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  1. Ramsey is overrated, but good result Wales.
  2. England fans will only get worse when their team get's sent home early, will be a lot a anger lol.
  3. That's right, forgot all about them lol.
  4. How many stars does Wilshere have left to reach his potential?
  5. Tbh Austin is probably a better player than Benteke I agree though Liverpool need to stop signing quantity over quality.
  6. Liverpool would be more safer with a traffic cone in goals than Mignolet, the guy's absolutely awful he annoys me and I don't even support Liverpool lol.
  7. Am sure it was because his contract was running out Emersonlfc.
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread, always a pleasure watching the master work
  9. Arsenal fans just don't rate Wanyama, do they? He's better than Flamini sake
  10. Every time I come into this thread Marc Albrighton is always defending Ronaldo, he's like a broken record
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