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  1. Not on FM at the minute, but off the top of my head not got too many instructions. Positive Play out of defence Counter Counter press Distribute to CB's Other's I may add in during games situationally like pass into space, adjusting tempo and adjusting defensive line and line of engagement
  2. In terms of the 3421 used against Spurs, they seemed to use pretty much a box midfield so if going off that game I'd go with a Striker with two Attacking midfielders behind. What I've personally been using for a 3421 is similar. So I use: Cf(s) Am(s) SS(a) Wb(a) Dm(s) SV(s/a) WB(a) BPD(d) CD(d) BPD(d) Sk(s) They really exploited the vertical spaces in Spurs 4-4-2, so ideally looking to encourage passes forward in between that central midfield box
  3. Yeah that's the sort of movement I was managing to get, which is pretty nice. Seemed to happen more often the higher the mentality used as well. It's not what Shef Utd do under Wilder as they overlap off the ball and there's lot's of other movements to go along with it between the whole team, but probably the closest you're likely to get on this version unfortunately. I don't know how they'd manage to implement it on FM unless they ever introduced with and without the ball formations.
  4. It's not really possible to fully replicate in this version of FM. Playing on a high mentality and having players with certain traits can get some movement occasionally but it's more the CB's running past with the ball rather than an off the ball overlap like Sheffield do. Either movement won't happen anywhere near as much as it does for Sheffield in real life. So traits on the outer CB's to encourage movement like brings ball out of defence, runs with ball down left/right, gets forward whenever possible etc.
  5. Would be interested to see someone's interpretation of klopps dortmund in fm Shape would probably be a 4231 with a lot of pressing. They played an extremely high tempo almost always playing in the transitions between attacking and defending
  6. Very much looking forward to seeing this thread progress! Playing a similar set up myself at the moment be interesting to see your thoughts on how it all plays out
  7. Thanks for the feedback so far everyone! The advice has come at a good time as just starting pre season heading into our second campaign, so going to try out a few variations over the friendly matches. Initial changes I am going to make before assessing further: -Remove Prevent GK distribution -Drop LOE to standard -Change both FB's to Wb (s) -Strike duo change to F9 and AF Going to use width variations depending on how we perform in each game, and also considering changing the role of the CAR to BBM or a regular CM(S) but will monitor the initial changes first.
  8. I've been using the below 4132 after being inspired by watching Marco Rose's teams at Salzburg and now Monchengladbach as well as Gallardo at River Plate. I've been enjoying it however the team really does seem to be struggling with a lack of goals, mostly winning by one or sometimes two goals and having a lot of draws (Almost a club record apparently!) The strike partnership is one area I'm not as sure on, flicking between an Advanced forward and a Deep lying forward on support and two complete forwards on attack and support. Defensive wise we are doing a lot better, sometimes having to adjust to control the flanks more or moving the Def line and LOE but the pressing is working how I want. Does anyone have any advice on making it a bit more potent in attack whilst not losing too much of our defensive solidity?
  9. One thing I always try in terms of creating space for a striker is runners beyond him. So a player from deep pushing up will drag a defender with him in turn leaving the striker with more potential space. This also works the other way as the striker would create space for this runner, just trying to give the defence as many things to worry about. For a basic example - DLF (s) dropping deep as an option to receive the ball with a Mezzala (a) making the run beyond him, the defenders will have an option to push up to the DLF or stay and mark the advancing Mezz In your set up, the Advanced forward should stretch the defence potentially creating the space for your advanced playmaker Also you may not need 'focus play through the middle' as you already have two playmakers centrally which will attract the ball there anyway.
  10. Probably a stupid question but it's confused me for some reason! For the trait 'Plays one-twos', does this mean the player passes then moves for the return? Or when they receive a pass they look to play the first passer back in?
  11. I'm looking to create a 3-4-3 looking at emulating (not exactly as its impossible in FM) the Chile team of 2010 under Bielsa. So think very high pressing and a very attacking vertical style of play. I'm not a tactical genius I do read a lot of tactics blogs and analysis but do find it hard to implement into FM tbh. This is what I've decided as the base for now welcome to feedback if anyone thinks of ways it can be improved. (Can't seem to get screenshots to work) CF (s) IF(s) IF(s) RPM(s) CWB(a) DLP(d) CWB(a) CB(d)BPD©CB(d) SWK(d) Team instructions: More Direct Passing Pass into Space Play out of defence Work ball into box Low crosses (Have small strikers) Push Higher up Close down more Stay on feet Tighter marking Prevent GK distribution Higher tempo Be more disciplined For Player instructions: All tackle harder except BPD Pass it shorter all Cb's and wing backs and GK Close down much more for CF, IF's and RPM In my few games it is playing fairly well a bit hit and miss though. Very good in attack but not so in defence. The pressing is OK problems come when its bypassed to frequently (Suppose thats a problem with any high press though its a risk) Few things I'm contemplating: Maybe all players on shorter passing (Not sure if coupled with more direct team instruction this could emulate short passing but vertical football) IF's on stay wider in the hope they drag wide then drive in between CB's and full backs Not sure on the RPM positioning or role may move into ACM line or change to an AP in CM. Possibly a Libero instead on BPD but so hard to find any players who can play this position straight away without months of training. Changing SWK to support or attack although this can lead to suicidal keeping mistakes. As I said welcome to any feedback anyone thinks could help me on this or if you can see anywhere I could be going wrong.
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