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  1. People from my area don't think I do, but people from other parts of the country do. Which I suppose means I have one but it's fairly light.
  2. From reading your posts in this thread, and from that getting an idea of your knowledge and experience when it comes to stocks and how all this works, you shouldn't even be thinking about getting involved in this. A few hours ago you didn't know Nokia still existed, or what their business model was, and now you expect to make quick cash off that stock? You're already late to the party, people will already have bought stock driving up the price. If you don't understand the why and the how, all you're doing is listening to someone (or someones in this case) saying "Buy, buy, buy". You have no id
  3. Yes this is very important to point out when stories like this come out. This kind of thing almost never happens, and by the time the word is out to people like you and me, the "guaranteed profits" are already long gone and it's filled with a ton of risk, and you'd need a lot of knowledge, skill and luck to be sure to come out ahead at this point. Just in general it's good advice to people who aren't experts in the stock market to limit their stock "trading" to just buy and hold stock from a variety of sectors (Or just buy and hold an index fund). Trying to time the market or bet big on
  4. As Ackter already mentioned, he prepares a lot. He has all the worldbuilding and all the big storylines and events and all prepared, and various ways for the players to come across those things, and has a bunch of different battle maps and scenarios and everything planned. But sometimes the players take things in an entirely unexpected direction, sometimes the direction is expected but the actions (or the dice) lead it to unforseen territory. There are huge storylines that the players never even came across during the first campaign. Because you can only script or prepare so much. It's a lot
  5. The fake orders is a classic. I also enjoyed how the dynamics developed as we started playing more games with the same people. The extreme backstabbing might win you one game, but would often hurt you in the next. While the more honest players would struggle to get solo wins, but would usually place high or share the win. Things do carry over, and people really hold grudges. The simple name "Trieste" can still trigger people after many years But of course, prior knowledge can be a hinderance as well, where people play the players and not the board essentially. So for our online games we'v
  6. My boardgame-playing friends all live in different parts of the country now, but we used to play a fair bit. Carcassone (With maaany expansions) was a favorite of ours, and the obligatory Settlers of Catan. People would get all kinds of worker placement gmaes mostly, but I don't remember all of them. There was a Japan-themed one that was fun, and a fishing-based one that was mostly just OK. It's hard to beat the replayability of Carcassone though, and how such a simple game (at its core) creates such variable and complex games. So rarely does a game feel decided early on, with so many ways to
  7. The theory is, these are somewhat brighter guys, and things might remain relatively stable.
  8. I believe anything above the knee is allowed. But I can't think of any situation where you'd willingly head the ball, where that'd be advantageous over simply poking your hand out.
  9. The same Lindsey Graham who said electing Trump would be a disaster for America (Praphrasing, but something along those lines) only to become his biggest supporter? The same Lindsey Graham who repeatedly said that he would not consider a new supreme court judge in an election year even if the roles were reversed from 2016, and that we could hold him to that? I'm shocked by this turnaround I tell you, shocked!. EDIT: Great timing on the above video!
  10. I honestly did not at all believe this was possible. That the unhinged conspiracy theories may have been a major contributor to this by decreasing republican turnout is just perfect.
  11. It's not a parliamentary system, it's the President who forms the government.
  12. Even by Trump's usual standards this sounds deranged. Also, surely "Fortunate Son" has got to be the most ironic song choice (twice! apparently) at a Trump rally?
  13. By the time you get a second dose, the first dose has been out of your system for a long time, so there is no risk of direct interactions. If doses were given in close succession it'd potentially be a different issue. As for the effect, vaccines may have different ways of going about it, but the effect they have is all the same; stimulating the immune system into producing specialized cells to combat specific bacteria/virus/parasite. Now, before combining vaccines becomes a widespread practice and not, as was the case here, approved under certain circumstances only, tests should be done to 100
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