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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread, always a pleasure watching the master work
  2. Another cracking thread, I usually only play with narrow formations on FM, can a 4-1-3-2 be effective at counter attacking or would that struggle since there is no wingers?
  3. Brilliant thread, I actually enjoyed reading it even though I play my games on commentary as I'm pretty poor when it comes to tactics. You can't be far away from a knighthood now
  4. Thanks llama, I will change all the player roles to the ones you mentioned as a lot of it makes sense now and this will stop me from changing the player roles constant. One last thing though, would I have both the wing backs on a attack duty or leave them on support if I am going to change one of the central midfielders to a attack duty?
  5. I can't believe I have only just noticed this thread, great work btw. llama3 how would you go about setting up player roles in a 4-3-1-2, I can't seem to stick to the player roles I have chosen. I haven't been doing too good on FM lately so I just want to make sure I am set up the best I can and that should hopefully be half the battle on not doing too good. I would like to keep a Playmaker in the hole behind the strikers, this is how I am currently set up : GK - GK-D DR - FB-S DCR - CD-D DCL - CD-D DL - WB-A MCR - BBM-S MC - CM-D MCL - DLP-S AM - AP-A or TQ-A SCR - AF-A SCL - CF-S
  6. Is the team instruction Stand Off Opponents more suited to counter attacking tactics? I play a 4-3-1-2 Balanced - Control with Parma and I am conceding a lot of goals mainly through balls or long passes over the top, my team is pretty slow especially my defence so I selected Stand Off Opponents and it has seemed to have cut down the amount of clear cut chances against me but I seem to get dominated in every game. I have only used this instruction in 4 games so obviously my tactical levels aren't full now but I was wondering can this instruction be effective with my formation, or would I be wa
  7. Does anybody know if the team instruction stand off opponents drops your defensive line deeper?
  8. I am playing as Parma with a 4-3-1-2 so not the most secure formation but I always seem to lose goals from through balls or down the flanks crossed in for a tap in. I checked the team comparison page an we're rated 13th for positioning, 12th for tackling and 2nd for marking lol. See if I was to buy players with higher attributes in positioning, decisions etc would this cut down the amount of clear cut chances against me? If I could sort out my defence I would be happy enough with my tactic. Tactic I used (finished demo so started new game to show team instructions) : http://imageshack.us/ph
  9. Tallest player in my game is 6'10" and smallest player is 5'1".
  10. Not sure what versions these were on but they were on different ones but I used to always sign Vitali Kutuzov and Raul Garcia who I always remember I sold to Real Madrid for 65 million lol.
  11. Thanks to difran8 for the suggestions and a big thanks to falahk for taking the time to write all that information really appreciate It, It was very well written and made me understand it alot better now an will definitely be using this as a guide to set up my 4-3-1-2 tactic, I have even saved it to my wordpad as I know wis will help me out so thanks again!
  12. Hello there! I don't currently have the game but have been playing the demo lately and can't seem to set up a decent 4-3-1-2 tactic no matter what I try, Its a formation I want to make a success of as for some strange reason I am not interested in winger formations and prefer narrow ones now. I also can never seem to settle on the best player roles for this formation I am always chopping and changing. The thing I want to ask is the 4-3-1-2 formation hard to achieve success with in the new fm? As I have had a look around the tactic section and have came across no 4-3-1-2 tactics uploaded, Its n
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