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  1. Yes but you have to make it’s as a cup for any of the 5 nations. You can’t do it as a international club one
  2. Hi I'm trying to set up a Liechtenstein League but have it as an extra competition (Like Brazil has National & State) i put all the teams in Teams (Secondary Division). But this comes up with an error which i described in the topic header. I have looked at all 6 teams and they are all set up correctly. Anyone get any solutions? Many Thanks
  3. COMING SOON Fantasy Pyramid This will feature a top down system with all Senior, Non League, Junior, Amateur & Welfare teams. SCOTTISH LEAGUE Premier League -14 Teams (38 Matches, this will feature a split after 26 matches) Championship- 14 Teams (39 Matches, Play each other 3 times) Play offs at the end Division 1- 14 Teams (Same as Division 1) 2 Sides will automatically get relegated to the Non-League SCOTTISH NON-LEAGUE Highland League and Lowland League will be 18 clubs each and both will be allowed scope of decreasing to 16 or increasing to 20. Both Highland & Lowland will have a 2nd tier. Highland has a more linear system as it just has a North section. Lowland will be split into two East and West (This will have several Tiers where there be some Amateur & Welfare teams) Most divisions will have 16-18 clubs. SCOTTISH CUPS Scottish Cup- Will feature all Scotland sides within the pyramid (It will be run like the FA CUP with Prelim & Qualifying rounds) League Cup- This will go back to the Knockout format. With the first 2 rounds being 2 legs (Issue with putting all European Qualified teams into Last 16 atm) Last 16 onwards will be a single leg (Again if groups are a better idea i will keep that) Challenge Cup- The Under 20/23 sides will not be entered into this competition, And neither will the other British Teams. 64 clubs will feature in this tournament. All Championship, League 1, Highland & Lowland League teams. Regional Cups- Lowland and Highland Cups which will feature EVERY team in the system. Junior Cup- Will feature top 4 tiers of the Non League Junior Vase- Bottom tiers. There will be perhaps a couple of other cups. Maybe (North, Aberdeen, East, West, Stirling) etc This is a work in Progress and i hope to get the first version out before Christmas, But if that doesnt happen it will be the first week of the new year. Any thoughts, suggestions or General Criticism. Just let me know
  4. This is just a small file with an additional British Cup. This will be a straight knockout between teams from 6 different countries Leagues involved are England (top 7 Tiers) Scotland (4 Main Divisions, Highland/Lowland, East/South Scotland, Scottish Junior Cup finalists Ireland (2 main divisions, top tier of the Provisional leagues N.Ireland (3 Divisions) Wales (League of Wales, 2 tiers below) Gibraltar (2 Divisions) Open draw, Ties are settled on the day, Some interesting ties The attachment is here http://fileshare.link/7a5a703f5299c74e/British_Cup.fmf
  5. House of Flying Daggers

    Best wishes to your Grandad
  6. [FM18] British Cup

    Should be this week.
  7. Continue this, enjoyable too
  8. [FM18] Vietnam National Team

    Blimey thats a large amount of fixtures
  9. Dan, Take all the time you need. Its a tough job but dont rush it
  10. That would be a decent addtion
  11. The only thing you can do with youth intakes is not have them and set up 2 academy sides
  12. That can be sorted
  13. Excellent stuff this. Will make changes for my own personal stuff (Adding Senior Cups etc)
  14. Nice idea. Would be nice to add a relm if fantasy but hey ho Who does the National team play ?
  15. [FM18] British Cup

    Will put it on stream....This isnt the completed version And yes its the British & Irish Cup
  16. Amazingly i think i found a solution. I changed the language to English (US) and it worked. I will change it back to (UK) to see what happens EDIT- Looks like its worked.....
  17. Nope i have the Suzi files off. And it still the same. This isnt happening in any other edit
  18. Again this is happening.... competitions with hungarian names.