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  1. I remember reading about this tournament after the establishment of the K3 and K4. They mentioned not participating in it anymore and the Uni teams would take their spot. Although I can't find any info on that, I will have to dig further. And yeah, that site doesn't load for me at all, even behind my Korean VPN.
  2. Nope. Didn't see much point in adding it as I can't find much info on it. Could you link me some info on the K3 and K4 participation? I know it didn't happen last year, but that was due to Covid.
  3. K7 will be out at some point in the future. Waiting for league and team confirmations for 2021
  4. This is my Korean database expansion for FM21. This is a follow on from my FM20 database. All transfers updated to December 25th 2020. Tested for 18 seasons. List of changes are as follows:- Correct promoted and relegated teams in K League 1 and K League 2 All correct teams added to K3 and K4 League Yeoju Citizen and Icheon Citizen are now marked as extinct Added Geoje Citizen FC, Dangjin FC and Pyeongchang FC to the KL4 (Pyeongchang is temporary until official team is announced) All 11 divisions for the K5 League have been added
  5. No idea why it changed like that. I think the default database has the same thing, without my edits. Sucks that you can't see the issue. I may need to just abandon the promotion from that level. Thanks for the help.
  6. New database update did that. I just left it as is, as it's working as needed. I imported from FM20 and it did that.
  7. Go to the K4 League, then click down the leagues. Go past the FA Cup and then go to the first of the K5 (5th tier) leagues.
  8. Sure. Had to upload elsewhere, due to size. This save was about 3 days after the season update day. - https://mega.nz/file/gkkUTT6I#ia-_-zBHPr6YyGiy6ePdIQId5gvT3EiqU18WGOVaTZ4
  9. I have checked them, I can't find an issue. I have run a holiday 3 times now. One league keeps having issues every time, but the other leagues having the issues change on every new save.
  10. I have fixed this and now the regions work. Thanks for pointing out that I can't count In my defence, Level 0 in the Advanced Rules is Tier 1, so I got confused in the database. I am still having issues now with a 5 of the 11 leagues having a mixture of issues. Some not getting promotions from the league below, one not relegating a team down. Going to dig into my stages and check everything again, but I am still slightly puzzled.
  11. Okay, I apparently can't count.... I will fix my file now and get back to you.
  12. I checked a few English clubs and I have my levels set correctly. Level 4 in that setting is the 5th division tier. I am confused what you think I need to change
  13. Would that be these levels in a team's Regional Divisions? It says 0-100 so I assume that tier 5 was the 4th level (top tier being 0). Is that wrong of me to think that?
  14. I did as I was told and cleaned up the competitions. Issue still happens. One league will relegate a team and then not promote from below. Another is promoting a team from below without relegating down. Thanks for the help though. I'm gonna continue poking around and see what I can do about it.
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