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  1. Good day fam. Straight to the point. Pls how do we get rid of recurring injuries. I am tired of nursing, managing and resting my player cos of the recurring injury he has and its hard to get to play him in most games. I want to get rid of it for good. Is it possible in fm 21?
  2. Thanks for ur response but how and where can i find the pinned tactical glides? Pls kindly show me
  3. Good day si community. I really love the content on this forum and value the wealth of knowledge shared via everyone's opinions. Pls i need help on stuffs i am ignorant about which has to do with line of engagement, pressing urgency, defensive width, tight marking( team instruction) and opposition instructions. Pls opinions and recommendations will be appreciated. Thanks in anticipation
  4. Thanks for this post but this is more like replicating the way they play. I am more interested in the way they press the opposition while making use of opposition instructions i.e pressing intensity and tight marking. Thanks for ur feedback. I really appreciate it
  5. Good day guys. Pls I would need all the help available and possible feedbacks. I love to play fm 21 the right way and when I mean the right way there's only one team who has the template which I admire and that's Hansi Flick's FC Bayern. I like the way they play but what I love about them the most is the way they press. I have tried to replicate the way they do it on fm21 but am finding it difficult and I think it has to do with how I use the opposition instructions as regards pressing intensity and tight marking. I cant really combine both effectively. After hours of trial and error, I would
  6. I would be most interested in gegenpress but since u brought up the other three which are high press, mid low block press then I would be interested in all but pls link me to the threads. Thanks
  7. Thanks for ur feedback but I can't find any. Pls how do I find them? Or can u pls link me to any. Thanks
  8. Good day guys. I would need a lot of help here. Am so fascinated by the press. Would need tips on how to press effectively. Would need to know player attributes and how to use opposition instructions too to aid a very good press
  9. Hello guys. Just a quick one. Pls I would like to know what attacking and defensive shadow play is, its function and use. Thanks
  10. Thanks for this. I was able to watch a video on YouTube about analysis on fm 2020.i came across this screen which was not to clear. I just want to ask how to get there
  11. 👍👍 yeah you are right. I have used a whole lot of technical and possession based schedule combinations in training with no success. That's the way the game was made. Hopefully in latter years we see an improvement in this aspect. Thank you all for your contributions. They were really helpful. Cheers
  12. It doesn't add up because a high pass completion is relative to ball possession. That means the match engine has an issue. My opinion though
  13. That feeling 😁😁😄😄😃😃 I wish I could do this always and on a consistent basis to the likes of Barcelona, man city and liverpool
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