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  1. I play the same formation, and judging from your TIs I play a style similar to what you're trying to create. What I've generally found though is that TIs generally just fine-tune what's already set up through Mentality, Duties, Shape, Positions and Roles. The way my team plays now is through relatively patient short passing play, working the ball into the box, with a lot of movement. But without using any TI that implicitly addresses that (Other than, to an extent, Play out of Defense). The mentality (Standard), shape (Fluid), duties (5 Support, 2 Attack, 3 Defend) and roles (Not many roles that prioritize dribbling over passing and moving, few "extreme" roles) tends to create situations where the players are fairly close to eachother, and are on the same page mentality-wise. That tends to lead to more short passing options. So you posted two rather different setups, with different issues, but I think that one thing they both have in common is that they have a lot of players who in attack will end up between the opposition defense and midfield, but not really much in the way of players who will either push their defense back, or sit back to recycle the ball or switch it to the flanks and such. Sometimes an attack bogs down, and you need to reset a bit. Who's there to do that? The HB/BWM and the FB on support might be the only options for a back pass, and they might not even be available. Or lack the creative abilities to do anything useful with the ball. Most of the other players will be in, or on the edge of, the box. And similarly, who provides a threat for the through ball? The three forwards in both versions all look to drop deep, or in the case of the W(A) who doesn't, he might instead be rather isolated wide and high up the pitch. So you're faced with little in the way of forward passes available, and little in the way of backwards passes. So fairly often there's nothing to do except shoot. Two simple things to do would be to make one of the two CM players more of a "sitter" than a "runner". Such as a DLP(s), CM(s) or such. Basically create a fulcrum in the center of the pitch who can switch the ball between flanks, who can (with the right player and right PPMs) control the tempo of the game etc. And to have one of the forwards be someone who pushes the defensive line back. I'm a big fan of the F9/DLF types of players so I have it be a Raumdeuter/IF(A) instead; my current Raumdeuter has the PPM to try to beat the offside trap, which works great. It could be the central striker too, but I've yet to find much success with that. Not to say that I've found the ideal setup or anything, but the following is working well for me right now: WB(S) - CD(D) - CD(D) - FB(S) DM (D) CM(A) - DLP(S) W/IF(S) - F9(S) - RMD/IF(A) The two wing roles depends on the players selected but it doesn't play very differently either way which surprised me. There is a lot of interplay between the three forwards, they frequently play through balls to eachother, play one-twos, provide cutbacks etc.
  2. I've noticed over the last couple of days (unsure how long it has been, quite possibly since the release of the full game; was definitely working at some point during beta) that the players in the senior squad who I make available for the U20 team (Playing as Atalanta in Serie A) to regain match fitness aren't being selected to play for the U20s, nor even to sit on the bench. It has been this way for the entire season at least, a player (Giuseppe Rossi) who has been selected as available for the reserves all season long (Or most of it anyway) hasn't appeared even once. Screenshots of availability for an upcoming game (It's from a point after the game has been played, but I reloaded the save and ran it a few times with the same result) And here's the report for said game, none of the players featured. Neither the ones selected as subs for the first team, or Esteban Rolón who was unselected entirely. Doesn't seem to matter if they're set to be available "Until fit" or "Ongoing". Game was started in beta and continued into release. Uploaded a save game to the FTP with the name "Lathund_reserves_not_selected.fm", it's a save from three days before the U20 game in the above screenshots.
  3. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    But what does it do? When I have it checked before going into a match and go into Tactics - Opposition in the pregame it looks like this. If I have it unchecked it looks like this . So the wording is different, but OIs are still set regardless. So what I'm wondering is what the setting actually does? In an "instant result" game, will they or won't they be applied?
  4. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    Looking around a bit, what I managed to find was an option when you click the "Actions" button from your Assistant Manager's profile where you can select or unselect "Handles Opposition Instructions". Now maybe I'm missing something about what that's supposed to be doing (Or if there's another option somewhere), but it doesn't seem to be working. Regardless of whether the option is checked or not, OI are still set at the start of the match.
  5. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    This, so much this. If SI prefer it the current way, leave it as a default. Just please give us the option to turn it off. Would be great if it could apply to "instant result" matches too; makes it rather pointless to have a deep sit back-defense when OI's are set to close down most attacking players anyway.
  6. Yes. This, so much this. In the last two versions I had the issue of the squad screen always reverting back to one random standard view. This year it is at least the slightly more useful general view, but even so, it's very annoying to have to always change to the custom view. Some option to set the standard squad view would be fantastic. Also what do you mean by not having a zoomed view? If I can fix this in any way possible I would be delighted. WIth it having been an issue for three versions now I don't see any official fix coming for it. EDIT: Looking around a bit more I found that it seems to stick if you make a copy of the custom view. Finally!!
  7. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    Two things I'd like to see. The first is a bug fix; the bug (which was in FM15 too) where it defaults to the same squad view screen every time, and not the one I last had selected. For me in my current game it's the contracts screen for my senior squad, and the scouting one for my reserves. Over the course of a loong save it's a lot of clicking. The other one is the ability to tell the assistant to not set opposition instructions automatically. When controlling games yourselves it's just two clicks to delete them, but it's annoying and you sometimes forget. But I'd like the option to not have them used when simming games. Sometimes they're useful, but when running a deep line / standoffish type of defense, I don't want to always be closing down and tackling hard for instance.
  8. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    Ironic in all this is that Iceland (co-)manager Lars Lagerbäck, and indeed the whole of Swedish football for a long time, were inspired by the Roy Hodgson way of playing 4-4-2. Now he finally has a team that fully committs to it.
  9. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

  10. Definitely should have.
  11. Interesting. I have the same philosophy for training and squad building, but I don't have it down to a system with nicknames and shortlists etc. I am very particular about squad numbers in general though, as I also associate them with certain roles, which naturally depend on the formation (i.e 7 is my right winger if I have one, otherwise it's a central midfielder, kind of a box-to-box type of midfielder, never a playmaker or a defensive midfielder). My starter in each position will always have the number associated with it (except maybe the goalkeeper if I have a young keeper about to take over, he may keep #13 for his first season as a starter), the numbers outside 1-11 are mostly position-based, but also squad role/status based (A veteran backup Winger/AM would be #17, but a promising youngster would be #27). Went off on a tangent there, I guess my point is that you've made something useful out of it, instead of just being a neurotic mess like me about it
  12. Recently switched to a more defensive focus on my Atalanta save. Had a mediocre season last season, finishing 7th but winning Coppa Italia. Recovered after a horrible run, and have had a great start to this season after a switch from a Standard/Control 4-4-1-1 to a Defensive/Counter 4-1-4-1. After 15 games I'm top of the league with 33 points, scored 22 and conceded just 6, with 12 clean sheets. Too early to tell whether I'm onto something lasting or not, but I'm loving it. Consistently grinding out 1-0 and 2-0 wins is what I want, and a playstyle I haven't been successful with since the wibble/wobble days.
  13. FMT16 Save Updates Thread

    Well turns out I was worried for nothing Went on to win the double, Serie A and Coppa Italia. Bit worrysome though that I have the exact same problem with my right winger, with one year left on his deal, and my AMC is unhappy about me rejecting a bid. We'll see if I get to keep them or not. That's about 30 goals and 30 assists between them.
  14. FMT16 Save Updates Thread

    Currently in 2024 in my first FM16 save, playing as Atalanta (as I always do, since the CM 97-98 edition, for my first game). Had some very difficult early seasons, not finding a working tactical setup at all. All I have to show so far is a Coppa Italia win. Got a 4-4-1-1 working really nicely now, and found some great players. However I also just lost my biggest star, shown below. Product of my youth academy, he would only sign that deal with a minimum fee release clause at €55m (Got locked during negotiation). And after that wouldn't sign a new one, stating that he wasn't interested because he didn't believe my team had the calibre of players to match his ambition or some such. Stayed that way for several seasons. I take that to mean he wanted the team to be filled with better players, but is that all? Would winning a big title have helped? Anyway, I haven't been this gutted at losing a player in a long time. Will be hard to replace, and worried that my season will derail now; currently joint top of the league in January. He had 14 goals and 8 assists in 17 starts.
  15. WM (A) already has get further forward. I used to have the cross less instruction, but since I already have "Work ball into box" it felt redundant, and made him not take good crossing opportunities that I wanted him to take. He is a good crosser and like I said my F9 is more of a Zlatan type than a traditional F9.