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  1. Yeah true - it was quite gratifying to see tory Hubris meet Nemesis and my knee jerk anti-toryism did kick in, even if I did find it hard to be enthused by JC as PM
  2. Labour were expected to be routed. Then the worst Tory campaign in living memory (Maybot was particularly woeful) combined with an extremely energetic and effective one by the Labour party turned expectations on its head. They came awful close to actually losing power - better than expected results in Scotland and a lot of seats with slim majorities is all that prevented JC going to the Palace. I don't know about exciting though - I find British politics to be in a pretty depressing state right now.
  3. It would be slightly better but she only had a slim majority. She really needed a 50+ majority and the authority derived from a decisive election win to make it work. Unfortunately for her she got neither.
  4. That quote nails the issue for me. The party is fundamentally split and she has no majority and very little authority. The Brexiteers dare not move against her for fear that she will survive a no confidence vote, effectively making her bullet proof and even if they get a PM in place who will pursue their preferred vision the other wing wont vote for it. It is basically a Mexican stand off that the PM will do well to get out of.
  5. I am just reading all the twitter stuff and the various political websites on the train home. The government is making a total bloody pigs ear of this.
  6. Because there is nothing preventing you from being a member of the EEA and a member of the customs union. It would just be a matter of agreeing the protocols. This is really about the semantic difference between ‘best possible access’ and ‘membership’ of the single market. The EEA amendment is explicit and the Labour amendment is just more having your cake and eating it - giving the appearance of a soft brexit without committing to single market membership.
  7. It means to propose adding a clause into an act of Parliament that will give the objective legal force. This proposal is then voted on.
  8. I would say the EEA vote has a significantly greater chance of success than Labour's shambles of an amendment. The tory rebels wont back this but would have backed the EEA one. Most of the PLP apart from the Hoey, Mann and Field could be whipped to vote for the EEA option. The only reason it isn't happening is because Jeremy doesn't have any real desire to stay in the single market.
  9. The Labour Party position on Brexit is only marginally better than that of the government and given the inept shambles that's a very low bar to step over. It is just contortions to avoid voting for the much more likely to succeed EEA amendment. The position is as Barry Gardiner said in his off guard comment - a load of bollocks.
  10. Iain Duncan Smith is by a long way the stupidest person to ever lead a major political party in the UK. Whether it be universal credit, welfare reform or Brexit his MO is to refuse to acknowledge what the evidence is showing, selectively present and deliberately mislead with his use of statistics and to refuse to acknowledge problems and belligerently attack anyone who tries to drag the debate to the real world. I can think of no politician (Farage included) more detestable than that man.
  11. I called it at the top of this page tbf
  12. This is the England cricket team all over. Give them a duke ball in muggy conditions and they can hoop it round corners. Less favourable and they look toothless. Its the same with the batting. Give them a nice pitch and they get their eye in and smash it all over but on a bad day they melt like April snow. Its always exciting because you can never be sure which England are going to turn up.
  13. Definitely. You are at the middle ground of the trolling spectrum. Politics not so much...
  14. Oh come on - its like Kipper central at times. Only someone very right wing could regard Conservative home as being a bit lefty.
  15. The state of some of these comments. I find it hard to believe this isn't just trolling. No normal person channels Daily Mail\Guido Fawkes by saying things like "EUSSR". It is just downright weird