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  1. lo.simon

    [FM18] South Korean Pyramid

    Hi @XXXtreme, You've finish this update ?
  2. Moi tu sais quoi Jersey Guernesey Man dans qualité pour la C1 ou la coupe du monde. Mais le Muratti Vase... Avec mon aide bien sûr lol
  3. lo.simon

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    @phnompenhandy that's a real life scottish structure ?
  4. Hi, Tue new format of Singaporean premier league for 2018 make by claassen run with any problem. But there are two new rules: 1: The maximum of foreign players are 2 and not 3, 2: DPMM, Abiirex and young lions can't relegated to Division one, 3: Abiirex can have two singaporean players in her team. How change the rules ?
  5. lo.simon

    How to make a "Free Agents" Database?

    Go to FMSlife.fr. A free agent database are created.
  6. @claassen have you make the new format for Singapore ?
  7. @Uncle_Sam The NASL dissapear ?
  8. That's a great great work. Amazing
  9. lo.simon

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    @danbhtfc You project to include Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man in your update ?
  10. Hello, How to change continent in the editor in football manager 2018 ? i've not data file in my FM 2018 editor folder.
  11. lo.simon

    [Singapore] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks ans so the rules with maximum two strangers in every team (DPMM and Niigata include) Niigata maximum 3 players no japanese
  12. @Uncle_Sam How to make draft in editor ?
  13. lo.simon

    [Singapore] (Official) Data Issues

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_S.League @SI It's possible to include that ? Please or perhap's it's in a game ?
  14. lo.simon

    Singapore League new format

    Thank you for the link @goqs06 I'm belgian but i am a fan of the S-League and MLS. the new format include a promotion/relegation play off between the last singaporian club (Not include Niigata, DPMM,Young Lions) and the first team in NFL 1.
  15. @Coxbox i've try to make Picking day but the draft day it's impossible. How did you do to create a new nation?