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  1. Could you provide more information for us to look at ? 1 - could you provide your tactic to look at ? Maybe the man-marking is inappropriate ? Maybe it doesn't suit the strengths of your team ? 2 - could you provide some screenshots of these moves (the poor man marking, the shots and the offsides) ? I'm sure with some specifics some of the excellent contributors on here should be able to help.
  2. Yeah, as I mentioned it was just me browsing someone else's post on another forum and they replied with that as their evidence after my post on here so I thought I'd just update what they'd provided. I'd ask, but I don't use Twitter unfortunately and I don't know if he frequents here ? I think you're right, you can't take too much detail from a single word answer to that question. It's not a fountain of information ! Anyways, thank you both again for your help. I really do appreciate it.
  3. I don't think he cuts inside or runs wide just because that might take away from the freedom of roaming the role is meant to have (just my opinion). But his aim is to drive inside and score. He's looking to be inside that box. If memory serves, he does have an instruction under the hood to make more dribbles into the channels, if that gives you a better idea of his runs. I'm not sure of his starting position relative to an IF, other than to say the Raum has 'sit narrower' automatically whereas the IF needs it manually selecting. That, in theory, should have him closer to the box. That sa
  4. The description sums it up best for me - he's a wide poacher. He roams and moves in and out of channels, looking for space to be unmarked and available. In my experience, they need to have a clear supply focused to them and, because they're wide, they need to have room created for them to actually dribble into. They also need their defensive duties covered. They won't be as effective without them three things: supply; pockets of space to receive the ball in and pockets of of space to attack once they've got the ball.
  5. Thank you @XaW and @HUNT3R for such a quick reply. That was pretty much my understanding too, as you mention I've seen it confirmed in here for previous versions repeatedly in the past. I've just been back to the forum I mentioned and this is the tweet they're referencing: https://mobile.twitter.com/Assassin2k121/status/1358034940601004032?s=19
  6. Does the AI adapt to counter you/your tactics specifically ? And in what ways does the AI change/adapt ? I know it's a question that comes up every year and the answer is usually the same, but I've just been browsing forums and seen someone claiming the AI does adapt specifically to your tactics and that it was confirmed my Miles on twitter. So here I am, looking for a nice clear answer direct from source. I searched the forum beforehand and couldn't find it, apologies if it's been asked and I've missed it. Thank you to anyone able to provide a definitive answer. I hope this is the r
  7. No, but no instruction in FM is as literal as it always happening. That leads me to the thought, does this always happens or is it just the times that it does happen that makes the highlights? And each of them times is a calamity. I think that's a bit of a fallacy. If your goalkeeper sends a ball long and it's lost that's one thing. But you're goalkeeper is then not responsible for that team being able to so quickly cut through your defensive shape and score so frequently from it. There's more to that than simply the distribution issue, something else (which could prevent other goals) is
  8. Have you tried removing the offside trap? Especially now you're just on a standard defensive line. That would be my first thought. If that didn't make a difference, my second thought would be have you tried any opposition instructions? It's clearly a few good players here that are causing you problems - the ones capable of delivering the pass and the one capable of receiving it. Edit - typing errors.
  9. Potentially worth posting this question with a screenshot of your tactic in the tactics section to get the right eyes on it. I'm not sure what might be affecting the goalkeeper wanting to throw the ball to the DM, but there could be something as they're clearly listening to your instructions when you want to pass too cb/FB. But I think the more pressing issue is the dispossession from the long kick is resulting in alot of turn overs that make you concede. That strikes me as a much more worrying problem you likely want to fix. This sounds like an inherent defensive issue with your t
  10. I might be wrong, but I think this is the kind of question that requires you to share your tactic and that normally get directed to start a thread of their own.
  11. Medics I know would say absolutely not to do this. If people do this it clogs up the system so people who need tests cannot access them quickly. Also, many COVID tests can give you positives up to 90 days after being having it. Source: I know nothing but I know doctors and nurses who work in hospitals.
  12. If they're playing in that league (as they're Man Utd and they're the one scoring lots of goals) it would be on full detail as they're actually playing the matches it's occurring in.
  13. Definitely a great option. I go for the one where I pay £109 upfront and get 24 credits all upfront for the year. Works out something like £4.50 and I can pick any book I want, plus they'll sell me 3 for about £11 if I run out. What's normally a really expensive market is actually pretty cheap. If you haven't already, you can receive any one book as a gift on Audible (you're on about credits do I assumed that was the service your using) as well if it helps give you a range of attempts to see if it grabs your fancy. They're definitely not for everyone, but they've allowed me to
  14. That's the only real thing about Audiobooks, the narrator really makes a big difference. I've tried listening to Dune a few times and it's more like an audiodrama at times with music and a hundred different people switching between speaking (hyperbole obviously) that's not what I'm really in it for. I've got The Martian in my To Read pile, glad to know it won't be time wasted ! Am I going daft or has he got a new one coming out ? I feel like this when I hear people reading at double speed and higher. I don't understand how they're really reflecting. But I feel at normal speed
  15. This year I've really gotten into audiobooks. Between these and podcasts I've pretty much given up on TV (unless my partner is watching something or its sports). I find it's perfect for when I'm exercising, travelling or casually gaming. Any other big fans here ? Anyone come across any that are absolute must listens ? I'll start - The Stormlight Archive. There's four books in the series now, I've just finished the first and honestly it's one of the best things I've read by anyone still living.
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