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  1. Nice work but you've forget Austria Regional league
  2. It's possible to creat other leagues as Jersey, Guernesey, Isle of Man, Alderney, Sark; Isle of Wright, Shetland, Lewis and Harris, Isle of Mull; Orkney? ANd after make a champions english/Scottish isles and plays Islands games for the national team
  3. I LOVE IT, it's wonderful Good idea, and the level of player ?
  4. [FM18] South Korean Pyramid

    impatient to play with this update. I'm interessting by the potential local league.
  5. You've make Singapore but have you informations for the new format with one relegation ?
  6. [FM18] South Korean Pyramid

    A good update.
  7. Thank you for you response. If you need anything concerning my PC configuration i send you faster
  8. Hi, I've FM 2018 beta and when i click tactics the game crash
  9. you'll make cups with this update ?
  10. Oui ça fait un bail Pour Jersey et Guernesey je pensais modifier la Grande-Bretagne et créer les British Islands. Mais il manquerait les équipes nationales.
  11. Hi Timo, How to make no fifa teams without continental qualification ? Can you create Jersey, Man, Guernesey ?