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  1. [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    Honestly though here was where you might run into a 1-2 season wait but you're powering through. Nice man
  2. [FM18] Changing Lanes

    First Division Post-Winter Break Decent Form. Balancing Europe and the Bundesliga has been a bit of an issue because our depth outside of the first team while decent, isn't reliable enough to get consistent results just yet. An issue I'm looking to resolve with the addition of the First Generation Wonderkids next year + some savvy recruitment. All we really need however is Champions League Football and that's what we're keeping on task with. Could be better but it could be infinitely worse. Speaking of Wonderkids Another Golden Generation! Karagiannis has all the makings of an insane goalkeeper Unfortunately that absymal first touch wrecks his odds of being a sweeper keeper despite that 19 eccentricity. Odd attributes but a very serviceable GK to come. Feuerherdt has the horrid luck of coming in behind Jan Mast and I'll be moving him off to Bayern who are already sniffing around in the next window. I've had brilliant LB's coming in from everywhere for some odd reason at this club. Karagoz is much the same. Getting gametime off Exslager and Luis Fabiano in the future will be a real challenge for him. Worst comes to worst, I'll be able to sell them for a fair bit of money to top up the transfer kitty.
  3. [FM18] Changing Lanes

    Sorry for the wait everyone reading, between Uni and other real life shenanigans I haven't had time to fully kick into Update Gear. Anyways here's an attempt to get back in the saddle. Champions League Leg 2 Stuttgart vs PSG Neckerstadion We went with our patented 4-1-4-1 AML against their standard, yet effective 4-2-3-1 Wide. I told the boys to get revenge after the heartbreaker away from home and we came into the match with confidence after dispatching Bayern 5-3 a few days prior in an epic. Revenge was a success Sterling effort from the lads with two late goals by Donis sending the French Champions crashing out of the tournament and us into the Quarter Finals. Match Stats Not a case of luck, we actually dominated them in very impressive fashion. Some nervy moments throughout though because PSG are still talented. Just a case of us wanting it that much more. Next Up
  4. We Need to Talk About Krasnodar - Now on Amazon for 19.99
  5. [FM18] Changing Lanes

    Definitely staying, but if I do get over to England they'd be one of my favourite clubs to do the challenge with Newcastle aside. Swapped out the 2 striker system, but the other two are the same Only problem is Kean out left, feel it's a waste with his finishing ability.
  6. [FM18] Changing Lanes

    Champions League Round Sixteen PSG vs Stuttgart Leg 1 1st Minute Kickoff for PSG Neymar moves it to Rabiot, Rabiot shifts it out left to Alex Sandro. PSG building the play up carefully as they push into Stuttgart's half from the get go. It's played to Mertens, who finds Verrati. Verrati to Cavani but tackled by Schmolzer! Rabiot picks up the rebound and floats a cross to the back post. IT'S DEMBELE GOAL 1-0 PSG 51 Seconds is all it's taken an Stuttgart have it all to do. 16th Minute Throw in for Stuttgart inside their own half. A long throw from Thiago Mendes finds Ceballos, Ceballos takes it down and switches the play, Kean heads it down to Ailton. Some nice interplay between the two opens up space for Kean who surges into the box. He plays a low cross. DONIS BEATS KIMBEPE TO THE BALL GOAL 1-1 44th Minute Jorge finds Ailton, Ailton to Kean KEAN TO DONIS KEPA GETS A HAND TO IT THE HEADER CRACKS OFF THE CROSSBAR! A play from almost nothing very nearly sends Stuttgart into the locker rooms with a 1-2 lead. HALF TIME Everything to play for in this second half, Stuttgart wreaking havoc out the left hand side and PSG need to find an answer soon. 47th Minute PENALTY Jorge pushes Cavani in the box, the referee points without hesitation despite the German sides pleas. Cavani to take it... He steps up SAVED Perin the HERO! and Stuttgart scramble it away. PSG now starting to apply the pressure and Stuttgart's offence is weakened as their attackers are forced to move back and help defend in a bid to hold onto this result. 83rd Minute Corner to PSG Neymar swings it in... KIMPEMBE VOLLEY ON THE FIRST TOUCH GOAL 2-1 PSG After a dismal performance throughout the match the Frenchman now proves to be the hero for his side! Full TIme A tense match with everything to play for in Germany.
  7. [FM18] Changing Lanes

    Bournemouth Target Stuttgart Manager Mateo Lacroze has emerged as a surprise frontrunner for the vacant managerial position at Dean Court. Restaurant goers at the Valle Ristorante claim to have seen the Argentinian Manager with leading officials of the club and by all reports talks were positive. The move comes as a surprise given Lacroze’s success over the last two seasons and questions remain as to why a manager with a side currently competing within the Champions League would be willing to look at a relegation threatened team as Bournmouth currently lie in 18th position. With a proposed 60million dollar warchest at his disposal with the promise of even more in the summer, perhaps it comes as no surprise that Lacroze would be interested after operating on Stuttgart’s far more menial budget over the past few seasons. Struggles which have resulted in the sale of several of his star players to fund improvements to the team. The knowledge that Lacroze is interested in the position AND that he’s met with the club for an interview have seen his odds of getting the position firm and he’s now the bookies favourite to get the nod. Stuttgart are Lacroze’s first step into management following an exceptional career across the Europe, coaching at several of the best clubs in Europe from the age of 20. Results for the club have been highly impressive under his tutelage and the club is rapidly emerging as one of the strongest in Germany.
  8. [FM18] Changing Lanes

    Really good. I play him as a GK instead of a sweeper so he doesn't do much with the ball but made some top class saves so far and seems a definite improvement on Zieler. Win the CL, don't have to win the league but winning it is generally a sign you're a contending team in Europe haha. If left to my own devices I can get through 6 months across a day. My game speed is pretty poor so working with what I have. It'd take 5-6 days to run through a whole season given time? Am looking at getting a new laptop in the next few weeks though because the one I have is pretty run down so that might improve in the future. I'll mainly be getting it for other stuff though so FM is a secondary concern.
  9. [FM18] Changing Lanes

    Winter Break Transfers We had a lot of outgoings in relation to our main squad. Of those were some of our most impressive players this season but there was reasoning behind them all. It was a matter of balance and financial profit. For Zon-Ziler I was able to get in Perin on less wages and a cheaper pricetag. The same can be said of Villalba and Lucas Silva. I've been able to gain some financial muscle for next season with the movement and still kept the squad strong enough to orchestrate a European Run if everything plays out to perfection. Dario Neves was our biggest move of the window though, even if he won't be joining the squad for another season. I just like every aspect of him and another year of gametime at Millionaros should prime him to slot straight into our squad in 12 months. League We've kicked off in fine form with no loss to our momentum after the overhaul. Villalba hasn't entered our first team yet however, with Donis taking over the striking duties as he settles into the squad. Player of the Month Dani Ceballos 5 Games, 3 Goals, 3 Assists 8.73 Rating Dominant. He always pops up in just the right spot and orchestates our offense. His interplay with Kean and Donis in particular has been stellar of late.
  10. Bordeaux doing work on that list. And congrats on the double
  11. [FM18] Changing Lanes

    December Update 2019/20 Great spell of form to close out the year. An initial loss to Koln was unexpected but the match was thrilling to watch as we went goal for goal in a classic. A relatively easy win against Zenit sealed our qualification as the best team in ,Group D as Villareal followed us through to the knockout stages. The BMG result was the best of the month as we reigned them in to take 2nd headed into the 2nd half of the season, Bayern don't look to be dropping points though. Player of the Month Maximiliano Gomez 5 Games, 6 Goals, Two Assists 7.86 Rating Fantastic as always to go to 15 goals from 21 games for the year. His form hasn't gone unnoticed however and Dortmund are circling. While I wouldn't usually sell a player going that well for me... I've got some ideas depending on the size of the bid. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE KNOCKOUT STAGES ... ****.
  12. [FM18] Changing Lanes

    Europe Shaky start but we found our footing. For some reason Anderlecht has probably been the hardest team, our match vs Zenit was terribly unlucky while Anderlecht have been going toe to toe with us for reasons I can't quite discern. Regardless, Qualification Sealed for the Latter Rounds Meanwhile in the reserves Jan Mast is flourishing. Shame he's 2 years away.