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  1. @Rashidirrallu interesting tactic and enjoyed the stream too. I know you mentioned Bayern play narrow which is why you went narrow. But what would the impact of playing wider be? Would you lose some of the overlaps as players aren't as close together. Or gain something as there is more space
  2. Nice. The WP drive me nuts at the moment. So many good players I'm missing out on. Weirdly I couldn't get a time out of Grealish in the beta either. No matter what I did he wouldn't do it. I've seen a few people mention dribbling stats on here which could have something to do with it given his playstyle
  3. I played with two formations a 4411 which was my base "Big Team" counter and a 4231 for when I needed to be more expansive. The great thing about both is we tend to sit deep then press at the halfway line. When we win the ball I have 4 players with d\"Dribble more" ppm and it added as aPI to McGinn. SO we drive with the ball at our feet and score that way. This season I'm toying with bumping the mentality up to positive and it's looking even better. Transfer-wise I also had a decent-ish offseason. Barkley came back in on loan but the delay in getting the deal done me
  4. I just finished my first season the full game proper and wanted to update how it went. Firstly a big thank you to the tactical hive mind, that's about as enjoyable season as I've had on this game in forever. Incredibly despite only making one signing (vavro in the winter break after selling Engels) we finished third after a five team title race that went almost all the way. It was huge. But even better was how the team played. I got them playing the kind of counter attacking football I'd hoped for with a lot of direct running. My aim was to get Grealish, Barkley and Watkins
  5. I've been having a similar issue with Grealish
  6. Hey all. I'm really enjoying my counter attacking tactic this year, But one weapon I'm just not using is set pieces, specifically corners. I'm conceding a fair few but barely scoring. And my usual routines don't seem to be working. Does anyone have any suggestions / recommendations? In theory I have a good (15) taker an at least a couple of sizeable defenders.
  7. Fantastic. I'm playing something similarly structured with villa but more of a 4411. I too am playing a Highline on a counter tactic (thanks largely to this thread) and amazed at the low positioning too. The old adage that your formation is your defensive shape (in FM terms anyway) I guess rings true?
  8. fantastic goals those, great to see. How did you set up your 442 out of interest? I've been enjoying two banks fo four massively this year!
  9. Nice. how you finding the AF / SS combo? I've always shied away from anything other than the DLF / F9 / TM due to the SS role description.
  10. Went on a 14 game unbeaten run. It's tight as a duck's behind at the back. Watkins and Barkley doing great but the left side needs work. Hence this switch.
  11. To a degree yes, but recreating real life means MCGInn on the left. I've actually solved that issue, and my others by changing McGinn to a DLP. Whilst he has typically been a B2B for Villa he has all the attributes of a playmaker and this year has more oftewn than not been used in a double pivot. This is my latest iteration and I'm actually getting quite happy with it. My main issue now is the overlapping Full backs, or more accurately, their reluctance to cross when overlapping, particularly on the right side. Into the PIs I go...
  12. Hey Herne - would love to see what TI's you used to make Defensive more entertaining. I agree fully that it can be done, but like your point about overcompensating on the defensive side of thigns I often find myself overcompensating on the attacking side to the point I may just have well gone higher on the mentality scale
  13. So I've landed on the below tactic that has seen me go on a 14 match unbeaten spree with wins against Liverpool, CIty, Spurs, Leicester and draws against Utd. It's looking a lot like what I want - playing foootball in opponents half, but in defence a tight block - like how Villa played against Arsenal and Liverpool in real life, only then we played in a 442 hybrid, this is firmly 4231. My only issue is that Grealish is barely involved, like at all. In most saves I've done that's not been a problem but here he has 1 goal and no assists which just isn't acceptable. I've tried a variety
  14. Agreed and that makes complete sense. I guess I"m not asking for his "best" role as asuch, but the role that most represents how he plays in real life.
  15. So I'm in the process of building out a Villa recreation that's finally starting to get somewhere, but I can;t for the life of me work out what Jack's best role would be. Of course that somewhat makes sense, given that in real life he doesn't fit into any kind of mould, but I just can't seem to recreate him living in the half space, attracting the ball and dribbling. For me there seems to be three options: 1 - Advanced Playmaker (S / A) - The description of the Attack duty (picks ball up deep and runs at defences) seems to make a lot of sense, as does the fact it's a playmaker role
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