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  1. Hello, I find FM2020 too tedious and I want to play a retro database. can anyone recommend any classic databases (eg 03/04) on FM 09-15? thanks
  2. Hi Sid! Serena won, so must have been a great weekend for you son.
  3. Lol so much Ronaldo hate! Guy is an idiot sometimes, but he's quite brilliant as well. Deserves this. Can't win though, doesn't celebrate with his team mates, then criticised for celebrating too much.
  4. One of the all time greats being taken off early from a major international final? Perspective.
  5. Deserved, so much hate for Portugal. England would die for a record like theirs.
  6. Making a fuss over his position, contract etc, buthe's always seemed a positive influence in the dressing room with the players. None more so than in 2006 with the WINK episode.
  7. I couldn't believe he was given a 3rd tournament after the 2014 shambles, shambles all round. Southgate favourite, **** me.
  8. Absolutely no way Wilshire should be starting, was awful in the last game and well out of sorts (for very understandable reasons).
  9. The arrogance of Roy to rest players with 4 points, will pay for it now.
  10. No, he took a bit to settle down into the team initially, no one hated him, his class was obvious.
  11. So as people have said, Kane should start and Vardy should come on as sub.
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