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  1. Hello, You've made the cups with th e divisions ? Thank you for your work
  2. Hello, Goog work It's a fantasy or real update ?
  3. Can you make a version not UEFA and FIFA qualifers please ?
  4. Moi tu sais quoi Jersey Guernesey Man dans qualité pour la C1 ou la coupe du monde. Mais le Muratti Vase... Avec mon aide bien sûr lol
  5. Hi, Tue new format of Singaporean premier league for 2018 make by claassen run with any problem. But there are two new rules: 1: The maximum of foreign players are 2 and not 3, 2: DPMM, Abiirex and young lions can't relegated to Division one, 3: Abiirex can have two singaporean players in her team. How change the rules ?
  6. Go to FMSlife.fr. A free agent database are created.
  7. @danbhtfc You project to include Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man in your update ?
  8. Hello, How to change continent in the editor in football manager 2018 ? i've not data file in my FM 2018 editor folder.
  9. Thank you for the link @goqs06 I'm belgian but i am a fan of the S-League and MLS. the new format include a promotion/relegation play off between the last singaporian club (Not include Niigata, DPMM,Young Lions) and the first team in NFL 1.
  10. @Coxbox i've try to make Picking day but the draft day it's impossible. How did you do to create a new nation?
  11. You make the Picking day ? As MLS draft ? I'ts possible in the editor ? Normally this day i try to make others English islands as Jersey, Guernesey, Alderney, Sark, Isle of Man. Make national team if it's posible... I hope
  12. In level 18 you are inclued Scilly FA, with your authorization can i inclue Jersey, Guernesey and Alderney ?
  13. Play in Uist and Barra FA it's crazy !
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_S.League @SI It's possible to include that ? Please or perhap's it's in a game ?
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