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  1. Hi Everyone. Really short question. Lets suppose you have a centre forward in your team, and the opposition team are not playing with a DM. If you tell your centre forward to mark the position of DM in the player instructions screen, will he only go into that position without the ball if an opposition player goes into that position? This is just an example, I mean in the defensive phase asking a member of your team to be somewhere, but not directly engaging an opponent. Or is intercepting passes solely down to the players positioning, decisions, concentration, anticipation etc? Thank you!
  2. point taken My basis really is that ive never really had a solid, winning 4-4-2 at the top level. The only time I ever designed a 4-4-2 I liked was when I was managing Universidad de Chile a few editions of FM previous. Central midfield.....Im not sure. Im not sure what the best partnership is really in terms of roles. Locatelli has PPMs to "dictate tempo" and "come deep for the ball" so his PPM's suit a more "sitting" type role, so perhaps like others have suggested he could be moved into a CM/S role? In the other midfield role, Bentancur has very similar PPMs, so they perhaps arent an ideal partnership. Weston McKennie on the other hand has PPMs to "move into channels" and "gets into opposition area" so effectively, he wants to play as a mezzala PPM wise, if set to a CM/S role. Its the 2 central midfielders that confuse me the most in a 442 though and what i need the advice with really. In the usual formations I go with, ill often go with a double pivot 2 in a 4231 with a creator in front of them. With 442...... I need them to do a bit of everything, but still provide stability in transition. The main creativity from this team is going to come from the wide areas, clever movement from Dybala, and exploiting fast transitions on the counter. Would be grateful for any advice on getting the most out of the 442 @s0ni42 @alerosso @Dj-Voodoo Thanks everyone
  3. Hi Juventus have started this season poorly, but in moments like early on vs Napoli, the first hour v Udinese, big win vs Malmo and first half vs AC Milan, they are playing some exciting attacking football. Having watched their game with AC Milan im trying to use their approach to build a 4-4-2 formation. I never play 4-4-2, im always a 4-1-4-1 or 4-2-3-1 type manager. I find it difficult to set up a 4-4-2 to be effective offensively AND defensively, its usually one or the other. Would it be fair to say this is an accurate replication of what Allegri is trying to achieve? Theyve got some additional options, could bring in Chiesa for Cuadrado, Mckennie could come in for one of Bentancur or Locatelli, Kean could play up front in place of Morata etc. Watching the game vs AC Milan the things I would take from it in terms of team instructions would be: High tempo buildup - looking to attack immediately without spells of possession. Positive mentality? Overlaps down the left hand side Counter attacks Energetic pressing - Not counter-pressing, but in the middle of the pitch the pressing is energetic Freedom for Dybala to drift around Would love any thoughts on this and whether these roles would work in the game theoretically? Thanks
  4. I hink you are probably right there, it was an idea really to get someone to hold onto the ball to allow support to get higher up the field. I havent checked what PIs you can put on winger and inverted wingers, but there may be an option to ask them to hold onto the ball perhaps?
  5. Have a question if its ok, as i agree with your assertions. Assuming you were to use a 4231 deep system, in terms of "linking" the defensive midfield area to the attacking midfield area, would either of the following options be viable? 1) In the attacking midfield position, using an attacking midfielder that has a PPM to "come deep for the ball" but a PI to "hold up ball", which can combine with the two midfielders from the DM positions behind him? 2) Using "overlap left" or "overlap right" on one of the wide attacking players to encourage him to hold onto the ball longer to give time for the full back behind him and midfielders to come forwards? Im thinking of using the following set up as a 4-2-3-1 deep, and wondered about its merits with the two options i mentionned: ----------------------------------------PF (A) IF (A)-------------------------AM (S) or TQ (A)---------------------------W(S) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------DM (S) or DLP (S)-------------SV (S) WB (S)-------------------CB (D)--------------(CB (D)---------------------FB (S) ----------------------------------------SK (D) The idea is to use a deeper double pivot to provide stability in front of the back four and against the counter attack, mixed with a right sided overload to release the player on the left side to be the main scorer along with the pressing forward. Would be interested in your thoughts.
  6. Would a Juventus save be boring? they look to be in absolute disarray at the moment
  7. Im a little undecided. There are a few teams taking my fancy and not sure who to be. I was nailed on with Arsenal. A nice club who need a rebuild. However, they get managed by what seems like half the people who play the game. I like Barcelona for the fact that although theyre in huge debt, the squad they have still is more than capable of mounting a challenge. But then, you could say the same thing about Real Madrid, who have been after Mbappe, need a new centreback partnership and have some good young talent to work with, with the likes of Vinicius, Valverde and newly signed Camavinga. Then i looked to France and had two teams in mind. I think theres a new crop of talent to bring through at Monaco to replace the likes of Mbappe, Bernardo Silva, Fabinho etc and challenge PSG. But looking at the league too, I think Marseille have built a very tidy little squad that could do something. I like Rongier, Payet as a creative force, Saliba at the back.....seems nice. I also like rugged, useless teams. The one that always captures the imagination from FM's past is Albion Rovers of Scotland, who seem to be doing much better now in real life. And whilst not useless at their level, Kelty Hearts seem like the sort of team that could rocket up the leagues. But then youve also got Celtic, trying to hunt down Gerrard's Rangers with a new crop of players after selling Edouard and Christie. Can the new Postecoglou era be emulated? So im really not sure. My inclination is Arsenal but its a very used team. So im open to suggestion.
  8. I think my problem is it never feels like im watching an actual game of football, and then i struggle to diagnose whats going on unless in very general terms like "Theyre good down my left side" etc
  9. To be honest, im starting to think less about a team instruction giving a uniform, predictable response, and more about what it does for the team im managing. Ill just adjust instructions based on what I see. If we go forward quick enough in transition without anything selected, then great. But maybe i might want to slow it down or speed it up. Depends on my team. Its not that i want to impose my "style" on the team, more about tweaking things depending on what they do naturally
  10. Pass into space with your centrebacks means they will look to play long passes into the space behind the opposition back 4 more often. But it also means your other players will try to as well, as its a team instruction. Why not single out your more creative players and give them licence to try through balls with PI's instead. Its just to increase the frequency theyll look for the through ball. It doesnt mean theyll do it all the time. Or else youd never keep the ball.
  11. Im assuming the player data is from FM21..... but do Lokonga and Tavares look any good?
  12. One thing thats not realistic is, say i set up a save as Man Utd. Ill get Ronaldo for pre season and the start of the season. In reality, he wasnt available for me for the first three games. He should join you when he joined in real life But obviously programming that would be a nightmare.
  13. Ok. So DLF/A with "roam from position" could be an option? i dont really want the low work rate characteristics of the Trequartista for Lacazette
  14. Not a tactical expert, but the tactic seems one dimensional. If your wide players are staying wide, then it should create more room in the middle of the pitch but no one is exploiting this. I would remove the shorter passing too. Tactic is set up more for getting it out wide and into the box rather than patient buildup
  15. Hi mate thanks for the feedback. Lacazette has a PPM to "move into channels" so im thinking..... If i use him as a DLF on attack.....his DLF position will see him make the vertical movement, whilst his move into channels PPM will take care of the lateral movement.....BUT...... i can then set him to press more. I think he is a hard working player, i think id give a little bit of that up by using the TQ role? Im also thinking if i ask him to man mark the opposition DM position, itll get him to come deeper? Also in the central midfield positions, would you pair the RCM as a MEZ/S with the BBM or CM/S in the LCM position? might not be a bad role for Xhaka to be fair. If using a more attack minded LCM than Carrilero, would you then move the left wing back into an inverted wing back to cover the space vacated by the more attacking LCM? Thanks for the feedback
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