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  1. wynter

    [FM17] Ich Bin Ein Fraud-liner

    The work Sneijder is putting in with those key passes Nice pickup on Gnabry too.
  2. wynter

    Serenading Sofia - The Final Attempt

    With the transfer window done, we welcome Vondra to the club. Man-Made for the Deep Lying Playmaker role. With the earlier addition of Vondra last year the likely core of my side in the future will be Ivanov lying in the DM position, with Frydek pushing forward and this guy as the glue to our midfield. Plenty of room to grow and a definite star of the Czech National Team in the future. We also picked up Kraev, one of the best young Bulgarian talents. My biggest decision though was moving out Filipov. He'd been getting goals for me but no matter how I pushed him he refused to develop and if anything was going backwards. Cashed in while I could and used those funds to get Vondra across. Pre-Seasons going according to plan as well. Starting from the 1st Qualifying round again we don't really need friendlies with Europe our early season warm-up. An easy run and we're into the playoffs vs Olympiakos for another CL Group Stage.
  3. I opt for 3 completely different ones. They all tend to have a control or attacking ethos behind them and every tactic I use has a sole striker but one might be 3 at the back, the other uses 2 CAMs instead of wingers for example. Given how the AI does adapt the last few FMs my formations tend to have minor changes to the way we attack and defend in order to throw some curveballs vs the opponent from time to time.
  4. wynter

    Serenading Sofia - The Final Attempt

    End of Season 2019/20 Massive run in to end the season, picking up the Bulgarian Cup on the way through for the first time in our history with a tight win over Beroe. The draw and Defeat to Levski and Ludogorets marred our perfect record and the potential for Ludogorets to have kept in front was definitely there. Luckily they didn't and a complete capitulation on their side not only led to the sacking of their manager, but also our second consecutive title win and yet another tilt at the Champions League. Player of the Season Only joined halfway through, but his impact was devastating. Zdravko Snjaric 7 goals and 5 assists in 14 games led the way in the final few months. Having a player capable of playing out left evolved our playstyle, making the 4-1-4-1 AML even more viable than it was previously. Next Season Have some simple goals for the next season, if everything plays out ideally making the CL groups again will be great and hopefully we can push forward a step further and make the Knockout Stage. Build Squad Win the Bulgarian League and Cup Make the CL R16 Transfers In line with building the squad we've made two transfers, still keeping our focus and the clubs for that matter on young bulgarian talent. Alexandr Ivanov Finally joining us from Levski after a two year pursuit. Long-term aspirations to make him not only our starting RWB but the future starter of the Bulgarian National Team as well. Angel Kostov Incredibly well rounded AMC, not a standout at anything, but if those attributes all jump by 2/3 over the next few years he'll be worth all of the 65k transfer fee we paid.
  5. Well done man, seriously. I need to get there soon hahaha
  6. wynter

    Serenading Sofia - The Final Attempt

    Been sitting here cackling with glee at every result
  7. wynter

    Serenading Sofia - The Final Attempt

    Absolutely atrocious two legs and we were completely outplayed across both. The second leg may have been my fault as I opted for my 2 CAM formation and left both Snjaric and Dobrev on the bench. Going forward we just offered nothing and the two of them are probably our most dangerous players up top. Lesson learned for the future. Being kicked out of Europe has given us full focus on the Playoff though and we're hitting everyone in Bulgaria with our best side at just the right moment. Slavia - First 4 Matches of the Championship Playoff Ludogorets - First 4 matches of the Championship Playoff Gap shredded over the first half off the playoff, Ludogorets are choking something fierce.
  8. wynter

    [FM18] Sven Adzic - European Journeyman

    Enjoying this save. Really curious to see where you end up.
  9. Goddamn that intake. Can't really say anything more than what everyone has said. What a player.
  10. wynter

    Saving Football: Frauding A Nation

    All of our upgrades finally gave us SOMETHING to latch onto An impressive quintet of players but of the batch there's truly one star. Fire me up the leagues Magnin <3 Season itself has been decent, bit further back than I would have liked but we lost our best player after relegation and the hit did indeed do a number on our squad. Magnin comes in early next season though and after that the entire division can consider itself on notice
  11. wynter

    Serenading Sofia - The Final Attempt

    Forgot to put it in haha, we drew AZ for the R16. Should be able to win that pretty comfortably based on the AEK match.
  12. wynter

    The Circle of Fitness Activists

    Very close vs PAOK, upgrades to the team should be great though. Hopefully they help out in the immediate future.
  13. wynter

    [FM18] Changing Lanes

    Cheers, still a bit of work to do though we got beaten far too easily
  14. wynter

    [FM18] Changing Lanes

    Season 2020/21 - Transfers Big Window with some major moves. Ceballos got an offer that was too good to refuse in the form of PSG and Donis was moved on to Inter because it honestly felt like he wasn't getting better and he just wasn't good enough to help us succeed. Major moves in are Tierney, Achraf and Rodrygo Rodrygo to take over the Raumdeuter role as we move Kean to striker, Tierney and Achraf represent a massive upgrade to our flanks and immediately strengthen us significantly. Meanwhile Amiri is a player I've always wanted yet never got to use, fills in as a rotational option alongside Grundmann, a like for like swap with Ceballos. Messaoudi and Diarra are two really good prospects I'm looking forward to getting my hands on.
  15. wynter

    Serenading Sofia - The Final Attempt

    Cruised through, AEK simply not good enough to keep us at bay. Side's clicking and Snjaric and Dobrev add a killing factor up top for us that's making us even more potent than we were previously. To keep both of them in the side we've alternated to a 3rd tactic and I'm currently running through all of them to keep everyone both up to speed and to keep adapting to our opponents. Bog standard 4-1-2-3 to make sure everyone's in the best position possible. League's becoming a lot clearer as we enter the playoff phase after 26 games. If we beat Ludogorets both times we bring them into 2 points. Given the teams in the Playoff as well there's a strong chance they could lose some points due to sheer quality alone. So not entirely out of reach, and a lot more possible than it currently appears.