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  1. Personally I just think Star Cosmos have that galactic appeal. The meanwhile the Fraud Baths need cleaning.
  2. I caved @smp20 Third tier portugal, Vila Verde is a municipality of Braga and quite simply, the logo looked cool. Tactics Probably going to be my main system. Still creating the other two as we speak. Rough Draft #1 And my 4-1-4-1 Assymetric is a placeholder from my Slavia days while I think up an alternate third. Obviously the squad's not talented enough for this to actually be viable so its chances of getting actual runtime is minimal. Edit: Of note, we don't have a scouting department so our DOF is in charge of all incoming transfers with myself having final approval.
  3. wynter

    Whims of Fate - A Journeyman Career

    Heading into the Winter Break and things are going well. Consistent league form, winning against the teams we should be beating and while we're struggling a bit vs other mid-table sides we aren't dropping points to them which is a nice bonus. Gallen have had a great start to the season and roping them in over the second half of the year will be our massive test. Also aiming to get some good results vs Young Boys and Basel, we're not going to be competing with them for a few more seasons, but if we can start making some progress this season it'd give cause to be a little more optimistic. Our R32 Opponent for Europe has also been announced. Has the makings of a great match, a team we can definitely beat but also one that could run over us if we're not careful. Hope we can make some inroads in Europe this year.
  4. wynter

    Whims of Fate - A Journeyman Career

    What a way to seal qualification to the Knockout Round. We had 4 shots on target and scored 4 goals, efficiency to the max. Rode our luck a lot as Leverkusen got forward but our attack was impressive.
  5. wynter

    [FM18] Sven Adzic - European Journeyman

    Hasselbaink at Benfica has me so interested in how the hell that came about. But definitely, hopefully Chelsea come calling.
  6. wynter

    Whims of Fate - A Journeyman Career

    ... Were actually even deadlier with 10 men than we were with 11, Succar ran them into the ground.
  7. wynter

    [FM17] Ich Bin Ein Fraud-liner

    Hopefully Anikin can get your team Sky-walking at the top of the table
  8. wynter

    Whims of Fate - A Journeyman Career

    Decent start, ignoring the travesty that was the Young Boys match. Basel and YB still have better squads than ours, even if we closed the gap a fair way over the course of the window. Our team is very youth focused though, and given a season of development maybe we can start contesting them on the regular in the second half of this season leading into a push next year. 4th is decent given the 50/50 record we've got so far. Have the best For and the Worst Against which is always entertaining. Hopefully we can iron out the defence as Velkov and our latest signing work on their partnership. (Jorge says hi) Shoutout to Johann Berger, looking like the makings of a very tidy midfielder in the near future. Despite his finishing, I'm leaning towards a Regista/DLP role given his low dribbling. Solid qualification ties, and a medium group, Leverkusen are of course the major issue. Confident we can contest PAOK and Wien though.
  9. wynter

    [FM17] Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    Hopefully you can move forward with a Summer to assert your style and get in some nice players. Shame about Dortmund as well, definitely understand how frustrating that would have been. Hoping you can gain a chance at redemption or revenge, whichever Kaiser would prefer
  10. wynter

    Saving Football: Frauding A Nation

    Granger looks... Magical. Great to see you flying in L1 though.
  11. wynter

    Whims of Fate - A Journeyman Career

    Transfers In You may force the man out of Bulgaria by way of an utterly **** bug, but the man may take Bulgaria with him! And that's what I've decided to do with this window, relying on some personal favourites and a little bit of curiosity to see if they can develop even further in a better league. Stergiakis Mitruyshkin refused to trust me and he was sold, Stergiakis isn't on his level yet but boy does he have potential and coaxing it out will be a great challenge for the immediate future. I've always invariably sold him 2-3 seasons in and this time I'm doing the buying. Hoping he stays here long-term. Velkov Leader at the back, once trialling with some of Europe's best clubs until a torn cruciate set him back and in turn killed off all interest in him. Can he still unlock the potential that had him the talk of Bulgaria's future oh so short a time ago? Dobrev 17 Years old and has all the goods to be amazing. Inside Forward on the right hand side is my intention and hopefully with better facilities and coaching than he'd have at his previous club I can push him along nice and easy. 53k is also a complete steal. Kusej Noticed him at Dresden while i was at Rostock, I've never tried him before and he wasn't getting gametime for the Germans so I thought maybe I could help him unlock his talent. Looking at a long-term Shadow Striker to provide a threat from deep. Gaspar Wonderful player already and an absolute steal. Hopefully the spine of our midfield alongside Berger for the duration of my spell in charge.
  12. wynter

    Whims of Fate - A Journeyman Career

    Minor mistake with a corrupted file and we got sent back to March. With everything being fair I played the first few games to get the tactics back on track and then we holidayed back to our time period and finished off the season. We admittedly did better than we did previously win wise. We did lose more than we had in the previous edition though and didn't draw any matches either but the win rate was higher and we finished with a slightly higher points total than we would have before. Nothing majorly noteworthy out of it, we ended one spot higher and still play the Europa League, just entering one stage higher than we would have. With no one putting faith in me though, and squad harmony critical I got the clearance from the board to radically overhaul the squad and anyone who opposed me has been removed. Incoming transfers next.
  13. wynter

    Whims of Fate - A Journeyman Career

    Tight games and not ideal results. Lausanne and Gallen are beatable and the fact that we didn't get past them, even conceding in stoppage vs Lausanne makes things a little bit tougher to stomach. Of course, drawing with them also means we don't lose points so at the very least that worked in our favor in preventing us from dropping down the table. A Europa League Spot in sight. Lugano and Zurich amongst our foes in the final 3 matches. We could easily sink or soar at this stage.
  14. wynter

    Whims of Fate - A Journeyman Career

    Bit of a tricky run... Zurich and Lugano are looking to be our main rivals in the battle for Europe alongside Lausanne. Basel and Young Boys are exactly who they are so the month was more than difficult and the 1-0 win over YB to cap off the period was a nice bounceback after an excruciatingly tough period. With 7 games left and neither of the Top 2 to face off against, the rest of the league is hunting season.
  15. wynter

    Whims of Fate - A Journeyman Career

    Strong start. Two horror teams to kick off my Switzerland career. With morale at an all time low, and questions already being asked over whether I had the dressing room or not we've managed to since find a leg to stand on and used it to propel ourselves back into the mix. Or at the very least, far away from the relegation battle as Luzern drop horrifically.