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  1. Would adding the "moves into channels" ppm work with a player who had the "plays with back to goal" ppm? Thanks in advance
  2. So i am trying to finally create my own tactic and I am following various guides in choosing a formation. The I have a glut of AMCs and MCs with one decent winger and a good all-round striker so I am thinking that a narrow 4231 is the way to go. I have no experience with the formation or what kind of football it suits. Does anybody have a few tips to setting up the front six and if any of the presets would be a good base to start experimenting with please?
  3. Will playing wingers and wingbacks on the same wing work or will they just get in each others way?
  4. Thanks Cleon, I have finally managed to get something up and running but I am only about 80% of the way there (further than I have ever got before tbh) I have Fiorentina second but miles behind AC and for some reason Juve and Napoli have imploded making my position look better than it probably should be This is my base tactic, the only PIs I have are fewer risky passes on the two CD and the front 4 all have close down and tackle harder The two things I would really appreciate some help with are I don't think I have the St and AMC quite right. Chiesa i
  5. You say in the first post that a 4231 is one of the trickiest formations to get right which is presumably why i struggle with it! Are there any formations that are a bit easier to get a basic outline correct? I am presuming a 442 is one but are there any others?
  6. For teams with overall low low passing are you better playing shorter passing or more direct? I have low decisions / teamwork and average vision/work rate
  7. If you are playing an AP in a amr/l position are they better opposite footed like a IF or same footed like a winger?
  8. Ah ok thanks, so am i missing anything with my tactic set up as below? http://imgur.com/a/VCOMk I am determined to stop using other peoples tactics but this is driving me up the wall!
  9. Can anybody give me a pointer in team instructions please? Looking at my team comparison page I have small, slow but technically good strikers, and my midfielders are ranked 19/24 for passing and vision, 20th for stamina and 6th for decisions. Playing a 4123 DM Wide formation with counter mentality My question is what team instructions may suit the rankings above, slow tempo due to low stamina but really not sure how to factor in the others Cheers
  10. I am planning on setting up as follows, can anybody spot any major flaws and give me some advice on mentality & instructions please? ----------------GK D------------------- FB s---CD d----------CD d -------FB s ----------------AN d ------------------- --------DLP s-----------CM a---------- IF a --------------------------------W s ----------------T a --------------------- Looking to sit deep and counter at pace Playing Port Vale, and have only signed del pierro so far Thanks in advance
  11. Does anybody have any tweeks for the 41221 tactic if you are outclassed by the opposition ? Have managed to get the vale into the championship and I am getting my backside handed to me virtually very game!
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