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  1. If you tell them in the thread I linked they can change it. If no-one tells them about it, it’ll stay like that. Alternatively you can make the change yourself when the full game comes out, it’s only a two second job.
  2. The editor hasn’t been released yet so Dan’s unable to make the changes. But if you post it here it can get looked at: I know it says Level 9 but there are some clubs on the database at Level 10.
  3. I believe so, I don’t use the program but I think it normally gets released at a similar time to the full game.
  4. Some clubs use social media or websites and upload photos of games so you might get information from there. I don’t research colours of the kits as I know it’s never easy to find the information.
  5. No there isn’t, the only way is when the full game is released.
  6. What information are you struggling to find? Every league has a website, they might not have handbooks available but they have ground information.
  7. Might be, not 100% definite yet. I do this research every season so even if I don’t make a fm file I’ll still have the information.
  8. Mike Duff has been manager at Cheltenham for just over a year, I always bought him on CM01/02 and became one of my top signings.
  9. Yes it is, check the editors hideaway forum soon after release and download @Dan BHTFC‘s file.
  10. You can go down to Level 9 in England if you activate all the leagues in the nation rules.
  11. Because you need Steam to do that. Dave is asking if it’s possible to play FM without going through Steam.
  12. Looking forward to seeing your file when it’s released. What data are you collecting out of interest? I started my own research in May and still got a fair bit to do.
  13. Isn’t there already a sticky thread on this sub-forum for custom file requests?
  14. I have a plan to get back into editing for FM20 (it’s been a while since I last did!), I’ve got a bit of research still to do for my directory. It’ll be a case of watch this space to see if I do. I won’t be making a thread for it until I feel ready to post it.
  15. My version of the pyramid goes down to Level 23, but I’ll be looking at it in the coming weeks in more detail as I’m remaking it based on county cups. As a side note, the East Berkshire League isn’t at that level, and the Bristol & Avon League folded a couple of years ago.
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