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  1. Just a wretched performance by England. Well done Iceland.
  2. Harry Kane just get off the free kicks ffs
  3. In a thread that invites comments about the state of the boards? No not really unless they are being abusive.
  4. David Cameron can be a bit of an idiot at times and is a prone to these sort of rash statements where he should really be taking a more considered view. FA and Board of Deputies of british Jews both say it shouldn't be used and a lot of Jewish people find it offensive and anti-semetic. That surely should be enough?
  5. Dont you guys think it might be more sensible to just lock the thread rather than infracting people who make negative comments about forum moderation in it? If you keep these kind of threads open its unreasonable to expect everyone just to toe the party line and the infractions on the face of it look harsh. Yid is an offensive word and the fact it has been adopted by some Spurs fans (in the same way the N word has by some black people) doesnt change its pejorative intent or connatations IMO. I have been a moderator on a forum myself and know it can be a pretty thankless task but you really are making life hard for yourself here.
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