splurged one million for Simone Acerbis. Looking to move Gasperoni to RPM opens up our need for a BWM and given his lack of jumping I'm looking at shifting him into the role. I think he has a lot of potential, I would prefer to make him a slightly more balanced midfielder ie Off the Ball movement etc; so I will be trying to tutor him at some point over the next few seasons, provided the right player comes along. Overall though, a very promising prospect. Valietti and Militari are interesting prospects, I have a 900k buyout on Valietti that I would like to activate at the end of the season. Militari is a backup to Melegoni and Gasperoni and he and Acerbis will add critical depth to the squad. League Our squad's shifted gears over the last few weeks and risen to another level. Player development is entirely at the core of that with some great work by almost everyone in the squad, special mentions to De Grazia, Lo Faso, Pierini and Nicoletti. At the halfway point one team is on track to break the Serie B points record, while the other is one track to break the Serie B goalscoring record. Cesena are not making my life simple. We have an upcoming match against them which could be one of the most important of the season if we want the title. I am happy settling for 2nd and instant promotion though, so all I'm really looking for right now is to maintain consistency.
  3. Borel is one of those guys you know will be a star. Good luck at Monaco man!
  4. Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    The Hair-volution Begins!
  5. Back to the Journey, man

    Wins are wins, hopefully the goals will pick up soon though so you're breathing easier
  6. The Elephants of Sicily

    We're showing solid form, Cesena are too strong at the moment and romping away with the league at this moment in time. Our loss to them was also aided by the absence of Bordin, Gasperoni and Pierini due to injuries so while we were hurting it was not unexpected. Otherwise we're playing good football and picking up results very much as I anticipated as we look slightly higher than a top half finish and look at a playoffs position. 2nd is still very much within our grasp though with the right batch of results, it's all about maintaining, and slightly increasing our pace. Andrea Russoto 6 Games, 3 Goals, 2 Assists 7.43 for the last Five Games A reliable rotation more than capable of filling in when Bordin is off the field and even when Bordin is fit, will definitely be looking to keep for one more year before we move him out to pastures new, regardless of Serie B or Serie A. He's a very reliable rotation.
  7. Lazio getting relegated was a massive surprise. You rolled to the title though, much hope in Europe this year or a few more seasons you think?
  8. The Elephants of Sicily

    A solid start to life in the Serie B. The result against Parma was stunning and hopefully that form carries on over the next few weeks as we adjust to the higher level of play. Defensively we're a bit leaky as always, but we are scoring at a high rate and we'll be relying on that trait much more than our defensive prowess. Player of the Feature Giuseppe Torromino 4 Games, 8 Goals 8.43 AR Simply unstoppable when we feed him the ball, long may it continue. Crashed out in a great cup tie vs Udinese. We took the lead in the 70th minute but they roared back moments later and a tense Extra-Time period was decided by a goal. We gave them an incredibly good game though and it bodes well for our future prospects.
  9. The Elephants of Sicily

    Season 2017/18 - Serie B Transfers No hard cash exchanged for players due to financial worries, instead we've made do with the loan market and some free transfers to set up what is in my view an extremely capable squad. Centre Backs Mansuetto and Saugher will be our Centre-Back pairing for this season I had to fight off a lot of competition for Saugher and he's also very expensive given our financial worries, but he's got potential to also play in the Serie A next year and will have a solid sell-on should the worst come and we need to sell players. Mansueto's entirely free and is easily the second best CB on the books so a cheap, temporary upgrade as we chase promotion. Full Backs I'm gambling on youth again, this time a lot more than I am with our Centre Backs as Nicoletti and Candela will be our primary options. Nicoletti is the attacking wing back I've been craving, Candela on the other hand has me massively relying on his potential rather than his ability. I'm hoping first team football will trigger some rapid growth and we'll mold him into a First Team Footballer over the course of the season. Midfielders Joining Torromino is Lo Faso who'll play out right for the season or through the middle if the need arises. Calvano was a free option and added cover for Melegoni and Gasperoni who'll once again be our core pairing in midfield. Our Strongest XI Last part of the post is a complete love in on Gasperoni LOOK AT HIM, BOW BEFORE HIM. His first touch and tackling are a bit on the low side for a BWM but every other aspect of his game is developing at an insane rate. I'm looking at keeping him in the BWM role until the end of this year then transitioning him into a Roaming Playmaker when Melegoni leaves. I either need promotion or need to make some massive sales in January to make sure I can get him permanently because that 5mil Buyout is daylight robbery.
  10. The Elephants of Sicily

    We had a decent run in hampered by the absence of Gasperoni, Melegoni, Pierini and Giraudo as they were all called away for the U20 World Cup. Our squad stayed strong though and put together a decent run of form to keep us in with a shout. CHAMPIONS We went into the last day with a two point lead and held onto it as everyone else stumbled over the finish line behind us with bad/decent form as well. I'm going to have to exploit the loan market again if I'm going to build a competitive team. Keeping Bordin, Gasperoni and Melegoni though means we have an incredibly strong midfield. We'll be looking to enhance attacking options out wide and strengthen our defence for the forthcoming season. First Signing We finally have a Raumdeuter, very excited to see how he does next year. Ambitions We have a squad capable of at least a top half finish in the Serie B, I'd like to turn that into us finishing in at least a playoff position. With such a young squad though, it'll all be about how they develop through the first half of the year. If the right combination of players improve rapidly we have a great chance at B2B promotions.
  11. The Elephants of Sicily

    Form's been dropping slightly since the Foggia game. 5-1-3 isn't necessarily bad but we've missed valuable opportunities to get points on the board and build for the title. Luckily Foggia has been just as inconsistent as us. The table has closed up though, 6 games left and we're in a 4 way shootout. Hopefully we can finish strong and close it out.
  12. The Elephants of Sicily

    Very Happy with the Intake Fabris and Ciadamidaro look good, hopefully I can convert Fabris into that Raumdeuter I've been craving with enough attention while Ciadamidaro will definitely be fashioned into a proper AF. He has the potential for a Complete Forward if he comes along well enough over the next few seasons and my 3-5-2 might be possible. muahahaha, now if we can get promoted and not be in financial ruin