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  1. When I did my database a few years ago, teams who got promoted they’d always turn semi-pro regardless of what level they’re at so you’re always at an advantage compared to other teams. If you’re wanting to create a database that goes to the lower levels like Dan has, it’s not easy to do. You can set them to always amateur but that’s not ideal when you’re in the Premier League.
  2. Just the one division in the North East Norfolk League, they have had multiple divisions in the past though. They split the league in half this year to give themselves two divisions like they do in Scotland but played each other three times after playing each other once earlier in the season. I think they’ll be back to one division this season, at least at the start anyway.
  3. That’s an older version of the pyramid, there’s a few leagues that are no longer around on there! As Dan knows, I’m currently making my own pyramid based on county cups which I hope to complete soon before I start work on my 2019-20 directory.
  4. I’ve got ground details on all clubs if you need them mate.
  5. The Don Frost Cup is a charity shield game between the winners of the Premier Division and the Mummery Cup. The Mummery Cup is for Premier Division and Divison One teams.
  6. Many thanks for this information Smurf, it’s really helpful! I’m going to study this over the weekend and will see which I prefer!
  7. Hello, I’ve been saying to myself on and off for the last few years I want to get a new computer/laptop to play FM. I like to play with a lot of leagues added, so want something that can play these with no trouble, when I play on my current laptop it gets rather warm. I wouldn’t normally go down this route but I’ve been looking at getting a MacBook Air rather than a Windows laptop. My first question would be, what are MacBooks like with FM? I’ve been using Microsoft Windows for as long as I can remember so want to see if it would be a good purchase long term. My second question would be, which would you recommend to be the best MacBook for playing FM on? Many thanks in advance for any answers.
  8. The original Wanderers folded in 1887, they were reformed in 2009. They currently play in the 14th level of the English football league system.
  9. Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey are all county FAs, I'm unsure about Isles of Scilly.
  10. From what I understand, the highest level for Reserve teams is Level 10. There's only one "reserve" team at Level 9 and that's Brackley Town Saints in the Hellenic who are a development side, and they're a separate club to the main club.
  11. For the FA Vase, why don't you set it as XYZ first teams from the divisions in relation to how many are from their respective leagues?
  12. Sounds good, but I would have made the Warrington & District League feed the Manchester League, and then the St. Helens & District Combination feed Division Three of the Liverpool County Premier League. I've found some leagues are better than others when it comes to finding information, some publish handbooks which contain ground details (and club colours) and others don't.
  13. Sorry to be pedantic mate, but the Isle of Wight League is at Level 13 and feeds Hampshire Premier League Division One.
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