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  1. Hi guys, I just finished my 2nd season and things went beautiful ! Let's look at some screens just to show you how I'm happy with what the team accomplished. Just to let you know, at the end of my first season we finished 3rd but I wasn't happy with how the team finished the season. Way too much goals conceeded, and a lack of mentality and motivation. So I choosed to be very agressive during the summer transfer window. I needed a very good CB, complete and agressive so the best choice was Lucas Hernandez. I had him for 64€ which is a lot but, I really wanted a top player. Then, I needed to double some role like CM, AM, ST and left FB after Guerreiro asked me to go to Paris. I chose Jorge from Monaco and was hoping for him to be my main FB but he is a bit tender for now. I had Alberto Moreno during the first season and he made a beautiful season. I wasn't happy with Mario Gotze and even if in my dream I would him and Reus to stay as long as possible in the club, his salary was way too high for his performances. So I sold him and he did appear that he didn't make a good season in Leicester neither. Witsel asked me to go to City so I sold him but with Weigl, Delaney, Ndombele and Mandragora, I was ready for my CM. The first run of the season was good regarding the results but I wasn't happy with the way my team was playing. We were good against small teams and bad against big teams and away games. Just to let you know, I was playing that way (thanks to Ozil with his Milan's thread). I had to make things changed because my team was starting to depressed, with 3 0-0 in a row. Also, I was in a bad place in my Champion's League group so I had to make things happen. I wanted to involve more Ndombele in the game like the way he's playing with Lyon. I looked at this video to help me : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zg2ld19symo&t=203s . Also, I wanted to Reus act more like he does IRL this season and make Sancho a real goal threat. So here it goes : Defense is the same but I add "take less risk" to all of my defenders just to make sure they're playing simple pass. Ndombele is a DLP(s) with just the PI "dribble more". He is now a beast, it's beautiful to watch him play. Sancho is awesome too, lots of goals and assists. And finally, Reus became the leader of my team. Lots of goals and assists too and many goals to save some games (like set pieces at the last minute to win a game). After I made those tweaks, things went so good, to start with an incredible game against Tottenham in CL. Like you see, we lost against City in CL's final but they were too good for me, no shame. So here is my season's bilan : I finished champion with more than 20 points beyond the 2nd. Half of my team in the Team of the Year, Sancho player of the year, Reus second. Best attack, best defense... I'm so amazed by those results, can't believe it ! Well, I'm a bit pissed about something though... TRAINER OF THE YEAR WITH ONLY 47% OF GAMES ****ING WINNED !? Hm hm... sorry about that... Sorry for the long post guys, thanks a lot everyone for all of your advices, do not hesitate to ask questions about my team!
  2. Hi everyone, Starting my 2nd season with Dortmund. On my first one, I have a beautiful first part of the season which helped me to reach Champions league because my 2nd part was awful (even if I lost in semi finals in CL against the Bayern). Alcacer who scored 24 goals in 46 games but scored his last goal in february. The same for Sancho. The reason for that is that I changed a bit my tactic. I applied the Ozil’s tactic Sacchi recreation which is beautiful to watch, but not solid enough for me. I want to change some things in my tactic to reach out some goals : - around 53/55% possession for each games - conceding less goals - my strikers (Alcacer or Piatek), Sancho and Reus (as AMC) must be my main goals threats - having a tactic that can work away and against big teams. Because with the Sacchi one, I’m beating most of the low/middle teams 4-0 home, and losing away against the same team. - Last thing I want, 4411 is my favorite team shape. 2 solid banks of 4 in defense and a 4231 or a 424 in attack. Any advices to reach out those goals? The idea is to have Sancho on the left as an IW (but don’t know support or attack), Pulisic on the right as a winger, Alcacer is a beast as an AF but don’t know what to do with Reus behind him. Thank you guys !
  3. Dude you’ll never find the same exact and that’s what makes the game exciting IMO. How much did you sold him? How much do you have to replace him?
  4. You should check for Tanguy Ndombele from Lyon. He is young, already considered as a World Class Middlefielder in the first year of the game and he is a beast. He is natural with the B2B rôle but he is also a beast as DLP(D/S). Maybe a bit expansive, I had him for 40 millions with Dortmund during the first winter mercato.
  5. Hi everyone, I often read "give (insert random player's name) more freedom and unleash the beast". Ok, but how do we give more freedom to a player? Especially now that we can't change team shape. Is it by not giving him PI's? Changing his role? Changing team mentallity? For exemple, I always found that advanced playmaker (in the MC strata or even AM strata) isn't mobile enough. But, in the same time, roaming playmaker is, most of the same, way too mobile and hold balls too long. Is that too hard to ask my playmakers to be as good as Zidane, for G*d's sake!?
  6. @jlgray.94 Yeah ? I know there’s like 2 ways of thinking about partnership between SS and the striker. Some says that SS needs the space created by advanced forward and other that a SS always has to play with a striker that comes deep. I will try with Gotze as a False 9, thank you! IRL, Reus do act like a SS but when Alcacer is playing, he really acts as a Poacher IMO.
  7. @zlatanera Yes in french we're like it's something between a 10 and a 9... It's pretty cool. While a Trequartista is called something like "Support forward". Frustrating haha. Anyway, no I didn't really tried playing him as an AM. Maybe I will ! It will allow my other AMC to play the same position and role without doing any tweaks that could disturb the whole team. It's absurd because my team is doing good if we're only looking at the results. But it's ugly as hell. I feel like it's a bit complicated to play beautiful football in FM18/19 without playing possession of tiki taka football. Back in FM16, I had emulate my Olympique de Marseille carreer with a tactic like Atletico's Simeone and it was beautiful.
  8. Hi everybody, I'm a newbie on the forum even if I read it since months now. Oh and I'm french, btw! Anyway, I started a career on FM19 with Dortmund, try to replicate how they're playing under Favre but it's a bit complicated. It feels like they're playing a possession patient building football but with a counter attack mentality how they project themselves very fast when the ball is won again. So, I tried to emulate a tactic with this idea, starting from a custom fluid counter-attack tactic from the game. Here's my starting eleven when nobody's injured : SW(S) - 2WB(S) - 1BPD(D) - 1CB(D) - 1DLP(S) - 1CM(S) - 1IW (A) - 1 W(S) - 1SS(A) - 1AF(A) And I'm doing pretty good actually for the moment : here are the results But the thing is, I don't really like how my team's playing. It's not as fluid as I would it be. But, let the time do his thing right. My main issue is I don't know how to make Reus perform in this position. Playing as a shadow striker feels like the perfect deal but in reality it doesn't work at all. He's loosing a lot of balls, all of his assists are on set pieces and his only goal was a penalty (he already missed one in the early games of the season). I'm a bit deseperate to make him perform in this team. I feel like he could be the player that make things right for the rest of the team and now, thanks to Jadon Sancho and Alex Witsel for being my saviors because other players aren't really good. Any ideas guys?
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