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  1. Send me your file via DM and I’ll have a look this afternoon for you.
  2. You’re not adding a 30th promotion place to the rules as you’ve got 30 relegation places.
  3. What do you mean for level 6 to return to 24 teams? They’ve never had 24 teams before, it’s always been 22.
  4. I’d hold back on the updated leagues for 2021-22 and beyond, looks like leagues below and including Level 7 will be postponed for a few more weeks which may delay the restructuring and we might not get a full season. As I keep on saying, focus on this season before doing anything else.
  5. Whilst I agree there’s no need to be rude, but Dan (and other members in their respective threads) says in his first post he has no timescale on when it’ll be released. Four people have asked the same question in this thread and there’s only 25 posts. Files are ready when they are ready to be released. Same with the game itself. The work Dan and other members do in their work is something that can’t be done in five minutes.
  6. They’re National League System rules, the last reserve team at Level 9 was Brackley Town Saints, but they folded over the summer. The reserve teams at Level 10 can’t get promoted.
  7. It should do, I’ve changed my username on Steam from my username on here and my files are coming up under my new name. No problem 😊
  8. Have you changed your steam username to your forum username?
  9. You can do a League with split in the basic rules, as there’s no league below the Port Talbot & District League you can make them that way. You shouldn’t need to worry about relegation from the league. The North East Norfolk League did similar last season and there’s no relegation from that league either.
  10. I think IDs have changed for clubs this year, I know they have for competitions.
  11. That’s strange, try doing it in the parent competition as well. I think I put minimum 20, maximum 24 on all mine Level 6 downwards.
  12. No problem. Have you edited the parent competition or each child competition separately for the Regional Premier Divisions? I’d keep Merthyr Town in as they’ll be back in next season. With the reserve/youth teams, if you follow the same process for them as you did earlier you can fix them that way.
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