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  1. Hey all. I'm currently playing around with a few different 4141 DM tactics which are all working great, one thing I'm struggling to define is my style of play. I want to build a team around creative centre mids who are the heartbeat of the team. The idea is to get the ball to them, then work it out to the flanks where a wide player either hits and early cross or more importantly cuts it back to the onrushing midfielder for a shot from the edge of the box. The thing is I don't know how best to build this. I've tried narrow and wide, focus passing on both centre and flanks the problem is I'm not seeing that focus on cutbacks to onrushing midfielders no matter what I do. Sometimes it works, but more often than not I just get long balls into space or shots from angles. Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. This exactly. I'm actually in the process of building a thread about the 235 which is according to a Michael Cox article I read recently, how all the best teams attack. It's just they do it differently. Klopp for example overloads the wide areas and keeps his midfielders central. Mourinho at Spurs has an overlapping fullback in a 4231.
  3. Hey all, So there's quite the tactical trend around "Free 8's" at the moment. Southgate did it at the World Cup with England, Pepe does it a City etc and it's something I'm trying to recreate on FM20. The problem is it's difficult to get the midfielders bursting beyond the striker and being the focus of cutbacks to score. My aim is to build some verticality into my team through dribbling, one-twos and through balls, then have the two free 8's as the creative hub and goalscorers. Right now I'm toying with some of the settings from the Vertical Tiki Taka because the vertical bit seems like a good fit, but then taking out the Tiki taka bit. Im therefore basing what I have around the preset roles and duties there. It's still not quite right however so I just thought I'd throw it out there to see how people would go about creating the two free 8s. Should I maybe looking at duel Mezz (s), or a CM (A) in there?
  4. I know often the slight against the TM is that you can't use him in a lone striker system. But if you were going to set that up in a 4141 DM how would it work. Counter attacking I'm assuming and lots of runners off of him. How about something like this on say fluid counter preset? TM (a) -to make the golden zone bigger for players to run into. IF (s) W (s) Ap (a) B2b (s) Or should it be TM on support and a wider play on attack to get beyond? Also in terms of good Targetmen. Perica and Petagna are always solid options but I've been enjoying Wesley a lot this year!
  5. I'd say you need to bump the mentality up significantly. Especially if you're on a 4231. Remember mentality = risk. And while they defended low Mourinho's Real also attacked with pace and purpose, which by default 'cautious' doesn't do. Maybe keep the custom fluid setup but change mentality and see how that works.
  6. I have been having fun with Wesley at villa in this role this year. Have found it harder to get crosses in this year though
  7. Thank you SOOO much for this. It's a start and that's what I've lacked this year. Yup that other thread was me. I think the problem is that last year I approached it logically and it was easier as I could easily spot the difference between SMith and Bruce's approach. But this year I've been more emotional about it if that makes sense and it's harder looking in to strip out the excitement of being back in the big leagues with a likeable manager and analyse what he's done. There's also been a lot elss written about it which doesn't help.
  8. Some good advice to aid my insanity thanks. In terms of out of possession we haven't been pressing as much this year as we did in the Championship, in fact we've been playing a low block which I for the life of me can't recreate. The tactical presets seem too low, but something that has Standard DL and Slightly Lower LOE seems to be around where I'm looking. Transition would be regroup / counter I believe. It's the roles that do me. McGinn is every inch the B2B but that never translates to his goals or lungbursting runs on Balanced. Same with Grealish wide. If (s) suits his traits / attributes but if you watched the Newcastle game he was more of a playmaker. Then there's Wesley who is for all intents and purposes a targetman but that has never worked in FM. As I say I've built a lot of good tactcs in my time but this has done me, probably because I',m too close to it.
  9. No that's fine happy for some hard truths. I have tied myself up in knots thinking and over thinking what it is villa are doing. Any recommendations to get me started? Because literally everything I'm trying is failing.
  10. So this is my current attempts at recreating Villa, but it doesn't feel right. The two attack duties in midfield is of course weird, but last year Cleon did something similar with devastating effect. You've also got to consider the two players I have there. Hourihane and MCginn both have come deep to get the ball and incredible work rate so it can work. I'm not sure what to do with Grealish. He is an incredible ball carrier but not sure what role best does that. In terms of tactic I based it off of the vertical tiki take as that's what Dean Smith does in the game. I also think it suits Villa. We attack down the flanks a lot, but mainly it's slow build up through the middle then explode wide. Am I right with this? Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  11. Picking up this thread again as I'm still struggling with my recreation of Villa under Dean Smith. It's actually a very interesting challenge as they're a team that plays quite direct, but also enjoys possession. Also Grealish out on the wing now is an intriguing proposition. This vid has some good analysis. As does WhoScored which picks out the primary stylistic points as attacking down the wings and long balls. With that in mind I'm not sure quite how to build this out at the moment. Mainly roles for McGinn and Grealish are a struggle. Also what about instructions? A combo of counter with wider width and higher tempo perhaps? Any help, chat, ideas greatly appreciated.
  12. I'm recreating Villa at the moment but struggling a little to get it right. Jack has been describing his wide role as an "inside 10" and saying he's been tasked with "getting closer to the striker" and playing like the Liverpool front three in that he's an attacker rather than midfielder. In a standard 4141 DM wide do you think that makes him an Ap (a)?
  13. 2 part quick question: I'm building a 4141 DM Wide around a big man up top who holds the ball before playing it through to two onrushing 8's who go beyond him (a Mezz and B2B). My questions are: Width: Should I be playing wide to create space for midfielders, or narrow to encourage play through the middle? Passing: Again do I go direct to get it up to the striker quick, or short so that the midfielders aren't too far away from the striker to be played through? Any ideas greatly appreciated!
  14. Hello tactics hive mind. Another year, another Aston Villa save. I usually start with my team and try to recreate the current tactics. This has seen me take in everything from martin O'Neil to Steve Bruce so these days with Dean Smith are a welcome refresh. Like Deano I started the season pragmatically at Villa, eschewing last seasons press-heavy possession football for more of a counter attacking vibe. We've ridden our luck - ludicrously at times if I'm honest, and the uploaded league table below will show you where we stand as we tuck into our Christmas day dinner. I think you'll agree, not a bad season so far. We've principally relied on defending deep and hitting teams on the counter, which has proved ludicrously easy given the utter disregard they have seemed to treat us with. Even in a loss to City we had 3 or 4 one-on-ones with players busting through the lines to rush through on goal. How have I done it? This is the tactic we've been using. I actually started the season with a flat 4141 with Grealish as a WP (a). This was mainly due to absolute fear and also some experience of the 4141. The football wasn't great however and we relied on individual moments of brilliance to get the job done. However I evolved it and after reading just about every post on the forum devised this. The focus is to play off of big Wes up top (I wanted to have him as a TM but it just didn't work so I reverted to DLF) with players rushing through to pick up the scraps and through-balls. The pce of Trezeguet and El Ghazi has been vital as has Super John McGInn's long shot brilliance. I've been disappointed defensively and we've given up a lot of goals to long shots and sometimes crosses, which I need to address, but overall I'm delighted. For big games I've also tweaked a lot. The Mezzala has often become a DLP (s) with Grealish moving wide. The ideas is to plug things up and hope for the best which has worked. But here's the thing, it won't work for long. I already noticed in our last match teams are getting wise to our ways so I need to come up with an effective plan B. I've decided that a return to the press / possess way may be in order so have devised the following: It's a slight variation on my original tactic with more emphasis on keeping the ball. I haven't gone all in on possession however as it's still the Premier League and we aren't that good yet. What's next? This is why I've turned to the forums, mainly as writing this down will help me focus. It will also enable me to pick your brains for advice. Does my plan B make sense, or do I need to adjust it further? January transfers will be a big part of what I do as the squad is very thin, particularly up top where a Wesley injury put me in trouble before Kodjia decided to score a few vital goals. I also believe that I'm not making enough of set pieces so if anyone has any good tips for that I'd hugely appreciate them. Anyway that's kind of it for now. As I say I really wanted to get this out there to spark hopefully a fun discussion. Hopefully the tactic will help some people too as in preseason and on the Beta I was pulling my hair put trying to find the right fit.
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