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  1. They want to make the National League Premier back to 24 teams and increase the North and South divisions to 24, this will probably happen in 2022-23, so the full pyramid isn’t complete just yet.
  2. All provisional at the moment, a couple of clubs are appealing their league placings, they’ll only become confirmed at each league AGM held over the next few months.
  3. Blidworth Welfare Red is the reserve team of Blidworth Welfare
  4. Workington AFC and Workington Reds are two completely different clubs and aren’t linked to each other, the latter is a junior club with two open age teams.
  5. They got expelled from the league and subsequently folded.
  6. Those attendances are fine for the levels they’re at, some level 11 clubs do get three figure attendances.
  7. They’re known as zones rather than regions. If you want to know a brief outline of the areas they cover, send me a PM.
  8. As alian62 says above, that’s how you remove them.
  9. Look in the downloads forum, there’s one for the 2020 season, but Jake’s waiting until the full 2021 constitutions are revealed so he can update it for this year.
  10. No problem at all, I don’t know why it likes one date but not the other though!
  11. I've changed the end date of the third division to the 8th May 2021 and it works. You'll need to change the start of the season date as it's listed as the 10th August and you've got the Super Cup on the 8th.
  12. That might be the issue, loading two nation rules up with created competitions at once as there might be an competition ID conflict. Are you able to run Dan's file on its own?
  13. Are you using any other editor data files along with Dan's? From your screenshot it looks like you've got an error with USA as well.
  14. Convert your advanced rules into an XML and load it in Notepad++ and look to see what it says at Line 197. That's what will need changing to be in your date range.
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