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  1. Currently testing a couple of things i created in FM editor. Set the game for holiday mode but when i change window and use the internet (Ie here) for an amount of time i check back at the game and its still stuck on the date that it was before i changed windows Is there an issue with the game, or is there a setting which is wrong?
  2. Guys we can fix them ourselves, it’s just needs to be saved with the new database
  3. Running 11 leagues at the moment on Small Database
  4. [FM 2018] Spain to Level 9 (Full Pyramid)

    Shame theirs no cups
  5. The market will be flooded.... smaller database is needed really
  6. [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    I wasn’t having a go. It’s a fantastic database
  7. Problem with this editor file is Reserve teams in the fa cup
  8. There isn’t but I added some senior cups onto this, obviously I’m not going to release it
  9. [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    It isn’t but you need Advanced Editor for it to function correctly
  10. Blimey you don’t need that many players
  11. [FM 2018] Spain to Level 9 (Full Pyramid)

    A lot of leagues. What machines will run this well?
  12. I'm running England (Down to Regional first) Scotland (Level 6) Wales (Level 2) Ireland (Level 4) N.Ireland (Level 3) 85,000 going slow but good fun
  13. Blimey, That's a lot of players
  14. (FM'12) Crossing The Channel......No, Not That One....

    Great to see another Story and a very good start What leagues you running this time?
  15. Is there a FM17 data update?

    For the current transfer window? Asking for a friend who isnt keen on FM18
  16. My one has them all in the same structure.
  17. St Cecilia: A Caribbean Odyssey

    Looks good this
  18. SCOTLAND - All 42 sides (From 4 Divisions to 3) Every division has 14 teams. Automatic relegation from the 3rd tier (2 will go down) - Highland & Lowland Leagues (Both have a 2nd tier) Then it goes regionalish (North Divisions, South & West, East) - Scottish Cup (All teams involved, the SPL teams come in the 2nd Round (Last 64) Some good prize money for all teams if they do well) - League Cup (Knockout competition which just involves 42 teams, 1st round is 2 legs) - Challenge Cup (Involved with just Scottish Clubs only, Plus all of the Highland & Lowland League teams get involved 64 teams and its all in) - Highland & Lowland Cups - Scottish Junior Cup - Scottlsh Junior Vase - Regional (Pre-season) Cups (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling etc) Trialists are allowed in all division (Apart from the top one) Plus lots more Please let me know any Thoughts, Suggestions please Scotland.fmf
  19. (FM'09) - A Chance To Rewrite History

    Great stuff @neilhoskins77 Hope you doing well