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  1. Some keepers you don't fancy saving any penalties, but Artur Boruc was the most confident I was in at Celtic.
  2. Imagine not being Scotland.
  3. Well done Italy, backed them from the start so happy with my winnings. Would say this is probably one of the poorest Italian teams compared to past but Mancini has done some job.
  4. Ferdinand is the worst, so arrogant. Lineker I like he actually respects other teams.
  5. England deserved the win, but imagine the uproar if that penalty happened the other way & knocked England out, people in here would be like football is finished & all that etc.
  6. Thought Tierney was brilliant, was expecting him to be off the pace after being injured.
  7. Baptista_8 definitely has a life size cardboard cut out of Jack Grealish in his room.
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread, always a pleasure watching the master work
  9. Another cracking thread, I usually only play with narrow formations on FM, can a 4-1-3-2 be effective at counter attacking or would that struggle since there is no wingers?
  10. Brilliant thread, I actually enjoyed reading it even though I play my games on commentary as I'm pretty poor when it comes to tactics. You can't be far away from a knighthood now
  11. Thanks llama, I will change all the player roles to the ones you mentioned as a lot of it makes sense now and this will stop me from changing the player roles constant. One last thing though, would I have both the wing backs on a attack duty or leave them on support if I am going to change one of the central midfielders to a attack duty?
  12. I can't believe I have only just noticed this thread, great work btw. llama3 how would you go about setting up player roles in a 4-3-1-2, I can't seem to stick to the player roles I have chosen. I haven't been doing too good on FM lately so I just want to make sure I am set up the best I can and that should hopefully be half the battle on not doing too good. I would like to keep a Playmaker in the hole behind the strikers, this is how I am currently set up : GK - GK-D DR - FB-S DCR - CD-D DCL - CD-D DL - WB-A MCR - BBM-S MC - CM-D MCL - DLP-S AM - AP-A or TQ-A SCR - AF-A SCL - CF-S
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