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  1. You know how this goes, right? If the FA say 'actually, you can have one foreign goalkeeper', every club would still have a foreign goalkeeper as their first choice and the Chinese players still wouldn't get development.
  2. Do your U18s play competitively? As far as I'm aware, the Youth Category governs whether the U18s and U23 are in a competitive league, your own league doesn't matter.
  3. I don't think there is a tangible benefit to winning the U23 league, it's just a 'nice to have'. The way you get promoted in the English U23 division league is by improving your Youth Category, which is based on several criteria, most importantly your Youth Facilities. You can request the board to improve the Youth Level and your youth setup will be graded by the FA at the end of each season.
  4. Black stars are an indication that your scout/Assistant doesn't have the full picture. I often find black stars disappear around age 21/22 for players that have come from my youth setup and after about 2 seasons for players that I've signed, depending on their age. Depending on how their potential has changed, 4 yellow stars + 1 black star might change to 4 yellow stars or 5 yellow stars or anything inbetween those two. Incidentally, when black stars turn yellow for youth players, that's also when the coach report updates from 'could improve (significantly) in the future' to 'could become a potential [name of league] [position] in the future'.
  5. I'm not sure how much this is a 'feature' as much as a general improvement, but I've always found the AI of other managers behaving too 'robotically' when it comes to transfers. That's why we sometimes get five clubs bidding the exact same amount on the same player at exactly 4pm on the exact same day - I find it both immersion-breaking and predictable. The life-cycle of AI managers picking up players from a human manager is very simple. A player hits a certain threshold, either in reputation or in CA/PA - and he becomes a target for a certain number of clubs. Sometimes one, sometimes three. This is understandable behaviour from an AI that's thinking within certain parameters, but I'd like more variation in it. In general, I find that 'our' players are wanted far too sporadically, even if they are performing well. Here's an example just off the top of my head: In my FM18 save, I played as Universidad de Chile and my striker scored 61 goals in 30 league games. Now, I'm not saying that alone should be a reason for Real Madrid or Barcelona to have a look, but he was 21 and had already had three seasons where he averaged over an 8 in the league and scored more than a goal a game, yet no single club ever showed up 'Wnt' - despite having the big European leagues loaded. Now I know, based on his attributes, that player isn't nearly good enough to perform for top sides in La Liga, and he's only scoring so much because my entire tactic was geared towards getting the best out of him. But the AI shouldn't know that. Real life clubs, especially mid-table sides in big leagues, often take a gamble on a cheap player to see if it turns out to be a match. I'd like to see that reflected more. I'd like to see sides like Getafe or Betis put in a bid for him; his market value was 5M. I wouldn't have accepted that, but again: the AI shouldn't know that. What I feel is missing from the game is managers occasionally getting interested in (and maybe even putting in a bid for) players that are overperforming their attributes. I know AI managers don't need much help making bad transfer decisions, but it always feels like those decisions are happening around us rather than (also) to us.
  6. I've never found any conclusive data for this, but I've always assumed it means there's a bigger chance of player interaction (team conversations, player conversations and press conference reactions) having less of a positive effect than it would if you were fluent in the language. Speaking a relevant language will also make it more likely that you will get a job in a country, afaik.
  7. I think 'contextual advice' means the pop-up you sometimes see on a player's profile screen. I've underlined it for you in the screenshot I included:
  8. Yes, you would have to start the save over again. Even if you waited for the database update where Hasic should be at Besiktas, you'd have to start a new save game. If you load up the Croatian league now, I'm pretty sure it will not generate existing Croatian players that were not yet loaded; it will keep the ones who were already loaded and create newgens (newly generated fictional players) to fill the gaps - and only from the start of next season. It sounds like having this player is important to you, and reaching the January transfer window isn't that far into the game, so it will not hurt too much to restart, I'm sure Alternatively, you could play this game until the edited winter transfer database comes out and start again then if you want to start with Hasic at Besiktas rather than Dinamo.
  9. CM 01/02, the Australian AMR at Leeds? He's etched into my brain for some reason.
  10. He only moved to Besiktas on 31/1/2020 according to Transfermarkt. Assuming that's true; in the original database that came with FM20, he's still at Dinamo Zagreb. If you didn't load in a lot of players, it's possible the game didn't generate him. Try restarting the save with Croatia selected or a bigger database and see if he's in there.
  11. I can only reply to the screenshot you posted in here, and honestly, those stats don't seem as unbalanced as you suggest. The only stat that's massively in your favour is shots on target, and those might (and considering the lack of CCC's probably were) from tight angles or distance, meaning the goalie has a relatively easy time dealing with them. Essentially, all I gather from this screenshot is; 'the opposition played defensively and it paid off.' You can, btw, customise the stats to include woodwork, which is always something I do so I get a more accurate overview of the stats.
  12. This has always been the case; SI build the match engine. There has to be, even at the most basic level, something that generates 'positive' results and something that generates 'negative' results. The match engine has been refined (and no, not always purely positively, in my opinion) and made more complex but there are a LOT of tactics and playing styles that are viable, as evidenced by the hundreds of different tactics that have been posted on the forums, all with pretty reasonable results.
  13. I don't want to sound condescending here or anything, especially because you said you've played the game for the past 25 years - but surely you must understand that 'assistant advice' isn't an 'instant win' button? The AI assistant, who might very well be flawed and I certainly always disregard because I actually disagree with the changes they want me to make, makes suggestions based on things that are going wrong statistically. If you're shooting a lot from distance and you're not ahead, it will suggest you 'work ball in the box' to make sure your shots are quality over quantity. However - and this is the important bit of advice: there may be nothing wrong with your shot quality and going 'work ball in the box' might actually reduce your shooting chances further than would be advisable. The whole point of the game is to analyse the tactic yourself and see where things go wrong. I treat 'assistant advice' more as a hint that something might be off, but I tend to have faith in the tactics I build and don't often tweak them in-game unless I personally see something that I might pick up on. As for the match stats: You might very well be 'dominating', but 'domination' has a lot of different meanings in football. You had 18 shots, those might have been from too far out - or it might have been headers that were poorly executed. It might have been free kicks that were relatively easy to deal with. I would suggest don't look at the shot count itself, look at the analysis screen and check where the shots came from. The stats you posted here don't show there's anything wrong with the match engine by themselves. In fact - only creating two clear cut chances suggests you didn't get many good shooting opportunities at all. It looks like Rochdale played with a DM, they probably dug in a little bit considering Sunderland are a big team. I'm not sure when in the match they scored, but looking at the amount of passes they attempted, they were more interested in ball circulation than actually getting forward and scoring. It looks more like you failed to break them down, which is very much a way real life matches can pan out. Especially at the lower leagues, your strikers might not be able to get the most out of the few chances they had.
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