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  1. Agreed! The B2B is the absolute heartbeat of the setup. And together with the DM and MEZ, they make the perfect midfield triumvirate - I think if any of the three roles are turned to playmakers, it would take away from what makes the system tick. Fwiw, still having great success with beta version of thetactic on FMT
  2. In my game the Board's view on my performance in the league doesn't reflect the reality of my performance. I'm currently top of the league unbeaten, exceeding expectations, however in the Serie A Detail, the Board hopes that the poor run that the team finds itself on will come to an end soon before we stop dropping down the table. ------ A separate issue I'm unsure of is in Club Issues. The Board are slightly disappointed with how I've managed the Club Issues during my time as manager. This despite 3 CL qualifications, 1 league title, 1 Euro Cup in 4 years for a team usually expected to finish in around 5th-7th in the league. However, I suspect managing Club Issues is more concerned with Wage Control and Club Stature - is that right ? On the former, there is the odd ocassion I've let it slip into the red (but resolved it quick). But on the latter, surely my competition success would have increased Club Stature from 2018 levels? I've uploaded a save file called ata_20230119.fmv Thanks.
  3. Xmas 2022 and my Atalanta team are topping the table (closely followed by Napoli). The massive Nov/Dec break due to WC 2022 was a bit weird and caught me out - I thought my game calendar was broken at first! Only major outgoing in the summer was a 22yo Kulusevski to Leipzig for about 30mil. Kept the rest of the squad together and of note, added (1) powerful centreback Çağlar Söyüncü (5mil) to the pack, and (2) this regen from Brazil for 8mil who I have high hopes for (if only he can get over his consistency issues). Progression to the CL 1st knockout round has been straightforward too. Again, weird that the final group game is after Xmas in Jan due to WC. In other news, I've been offered the Italy national job (I took it) as they had a disappointing 2nd round exit in Doha. It's a beastly looking squad. 16 of the current squad, incl Melegoni, are valued 50mil+ gbp. Impressive! Naturally, I'm gonna give a few of my Atalanta players a long overdue 1st cap - Mancini, Capone, Goldaniga, Da Graca, Ruggiero, Cortinovis - the national team requires a little less Milan bias
  4. Juve are pretty average in my game. Consistently getting only 3rd/4th spot.
  5. Still have him knocking about as a squad player. His attributes develop very well but he hasn't exactly set the place on fire. As of Aug 2022 has value is about £40mil.
  6. Managing Atalanta. Consecutive 4th place finishes in 2019 and 2020 followed by a disappointing 7th in 2021. CL campaigns were also nothing to write home about. Now finally some real success in 2022! Have just managed to pip Napoli the league title. Won Euro Cup on penos against ManC, and had a narrow loss in Italian Cup final against Napoli (who are proving to be my long-term nemesis over the course of the game). Notable young players: Melegoni, Cortinovis, Barrow, Kulusevski - all developing superbly and contributing to the team. Varnier was coming along nicely until Barca came along and paid his minium fee release clause :/ Notable Transfers In: Da Graca (4.6mil - instantly became the absolute main man upfront), Raya, William, Goldaniga, Jetro Willems, Sarr (on loan), Marin Have also hung on to a core group of Mancini, Gosens, De Roon, Freuler, Hateboer who have served me very well. Have a £50mil transfer warchest and looking forward to beginning my assault on the Champions League. Also looks like some promising regens coming through the Atalanta youth mill.
  7. Hi, currently managing Atalanta and received the below messages for a pair of on-loan players from their parent clubs Chelsea and Zenit. And in the body of the messages it states those clubs have accepted the Optional Future Fee offer from themselves. Presumably its supposed to say "... from Atalanta"? I've uploaded save game file Atalanta.fmv
  8. Lost to Juve on the last day of the season, meaning they pipped me for 3rd spot. Bit annoyed at that :/ Serie A is a tough nut to crack. However, overall very happy with the tactical performance and the football produced by this setup. 2 new signings and I can see the team challenging for the title next season.
  9. Ah, I assumed it was just the Player attributes were hidden. Have you customized the staff screen as well, along with hiding the coaching)scouting attributes?
  10. Hide the Staff attributes panel? Therefore only having available their Reputation rating & the performance of their previous employer in their respective job area, as the means for assessing a staff member .
  11. Hey FuSS, your tactic is working out well for my Atalanta team . Currently sitting pretty in 3rd spot at the halfway point in Serie A, whereas normally I struggle to make top 8 in that first season. Only major signing of note at the start of the season was a left-back on loan, as Atalanta are pretty weak defensively in that department. Have otherwise some good youth prospects that can slot in to this tactic when needed as backup. Also have 2 decent keepers with strong one-on-one attributes - important for combatting the balls over the top. Note, I'm playing on Touch, so no access to shouts / team talks, etc... Aesthetically, the football has been lovely to watch. I particularly like the combination play between (usually) the FB/R/L, MCR/L and the AMR/L trio down the sides of the pitch, as well the DM stroking the ball left and right to the overlapping full-backs when camped outside the opposition box. On that latter point, l'd say it's not just preferable but vital that the DM has good passing/decision/composure attributes to go with the usual requirements for his role. Also recommend with this setup, due to the threat posed by the counter-attacks over the heads of the CBs, that your GK has strong One-on-One / Rushing Out attributes. On these 2 points you made, the tactical changes I made: I've created a Low Block variant of the tactic; the only adjustments being a Much Lower line of engagement and a Much Lower defensive line and Offside Trap turned off. No other changes. I use this low block specifically against the top teams (Juve/Inter/Napoli) and against teams with fast forwards (which I class as >13 Pace/Accel). Meaning I use your original 'high block' against teams with slow forwards and outright poorer teams and also if I'm chasing a goal at the end of a game. (e.g. The high block is better against Roma who have a slow-ish Dzeko in attack i.e. keeps him away from the box. Whereas I play a low block against Sampdoria who have a speed merchant in Defrel in attack). Set-pieces: I changed the attacking players around in the Attacking Corners setup. And I also pulled one extra player back defending on the Wide Attacking FKs as the team looked exposed to counter-attacks.
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