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  1. If all clubs have the same reputation in a division (which is what I do when I’m making the lower leagues to make it realistic) media predictions are done by alphabetical order.
  2. I’ve managed to change it every year fine and had no problems with it.
  3. As @wkdsoul says above, check the download forum in this sub-forum, @Dan BHTFC‘s goes down to Level 13 of the pyramid.
  4. They’re not in any league in 2019-20, they plan to start in 2020-21 whenever that may be.
  5. For some reason in FM, clubs you make yourself are more than likely to stay in the same division season after season compared to ones that are already in the database.
  6. If you don’t sort them geographically it’s easy to do, but it’s getting the Premier Division teams to join in the knockout stages that’s the problem I had a few weeks ago.
  7. Which seven leagues do you have feeding NCEL1? I make it 3 as a minimum and 5 as a maximum.
  8. You can do it whichever way you want as both would work. I’ve chosen to do it that way because there’s always been 3 relegations from each division in the past, this season there would have been 2, now there isn’t any.
  9. Okay, the person who edited the database may have changed all the club names to full names. Can you upload a screenshot? When you’re filtering clubs, can you filter them by short name rather than full name?
  10. Yes I do, I’ve got three relegations from each of the National League North & South too.
  11. Are you using an edited database or starting a new one? I’ve not opened the editor in a while so can’t see what’s changed. I’m someone who always likes full names of clubs and competitions so most of the editing I’d do in files is changing all the short names to full names.
  12. I always thought it showed the short names in the editor? Manchester United and Manchester City always show up as Man Utd and Man City for me before I edit them.
  13. You can have as many as you want, make them as separate clubs and use the affiliated teams option. I should add you can add many team types to the club (like sub/feeder/B/C etc), you’re not limited to one of each, they’re all different names used worldwide, some of them have the same meaning. Its like in areas of England, some leagues like to call their Reserve teams II, III, IV etc whereas the majority will use Reserves, A, B etc.
  14. Well, I’ve added Bury back to League One to make them back up to 24 clubs and made the National League North/South have three relegations each no problem. And this is in the normal editor. As I’ve said to LM various times on this thread, concentrate on getting this season’s structure working before looking at next season’s. With what’s going on in the world at the moment, we don’t know when the 19/20 season will finish and we don’t know when the 20/21 season will start.
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