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  1. I am sure he would as he once said. Maybe a 2 for 1 deal
  2. I cant remember where I saw this (on the BBC I think) but essentially one of the vaccine scientists was saying efficacy from severe disease should remain high because the spike protein was essential for the virus to bind to ACE2 and there are limited mutations that can occur that evade the immune response without reducing the viability of that bind.
  3. It doesn’t matter but I was just going to say the same thing. It looked like a small spike for the bat and then a big spike for the pads. What is the 3rd umpire seeing ffs?
  4. ME wasn’t helped by muppets in the tabloids dubbing it as ‘yuppie flu’. We are far too ready as a society to regard anything that we can’t easily understand, treat or categorise with other existing diseases as being psychosomatic or a ruse by the work shy.
  5. I read this morning that there has been a single case of the South African variant in Brentwood. That is the closest big town to me so had a quick look at the government website and turns out it is my postcode district that is going to be subject to surge testing so going to have to get a Covid test. I have avoided having to do this so far and can’t say I am looking forward to it. I have a pretty bad gag reflex and those swabs look grim
  6. This is what happens when you undermine confidence in your own vaccines as part of a contract dispute and to distract from your political failings. The politicians that indulged in this have blood on their hands.
  7. Yeah absolutely. What really matters is keeping up the pace and reducing the population level risk as quickly as possible. If there is data that points to giving it to key workers first achieves this and there is a simple way to achieve this that doesn’t create inertia and bureaucratic hurdles (and I am not convinced there is) then that is absolutely fair enough. If they don’t then I am going to trust that there isn’t the evidence to support a change of approach.
  8. And how do you keep up the pace of vaccinations when you don’t have simple. easily reproducible stratifications based on centrally held data? I also think by this point that if you already have 50% of the population vaccinated then you are not going to change the dynamic on transmission very much by changing prioritisation.
  9. I would guess it is much harder logistically to organise (data reasons and geographic spread) and that age is a bigger predictor of death and hospitalisation than any other factor.
  10. I do like a crisp sandwich, but always with cheese rather than just crisps. It would usually be salt and vinegar walkers or kettle chips. Not had one for years having said that.
  11. Yes it is really good to see - both that there is still good appreciation for the longer game in the most enthusiastic cricket country in the world and also to see a flickering or returning to some semblance of normality after a horrible year.
  12. In a crowded field Steve Baker must be the biggest bellend in parliament.
  13. That was my instant reaction too but many of these restaurants deliveroo work with do eat in and take out and need both to be viable. It is very much in deliveroos interest for restaurants to do well if you think about it as that is what keeps their partners in business.
  14. It’s funny how it’s the same people on two things that have nothing in common other than being a honeypot for the discontented. I think the G is for grift with a lot of them.
  15. This pitch really isn’t just a typical Indian Bunsen and a pitch where the ball is going through the top surface on day one is a disgrace that isn’t fit for test matches. Nobody expects them to prepare a road, but a pitch like this one is unacceptable.
  16. I wish my mum would get hers done. She has had the letter but is procrastinating as she would rather go to the GP’s than the centre and doesn’t want to go out in the snow. In a role reversal I am nagging her to get on with it. Parents
  17. Pant is awesome to watch That review earlier in the day was shocking. Why the **** wouldn’t an international standard umpire run it through the whole process. I thought the stumping was out too, but quite tight in fairness.
  18. I don’t see to much issue with people going away in the uk if transmission is low. I do think they need to think extremely carefully about international travel if it can be a route for seeding vaccine resistant strains of Covid though. They shouldn’t at the very minimum be encouraging it while there is so much uncertainty.
  19. As others have said all the treatments that actually work only do so if started early. There is no point taking finasteride and risking the side effects if the hair has mainly gone rather than receding and thinning. The miracle cures are either repackaged existing treatments with overblown claims or out and out snake oil unfortunately.
  20. We could do with something similar for AZ.
  21. Yeah I know we had the reviews in the bank and maybe worth a punt, but even in real time they looked too high. I hope we don’t come to regret burning them.
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