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  1. Hard to see him ever playing again. Makes that 2019 win even more special
  2. I hope he pulls through, just seemed like he’d come through the worst and was turning things around
  3. I thought you’d respond to that my friend! Tbf I’m not claiming he’s MVP, just that it’s incredible what he’s doing at his age and that to even be in discussion is commendable.
  4. What on earth? This is awful
  5. Right so been playing for a month now, so can properly comment on this game. To give my experience some context I played loads of SNES and N64 games as a kid, all sorts of adventure games. But I was trying to think after after the Ocarina of Time, the only two games I've actually played properly since are FIFA and CM/FM, in like 20 years! I played a very small amount of The Twighlight Princess or whatever it's called and Majora's Mask games, but not enough of them. Anyway, so it was a huge jump for me and I found it tough at first but am in the swing of it now. Curren
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