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  1. The Elephants of Sicily

    Catania Season 2018/19 Pre-Season We've been incredibly busy this window with the squad needing a massive overhaul in order to survive in the Serie A. Match wise the team has been in great form. Getting the loans in early has given the squad plenty of time to gel and with a mix of difficult to moderately easy matches we've performed against every opponent. The 1-1 draw with Everton was highly impressive, a 50/50 match which could have gone either way and bodes well for our chances this season vs the higher level of competition. Players Our squad has a lot of depth, most being Leading Serie B/ Decent Serie A players I have been able to pick up some gems to help add to our level of quality and provided they play up to the standard I want we won't get near the relegation battle. Federico Matiello Definite upgrade on our wingback options. Unwanted at Juve and with a 1.7mil Buyout Clause ready to go at any time if he impresses me then I'll definitely be lumping up the required sum. Incredibly well rounded and incredibly versatile. Matteo Gabbia Physical Monster who once he gets his tackling up is going to be the destroyer in our midfield, negotiated a 14mil buy-out but the likelihood of me ever being able to activate it at this point stands at maybe 0.5%. Also capable of CB should the need be required. Alessandro Murgia Gabbia's Partner, taking over Gasperoni at our Roaming Playmaker slot after he wanted more money per week than our entire wage budget for the season. 2.5 mil Buyout which echoes a similar approach, I'm working the loan market with a view to full time acquisition. Rough Prospects Fabris and Candela are two prospects I'm looking at blooding this year. Fabris is the local talent attracting the interest of Paris Saint-Germain while Candela is a loan from Torino that I think has the potential to be a superstar in a couple of seasons. Candela's an interesting test, I think he has just the right attributes in just the right spots, and with 2-3 seasons I can potentially turn him into a great player, provided he receives a lot of gametime. Fabris is just an incredible prospect, already beginning to mould him into a Raumdeuter as that's the LW role. The only negative aspect of his attributes is that horrendous passing stat which makes Winger/AP an unviable option. Nothing's expected of us, this season's all about survival.
  2. The Elephants of Sicily

    Cheers! One must always be humble when plotting domination
  3. Hopefully you can kick on and get the good times rolling next season
  4. The Elephants of Sicily

    End of Season Update Catania - 2017/18 Season We finished the season off with a bang. There were some minor losses throughout but when we needed to rise to the occasion we did so with aplomb. So how'd we go? We broke every record we targeted and established ourselves as arguably the most dominant side to ever enter the Serie B. Goalwise we conceded an absolute bucket load compared to everyone else, but no one was able to touch us offensively, Pierini leading the way with 25 goals from 37 games. Goals for Next Season Provided we can keep some of the loans we should be looking at staying up comfortably. I'm plotting a mid-table to top half finish and scouring around for some youth we can add to the squad for future sell on/first team endeavours.
  5. 75th Minute Corner for Slavia. Their fans are on their feet, spurring the team on. Feibas swings it in, deflects off the head of Hristov, CONGO AT THE BACKPOST! GOAL SLAVIA SOFIA! Out of nowhere, the Bulgarians are back into the game and new life has been breathed into them as Price screams encouragement from the bench. Can they fight their way to yet another stunning upset? 84th Minute Congo beats Rashford in the air, the header falls to Shaw but a poor first touch sees Yoskov retaking control of possession. Popov to Krejcik who lays a pass to Tanase, intercepted by Lirola. He clears down the left hand line but Popov picks it up, he floats a magnificent first time cross to the backhand post… VOLLEY BY TANASE! CRACKS THE CROSSBAR, THE GOAL AND THE STADIUM ARE SHAKING!!! Slavia are swarming the Manchester defence, the goal feels like it's coming any second... 87th Minute Febas to Mendyl, Mendyl to Takahashi. He plays it into Yoskov, Yoskov turns, he looks out wide to Popov, Shaw sticks his leg out but Krejcik pounces on his mistake, a routine clearance has now become a One V One as he surges into the box… SAVED, DE GEA PARRIES IT OUT FOR A CORNER PRICE HAS HIS HEAD IN HIS HANDS! It’s a freekick, Slavia flood the box as Feibas swings it in… De Gea roars off his line and claims it from Congo FULL TIME That’s it! Manchester Escape Instanbul after a flurry of late chances. Slavia lies defeated on the ground and you can’t help but wonder… Will they ever be here again? Those Clear Cut Chances... Such a hard result to take. I'm happy in that I expected us to be well-beaten, but we got very, very close and for that reason I'm quite sad. Shame this save bugged out, I was ready for another CL Campaign But Slavia was incredibly fun, take a bow Bulgaria
  6. Even his father tasted bitter disappointment Hopefully Gunnar doesn't experience the Fiorentina Fever, but a little more insanity is always welcome
  7. What better way to build suspense than to hit them when they've forgotten completely (Or my motivation was completely shattered haha)
  8. 37th Minute Slavia fend off a Manchester United corner and break out the left hand side. Mendyl plays it to Tanase but a horrific first touch has Lirola retrieving the ball. He switches flanks to Martial, Martial burns past Nikolov, he surges into the box. IT’S 1 vs 1! GOAL MANCHESTER UNITED 1-0 Half Time Manchester Lead, profiting from Slavia wasting a massive chance earlier in the game. Can the Bulgarians come back? 52nd Minute A short free kick taken by Manchester United. Maatmaan plays it to N'zonzi, N'zonzi to Pogba. THREADS A BALL THROUGH THE SLAVIA DEFENCE AND RASHFORD IS THROUGH!!! GOAL MANCHESTER UNITED 2-0 Out of Nowhere, a moment of magic by the Frenchman and the Bulgarians are looking down and out. Can they find a way back into the game? 60th Minute Double Sub for the Bulgarians Feibas and Yoskov enter the game from the bench, Price playing his hand...
  9. Presland and Bonneau could have been a magic centre back pairing if Pres was a few inches taller Paul Hogg looks incredible though, looking forward to seeing how good he is in a season.
  10. Champions League Final Slavia Sofia vs Manchester United We are live at the Ataturk Olimpyat for the biggest match in the history of Bulgarian Football as Jason Price's Slavia take on the might of Manchester United led by the Legendary Jose Mourinho. The Game 8th Minute Congo moves the ball to Takahashi, Slavia push forward onto Tanase but his pass is misplaced and Manchester United surge on the counter. Pogba plays Lirola down the wing but a crunching tackle by Mendyl give Slavia the ball back and it’s Slavia’s turn to hit Manchester United on the break. Kraev takes the ball a touch too forward and is dispossessed by N’zonzi, Martial receives the ball and splits the Slavia Defence as Rashford runs on… WIDE, first chance of the games goes begging 0-0. 23rd Minute Throw in by Mendyl headed by Mkhitaryan but it finds its way back to the Slavia player. Mendyl to Takahashi, finds Kraev who sends it through to Tanase. He beats one, beats two, he’s on the edge of the box and he lashes a shot at the Manchester goal… SAVED De Gea holds as Slavia have their first meaningful attack of the match. 24th Minute Bailly’s clearance is picked up by Congo, he immediately lumps it forward to Krejcik who holds it up. He unlocks Katsarski on the right wing, the 17 year old dances past Shaw with a blaze of skill and sends it towards the back post. Tanase leaps over Goldaniga, heads it back to Krejcik who has the ball just outside the six yard box. IS THIS IT?! BLOCKED Goldaniga throws himself at the ball, it deflects off him and whistles past the bottom left post, De Gea saved by the incredible defence as Slavia had him lost at sea. The Bulgarians are putting on a show and Manchester look to be in trouble…
  11. The Elephants of Sicily

    I KNOW. THEY HAVE BELOTTI AND LJAJIC the ***** Yeah, I don't know the first thing about defending in FM tbh Wiser words have never been spoken, I probably would've turned them down tbf, they were back up to 9th by the time they rejected me so in peril they weren't.
  12. The Elephants of Sicily

    That'll do nicely...
  13. The Elephants of Sicily

    Brilliant form, Empoli and Cesena are two great teams so while losing was irritating it was always something to anticipate going up against them. The win vs Carpi was a great game, with a late goal to seal the deal in front of a great homecrowd. Promising figures that will hopefully soar next year if we manage to get promoted. We are conceding a fair amount of goals, but we're scoring buckets as well so I've no complaints. 9 Games left to hold onto the title and 9 games left to make our mark on the record books as well. 17/27 Points and 21 goals over the rest of the season and we can stake a claim as one of the most dominant Serie B sides in History. les go.
  14. The Elephants of Sicily

    “Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant filled with odd little waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don't always like.” The plane arrives at midnight in the cover of darkness. A man steps off wearing his hopes and dreams on his sleeves as he hops into the car that will carry him to his destination. The job has been circling through the media outlets for weeks. They’re an expected contender for Europe languishing near the relegation zone, begging for someone to be the spark of a revival beyond that of Lazarus himself. He loves Catania, but he wants to be that man. No. He needs to be that man. They arrive in silence. He’s escorted into the building, his features cloaked by the hooded jumper he wears in case the paparazzi had caught wind of his adventure. All the while he repeats what he’s going to say, the speech he’s memorised for days echoing throughout his mind. Guards look at him, their eyebrows raised at the man muttering rapidly over and over in a language they don’t entirely understand as the secretary takes over and directs him to the office, asking him to wait outside. Minutes feel like hours, his hands shaking with nervous energy as the potential to realise a childhood dream awaits him in a room a mere metre away. She opens the door, raven curls and piercing blue eyes that on any other night may have entranced him but now seem a mere afterthought in the face of what lays ahead. “They’ll see you now.” He takes a breath, and marches towards destiny. The room is filled with three people, the president flanked by his directors who sit in silence for a few moments as he enters. “Hel-“ He starts but he’s immediately cut off by the President who holds up his hand. “Mr. Price…” The president says. “How do you feel about defensive football?” Back to Catania