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  1. Entirely agree although I find in FM the bpd plays more diaganols that channel balls hence the switch. Mind you I've taken it off and gone with 2x CD in my latest iteration.
  2. Was that the Statsbomb article? A great read that made me tweak the tactic slightly. I'll post some screenies later but I'm sitting 4th, 11 points clear of fifth with about 10 games to go. EDIT: SO I lied, there are 13 games to go. But below is the league table. Of the 4 games we lost we lost to City 3-1 away (just were't at the races), then to City, Utd and :Liverpool 1-0 each time. And each time I'd say we were unlucky not to get something from the game. I get your point re: Jack, but what I saw on screen just wasn't right. Partly because I couldn;t get the two ba
  3. I've been laid up at home recently so decided to give this another bash and have landed on something that is shaping up to be pretty good. Early results have been very promising. I have a few changes I'm thinking of making. Tight marking - With it on one of my CB's seems to consistently get a 6.4 / 6.5 for no reason, I feel like maybe taking it off will keep those banks of four in tact more. Watkins - I'm really struggling to find his best role in this set up. I want a striker than runs the channels to left, holds up play but also stretches the opposition defence. Not su
  4. Hopefully a quick question. If I wanted play to mostly go be built up down the flanks, with players looking for wide players, then gravitating towards them to form overloads. Would wide + exploit both flanks be the right approach. generally speaking of course.
  5. Quick question re: pressing intensity. I've rarely, if ever, seen anyone use "less urgent" pressing intensity amongst the community. Would it ever have a use or is it something to preserve player fitness? I've been noodling with it for a few games and it is very passive, but could be somewhat effective. I just don't know if I'm barking up the wrong tree seeing it as anything other than a late game fatigue reducer.
  6. That's great thank you sir. I'm trying to recreate Villa's current set up and overloading makes a lot of sense for that, mainly building up on the left where Targett overlaps Grealish who combines with Barkley. The issue is that Villa are quite direct, which is why I'm thinking of changing it up. Will continue to tinker. Appreciate it again!
  7. Agreed. It's recreating it that's causing me issues. I've settled on Targett on attack duty as it recreates his driving runs. But I can;t decide on Grealish and Barkley. Treq for Barkley is interesting as it sees him drop as deep as he does in real life. Then IW (s) for Jack, but it's not enough of a ball magnet. maybe Ap (S) which woulkd create two playmakers which would in turn recreate the way those two slow the play down.
  8. Quick question for @Rashidiif you were to transform the core concept of overloads out wide to a slightly more direct quick transition tactic how would you do it? I understand changing width would mean sacrificing the counter press. But if I were to go wider and quicker or more direct would the same concept work?
  9. It's actually taken a bit of a back seat at the moment after I started to noodle about with @Rashidi's Bayern replication with Villa. watching the game yesterday I noticed Barkley plays a bit like a Treq-drifting everywhere- a role I'd never normally give him due to Jack. Also villa overload the flanks very well. So I'm seeing if I can make a sort of Frankenstein's monster fast transition version of that Bayern replication.
  10. I just thought I'd post with a little update. I managed to get a 4411 Positive built aorund the principles in @engamohd's excellent "A Complete Guide to Quick Transitions and Counter Attacking Football" which I'd highly recommend you read. It's a really nice system that manages to replicate Villa's two banks of four and breaks at pace. But here's the thing, watching the last few Villa games I can't help but think that in real life we play on a much lower mentality in FM terms. Hear me out... Defending - Often at the back we defend like Burnley of old. It's all about putting bodies on the
  11. Duly noted thanks. I'm actually considering higher dline and lower LOE with counterpressing. That way it creates a super compressed block that should counter whilst also - I hope - pressing like villa do.
  12. This is super interesting. I'm currently playing 442 but Barkley as an F9 (still pre season so don;t have anything to report). I like Positive, but also playing around with counter mentality as I find Villa are actually quite measure din possession when there's not a break on. Would also enable me to push dline higher (I'm inherently cautious so don;t do it on Positive) which I think rperesents the team. I mean, against Newcastle our two CB's were in their half numerous times so it feels right. Also feels right in terms of build up as as far as I understand HIgher DLine means defenders get
  13. Just wanted to put a quick note in to say: 1 - I'm enjoying this thread. 2 - It's great to see Cleon back on here
  14. This is super interesting. I'm thinking of trying a Villa recreation as a 442. barkley as an F9
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