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  1. I am a big fan of counter attacking football so it is really refreshing seeing someone be so successful with it. A big nod to the preset style within the game too, perhaps I have been over complicating trying to create a tactic such as this. Your making me want to start a similar save!
  2. @Carambau your achievement is superb! What is most inspiring for me is the fact you have stuck to your principals, with what i can assume is the preset fluid counter attack?
  3. I booted up FM17 last night and started a new game. It is such a clean and simple UI. Everything is so much better layed out. Training and Scouting is a breath of fresh air again! Only played one game but the ME was pretty tidy too. May have seemed a little limited (although then that could be down to my team not being anywhere near used to the system) but I already saw things happen that I often get so frustrated at not happening on FM19. Mainly some movement in the final third.
  4. Read this from the first page. It's brilliant and so inspiring to really build something. It's a proper FM save, the way the game should be played. Well done!! One question though, have you kept the preset fluid counter tactic from start to now? No tinkering at all? That's seriously encouraging if so and says much about the tactical myths that you have plugged one system in you believe in, and built the team around it!
  5. Hi RocheBag Yep, it seems we defiantly do! I think it stems back from about the 13 or 14 edition? And to think here we are now over a system my Wolves side play, crazy really. But thanks for sharing those details. I will look to definatly incorporate them and see how I get on. Did you have any specific PIs? The Shadow Striker role is one I am interested to try.
  6. Do you still have this tactic @RocheBag? You have played tactics out perfect in the past for me, they have worked a dream, so to get one off you that is also inspired by my beloved Wolves would be ace! I have tried to replicate the Nuno system but to no avail. I know you did a screenshot in this thread but I cannot make out the TIs. Would be great to hear back.
  7. I am a little bit in love with this and considering buying https://www.amazon.co.uk/HUAWEI-MateBook-13-Inch-Laptop-FullView/dp/B07KCJGGW3/ref=sr_1_6?crid=2F8BFY3A88ATG&keywords=huawei%2Bnotebook&qid=1565208026&s=gateway&sprefix=hauwei%2Bnote%2Caps%2C166&sr=8-6&th=1 At that price though, a pre-requisite would be being able to run FM very well? I am considering the 8GB option too as wondering if 16GB is overkill.
  8. Wow, that is some brilliant feedback! i really appreciate you both going in real depth, you have gave me much to ponder on I will be sure to tinker later when i get home accordingly My "idea" of my tactic was to replicate an easy on the eye, possession based system that is solid and does not leak too many goals. I like to create angles and options. I want my DCR and DCL to bring the ball out from the back, they do this due to there PPM. Ideally, I want Coady to play as a traditional sweeper, i really hope FM bring this role back for 20 because I despeately need it. Having digested what you said @Experienced Defender my role for that is all wrong, especially given Neves as a DLP does that role to a point in a higher position. Although I rarely see it ingame, they could get in each others way. I think I will drop that to a Central Defender (cover), this will most likely see an improvement? In midfield i want to control. I like to see my midfield three link up and play it around each other, but you are right, i need more penetration. I am now using a Cm (A) role and this has helped. I can always use a support role if to see out a game? Removing Work Ball into box is a very interesting one. I will look to play around with that too.
  9. I do have my ball winner as get further forward PI. I also tinker with tempo dependant on how the game is going. Thanks for your suggestions though, really appreciate that - the forward role is one I will for sure rethink.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Shame, perhaps I may have to rethink as I was really all set on using wing-backs.
  11. Very much based on Wolves IRL with one or two tweaks of my own.
  12. Please tell me there is one? I have a really stable, solid tactic but this is one area that I cannot get right. It is costing me games. I create so many perfect openings only for the crosses NEVER (and i mean never) to beat the first man. I have tried every role going, every different type of crossing and nothing beats the first man. So annoying.
  13. "I am going to be honest with you... ..I don’t really believe there is anything different about the Championship. Football is the game. It is always the same. There are specific situations and characteristics of the Championship, yes. But it is a competition. There are good teams, there are good players. What matters most is your idea. When you think about the Championship, when you are offered a job in the Championship, the first thought you must have is this: can I make my idea work in this league? This is the first step you must take. It is not about the Championship changing your idea. No. It is about your idea inside the Championship. Can we make it work? Is it possible to go there with our idea, our philosophy? We consider it, and we say yes. And then? We go for it." Background Nuno Espirito Santo arrived at Wolves on the 31st of May, Wolves having just finished 15th in the Championship after a somewhat depressing, anti-climatic first season at the club after the much spoken about takeover by Fosun International. Since that moment onwards, he has transformed the club I love. I love the man like I have loved no other manager in my 18 years as a season ticket holder, and as a little bit of a student of the game - I have been fascinated, thrilled and inspired by the style, philosophy and all round approach that has been instilled and the success that has came from it. Despite the amount of money thrown at it and negative press the club may get regarding the Jorge Mendes influence - the job Nuno has done is remarkable. His ability to man manage players, create such a fantastic spirit in a tight knit squad which is backed up by promoting the youngsters, his calming yet ferocious approach on the touchline - everything that is Nuno I genuinely try to approach in FM. I see what he is like in press conferences, I replicate calm, cautious "on the fence" if you like answers. I make minimal change where I can and above all, always make it about the team. One game at a time. Consistently praising the team yet making sure they stay on task, do not become complacent. The Idea. The System. But most importantly the tactic behind this whole "idea". Now initially Wolves with Nuno did not change from a 3-4-3 in over 15 months. However, it looked pretty obvious during a barren spell that things didn't need to change, the idea was fine, but there needed to be some adjustment. Enter the 3-5-2 which if you really look into it, is not that dissimilar to the 3-4-3 we set up with originally. We can move the shape of the forward players very easily between the two, both in real life, and in FM, which i will talk about. I will explain the reasoning behind the system generally and the "idea". First of all we want to play as unit. With the ball we are one unit and likewise even more so without. This means there is little between the lines, we are compact so of course we want mental attributes such as Teamwork, Determination and Workrate to help this. This is the reason I aim for a fluid or very fluid team shape. You may ask do we have enough Attack duties. On paper it perhaps doesn't look right and I would agree, but in game it makes sense because with the ball we want to retain it, limit aimless long balls and without the ball we are compact, defend from the front and with support duties that then allows a natural counter, something we are brilliant at particularly with the front two. We can see this demonstrated below with back to back wins, the second of which is a beautiful sight to me, the team were everywhere. Second of all, we focus play through the middle to give even more space and onus on overlaps outwide. If you have watched Wolves this is self explanatory. Doc and Jonny hug the touchline (PPM they need training in this, something i will mention shortly) but we focus the penetration through the middle. The spine of the team in Coady, Neves and the frontmen are neat and tidy and will keep the ball, this then allows space outwide to exploit. We want to see those cross field balls to each flank and get balls in the box, the former of which I am not quite happy with but happy enough. With the ball, wee make the pitch as big as we can to compliment this. Play more expressive to allow the individual players such as Jimenez and Jota to express themselves and tactically too but generally the whole "idea" is to find ways to win without changing that much. This whole system I want to beat teams in a variety of different ways which sounds like expecting too much but it actually does. Some games I dominate possession, others we come away with 40% tops, its a real mixed bag in that sense but as Nuno alludes to many times "we can control the game with and without the ball" I mentioned above the need for a different shape, this is required and also sometimes preferred. I am convinced long-term Nuno will revert back to 3-4-3. I just dont believe Wolves have the players to make it work the way they did in the Championship. Particularly in the forward positions. Below is an example of when we revert to this shape. Player Roles In terms of the positions I have decided on, I will go through the roles I have picked and justify and explain my reasons Sweeper Keeper (Patricio) : Good passing range without it needing to be spectacular because we play out from the back with passes into the back three. Libero (Coady) : If I am honest, this was a difficult one because we need the old "sweeper" role back as that is what Coady does. Libero without the ball is fine but with it he drifts forward. However, in FM terms it isn't bad because it is generally OK as he presses but in replication is not ideal. We need a player with "stay back at all times" PPM. Central Defender (Boly, Bennett) : They are given the stopper duty because they press further forward than a standard "defend" duty. However, hugely important, these two are trained in "bring the ball out of defence" and possibly even "run with ball more often" in Willy Boly's case. In games where we are struggling to break teams down, these two are often pivotal because they are high up the pitch, and can create some tactical movement in the final third by doing the above. Generally, we want all our defenders to be good footballers as well as defenders. Complete Wing Back (Doherty, Jonny) : These are huge and will hug the touchline (also train your wing-backs to do this) and often pop up on the end of each others crosses. Jonny much like in real life I made the move to train him to "cut inside from left" which works really well simply as a different dimension to what the Doc offers. Mezzella (Moutinho, Dendoncker) : We want these to be very mobile and take up areas in the slightly wider areas. This role imo does this best. With one of the duties I make attacking, Moutinho does this very well although long term I would want a more mobile version in this position. We can use a 3-4-1-2 variation on this and push one of these up to "in the hole" position, this was often done with Morgan Gibbs White and to good effect combining a DLP (D) with a M (S) and a AM (A) infront of them. False 9 (Jota, Jimenez) : Again this may seem odd having two false 9's and two attackers on the same duty, but they perform exactly how I want them too and how they do IRL imo. They drop deep, link play, get into wide postions, press the midfield when out of possession.. they are a nightmare for opposition. Ultimately, does it work? Yes, by now I guess you are wondering how exactly I got on. Well, with a season of no ins and outs and getting the team to purely learn the tactic, whilst focusing on dynamics and team consistency, we managed to finish 6th whilst also reaching the Semi-Final of the FA Cup losing out to Liverpool. As you will see below the results from the turn of the year was fantastic. We only lost 4 games, 3 of those coming against the top 4. What now? With your help, there is much I can improve on both in tactical adjustment and to make it replicate Nuno's idea even more. I am going to leave a link to download this tactic. It would be fantastic if the geniuses on here could throw there two cents in. To work on, and further develop "the idea". No tactic is ever perfect, it would be great to share some ideas and for people to offer suggestions as to where I can go from here. I have got Wolves in 6th position with this and I am very happy and delighted more with the performances that have came from it. I was very adamant to not touch the squad in season one, I wanted developing the Dynamics of the squad to be the key addition. It is very clear that at Wolves what Nuno has built on is the real life equivalent to Team Dynamics. It is a very close knit bunch and that shows. Now I have developed on that, I can add one or two key additions heading into my second season. A footballing centre half to replace Bennett, and a more mobile central midfielder could seriously turn this team into a real contender both on my Football Manager save, and perhaps in real life, while continuing to develop the idea. Tactic Upload If you would like to download the tactic and use it to improve and develop this it would be fantastic. This is not going to be a plug in and win everything system. That is not the point of this thread. I do believe it to be solid, and i think if you follow the core values I have spoken about in this thread (Team Dynamics, man management, PPM) then you have a good chance of making it work with the right kind of players. I would really appreciate some input. Thanks for reading! http://www.mediafire.com/file/w7v7znvc6uc1czb/Nuno_-_The_Idea.fmf/file
  14. Coady - It is next to impossible to replicate his role imo. He sits very deep and rarely if ever leaves that position. This is really difficult to pin down in the ME. I am disappointed the Sweeper role has been removed. This is instantly an issue because he is so pivotal to the Wolves system. He is quite literally the first player in it. Boly - At times, especially in home games and when on the front feet, he is another midfielder. He steps further forward and brings the ball out. I know there is a PPM for that but I think there needs to be another CB role that just isnt there unfortunately. Similar to Coady. Doherty - At times he hugs the touchline that much he is almost in the stands! But you get what I mean. Again, this is quite difficult in the ME but the moment Coady or Neves get the ball, he is right out there, I cannot get him to do this in the game and I dont want to tinker too much with the defensive/attacking width. It is a pity there is not an option to go inbetween narrow/standard for the defensive narrow shape to help with the transition into attack. Jota - He drops deep to link play. Very deep at times. Almost as another midfielder. But then at other times he is running the channels like a madman. Again, difficult role to pin down. I wish there was a different support role in the AM strata for Jota. For Doherty/Jota. There may be ways to make the above examples with the Team Shape being moved to Fluid but obviously this cannot be done manually. With TIs I am not sure we play with a high tempo. I think due to the transition from defence into attack it needs to be normal at best. The Wing backs in particular need time to get outwide but it is a hard balance to strike, because at the same time you want Coady/Neves quickly pinging it out. I know I am biased but I love watching Wolves play since we have moved to 3-5-2/5-3-2. The 3-4-3 from last season was whilst great, I always felt would come unstuck in the top flight due to its lack of control in the centre of the pitch. We have shown real adaptability since the start of December, but really it is only one position. The idea has remained intact and I would love to see the Nuno, quote, "idea" replicated in FM.
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