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  1. Hi everyone, I managed to make a proper 433 with a CM(A) who is the best player of the team with a lot a goals and assists. Of course, I play with Zaniolo who is a world class player. But a player with good anticipation, off the ball, decision and acceleration could also work. In order to have the space to play the way that I want him to, the winger next to him is on support duty and is asked to stay wider. But the main trick is my 3-man midfield: I don't play with a DM. I don't know if it really has an effect but I feel like my right and left CM are a bit wider when playing next to a CM(D). It could also be a DLP(D) of course. I can't post screenshots right now but I will later.
  2. I can try to explain what I want from my team. So here's a little schema : I think that if my AMC is an hardworking/technical player, he can be a perfect decoy for the opposite defense. I want him to roam, to help his partners and to be the last pass before a goal. Think Bernardo Silva when Pep put him upfront. He wasn't thhe typical False 9 looking for a goal but he was running everywhere. Actually my main problem is that I don't know how to make my 3men midfield works. A Mezzala or a CM(a) is pretty obvious to be very agressive player, going forward and being a deeper goal threat. But the other CM remains a mystery. I don't know if I must set him as another holding midfielder or a more mobile one such as a B2B or RPM? And for the defense, I have a perfect IWB as he can play as a right FB but can also play DM or CM. But I don't how to get the best out of him. Again, I want my tactic to win matches more than recreate a Pep's style of play. So I'm totally open to new ideas.
  3. Hi everyone, Another Guardiola-inspired tactic, I know. I'm trying to recreate something being close to how City are playing lately. I know they are playing a weird 4420 with KDB and (insert-Foden, Jesus, Grealish) upfront. We're doing pretty ok but I really feel like I'm not doing everything good. We are struggling to retain possession for example, which is a mystery to me because I was thinking that my issue with this kind of formation would be possession and only possession without real chances. So, if anyone has any idea, feel free to share!
  4. Yeah would be interesting to emulate what he did (I mean, beside torturing Milner during the whole game)! I feel like now more than whenever, Pep is playing strikerless with a 433/442 hybrid but the front, say 4 (Foden, Grealish, De Bruyne, Jesus) is definitely on the same line and not sticking to the opposite CDs. When regrouping, Bernardo is playing alongside Rodri in a double pivot. But he has way more freedom when in possession, thanks to his incredible work rate and technique.
  5. Thanks a lot for the tips! Indeed I play a 433 and despite the fact that I ask my IWs to stay wider, they end up around the box pretty quick. My main problem with a 4141 is that I struggle to press high and to retain possession. I feel like this is a formation to play quick transition football. I wonder if in a 433 it would work to have like a Mezzala(s) to stay upfront and to play killer passes inside the box, and to have a B2B that starts deeper but with PPMs such as Gets Into Opposition Area, we could recreate what a CM(A) can do in a 4141...
  6. I guess everything's in the title. I never really had a great success to make a CM(A) works. I mean, I dream to play with a Van de Beek/Muller type of player. Like a deep shadow striker/Raumdeuter. Which attributes are required and which player can fulfill the role in your opinion? Let's share our tactics to see what to do/not do!
  7. Yes thank you, that's what I thought. I used to play a traditional 4123 et wanted to go with a 4141 to push my wide players wider to give more space to my cm's. But I just can't keep the possession and the pressing doesn't work at all. My defence is over exposed and it's just a never ending flow of goals since then. How do you set up your middle field pressing?
  8. To those who use a proper 4141 formation, do you succeed at playing a high pressing possession style? I feel like my 4141 is struggling to press upper than the midfield because only the centre forward is upfront. I don't want to set my out of possession instructions upper than higher LOE/DL but I feel kind of forced to because the pressing is lesser efficient than in a traditional 4123.
  9. Hi mate! Studied a lot what Flick did with Bayern and I think you're on the right way. However, regarding the two-man midfield, I don't think there was a BWM in the equation. Kimmich seemed like a DLP(D) or (S) as he tend to go further up the pitch to play risky passes behind the defence. And Goretzka is a very physical B2B/Segundo Volante/CM(S) with PIs. He is more creative than a BWM even if he is very good at winning the ball back. I tried to replicate Flick's Bayern in FM20 with Sassuolo and went with a HB/Regista two-man midfield to replicate the Kimmich-Thiago partnership, it was beautiful ! Muller is still a riddle to me. Didn't figure his way of playing out... Good luck!
  10. Awesome! Why did you pick Defensive Wingers and how are they doing? They're dribbling too much IMHO.
  11. Yeah you're right. The main issue is definitely the wingers in 3atb system in FM, IMHO. What about defensive wingers? I don't see them being picked really often. I just try this role with Tagliafico in Ajax and it's not really working. Regarding the pressing and tracking back the opponent it's good, but when the has the ball, he tends to dribble way too much (sometimes way more than my classical winger on the opposite wing) and he's not effective at all in attack. Do you know how to use defensive wingers and if it's a good choice for a 3 atb possession oriented system?
  12. Hi everyone, Lately I watch a video of Tuchel explaining that the future of football might be a 3124 set up. I also found a video explaining how Tuchel was making his team attacking with this shape in Dortmund : Obviously, my first reflex was to think it in FM terms. Basically, I think that we could get a 3124 shape with a more balance 3142, with very offensive wingers. I was thinking of something like that : Any other ideas guys?
  13. IMHO your tactic is way to narrow. You don't give your team the possibility to exploit the flank, which is one of the strenght of 442/4411 formation. First, you should light up your TI's. Remove underlap's instructions and Very Narrow. Why removing underlap? Take your left side: you got an IW that will cut inside, and you're asking him to make a pass inside for your LWB and/or your DLP (giving the fact that DLP isn't a role that runs a lot). Your WB should provide width to your team but you don't let him to do it and you overcrowd the middle, which is already very crowded with your AMC and your AF. I play a simple 442 and my wingers don't have the same role. I have one WM(S) who is a more playmaker type that will cut inside, cross from deep, lot a assists and as you're playing a slow tempo, he will have the time to come in the goal area and score a bunch of goals. A perfect role for playmaker as Neymar or Foden. Plus, it will give a huuuuuge space to exploit for a astonishing crossing player such as Angelinho. On the other side I have a W(a). It will provide width, will be one of your main score threat and will also give a lot of assists. Correa, on the side of his favored foot will be wonderful for this role. Try this and let us know if it satisfies you a bit more!
  14. Hi everyone, I found this map of the average position during the buildup for last year Bayern's team. How do you think you can translate this into FM? IMHO, the hardest parts would be the DM pairing (Kimmich and Thiago were definitively DMs as they were building from really deep) and the upfront pairing Lewangoalski - Muller. To be honest, I'm struggling on which mentality use to replicate their buildup. It is pretty slow from deep, Thiago broke lines with long passes and things were getting hectic in the last third.
  15. So I finished my second season at Atalanta at a well deserved 3rd place. I say well deserved because, even if we could have won the title by winning our last game, it wouldn't be something really fair regarding how we played. Anyway, no big changes during the mercato. I needed a new left side: Goosens wasn't playing that good with me, so when Leipzig came with 50M, I didn't hesitate. I bought Aaron Martin for 10M and a young Bulgarian for 3M and they are both already playing much better than Goosens. I had the opportunity to steal Ajer from Leicester for less than 30M, again, no hesitation here. I tweaked my tactic a little. Even if we were pretty solid defensively, I found that we were too exposed on the wings when the opponent started from the back. So I tried to get my team more compact. Here it is now: Skov Olsen was my best scorer last year but wasn't that influent during the build up so I tweaked his role to be Raumdeuter-like on the right wing. He is even more efficient now. We are very solid right now but we don't score enough IMHO. Let me show you my last game, but it's the same for every game. We dominate a lot, loads of shoots, most of them on sight but we don't score. A bit frustrating. Any advice to spice things up a bit?
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