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  1. @King Jeff I hope I will meet your expectations Thanks for the comment. Banner will be added after I reveal my choice of club Chapter Two: AMS - HEL - KIX - OKA October 3, 2017 Three weeks of preparation preceded my departure, but now, everything was in order. I had given my boss my notice of resignation, the flights were paid for, and I had booked a hostel just on the outskirts of Okinawa, the biggest city on the island with the same name. Leaving from Schiphol airport, my first transfer was in Helsinki. On the flight there, I had intended to study from my "Japanese for Dummies", but I was distracted by having the misfortune of sharing a row with an impressively obnoxious and loud Welshman named Rhodi. This menace kept trying to strike up a conversation despite my obvious lack of interest, my short and snarled replies to his inane chatter discouraging him none. I was only granted peace when I finally, demonstratively, inserted my earbuds. Fortunately, the Finnish capital was this man's destination, and I would not be bothered by him for the remainder of my journey. Twenty minutes into the flight to Osaka, I profoundly longed for the time my Welsh friend had been beside me, for his place had been taken by a Japanese man, the stereotype of the successful Japanese businessman, who sweated profusely and offended my nostrils far worse than Rhodi had invaded my privacy. He was a lot friendlier though, and when he caught sight of my "Lonely Planet: Okinawa Prefecture", he revealed that he had a nephew on the island called Ryuji. Despite my mumbled protests, the man insisted I join him after we deplaned in Osaka, so that he could call his nephew and let him show me around the island. When we parted ways, I intended to mention deodorant, but I thought better of it and went on my way to the last flight of my journey: Osaka to Naha Airport. On that plane, I was next to an empty seat and I could finally get a little bit of study in, even if it was only a two-hour flight. When I landed, sure enough, there was a young Japanese man with a sign that somewhat resembled the spelling of my name. He introduced himself as Ryuji Takahashi. I attempted to greet him in Japanese, and his amused expression signalled that my pronunciation was nowhere near what I had hoped. He insisted I speak English to him and then asked me to let him show me around the island. It seemed rude to refuse, so on we went...
  2. Banner will be added after I reveal my choice of club Chapter One: The Emigrant September 14, 2017 I've been stuck in a rut for years. I won't call it a mid-life crisis; I'm turning 30 next year and I hope to live far beyond 60. But I can't deny that I'm getting bored over here. I've lived in the same town, Vlissingen, all my life. The same faces everyday, the same cycle to work. Going to the same bars to hear the same jokes from the same drunks. Playing football with the same guys, against the same guys, losing by the same scores every week. It's so mind-numbingly dull. I want to discover other cultures, other people. Interesting people. I make a good living, you know. Not "buying-a-jacuzzi" money, but it's fine. It's all...fine. I write about sports, mainly football. Most of my work is about tricking people into clicks and likes these days. What a wild ride. But I've decided. I've saved up for a few months and I'm taking a plunge. First stop: Japan. I need a culture shock, and Japan seems as fine a place as any. But where in Japan? It's many times larger than my native Holland, if I go without something resembling a plan, I'll get lost within a day. Tokyo seems far too large for me. I decide to visit Wikipedia and do some reading up. After about 14 hours of 'wiki-walking', including a two hour read about Buddhism in southern Russia, I decide on Okinawa. It's an 'un-Japanese' island in many respects, with large swathes of the islands covered in American military bases, much to the chagrin of the local population. Then, there's the fact many of the Okinawan people don't even really identify themselves with Japan. Conflict and stories will be in no short supply; it seems like a fine place to start. I'm not going as a tourist, though. A tourist always looks at a culture from outside it, but you need to experience the same struggles as the locals to truly understand them. I want to live as the locals do; I need a job. I don't speak a word of Japanese, so in that respect, Okinawa is ideal as well. Many Okinawans speak English out of necessity, and I might just be able to maintain some living standards while I'm learning the language. I consider myself reasonably intelligent and very sociable, so I'm sure I'll find something. And if not: I can always move on. I never wanted a jacuzzi anyway.
  3. @Foss I noticed FC Ryukyu (J3) has no players in your database. It seems to be the only team in that division that lacks a squad, so I've endeavoured to create it for them with the full 26-man squad, personal data, footedness, accurate positions and attributes where I can judge them, and full player histories where available. If you want to add my changes to your DB or consult them, let me know.
  4. The first half of the season is over, with us sitting in a disappointing fifth place. Mainly to do with our lack of goals. We're near the bottom for chances created, despite our general dominance over smaller teams. Our midfield lacks the creativity to unlock defenses, and with most teams sticking men against the ball when playing us, we'll need to rethink our attacking plan. We don't concede much, either, though, leading to (far too many) draws. That said, a good run of form could see us shoot up the table, and we're unbeaten in six games. The game against Valdivia was a bit of a disaster. We got two penalties against but were in the game for a long time. An overly attacking formation in the latter quarter saw the 1-0 score end up a 4-0 drubbing. After that we went on a good run, only losing to San Marcos Arica, who beat us in the cup last season and managed to counter their way to win once again. In terms of player performance, no-one's been standing out. Our strikers, Reymundez en Muñoz, have been performing well, but our inability to consistently perform well shows through in the average ratings. In the cup, we played top of the league Cobresal, who proved difficult to break down despite our dominance. A disappointing early exit.
  5. Have you sent him on a language course? Not sure if that's a factor but it might be.
  6. In that case, it doesn't work, because players I discard keep coming back
  7. WWhat's the difference between 'Discard' and 'Acknowledge' in the scouting screen? They seem to serve the exact same function.
  8. I had the same for a long time until I switched my laptop battery, as the previous one had gotten damaged. Do you have any battery issues?
  9. With the 2019 pre-season and transfer window over, the squad has mainly remained intact. Only one player left the club: Cabrera had potential, but was not likely to grow quickly enough to warrant keeping him. Considering the goal this season in promotion, I was worried he'd be unable to keep up with the required level to feature next season, even if he could cling on this year. Last season he only played in four games and didn't excel in any of them. On top of the three transfers mentioned in the previous update (Luis Torres, Ramón Sáez and Mikel Arguinarena), two further players joined the club. The first was Ángelo Quiñónes, who comes in on loan from Santiago Wanderers to provide competition for Kenny Hernandez in the right midfielder position. He's probably the better option if only because he's pacier, but in the interest of youth development and U20 rules, Hernandez is more likely to start. The second is Matías Caroca, who's basically just a squad-filler providing some much needed depth. Last season we only had one midfielder with defensive capacities, now we have three. https://i.gyazo.com/7c347b931d5a003af252544aa4f15f25.png[/img] Pre-season went fine. We went undefeated, only conceding a simple goal against the lower league teams. We also played O'Higgins and Colo-Colo from the top division, with the latter spoiling our perfect pre-season record, equalising in the 91st minute of our friendly. https://i.gyazo.com/638b8018a484b1496659b42b7fb95261.png[/img] My preferred first team for this season will look like this, with Rojas being gradually faded out as his physical stats continue to decline. Ledezma and Arguinarena are almost exactly identical in terms of stats, with Arguinarena possessing a slight edge in the mental side of things. Both players are expected to feature equally. Gracias a todos!
  10. 1. I have said that they need to create a different engine for female football. It would be really helpful if you read other posts before replying, I am quite obviously not saying that the women's game equals the men's game, I am saying that there's no need to create a new scale for female attributes if they're not going to play male footballers. Like I said, 200 CA, 20 dribbling etc are all relative stats. Otherwise, Akinfenwa would have 10 strength because he's not as strong as the strongest human to ever live. It relates only to the rest of the database. As a women's database would obviously exclude male players, there's no need to give the strongest female a lower number. There is absolutely no reason to compare the two, ever. 2. I think you're vastly underestimating the amount of work it would take one user to make even a single league all-female. Putting aside actual game data research such as putting the right names/attributes and personal data to players, they'd have to set up a way to make sure no male players enter the league, either from outside or through new generation. That means completely resetting the name generation to make sure only female first names enter the database. It also includes transfer restrictions, but yet in such a way that money earned doesn't become useless, then making sure the level of newgens ensure a continuous level of quality so the league remains balanced. And, at the end of all this extremely intensive, tedious work, you'd still be playing 'the men's game' during the actual matches, just with female names. Considering it's been established how much the two differ, why would anyone settle for playing that? If making multiple leagues, you'd have to find a way to make those leagues interact while not interacting with the male leagues, which I think would be impossible.
  11. I'm not an expert, but I'd imagine there'd be severe balancing issues in capping the best female players at only a percentage of CA (let's say 150 instead of 200). I really don't see the problem with using the same 200 scale. You're the one advocating inventing a new system, not me.
  12. But if they have a modified match engine, then a female 20 would work differently to a male 20, so those users complaining would be complete idiots.
  13. '20' isn't an absolute value. It only represents the absolute best. As long as the match engine allows for differences between a female 20 and a male 20, there is no problem.
  14. No, it doesn't. They won't play each other. Have the strongest female players have 20 strength, even if she's technically much weaker than Akinfenwa. The stats are relative. It doesn't matter if a female could theoretically push an oil tanker with strength 20, as long as it works in the match engine compared to the opposition
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