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  1. That rabid fan is giving me the creeps. Does Joel own a face-mask, too?
  2. Great position to finish on. Southampton fans might be pretty pissed at their board for getting rid of you now. Man, Krueger *really* hates you. Someone should tell him to chill.
  3. [FM18] Kafra the Third - All Youth in England

    Osei looks like the real deal. Here's hoping he'll form the core of your defense for the foreseeable future!
  4. They landed outside of the Top 6, and with a clear points difference too. I think they even beat you quite handily earlier (?), so they must've had some poor form. Or have they regressed as a team in your save? I've seen Liverpool relegated by 2025 in one of my saves for example.
  5. Holy moly, Spruit had a great season. I wonder if that had something to do with Arsenal having a surprisingly poor season, though... Nevertheless, an exciting new squad.
  6. [FM18] Kafra the Third - All Youth in England

    Given that other teams have much better players and much more depth than you seem to have at your disposal, though, I'd say it's an achievement in and of itself to clearly avoid relegation time and time again.
  7. [FM18] Kafra the Third - All Youth in England

    Another relatively mediocre season, but at least you're still in the League! You'll get a true golden generation sooner or later.
  8. When Krueger gets sacked, King should offer him a job as his cup-bearer or something.
  9. Incredible final. It's not a 4-4-1-1 (as far as I remember), it's more like a 5-2-3-0 with a Libero on Attack duty. Two central mids on support and attack, high defense line, high press, on control or standard. Three AMCs, no strikers, two of them as shadow strikers and one of them is a kind of a Withdrawn Targetman (Attacking Midfielder) with some special instructions. It's all based on the strikerless tactics you find on Guido's blog, I think. ... well all that above actually, did that just sound like hebrew to you or do you know what I'm talking about? xD
  10. Look at his passing and eccentricity. I've never seen a newgen goalkeeper with even halfway-decent stats on those.
  11. What is going on? Is he crazy? Am I crazy? Did he hit his head on a duck when he was a child? Can the duck actually talk but just finds it funnier to let the man think he's crazy and come up with more and more flighty monologues? Is the duck actually the Chairman? What is love?
  12. FM18: Memory Lane

    Same here - mostly I just obsessively scout for talent and end up bringing in twelve potential supertalents each transfer window, loaning them out for 3 years and then selling them for profit. I'm like a talent factory at this point, except none of it is home-grown. I wonder what it'll take for me to finally get a decent youth intake.
  13. Quoting myself because this is funny Well look at that, if that description doesn't fit the Arcturus guy to a T... Shame that he only arrived when Håkan was dead. Then again, that would be such a Kelsier thing to do.
  14. FM18: Memory Lane

    Ooh, Greece! Shame about the youth intake. I always seem to scout big stars from Greece when I go looking in my saves, but apparently yours is still a cursed existence in the lands of FM