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  1. Hi, no. I'm using the d/l in the first post. So i should add 'Play Through the Middle'. Any others? I see ' Work Ball Into Box is mentioned' which is enabled on the tactic d/l.
  2. @Mr U Rosler , so gave the tactic a spin... Team: Bolton Media Prediction: dead last (starting on -12 points) Transfers In: none Secured 1st spot on the final day with a win against 2nd place Oxford: Goals were well spread out among the squad. However not a lot of standout performers in the average rating department. Yellow cards and suspensions at the business end of the season also caused problems. I struggled with filling the demanding CWB spots, as Bolton are weak in this regards, and are basically broke. So made do with CB/Winger youth players playing backup in those positions. I think the CWB and RPM positions are the key spots in the team, get those right and you're flying. You definitely need 2 options in each of the CWB positions to cope with the physical demands.
  3. Not yet. But planning to today. I have a particular underdog team in mind. The 5-4-1 performed very well in FM20. 1st place finishes with Brescia in 2022 and 2023.
  4. Further update. The 5-4-1 tactic has also worked out very well indeed with Brescia. Media predicted finishes were 18th and 15th for seasons 2019/20 and 2020/21. However actual finishes were 7th and 3rd respectively. Third season is looking even better so far.
  5. 2020/21 Predicted Finish of 15th. Personal aim of top 6/7 (Euro Cup spot). Finished 3rd ! Excellent finish. Was 2nd for large parts of the second half of the season. The team really came together in an attacking sense with Vignato doing a superb job on loan, Tonali bossing midfield and Varnier-Papetti-Bonifazi trifecta dominating in defence. 2021/22 Predicted Finish: 10th. Board is looking for a top half finish, a quarter final appearance in the cup and to be competitive in CL. They've also added another Club Culture item: Make the most of set-pieces. Aiming for: CL qualification. And qualify for 1st Knockout Round. Transfers In: Calabria (£30M), Locatelli (£16.75M), Varnier (£10M), Laurenzi (£2.4M), Esposito (Loan), Gollini (Loan), Vignato (Loan), D'Amico (Loan) Transfers Out: Tonali (£37M), Zmrhal (£5.25M), Had to let Tonali go on his £37M release clause to Zebre but that has meant a £50-60M transfer kitty overall. And most of that has been splurged on Calabria, Locatelli and Varnier. Squad is now virtually all Italian - just have Spalek and Curcio left over as the non-Italians. Have filled out the remainder of the gaps again with Loans and youth.
  6. He's doing a job but nothing special - will likely move him on in the next season or so. He has quite a low Workrate attribute, which i can't abide. I like to build my squad with high values in Workrate, Teamwork and Determination - as these are the core attributes throughout the squad I'm building.
  7. Decided this year to take a break away from my usual Atalanta save; normally I like to go for a team just outside the top 4 and aim to make that extra step to CL football. So have opted for.. Brescia, who are relegation candidates in the beginning. Have gone with Brescia because they have a nice jersey but mostly because good Youth facilities and a small stadium meaning there should be scope for expansion. Note, I'm playing on Touch so to make things a touch (heh) harder have also decided to limit myself to transferring in italian players only. I've opted for a back 5, so as to take advantage of the three centrebacks at attacking set-pieces. And with the lack of money and wanting to keep Tonali, I'll be relying heavily on Loans and Youth initially. 2019/20 Predicted Finish of 18th. Personal aim of top 10. Transfers In: Luperto (Loan), Esposito (Loan), Edera (Loan) Transfers Out: Balotelli (£6M) Finshed: 7th (64 points) Team was strong from the get-go but faded badly from March onwards. CL football was out-of-reach by April. And dropped from 5th to 7th in the last game of the season. But achieved my season goal plus snapped up the last Euro Cup spot. Sent Balo out the door in Jan - not worth the agro. And there were some decent youth candidates - Papetti, Vivani, Magri, Ghezzi - who i've given matchtime throughout the season. 2 of the Bresica regens look very promising. 2020/21 Predicted Finish of 15th. Personal aim of top 6/7 (Euro Cup spot). Board wants me to reach Group Stage of Euro Cup this season, and they've also added Club Culture items of Play high-tempo pressing football, Play attacking football, Play entertaining football, Play possession football - which they wouldn't budge on at all. I can deliver on the first two. But the latter two are not something I normally do, so we'll see how it plays out. Transfers In: Bonifazi (£2.5M), Murgia (£8M), Varnier (Loan - Optional Future Fee £10M), Plizzari (Loan), Rossi (Loan), Vignato (Loan) Transfers Out: Mateju (£2.2M), Aye (£1.2M). So far 10 league games in: 2nd Have started strongly again in the league. Sneaked past a strong Leicester team in July in the Euro Cup 2nd qualifying round but knocked out by Fekir/Betis in the last qualifying round - the Board was upset :/
  8. Hello @Mr U Rosler, I've tried out your setup on FMT20 with some reasonable success - nicked a CL spot in La Liga with Bilbao. Made one modification by turning one of the B2B players into a DLP (s). I found it gave more variation to midfield play with some horizontal movements. Also played around with the Set-Pieces to take full advantage of 3 CBs. Tactic would likely be even more successful with another team that didn't have the same transfer restrictions regarding Basque players only.
  9. The game is still listed as not compatible when I visit the store link via the tablet. However, when I visited the Store via Web browser on PC, I was able to purchase FM from there for the tablet. Then the tablet itself automatically started d/l the game. And it's running okay for me now.
  10. Hi, the Huawei MediaPad M5 8, listed as a compatible tablet, does not appear to be compatible with FM2020 Touch. The game is not searchable on Google Play. And when using the direct link, the store states 'Your device isn't compatible with this version'.
  11. Agreed! The B2B is the absolute heartbeat of the setup. And together with the DM and MEZ, they make the perfect midfield triumvirate - I think if any of the three roles are turned to playmakers, it would take away from what makes the system tick. Fwiw, still having great success with beta version of thetactic on FMT
  12. In my game the Board's view on my performance in the league doesn't reflect the reality of my performance. I'm currently top of the league unbeaten, exceeding expectations, however in the Serie A Detail, the Board hopes that the poor run that the team finds itself on will come to an end soon before we stop dropping down the table. ------ A separate issue I'm unsure of is in Club Issues. The Board are slightly disappointed with how I've managed the Club Issues during my time as manager. This despite 3 CL qualifications, 1 league title, 1 Euro Cup in 4 years for a team usually expected to finish in around 5th-7th in the league. However, I suspect managing Club Issues is more concerned with Wage Control and Club Stature - is that right ? On the former, there is the odd ocassion I've let it slip into the red (but resolved it quick). But on the latter, surely my competition success would have increased Club Stature from 2018 levels? I've uploaded a save file called ata_20230119.fmv Thanks.
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