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  1. Hello, I find FM2020 too tedious and I want to play a retro database. can anyone recommend any classic databases (eg 03/04) on FM 09-15? thanks
  2. What an amazing database. Having fun playing this! I hope that SI find a way to let you transfer databases from one FM to the the next, too much of a shame if this would have be started again.
  3. This still going? Sounds great mate. If Danny can win the world cup or CL, that would something else! You've got to go until he retires, so thats another what 20 seasons!??
  4. Wow mate, still got this going? Impressive stuff, if Danny can win the WC, you deserve a knighthood in real life!
  5. So how long you going to play this for? Another 30 seasons by the looks of it!?
  6. Yeah when playing FM and your concentration isn't there, you can do some silly things at times!
  7. Why did you strip him of the England captaincy? Sleeping with Caroll's wife!?
  8. Well done mate, enjoyed reading the thread. I guess at this rate, your sons career will be over within a few days. You have to post us his history and give us a summary of his career stats, now perhaps and certainly once he retires Out of curiosity, do you think you would have him in your team if he wasn't your son?
  9. This sounds amazing, you've put in some great work, can't wait to try it out!
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