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  1. End of Season Update 2020/21 Europa League Round of 32 Benfica were not a team I wanted to draw, especially after my struggles with Porto it was obvious that we weren't in for anything that could be described as an 'easy' game. Leg 1 With my squad this year, I never needed to bring Yoskov back. After this game I'm pretty sure it was the best thing I've ever done. Two absolute stunners from outside the box to tip the game our way. The most important factor of course, was the lack of a goal conceded. If we managed to strike at least once in Benfica, then the tie was ours. Leg 2 A Late Surge had me extremely worried, losing a comfortable 1-1 scoreline, but Tomov came in at the end to put it beyond all doubt. Into the 2nd Round we went, hoping we could finally get over the hurdle. Round of 16 Our draws weren't getting easier, rumours of a conspiracy against Bulgaria were running wild as we ventured into the First Leg away from home. Leg 1 Bore draw, did precisely what was needed and while a goal would have been amazing, the fact we weren't going Home having to try and take back the tie was a immensely more preferable to a 2-1 or 3-2 defeat. Leg 2 Game of the Season, one of the most dramatic I've had in FM all year. Striking early twice we looked to have the game firmly in control. Some questionable subs on my end gave Sevilla a peek and they took full advantage tying the game and grabbing the away goals advantage. Luckily, Moldoveanu came to our rescue right at the death and we somehow emerged 3-2 victors in a game that was much too close for comfort. Quarter Finals We'd finally done it, broken through to the end stages of a European Tournament. Who would we get? The British Giants themselves. We did our best, but we weren't able to take them down. Small consolation comes in the face of Liverpool going on to win the whole tournament, it was their time. First Division We'd been too distracted by Europe this season, heading into the Playoffs we were 6 points behind Ludogorets and tied with CSKA Sofia. When Liverpool knocked us off we were finally able to give the Domestic League our full attention. We JUST managed to claw our way back to the title, wins over Ludogorets both times trampling their morale and opening them up to be overtaken by CSKA as well. Group stages of the Champions League awaits. Player of the Season Metodiev 44 Games Played, 5 PoMs 7.40 Match Rating Imperious in Defence, his development has slowed down a little as our team has improved, but he's still the best defender at the club next to Grgic and a vital part of our squad. Form across all fronts was incredibly consistent, never had a bad game and aside from Europe we were almost unbeatable in the games he started. Now onto the Final Season at the club...
  2. The complete lack of Giraudo in this thread has me ashamed of all of you...
  3. We did ourselves no justice in the back half of the Group, throwing away a 1-0 lead against Porto and conceding late vs Inter. The Manchester United Game was out of our hands though, simply outclassed. Luckily we scraped into 3rd, Porto playing well below expectations. With Benfica next, we need some massive improvement if we're going to succeed. Transfers Two more players in. We offloaded Casap for 1.4mil after we brought in Samuel His technical attributes leave a lot to be desired, but he still has room to grow and Casap had been largely uninspiring so removing him didn't tug on the heart strings too much. Congo is the major deal that I'm very satisfied with 400k deal for a very impressive Centre Back. After looking at perhaps offloading Metodiev and letting him venture into Europe, Congo is both a replacement but also an investment because his resale value will be incredible provided we develop him properly. He's also first team ready, so extra depth to the squad as we negotiate Europe, a Cup Run and the First League.
  4. Champions League Update 2020/21 One highlight in the whole game, completely grinded our way to survival. Finally picked up a positive result, absolutely dominating them. Manchester still have to come to Bulgaria, the most important match we'll face, in addition we absolutely MUST get a result against Porto if we want a glimmer of a chance at the 2nd Round of the CL. Takeover Completed 11mil pumped into the Club, transfer budget lifted to 11 million and most notable, our policies of Youth Signings and Development have been lifted. We used the transfers to make some signings immediately, January reinforcements en route. Celis adds some bite to the midfield, also brings tutoring capacity mentality wise. Helping to raise some of the attributes of our developing midfield. Really well balanced player. Free transfer, looks a great prospect. Needed a bit more depth at AMC and he's perfect. Lastly HE'S BACK <3 With all of them available for Europe if we proceed to the knock-outs, our squad is going to be VERY strong in the second half of the season.
  5. Added mention for Popov, improving rapidly.
  6. Interesting. Not to sure what they can offer us really, facilities are all at 4.5* and with CL football coming through with our added low wage budget, it's not like I'm lacking in funds. Luckily it came at the end of the window when we weren't looking for players anyway. Bit frustrating but also a very promising sign that we could dominate them that significantly. Ever so slight improvements needed to make a real giant killer out of this squad, hopefully this season can give me the development needed to launch a full scale Europe Assault headed into my last season at the club. Any and all transfers I could make are not improvements on what we have, with a slight exception perhaps for Left-Back. Perhaps I've taken them as far as I can now...
  7. Those poor souls... There were 3 groups I wanted, this was not one of them. On a positive note, I think Man U are the first British team we get to take on, should be fun.
  8. End of Season Update 2019/20 Fantastic run in saw us clinch the title in the match against CSKA Sofia, with 4 left to play we kept up the youth investment and it's been paying off in spades. Nikolov is quickly staking a claim for the RB position. He spent most of the season transitioning from LWB but now that he's comfortable there, its starting to pay dividends. Atanasov is definitely the most improved this year and earning a place in the First Team on merit, the sky is the limit as it stands and I decided to grant him his first Bulgarian Cap after a great end to the season. A 20 Point gap, curious to see if it'll grow even greater with an additional year of development. Litex unfortunately lost in the playoff to the First Division, but as our loan base, hopefully we guys we send them this year can finally get them to where they deserve to be. Our Europe Run gave us some great news. Next season we battle for an automatic Group Stage place. Transfers To prepare us for the season we've made three signings. Bahtarliev Long-term replacement to Stoyanov at GK, will definitely be given some First Team football this season. Whether he's the future Bulgarian Number One is in doubt thanks to the existence of Bashliev, but he's very, very promising. Grgic The Australian CB I always wanted yet never got in my BMG/Australia Save. Incredibly good and on a free as well. Krejcik What a player. Future Ideas Going to give it another 2 seasons at Slavia and leave when my contract runs down, I do however plan on staying in Bulgaria. Whether I drop down to do some work with Lokomotiv Sofia/Litex if they're still not promoted or move to a team like Botev Plovdiv remains to be seen. Keeping it fresh while still staying Bulgaria should be fun. Plus there'll be the additional challenge of taking down Slavia when they're likely to be an incredibly strong team.
  9. Dare I say it, but it really looks like we're going to seal this quickly.
  10. Even after Gabriel Barbosa's first goal I was like "I can deal with that." 10 minutes later I could not deal with it at all bahaha. Yeah, pleasantly surprised on the domestic front, was expecting a tight battle for 2nd or so but Ludogorets have been struggling, great news for me! That was me "REVENGE FOR STEALING YOSKOV!" quickly turned into a massive ragequit haha
  11. Slavia vs Inter "Wow Tomov, you're really coming into your own. There's absolutely no chance that we can-" "****"
  12. Too easy. Now it gets a bit harder. Unlike last year, I definitely don't think we're getting past this stage, but we'll remain optimistic. New Job Poor performance by Hubchev actually had him Insecure so I felt less terrible about taking over the role. World Cup Qualification is a year out, one more season to develop anyone I can get my hands on. I'm very optimistic for the 2026 World Cup, when the majority of our players will be at their absolute peak, now it's just about putting the blocks in place.
  13. Solid run through the group, the win Valencia was gorgeous, but Maccabi Haifa was even better. Restricted them to a single shot on target in their own backyard. Heading into the final day the table looked like this. At home vs Feyenoord, a win and we take 1st in the group, anything else and we were likely to finish second or even 3rd depending on whether Feyenoord could do better than the 1-1 draw we held them too in Holland. Our Youth Gamble paid off, Tomov coming in the clutch to send us out with a 1-0 victory. Great results, about 1.3mil in the coffers due to results and over a million in gate receipts. Given our wage budget which I'm still keeping low at 50kp/w the money is coming in huge for us and we've lifted back up to 10 million in the white. The biggest benefit of course, is more European Football and more game time for our youth. Round of 32 Opponent Very beatable. And with one game left before the Winter Break here is the League Table Breaking away from the pack with some solid results. Hopefully we can add another 3 points and head into January with a strong lead. Beroe must be playing the most negative football alive, but they're getting results so...
  14. Season Update 2019/2020 Part Two Strong start in the league, squad is having to battle for results with a bit more effort required than last year but we're managing to stay on course. Negotiated with the board for an 'Around the Top of the League finish' which effectively means so long as we make the Champions Playoff (6th) they'll be happy. We should do better. The table is packed up to 8th place, so hopefully we can break away from the pack over the coming weeks. There are no easy games though, as we're finding out this season. Europa League Qualification Breezed through off the back of a higher seeding, getting very beatable opponents. Our First XI and our main Europe force is still very strong, it's just outside of that where the youth are taking over, getting most of their development in the First League. Started life in our group stage fairly well Good result vs Maccabi but we squandered a lead vs Feyenoord after Mijailovic got sent off. Valencia was a lot closer than the score suggests with 12 shots each and us winning possession, we just lacked defensively. With Valencia and Feyenoord coming home, we're looking at sealing qualification fairly easily. In terms of our youth prospects, taking back what I said regarding Enchev, this far into the season we're finding a great midfield partnership in Ganchev and Atanasov. Looking at the pair being in control of our midfield moving into the future. They've also showed some great development over the last few months, so hopefully they continue the trend for the rest of the season and beyond.