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  1. Out of curiosity what affected two promotions last year vs one slot this year?
  2. Solid living in the Serie A, made Europe each time and the squad is slowly coming together. Biggest perk though was I found a Sammarinese HoYD who's been great. Since he was installed we've got in some great regens. Lost 4 who were amazing to Italy for now, but we've had a lot of Pure Sammarinese guys who I'm integrating into the First Team Volpinari is our rock at the back and also the main First Team player in the club, Righi and Ugolini came into the squad this year though our intake and I'll probably be looking to integrate them in 1-2 years. Righi I'm moving to Centre Midfield for a DLP/Mezzala role while Ugolini will be our AP. Bianchi I'm giving 10-20 games a season while Bindi fell off a little so I've opted to loan him out for game-time and development. Biggest things we need in the next two intakes are Gks and Fullbacks. We have a GK who opted for Italy and so I sold him to PSG, but I'm keeping an eye on him for 4/5 years to see if I can sway him back.
  3. Just want to highlight one of the best Playoff performances ever. Down to 9 men inside the First Half, we salvaged a 1-0 loss off the back of our Keeper saving 2 pens and putting in a deserved man of the match performance in a game we could have easily lost 3/4-0 in any other universe. Even with 2 key players suspended for Leg 2 we struck back with a vengeance and rolled through the Final to secure promotion to the Serie A. Due to the Italian Cup Run saving our finances we got a 7.5mil TB and a 150k P/W Wage packet to use in attracting players and concocting a survival bid. Keeping a lot of the same core XI from this season by renewing loans for Gabbia, Bouah, Luinetti, Rovella and Catanese. Meanwhile we've signed Capone and Metz on frees. We're going to piggyback off the good dynamics to start the season as strong as possible with a better quality striker hopefully leading from the front.
  4. Our Last 11 Matches to end the season went well. Up to that point I'd been simming everything except the cup matches because LLM doesn't really interest me, but the quality of players we had meant I could fall back on some of my favourite systems and enjoy the match engine so with Dynamics finally in the Green I stuck with my 4-1-4-1 which we beat Lazio 6-3 with. Near perfect form to end the season had us enter the final day 2 points of 1st and equal with 2nd. But we lost and results led to us entering the playoffs at the Semi-Final Stage which I'll cover next. We did lose the Italian Cup Final though, got off to an early lead but Napoli were simply too good.
  5. First Season in the Serie B and our most impressive achievement in the Italian Cup Christian Capone has carried us through 4 Serie A Teams and exploded vs Lazio to send us into the final with a dominating display. Final vs Napoli which'll be a huge match. In the League we're cruising towards the playoffs, miuch better former over the 2nd half of the season so we should get a Top 8 and Playoff Spot. Promotion will be tricky though. Youth Intake was average. Volpinari was the best Sammarinese player, decent CB and could have a Rotation/Backup role in the First Team if we train him properly.
  6. Cheers Italy turns over June 30 so save the 29th and keep going
  7. Magic comeback in Extra time sees us through to the Serie B. All players above made our Youth Intake. Only one star and I need to blood him ASAP.
  8. Big tip would be wait 2 seasons, think one of the teams had 5000 rep to SMs 3450 so the 5000 team just got promoted almost every time. Year 2 should help them pop up more regularly.
  9. So started this a few days ago. Waited for San Marino to get Promoted which took 2 seasons on simming, kept trying in year one at the reload date and honestly rolled no dice after about 50 attempts. After Season 2 we got them first time so we took over San Marino in 2020/21. Before that though, we started with the NT to build their National Rep and hopefully attract better youth prospects by going up the rankings. Year 1 Big Wins over Belarus and Luxembourg, ranked in the worlds Top 100 were a nice boost putting us at 189th. Year 2 Absolutely walloped by Portugal but in our last game of the year somehow took points from Wales. Year 3 Admittedly I gamed the system a little. Set up friendlies with Higher Ranked Teams, but focused on ones I thought could be susceptible to an upset. Worked well with Namibia, less well with North Korea. Trudged through the Europe League Friendlies coming 2nd in our group. All in All 178th after 3 years of effort. In the League we're quite comfortable. Slated for Playoffs as things stand and I'll be getting my first intake at any moment.
  10. Decent Start to our survival season. First game against recently relegated Mouscron was a dominating affair and after seeing it I felt quite confident in our abilities as a squad. The Relegation Playoff is very similar to the Promo System where 50% is deducted. Given only one team gets relegated as well, Roeselare are looking prime candidates. 11 Games, 7 Goals 3 Assists Our most impressive player so far, let's hope he continues to thrive out wide.
  11. Thanks! Pretty pleased so far Thanks as well, difference between the teams never seemed that big so was always pretty hopeful. Think Janssen and actually having a strong midfield was the biggest factor in us getting over the hill.
  12. Well I said not entirely reliant but we still overhauled 50% of our squad. Biggest signings in were Rafia and Hendl. Amazing AMC for this division bought in entirely for free given OL didn't want any of his wages covered. Hendl could easily be a long-term option at GK given his status as a good player for the division and he resolved our biggest problem with a lack of a First Team ready goalkeeper. Tugarinov is interesting as he's a free from Barcelona, otherwise just a nice Centre Back option to partner Jacquet.
  13. Promotion won with a game spare. It's been a productive season, straight into the division we need to be in for this save to work and with a quick look at initial budgets there's some promising news. We're currently spending 8k a week so we've had our budget tripled. I'm also going to look for a senior affiliate to get some quality loan options in and pick up some additional income. Given our additional youth focus we've got the ability to not be entirely reliant on transfers and can hopefully grow some of our players over the next 12 months to build a stable platform for survival in a higher division.
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