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  1. exactly, i'e tried to make this himself but impossible i've a lot of errors
  2. Hello, I need the new version of Singapore football league with interim tournament. Anyone know a real update for Singapore and for Malaysia ? Thank you
  3. That's right. Can you make the structure please ?
  4. Hi for 23/24 season the second team of Malaysian second division go to a reserve league and the super league grow to 18 teams. can you make the new structure please ? thank you
  5. Great work but the usl championship have 4 conference in reality just 2. In December 2021, it was announced that divisional play would be dropped and that there would be 2 conferences, Eastern and Western. They further announced a 34-game schedule, with each team playing their conference opponents twice, with the Eastern Conference filling out the 8 remaining games with interconference opponents. In the Western Conference, the 10 remaining games would be competed with intraconference and interconference opponents. The top 7 teams in each conference will make the playoffs, with the first place team receiving a bye in the first round.[1]
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