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  1. Does anybody know where the flexible rules option has gone in the editor? I can't seem to add division properly to the nation without changing that rule (unless I'm just an idiot). It's usually on the right in the image below
  2. So I finished my first season with Knockbreda. I decided not to win the league, despite leading for about 30 games. I thought it best to give it to Portadown, I felt bad for them. We were supposed to be in a relegation battle, so I thought it only fair... Only kidding. I bottled it in the last month. My strikers seemed to forget where the goal was and my defenders were on some sort of strike. So I won nothing. Didn't get promoted. Was a decent season compared to expectations. But my team was also stripped by bigger teams because of semi-pro contracts. I'm not sure whether I will move on to another team, or if I will give Knockbreda another season. I have May and June to think about that I guess.
  3. So this is my first time ever joining a challenge on these forums, even though I have played for years and done many challenges on my own time. Started unemployed, no badges, no experience. Managed to get the job at Knockbreda. The journey begins.
  4. That makes sense for the first season, team was newly relegated. But the second season? I had the cup that season too. Is this just a weird glitch because of the lack of regional cups in the database?
  5. I'm currently on my third season with Magdeburg in 3.Liga (3rd tier). Had 2 previous seasons in the same league and as such, I was entered into the DFB-POKAL at the very first round in those 2 seasons. But this season I haven't been entered into that competition at all. It's not even a target in my club vision, even though it was with the first 2 seasons. This is also the first season that introduced the Euro Cup 2, not sure of that is relevant, but it is the only competition change I can see. I only have the german leagues loaded currently. I'm not sure if this is an issue, or there was a change with this cup in real life. I've attached images below.
  6. Ansan Police in KL2 have the wrong name. They haven't been called that since 2016. They are now known as Asan Mugunghwa FC - https://www.asanfc.com/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asan_Mugunghwa_FC https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%95%84%EC%82%B0%20%EB%AC%B4%EA%B6%81%ED%99%94 https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/%EC%95%84%EC%82%B0_%EB%AC%B4%EA%B6%81%ED%99%94_%EC%B6%95%EA%B5%AC%EB%8B%A8
  7. Afternoon all I have been trying to activate the lower tiers in South Korea and add the real life promotion system they have. I have spent 3 hours getting several errors regarding dates and not being able to get enough teams and I have managed to get past all them. But I have just ran into an error I can't work out. I test the rules of all the 5 leagues and the first 4 divisions work fine, but as soon as I test the 5th tier, it get's to about November 2018 in it's simulation and then shows an error stating "Error in nation rules - unknown type". I have attached a screenshot Does anybody know what this error means?
  8. I just decided to start this challenge. Lost my only goalkeeper to Swindon. I am now forced to use a grey player, seeing as I can't sign anybody at all. This is torture already and it's only my first season.
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