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  1. Thanks for the help guys! I will switch up to fullbacks and cut down on TIs and report back once I have a lot of results to go off of again.
  2. The instant I try to change this tactic, I begin to concede a lot of chances. I'm not good at the match engine, but what I notice is my defensive line gets consistently outnumbered with a combination of my players not pressing hard enough. Like, 5 players attacking the box while the rest of my team just sits and watches the opponent pass their way 2v5 and into the box. If my defensive width is not NARROW, I leave too much space for my opponent. If I do not GET STUCK IN, my players do not press for the ball hard enough.
  3. Oh I'm fully aware of this. I don't play with the same TIs against all sides. The reason I made this topic was to specifically work on the attacking aspect of this tactic.
  4. It's fine most of the times, as my wide players pin their wide players back. I adapt as necessary. As for Work ball into the box, I really don't like this TI. I have tried to make it work for a long time, but the only thing it usually does is cause players to take unnecessary touches or lose possession and enable the opponent to begin a counter. Well, no, I opted to play with a Very Narrow width because I want to pin back their players. What would you suggest as an alternative? Could you elaborate?
  5. Dinho doesn't only stay in his place either, I've seen him make driving runs into the box and even make assists. Mostly a DLP on Defend duty would probably do a good job emulating that pivot role, depending of course on how you set up your tactic.
  6. Hi there! I need help tweaking my 4123 to play in a different way - specifically to limit the number of crosses, and to increase the number of low killer balls and off the ball movement. Here is the formation and the TIs: As for PIs: - AP (At) has "Get Further Forward" and "Roam From Position" to encourage movement and forward runs; - BBM has "Take More Risks" and "Move Into Channels" to encourage the same; - DLP (De) has "More Direct Passes" and "Take More Risks" to encourage him to ping passes into space; - IF (At) has "Sit Narrower" I'll give an example of a common situation when I'm trying to break down a defensive side. Below is my attacking shape against Wolves, who were set up in a very narrow 5-2-2-1 DM. Lukaku, Rashford and Sancho come in narrow and pin back their defenders. Young on the left and Dalot on the right hold width. Finally, Andreas Pereira and Paul Pogba are left relatively free in the middle of the park to either shoot from distance (something they are both very good at; I chose the team with this in mind) or to play a killer ball. What happened in the match was that we created *zero* chances from open play. We won 4-0, but it was not due to great play - we scored two from set pieces, once from Pereira's screamer and once from Sancho picking up the second ball of Pogba's long shot and slotting it in the back corner. We had 40 shots, 14 of them on target. What I want to achieve is to have my midfielders playing more killer balls behind the lines for my pacey forwards, or see them make runs into the box and interplay with the forwards. This never happened in the game, instead I saw my midfielders pass the ball in a triangle and then spray it to the flanks. This worked out fine, and my midfielders got plenty of space to shoot as well, but I want to achieve a certain style of play that is maybe more tiki-taka than what I currently have. What kind of movement would I want to get from the above picture? - Through pass for number 9, made between numbers 15 and 19 - Through pass to number 2, who makes an incisive run to the inside of number 19 - Through pass into the space behind and between white's numbers 32 and 2, for #10 to snap up. And I do recognize that the wingbacks naturally create width and the way the opponent is set up means I will inevitably end up playing to the flanks. But what is the alternative? Inverted wing backs congest the middle of the park but will my midfielders push up as a result? So to summarize: Need more killer balls. Need more off the ball movement from the midfielders and forwards, more interplay, one-twos etc. as well. Inverted wingbacks? How would they slot in here? So this is a puzzle to you tactic knowers out here. How should I go about creating this style of play better?
  7. Surprised to see Burnley doing so well. What's the tactic looking like these days? Are you still sticking with winger- and strikerless?
  8. I didn't know I'd missed this save before I read it again! I enjoyed your earlier version of this. Will be following. Hopefully this time the game won't cheat you with its static nation youth ratings
  9. Just imagine how Zlatan came to this. He's probably quit all of his jobs already, the ones where he markets his own brand products and is at the board of a betting company and all that. All of those, he quit from. All because of a single mug of grapefruit juice he decided to drink on a whim while attending that job interview with you. It was supposed to be a joke from the get-go - who was this laughable upstart who wanted Zlatan to be his assman? Well, one glass of grapefruit later...
  10. This is what happens when you drink grapefruit juice in the morning. Now the only thing left to do is parking the (youth) bus and watching the foreign wonderkid imports walk in... Torino, Welcome To Zlatan.
  11. Well, technically speaking... Uli Da is dead. Ambition is just shattered all over the place, like the aftermath of dropping a pressure-sealed jar of mustard onto the ground and causing it to explode.
  12. Somehow the crazy train began two weeks ago... and I didn't notice it? Disgraceful. As compensation, here, have a cookie. It'll be the best cookie you've ever tasted. It's not spiked or anything. Otxoa, you have to accept the pain of your past failures. But don't accept that you deserved it. That's right, that linesman had it coming. He had bad karma all over him. All you did was act as the universe's delivery boy. Remember, Otxoa... what is the most important step a man can take? What are the most important words he can say? That's right. **** you, Pep Guardebola. You take that most important step right up to his face and smack him in the head with his own tactics board. Why does Zlatan sound like Rock in my head? I swear, he speaks just like him. I knew you'd somehow find your way back into Malmö again. Remember: life before death, strength before weakness, Malmö before destination. Does The Zlatan have a lot of cousins? Wow, Aldo Menacho. Now there's a talented lad. The ungrateful lout. Can't you just unleash The Zlatan on him?
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