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  1. Enjoying this story as ever, A frustrating transfer window for you but i think you will have a squad which is strong enough for the title
  2. Enjoying this so far. Keep up the good work
  3. Liking this. Good to see some old games about. I couldnt get 03/04 to run on my laptop too slow even if its 16/17 years old.
  4. Week 1 Friday 13 August 2021 Brentford 1-1 Arsenal 20:00 Saturday 14 August 2021 Man Utd 2-0 Leeds 12:30 Burnley 1-2 Brighton 15:00 Chelsea 2-0 Crystal Palace 15:00 Everton 1-1 Southampton 15:00 Leicester 2-0 Wolves 15:00 Watford 1-2 Aston Villa 15:00 Norwich 0-1 Liverpool 17:30 Sunday 15 August 2021 Newcastle 1-2 West Ham 14:00 Spurs 0-1 Man City 16:30 Week 2 Saturday 21 August 2021 Liverpool 3-1 Burnley 12:30 Aston Villa 1-0 Newcastle 15:00 Crystal Palace 1-1 Brentford 15:00 Leeds 1-0 Everton 15:00 Man City 3-0 Norwich 15:00 Brighton 0-1 Watford 17:30 Sunday 22 August 2021 Southampton 0-2 Man Utd 14:00 Wolves 1-2 Spurs 14:00 Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea 16:30 Monday 23 August 2021 West Ham 1-1 Leicester 20:00
  5. Nice mate. What file did you use for this?
  6. Would like to see Barnes, Konsa integrated into the squad next year.
  7. Euro 92 (33 nations for 8 places)- 25% chance of qualifying Euro 2020 (24 nations out of 55)- 44% chance of Qualifying Should be 16.
  8. World Cup 2022, Its coming home fellas Lets keep the faith and back the players. We do need to find another CB and another striker
  9. IF this was to happen, They may has well combined the Nations League and have that as a qualifier for the Euros and ditch the Euros Qualifying which will be slightly better for the calendar
  10. He is. But the lack of tactical knowhow is a bit of an issue for Southgate. The Match felt like Croatia, We started well then sat back.
  11. 24 teams is too many for Euro's should just be 16.
  12. Rashford and Sancho bottled it, Saka not much so as he had to balls to hit the 5th Grealish, Shaw or Sterling (More so Sterling) should have taken the 5th Penalty, Southgate should have known about the 5th pen considering he took one himself and missed, An experienced player should have hit the 5th. Pickford was excellent and read Jorginho's pen really well The game itself was poor from Englands Point of view, Italy was the better side but they not exactly had wall to wall chances. When you are introducting 3 creative players in the last 20 mins of Extra-Time questions have to be asked (Rashford and Sancho subs were stupid should have done during half-time in extra time). But sitting on a 1-0 lead is asking for trouble. Just a really gutting feeling, Its a missed oppounity and teams like France, Holland, Germany will be stronger next year so i think its unlikely we will win the world cup
  13. Its a certainty unless he gets rested for games that dont really matter
  14. Got to have a fat curry on Sunday before the game, But having said that i will be too nervous to eat Aside from the 2018 World Cup Semi its the most nervous i've been since following the Albion in the 90s
  15. Brian Moore wasnt much of a commentator but his voice was unique and fitting history. Motsons does too but he is a better commentator. Matterface is really bad
  16. The Commentators of yesteryear perhaps wasnt the greatest themselves but they had good voices which people would recognize in years to come. Matterface doesn't You miss Brian Moore for a day like this
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