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  1. I unfortunately had to give up on FM20. It may be you have to do the same. The great thing about FM is, you have a previous version to fallback on which is every bit as good because it retains its core elements that makes FM the amazing game it is. Every aspect of 20 was spot on but ultimately the ME, i couldnt suffer it. There are always negatives with ME but 20 i just couldnt live with. Any game I win is by a setpiece or a cross with an insanely good header by a winger who has heading/jumping rating of 7. I hope and have every faith 21 will be superb. I have every faith in SI as we
  2. I am sick to death of winning 1-0 via a indirect set piece or a goal handed on the plate by a centre half.
  3. Does the consistency attribute increase or decrease? If the answer to that question is yes, what plays a factor in that? Infact, same question to Professionalism.
  4. I have gone as far back as FM16 to start a save with what looks like a solid looking ME. Enjoying it so far. Sad really, but FM20 is just too tragic to play from an ME point of view.
  5. It is all down to expectation. If you want a game that will speed through days and weeks in the blink of an eye, then probably not. But I use a recently purchased laptop with an identical spec as above, it is perfectly fine to run FM IMHO.
  6. Why did it go? Conor Coady wants to know In all seriousness though, why was it removed? I have launched 18 only to find it there, and the options it presents tactically is superb. A Libero/Central Defender on cover is the closest replication and that is still miles off, particularly as Libero uses quite an attacking mentality. If anyone could recommend a workaround, would be great. It gives me even more reason to hate on this ME and revert back to previous editions!
  7. Unfortunately, I have to echo the above. This games ME ruins any immersion. Most of my games look set for 0-0 unless I score from an indirect free kick, corner, or the opposition back four deciding he wants to gift my centre forward yet another opportunity, after he has already missed 3 or 4 one on ones. Every game is by and large the same. There is absolutely nothing going on in the final third. If anyone could recommend the best ME of recent editions, I am all ears, as all I really want is an exciting game of FM to keep me busy during this lockdown.
  8. I guess this challenge has taken a whole new direction! Thank you for clarifying that for me @JordanMillward_1
  9. In order to find out what the hell is going on; I took control of Cheltenham and looked at there FFP screen. They gained promotion much like us but through the play-offs. I wanted a club very similairly sized too, if not a little smaller. They are expected to spend less than £30.5k weekly in wages to comply with FFP. We are at £18k. It doesnt make any sense, does it?? Why is ours so low? How am I expected to put a squad together and compete with that?
  10. This is ruining my attempt at building a squad here. I have just got promoted in my first season and now want to build a team to compete further. All I have made is two signings, frees, one on £3,100 p/w, the other on £2,000 p/w. Below is my first team squad earners, I got promoted on the 2nd from bottom wage bills in the league! Now below you can see my major issue This leaves me literally with no option but to have to sell players if I am able to comply with FFP. I find this barmy. I cannot sign anyone at the moment. Surely this isnt right? What makes it all
  11. The Acer Core i5 would be the best option on paper. I am not sure what the cost difference is with the Ryzen and the other i5 you have mentioned though, if price is a factor.
  12. I have never used a Smartwatch before mate, so i do not have anything to base it on, but I have came across no issues at all in regards to GPS, or anything else for that matter, it tracks my heart rate 24/7 which is amazing - I am abit of a stickler for reviews too and all reviews i have came across are very positive, I have not read one bad one yet to be honest. It seems to be the best in the business for battery life.
  13. DDR4 runs at a faster clock speed and transfers data quicker. How this translates to FM, I will leave somebody else to answer!
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