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  1. Looks like FM17 may be the way to go for the best/most stable ME from comments on this thread. Interesting.
  2. I haven't played FM for a good 18 months now. Well, when I say that, I mean it in terms of a really good save where I can dig in, really get involved. I play full fat, look to start with a lower league side and built them up. A little old school player if you like. Predominantly I like to create a style of play and build it within the club. Prefer to play with a flat back three and wing backs, any formation from 3-5-2, to 3-4-1-2 to 3-4-3 - as you can probably gather, Nuno at Wolves has had a massive influence on this! IMO, every Football Manager from 15 onwards hasn't changed that much IMHO. I could play any of them. They are all great games. However, I need a game that has the best, solid, glitch free ME. I have 19 and 20 installed right now and ready to begin a save. If I want the best ME, which game should I go with? I want honest answers too. If I have to drop back to 19 for a more complete ME, I have absolutely no issue with this as I have heard negative things regarding 20. No ME is perfect though, as I remember 19 having its issues. But at the end of the day, wanting to base my career around a playing style means the ME I play with needs to have the least issues, rather than being better if that makes sense? Be interested to hear peoples thoughts. 19 or 20?
  3. Best suggestion but If steam has security issues on his laptop, i think it is very very likely chrome remote will too unfortunately.
  4. I am a big fan of counter attacking football so it is really refreshing seeing someone be so successful with it. A big nod to the preset style within the game too, perhaps I have been over complicating trying to create a tactic such as this. Your making me want to start a similar save!
  5. @Carambau your achievement is superb! What is most inspiring for me is the fact you have stuck to your principals, with what i can assume is the preset fluid counter attack?
  6. I booted up FM17 last night and started a new game. It is such a clean and simple UI. Everything is so much better layed out. Training and Scouting is a breath of fresh air again! Only played one game but the ME was pretty tidy too. May have seemed a little limited (although then that could be down to my team not being anywhere near used to the system) but I already saw things happen that I often get so frustrated at not happening on FM19. Mainly some movement in the final third.
  7. Read this from the first page. It's brilliant and so inspiring to really build something. It's a proper FM save, the way the game should be played. Well done!! One question though, have you kept the preset fluid counter tactic from start to now? No tinkering at all? That's seriously encouraging if so and says much about the tactical myths that you have plugged one system in you believe in, and built the team around it!
  8. Hi RocheBag Yep, it seems we defiantly do! I think it stems back from about the 13 or 14 edition? And to think here we are now over a system my Wolves side play, crazy really. But thanks for sharing those details. I will look to definatly incorporate them and see how I get on. Did you have any specific PIs? The Shadow Striker role is one I am interested to try.
  9. Do you still have this tactic @RocheBag? You have played tactics out perfect in the past for me, they have worked a dream, so to get one off you that is also inspired by my beloved Wolves would be ace! I have tried to replicate the Nuno system but to no avail. I know you did a screenshot in this thread but I cannot make out the TIs. Would be great to hear back.
  10. I am a little bit in love with this and considering buying https://www.amazon.co.uk/HUAWEI-MateBook-13-Inch-Laptop-FullView/dp/B07KCJGGW3/ref=sr_1_6?crid=2F8BFY3A88ATG&keywords=huawei%2Bnotebook&qid=1565208026&s=gateway&sprefix=hauwei%2Bnote%2Caps%2C166&sr=8-6&th=1 At that price though, a pre-requisite would be being able to run FM very well? I am considering the 8GB option too as wondering if 16GB is overkill.
  11. Wow, that is some brilliant feedback! i really appreciate you both going in real depth, you have gave me much to ponder on I will be sure to tinker later when i get home accordingly My "idea" of my tactic was to replicate an easy on the eye, possession based system that is solid and does not leak too many goals. I like to create angles and options. I want my DCR and DCL to bring the ball out from the back, they do this due to there PPM. Ideally, I want Coady to play as a traditional sweeper, i really hope FM bring this role back for 20 because I despeately need it. Having digested what you said @Experienced Defender my role for that is all wrong, especially given Neves as a DLP does that role to a point in a higher position. Although I rarely see it ingame, they could get in each others way. I think I will drop that to a Central Defender (cover), this will most likely see an improvement? In midfield i want to control. I like to see my midfield three link up and play it around each other, but you are right, i need more penetration. I am now using a Cm (A) role and this has helped. I can always use a support role if to see out a game? Removing Work Ball into box is a very interesting one. I will look to play around with that too.
  12. I do have my ball winner as get further forward PI. I also tinker with tempo dependant on how the game is going. Thanks for your suggestions though, really appreciate that - the forward role is one I will for sure rethink.
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