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  1. Our pool of players is significantly better now than it was leading up to 2018, which abound be taken into consideration.
  2. In which tournament did Aguero miss loads of chance? @EnterUsernameHere
  3. ABE threads- England are full of genuinely nice guys and talented players, the issue a chunk of us have is Southgate, not the players as such.
  4. It was clearly flowing from Gunman’s conversation. The WC final was yesterday, what’s the issue?
  5. It’s an English heavy user base, with tons of Gareth fanboys as he’s a (genuinely) nice guy. What do you expect!?
  6. Gunman is spot on about England. The sad thing is there’s so much more potential in that team, but we won’t reach there with Gareth. Mancini completely and utterly out managing him in the euros final is a great example.
  7. Yeah didn’t think of that, but surely TAA once we were 2-1 down, most creative full back around
  8. I mean big goals for club? There’s **** loads. Country- problem is we aren’t proactive enough, it’s not like he’s missing loads of chances
  9. Gareth no proactive enough when losing. He’s done a fine job but we need the next level of manager.
  10. That I agree with. You know he’ll want 200 caps too!
  11. Just to add, having a camera shoved in your face during an upsetting moment isn’t normal
  12. If he gets some humility and plays regularly for a decent team, then he could do a sub role for Portugal. I wonder if his decline is terminal or if he can get back to last years standard with some regular game time.
  13. Cristiano has acted appallingly this season, but I’ve got no issue with him going off crying. Footballers aren’t robots.
  14. Yeah that awful from the Dutch. Good that the only team who tried to win yesterday did so 👍
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