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  1. "Boss, I don't quite know why were here." You stand off the edge of the same mountain Herbert brought you too, birds flying through the air as Magnus Pedersen, your hopefully new signing stares around perplexed. "Well Magnus, you've been trialling with us for three weeks now, and Hakan and I have been impressed." You tell him. "So we went and had a chat to Herbert and the rest of the lads and we've decided we want to keep you around, if you're willing to join the team." You haven't even turned around before he's grabbed your hand into a firm shake. He towers over you an
  2. We've got people not joining til the 24th, plenty of time to get started if you want
  3. Nice, have Emil Damgaard as well, dude is quality. Kept asking, board keep saying no. We also only have like 30k in the bank so could well be the reason. Our biggest problem is Thisted, well on our way otherwise.
  4. Our best player with 15/16. Not much to say about him really, moderately quick and a cool finisher. All you really need to be successful here apparently.
  5. Strong start, adjusted the tactic I was using after the first loss and was able to shore it up. From then on we've been brilliant, even coming from 3-0 down in the Cup Tie vs Helsinger. With Horsens in the next round though we're probably going to struggle.
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