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  1. [FM2016] E23 - England to Level 23

    The original Wanderers folded in 1887, they were reformed in 2009. They currently play in the 14th level of the English football league system.
  2. [FM2016] E23 - England to Level 23

    Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey are all county FAs, I'm unsure about Isles of Scilly.
  3. [FM2016] E23 - England to Level 23

    They're not part of the English football league system.
  4. [FM2016] E23 - England to Level 23

    From what I understand, the highest level for Reserve teams is Level 10. There's only one "reserve" team at Level 9 and that's Brackley Town Saints in the Hellenic who are a development side, and they're a separate club to the main club.
  5. For the FA Vase, why don't you set it as XYZ first teams from the divisions in relation to how many are from their respective leagues?
  6. [FM2016] E23 - England to Level 23

    Sounds good, but I would have made the Warrington & District League feed the Manchester League, and then the St. Helens & District Combination feed Division Three of the Liverpool County Premier League. I've found some leagues are better than others when it comes to finding information, some publish handbooks which contain ground details (and club colours) and others don't.
  7. [FM2016] E23 - England to Level 23

    Sorry to be pedantic mate, but the Isle of Wight League is at Level 13 and feeds Hampshire Premier League Division One.
  8. [FM2016] E23 - England to Level 23

    Do you mean with every league in the database or just with this one? If you mean the former, I've got 711 divisions and 9109 teams in my spreadsheet with club information.
  9. [FM2016] E23 - England to Level 23

    If nothing's changed since I made a L24 file for FM10, then they'd turn semi pro after a promotion, regardless of what level they're at. Dan might have made the clubs always amateur, I don't know, I haven't downloaded the file yet.
  10. [FM2016] E23 - England to Level 23

    Some teams moved to the East Riding County League, which the Premier Division was at the same level as the Amateur League, some folded or moved into Sunday or Veterans football.
  11. [FM2016] E23 - England to Level 23

    It won't be an easy fix to make, the bugs forum will need a few examples of it happening so they can see what needs to be done. Just to let you know, the East Riding Amateur League folded over the summer.
  12. [FM2016] E23 - England to Level 23

    Yeah, I think they do, when I was running tests on my FM14 file, after a Level 11 reserve team got promoted to Level 10, from their original reputation of 375, it increased to the first team reputation, and they were 2-3 times higher than the other Level 10 teams. I know a work around with reserve teams now so when I test my FM16 file they should stay similar to the rest of the teams in the division/level.
  13. [FM2016] E23 - England to Level 23

    I don't know if they will take youth regens, it's been a while since I've played the game. Yeah I've done that before, not ideal, but there are some clubs that have 4 or 5 teams (I only know one having 5 from memory) in the pyramid. I haven't downloaded Dan's database but when you add reserve teams to existing clubs and put them in divisions, I've found they always are near the top of the table when I was testing my FM14 file.
  14. [FM2016] E23 - England to Level 23

    Yes it is on purpose, there are a few reserve teams who are at Level 10, they're not allowed to get promoted any further up the pyramid however (although Brackley Town Saints is the reserve/development side of Brackley Town in the Hellenic League Premier Division). When you add teams to a club, the U18 team gets removed as you can only have a maximum of 3 teams for a club, which will be the first team, reserve team and U21 team.