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  1. Coady - It is next to impossible to replicate his role imo. He sits very deep and rarely if ever leaves that position. This is really difficult to pin down in the ME. I am disappointed the Sweeper role has been removed. This is instantly an issue because he is so pivotal to the Wolves system. He is quite literally the first player in it. Boly - At times, especially in home games and when on the front feet, he is another midfielder. He steps further forward and brings the ball out. I know there is a PPM for that but I think there needs to be another CB role that just isnt there unfortunately. Similar to Coady. Doherty - At times he hugs the touchline that much he is almost in the stands! But you get what I mean. Again, this is quite difficult in the ME but the moment Coady or Neves get the ball, he is right out there, I cannot get him to do this in the game and I dont want to tinker too much with the defensive/attacking width. It is a pity there is not an option to go inbetween narrow/standard for the defensive narrow shape to help with the transition into attack. Jota - He drops deep to link play. Very deep at times. Almost as another midfielder. But then at other times he is running the channels like a madman. Again, difficult role to pin down. I wish there was a different support role in the AM strata for Jota. For Doherty/Jota. There may be ways to make the above examples with the Team Shape being moved to Fluid but obviously this cannot be done manually. With TIs I am not sure we play with a high tempo. I think due to the transition from defence into attack it needs to be normal at best. The Wing backs in particular need time to get outwide but it is a hard balance to strike, because at the same time you want Coady/Neves quickly pinging it out. I know I am biased but I love watching Wolves play since we have moved to 3-5-2/5-3-2. The 3-4-3 from last season was whilst great, I always felt would come unstuck in the top flight due to its lack of control in the centre of the pitch. We have shown real adaptability since the start of December, but really it is only one position. The idea has remained intact and I would love to see the Nuno, quote, "idea" replicated in FM.
  2. Really disappointed this thread had to come to an end I was really optimistic reading it from the first post. I would love to be part of the current Wolves emulation tactic. We really do play a fantastic system Great read @Chevie
  3. So that is more of a game issue than system its ran on? Thanks for the post on save on laptops Would it be a fair assumption to make that if I run nothing in 3D on FM then a dedicated graphics card would not be needed? What is the main difference (FM wise) between a "U" processor and a "H" or "HQ" processor ? Would a "H" in an 4th or 5th gen in i3 be better than a i7 7 gen "u"? Hope that makes sense!
  4. Thanks for your reply mate. Could you elaborate on the bit in bold? I dont see any reason why I could not get away with medium database actually. Also, it is not actually an i7, it is an i5. It is the HP 250 G6 laptop. Due to a work discount I can get it at around £350. Would this suit me for FM? Link below; https://store.hp.com/UKStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=1WY59EA&opt=ABU&sel=DEF
  5. How would this run; Intel Core i7 7500U 2.7GHz 8GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD Storage 15.6 inch Full HD Screen WiFi and Bluetooth Windows 10 Home I use no aspects of 3D at all. Every match I watch is in 2D. I plan to run say around 5/6 nations on large database.
  6. They are both a concern but I am sure they are being addressed. Remember this is still beta and the data lock has not been placed yet (least I think) Neves and Ruddy's new contract have also not been added. Vinagre wage is also too high. I am also very uncomfortable with the wages of Patricio and Moutinho. I understand they were both big "marquee" signings and Wolves owners are loaded, but it leaves a huge gap between those salaries and the rest of the side. Without sounding cheesy, that is not what "the pack" at Wolves are about. I have not started a save with Wolves yet, but that combined with the finance issue means in-game it could develop into a very difficult management issue with huge implications in house. Total contrast to RL imo.
  7. I feel devastated but it just doesn't do it for me this year. There are just too many issues, many of which @bababooey touched on. The game has got lost in itself for me. The simplistic thing about FM was how beautifully simplistic it was. It feels like FM has been taken over by someone, that is how difficult and irritating the UI is.
  8. Personally I am not sure if it is possible in FM. Definatly wasnt in 17.
  9. I really enjoy your stories smp20. What I enjoy the most is your tactical approach. Very simplistic and very stubborn, but in a good way. By and large your shape and philosophy remains exactly the same and I really admire that, if anything it is encouraging and wipes away the "AI crack your system" myth. What I would like to ask though, from a tactical POV, do you tend to make many tweaks? Or do you remain quite loyal to it? Generally it always seems to be 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 (two DMs) with a very fluid team shape and Attacking mentality. Do you ever differ from that??
  10. I saw those tweets, fairplay for posting it. Intrigued to look at the tactic actually. Insane results.
  11. I think the modern day 3-4-3 only really works when the "3" up top are played with AMC roles.
  12. I once noticed this with Rowett well before he left Blues. I thought SI knew something we didnt when he did indeed leave! Does seem to be an odd random one.
  13. Put a CM on hold position and you basically have a deep lying playmaker. You could even add more risky passes. He will essentially behave like one, with the added benefit of the rest of the side not always looking to get him to be the main creator. The main creators you want are your wide players.
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