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  1. I see you too have become a Slav to the grind. Go forth mon ami
  2. I think I might hate Cherno More... (On the plus side, a new team that isn't Ludogorets winning the title is actually pretty spectacular. So new blood and competition in the league. However... It's time to spend. And our first look is at defence (2 CBs for an entire season was a bad idea).
  3. May Galin Ivanov you absolute manimal <3 A late equaliser looked like an extra time duel and the man said no. What a curler. Which also helped us deal with the fact we've lost the First League. As I've said before the league sorts by results between teams... So while we can finish on 67 points Cherno absolutely bodied us across the season. Take it on the chin an improve... Meanwhile the Euro Cup II looks like an awesome competition to check out.
  4. April So I gave Botev Vrasta **** for just existing in a previous post... and they came back to bite us in the *** in our very first game. In terms of positives we breezed into the Bulgarian Cup Final with a match against 10th placed Arda that we SHOULD win. Otherwise the actual Championship Phase itself has been a disappointment as we've gone 1-2-2 and at halfway we're choking out of a very winnable title. In good news, it may also be a case of everyone being too well matched because we have 2 games in hand on first place and we're 7 points off the pace. 2 wins... and the final 3 matches will be tasty.
  5. March A month of absolutely no progress. We finished the Prelimary Phase and entered the Champions Play-Off, losing our first match to contenders Cherno More. We played a full-strength team and just got caught on the break by a more clinical side. Not much too be done, but we'll need to be better in the rematch. Things are looking bleak. Youth Intake Onto brighter news... Investments into youth paid off. Albeit we once again got a Right Winger 5* propsect and it's like the game is forcing me to change... Golovdov is a pacey all-round quality talent who will never excel at a single aspect but my usual philosophy for 5* Regens is to expect every technical/mental attribute to raise by 4/5 and if he manages that... He'd be very, very serviceable. I'm actually more interested in Grilic though. I think with some mentoring he could slot into the BWM slot in our side. Solid passing stats, but woeful flair and while Baurenski is similar (6 Flair Regista) Baurenski is also a much more developed player at this point.
  6. Love David Raya, absolute manimal and stunned he's only 2.5* in your squad. PSG will definitely be tough so good luck
  7. There's hope in the air at The Slavia… Boasting one of the best attendance records in the league the football club is marching towards domestic success off the back of an incredible First Division Title win last year. The mastermind behind it all, or at least that's what the fans will tell you is Jason Price. An unheralded Australian Manager who joined the club with no previous coaching experience. Insanity or Brilliance? Either way the Slavia board is reaping the benefits of their shrewd signing. "Hail the King, the King in the East." The fans chant as Slavia Sofia notch up yet another win. Clubs in Bulgaria, take notice. Slavia are here to stay...
  8. February Better. Three wins and comfortable ones too. Ludogorets absolutely dominated us though and the result while close, was humbling. Comfortable wins over sides at the lower end of the table meant we emerged from February feeling pretty confident as to the last few months. Over the winter break I decided to hold my cards as it were. We had money to spend but I decided to hold on for another six months with our current squad. An eye instead turned to a heavy summer window where we'll really look into overhauling this team with an eye to the future. (Also, the Bulgarian League has no registration window over January despite having a transfer window, bug was raised with SI but I'm not restarting the game since I'm already in this deep. All my transfer business will be in June/July except for U20 players who in Bulgaria you don't need to register. January is basically a youth only signing window... Something I'm not too stressed by because most of the talent worth signing in this save is U18 anyways. Vrasta have slipped, everyone else looks threatening. And Hammoud, was an inspired choice based off recent performances Was interested in him last year, but being at Sheffield Wednesday they either wanted high fees or he was never too keen until he was 22/23 and his prime development years were done. This year he was in Lebanon for some reason and more than happy to come home (Bulgaria not Sofia).
  9. Winter Break We exist. Probably the only conclusion I can really come too over the last few months. 5-2-3 results wise and two of those wins came in Cup Competitions. A closer look shows we absolutely shredded CSKA Sofia, important because if they'd beat us both time's they'd be 11 points in the lead and probably way too far gone to hunt down. In Europe, we got absolutely eviscerated by Villareal in our re-match and come Day 5 we needed a win to qualify for the Knockouts and results to go in our favor. They didn't. If things hold up the CHampions Playoff will be a very legitimate Champions Playoff because the table is tight enough all six teams could feasibly win. Due to our improved finances though we got given an extra 700k to our TB and I splurged immediately. Eyad Hammoud He looks intriguing. Very well-rounded attacking midfielder with pace to burn. Could be vital as the season comes to a close.
  10. Rest of the month... Not as impressive. In good news we progressed in the Bulgarian Cup after our first round exit last year. Otherwise defeats and our first loss in Europe saw us drop down the ladder and others catch up. Finances have led to investment in our facilities... Bulgarian Only means we'll be using a lot of our developmental players and those who come to our club will likely come early. So facilities are vital.
  11. That's more like it! Good run of form off the back of some pretty easy league fixtures, Lokomotiv, 1948 and Pirin all hover near the bottom of the table so we were rewarded with a relatively easy spell this month and were able to focus solely on Europe. Villareal was surprising Two players sent off towards the end and we defended doggedly to escape with a win, Ivanov the star with a beautiful free kick launched into the top corner from 25 yards out. Rewarded by individual brilliance and sheer refusal to lose. CSKA with a nice lead though if they win their game in hand.
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