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  1. In FM21, honestly the problem more often is that there is a big gap between the midfielders and the defenders. I wonder if a DMC slot Deep Lying Playmaker with the Stay Wider PI would simulate the Carrilero role well enough while also plugging that particular hole.
  2. I love this formation, and how it played in FM20. But in FM21, just like in FM20, this formation and tactic still runs into some issues - and I'm hoping to explain to you the tactic and then the issues I would like to figure out tweaks for without compromising the base principles of the system. The base formation: The system is based around using passing triangles to progress the ball to the flanks (center back, wing back and mezzala/carrilero). From there, the striker forms the tip of the new triangle with the wing-back and the carrilero/mezzala, where I am hoping to create at lea
  3. Do the defensive wingers replicate Gasperini better or perform better in some ways? I have noticed that they play a little higher up the pitch, but my wingbacks were actually contributing a lot of goals and assists regardless even before I made the switch.
  4. As far as I understand, it makes the wingbacks look for cutbacks. This generally means your width-holding players will look to hold on to the ball and look for passes infield to vary up their delivery. About this tactic itself, though, one thing I have noticed is that as a result of the limitations on CB movement in the match engine, there is often a huge gap between the attacking unit of this formation ( midfielders, strikers and wingbacks) and the defensive line.
  5. This tactic produces some really interesting football. Just finished a 3-5 loss against Juventus (First season, we got 3-1 ahead and then Juventus just kicked up a gear and scored three worldies against us and were just unstoppable) and enjoying this system so far. Earlier in the season I already beat Chelsea 2-1 and Leverkusen 3-2. If anything I would say this tactic is a little light in midfield, in that opposing teams midfielders often end up unmarked. I wish there was a way to make one of my center-backs to step up into midfield and mark them, this is what I would do if this was real, but
  6. The Anderlecht duo of Jérémy Doku and Belgium international Yari Verschaeren are great pick-ups for quite small fees. I recently won a sort-of treble (Bundesliga, Europa League and DFB-Pokal) with FC St. Pauli in 2023 with a side I got playing an attacking 4231, Verschaeren and Doku both in the first eleven. If you want to perhaps not always buy the same players, these two are great options who will also turn into great players. Pedro Álvaro from Benfica is another reasonably popular name who will turn into a great centre half. Parfait Guiagon is one excellent little player. Perhaps
  7. Robert Skov from Hoffenheim is a complete revelation at full-back or wing-back, either side. I've played him on the right back slot as Complete Wing Back since FM19, and he's always been absolutely phenomenal from that position.
  8. Over the years you sort of begin to recognize different templates of players and how they end up turning out, and Fitzsimons seems to have something like 130-140 PA. His physicals will probably develop to a solid 13-14 across the board - he'll be a good all-round midfield presence. I only wish his Technique, Determination and Leadership weren't so poor. Those attributes might just bring down what might otherwise have been a solid player into just a middling one.
  9. Ryder should probably get like a testimonial when he retires. Shame that the game likely won't make that happen.
  10. Slightly optimistic for that youth intake! A youth level going up is always a big upgrade.
  11. Nick Ryder somehow remaining top of the assists chart to this day reminds me of Ashley Young's ever-more-improbable achievement of somehow becoming a first-choice player during his each season at Man U. When will someone dethrone him?
  12. Jeez, a guy called Dylan Fowler is really just about the worst possible name you could have for a defender, isn't it?
  13. From my experience, they tend to work as a sort of hybrid between an inverted wingback and a wingback, depending of course on what role you put them in. PPMs like cuts inside from the appropriate flank help with that. They don't really cross a significant amount less if it's a crossing role like a wingback on attack. But they're more likely to of course shift the ball onto their stronger foot and play from there. So perhaps you will see a higher variety of crosses, more in-swinging crosses instead of out-swinging crosses.
  14. The key to United's system wasn't the tactic, really. It was the players. So with that in mind, I think the best way to create such a 'hybrid' system is a simple Balanced system with standard passing and very minimalistic TIs. The key to achieving your chosen playstyle then would be your players' PPMs and attributes, as well as choosing your player roles carefully. I've regularly achieved 55-60% possession with my St. Pauli sides playing a Balanced, Standard passing system - the players don't really take too many risks because it's still the balanced mentality, but they will also play balls in
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