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  1. Personally I think it's fantastic Completely sympathise with anyone who is colour blind though of course
  2. I have played FMT extensively over the last 2 or 3 years. If SI gave it the pre-game editor, I would never play "Full Fat" again. Any other differences are minimal. The cynic in me wonders if after 8 years of fans crying out for it, that is the sole reason why they have chosen not to add it, which I kind of understand, why would you give way to the main event?
  3. It is mind boggling. My setup is fine, we look solid, hard to break down, create good openings, yet the moment we reach the final third it is just like a game of block. Ping pong almost - I have come to accept headers will be high and wide (after a season of frustration) so tell my wide players not to cross and set crossing to low. Could you share your setup, at all? Just want to see if there is anything glaring I am missing. Or something I shouldn't be using.
  4. I have removed WBIB too. But it is more penalty area finishing in general I am puzzled by.
  5. Is it just me, or do headed goals, never happen? Most of my goals (and the opposition for that matter) seem to be 20-30 yard stunners. I just beat Derby 3-1 and 3 of those goals (2 from me, 1 from Derby) was screamers. Rarely do I see a striker go through one on one and score a simple tap in. Crosses go in and 9 times out of 10 it is either blocked or straight at the keeper. And as I say, I am 2 years into a save and genuinely do not think my team have scored a header from open play. Is there a known issue logged with finishing?
  6. 19 carried me through most of last year as the ME engine is nowhere near as horrible as 20 and I think that also holds true to 21. Strange coincidence as right now I am debating going back to 19. I really want to love 21 but the ME is horrible. I would love to know from the people who love it, how they manage to get there strikers to score, wide players to cross, headers from 6 yards on target and actually see a one on one result in a goal.
  7. Yes, points taken @Experienced Defender but many of the obvious tactical contradiction/inconsistencies you have mentioned... I have added those to try to counter act the frankly barmy Player behaviour which I have explained. Could you address any of those points?
  8. I really wish I could give up and walk away as I said I would last week, but it keeps pulling me back. I desperately want to get my vision to work on this ME. But I keep coming to the same conclusion each time, things just dont look function right when it comes to the final third. - Why do headers never go in? - Are strikers programmed simply not to score? - My front three still make braindead decisions. On the one occasion just my WB just played in my Shadow Striker, decent enough angle for a shot or the DLF in a good position, he played a first time ball backwards to the CM w
  9. After playing for almost 2 weeks now, both standard FM and FMT with no TF - I have genuinely decided to put the game away and decide the ME is just not for me. It says something when I am winning games (albeit, 1-0s, 2-1s etc) but not enjoying what I am seeing on the pitch. One of the first things I want to achieve is implement my own unique playing style. It seems to me no matter what playing style you seem to want to implement, generally the themes will be the same, of which are; - CBs/GKs ignoring any instructions to pass out from the back and insist on long, aimless punts. - WBs/
  10. Couldnt agree more. Share some of these concerns and more in my thread below.
  11. Hi @CaptCanuck thanks for the response Your thread is very interesting. I had a quick browse and only saw the screenshot from the OP. Going a back five is very interesting. I tried actually pushing up the WBs to the MR/ML strata and making them DW. Attacking wise I preferred it, but they didn't track back how I liked, sometimes not even at all. I have never experimenting placing them in a back five though so that is food for thought. Aside from that screenshot and the other changes you have mentioned, have you diverted much from the OP? Our ideas seem very similar.
  12. Thanks again @DeepThought for such a detailed response, it is much appreciated. I take your point regarding the percentage of crosses. It is more the frustration behind the lack of/blocked crosses. For example, we will have a lovely passage of play, my DLP (Neves) will release it to Marcal and he will have the perfect opportunity to whip it in with two forwards in a good position.. and almost delay it perfectly to give the FB chance to reposition. By which point the chance is gone altogether, or the cross is blocked. The "braindead" description.. apologies for that. I was having a
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