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  1. Count me in. Australia could be fun, but only if we have twelve teams or less, otherwise we'd have to leave people out. International is a good alternative, Africa maybe? No clearly dominant teams and a lot of action if we care about the ANC.
  2. Oh wow, almost missed the deadline. Dates are all kinds of crazy this season... Anyway, joined as Spanish Politicians, just to reflect the usual level of incompetence of my teams.
  3. My first footballing memory is probably Urruti stopping a penalty kick against Valladolid to win Barcelona's first league title in eleven years, back in 1985. I happened to be in the city with my parents at the time, and there was celebrations and cars honking like crazy all over the place. I guess I just wanted to be a part of all that joy, so that's what made me a Barça fan. Don't blame me, I was six at the time. Of course that moment of light was followed by the endless darkness of five consecutive league titles for Hugo Sánchez-led Real Madrid, so it took a liiittle while for more joy
  4. Ah yes, that's more like us. I was worried for a while about the lack of bookings and send offs and stupid penalties.
  5. I prefer the term "partially fossilized". Hello!
  6. Starting to see a pattern here...
  7. Goodness. Did you make us all Vinnie Jones and Roy Keane clones or something?
  8. Ooh, back into action! Let's see how well I'll do this- ...goddammit.
  9. RIP myself. Middle of the pack in the end I guess. Eh, could be worse.
  10. I'd call this a cheap revenge shot after yesterday's result in Anfield if it hadn't been posted two days earlier. A preemptive cheap revenge post, maybe?
  11. Where's that shaking fist emoticon when you need it... Doing fine otherwise, though! I expect the team will be happy with a top half finish and maybe a late push for promotion. We'll see how it goes.
  12. Late as heck, but woohoo! Treble still on the cards. ...Of course immediately after winning I went and lost two straight in the league and got myself kicked out of the actual fantasy cup by two points, but still.
  13. Meanwhile the Southern Tigers are closer to... Gillingham in the early 2000s? Or something like that. Promising.
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