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  1. Two things I'd like to see. The first is a bug fix; the bug (which was in FM15 too) where it defaults to the same squad view screen every time, and not the one I last had selected. For me in my current game it's the contracts screen for my senior squad, and the scouting one for my reserves. Over the course of a loong save it's a lot of clicking. The other one is the ability to tell the assistant to not set opposition instructions automatically. When controlling games yourselves it's just two clicks to delete them, but it's annoying and you sometimes forget. But I'd like the option to not have them used when simming games. Sometimes they're useful, but when running a deep line / standoffish type of defense, I don't want to always be closing down and tackling hard for instance.
  2. Ironic in all this is that Iceland (co-)manager Lars Lagerbäck, and indeed the whole of Swedish football for a long time, were inspired by the Roy Hodgson way of playing 4-4-2. Now he finally has a team that fully committs to it.
  3. ICELAND! LARS RAGNAR England :D :D :D
  4. Definitely should have.
  5. Interesting. I have the same philosophy for training and squad building, but I don't have it down to a system with nicknames and shortlists etc. I am very particular about squad numbers in general though, as I also associate them with certain roles, which naturally depend on the formation (i.e 7 is my right winger if I have one, otherwise it's a central midfielder, kind of a box-to-box type of midfielder, never a playmaker or a defensive midfielder). My starter in each position will always have the number associated with it (except maybe the goalkeeper if I have a young keeper about to take over, he may keep #13 for his first season as a starter), the numbers outside 1-11 are mostly position-based, but also squad role/status based (A veteran backup Winger/AM would be #17, but a promising youngster would be #27). Went off on a tangent there, I guess my point is that you've made something useful out of it, instead of just being a neurotic mess like me about it
  6. Recently switched to a more defensive focus on my Atalanta save. Had a mediocre season last season, finishing 7th but winning Coppa Italia. Recovered after a horrible run, and have had a great start to this season after a switch from a Standard/Control 4-4-1-1 to a Defensive/Counter 4-1-4-1. After 15 games I'm top of the league with 33 points, scored 22 and conceded just 6, with 12 clean sheets. Too early to tell whether I'm onto something lasting or not, but I'm loving it. Consistently grinding out 1-0 and 2-0 wins is what I want, and a playstyle I haven't been successful with since the wibble/wobble days.
  7. Well turns out I was worried for nothing Went on to win the double, Serie A and Coppa Italia. Bit worrysome though that I have the exact same problem with my right winger, with one year left on his deal, and my AMC is unhappy about me rejecting a bid. We'll see if I get to keep them or not. That's about 30 goals and 30 assists between them.
  8. Currently in 2024 in my first FM16 save, playing as Atalanta (as I always do, since the CM 97-98 edition, for my first game). Had some very difficult early seasons, not finding a working tactical setup at all. All I have to show so far is a Coppa Italia win. Got a 4-4-1-1 working really nicely now, and found some great players. However I also just lost my biggest star, shown below. Product of my youth academy, he would only sign that deal with a minimum fee release clause at €55m (Got locked during negotiation). And after that wouldn't sign a new one, stating that he wasn't interested because he didn't believe my team had the calibre of players to match his ambition or some such. Stayed that way for several seasons. I take that to mean he wanted the team to be filled with better players, but is that all? Would winning a big title have helped? Anyway, I haven't been this gutted at losing a player in a long time. Will be hard to replace, and worried that my season will derail now; currently joint top of the league in January. He had 14 goals and 8 assists in 17 starts.
  9. WM (A) already has get further forward. I used to have the cross less instruction, but since I already have "Work ball into box" it felt redundant, and made him not take good crossing opportunities that I wanted him to take. He is a good crosser and like I said my F9 is more of a Zlatan type than a traditional F9.
  10. I had problems getting my AMC involved in my 4-4-1-1, but it all clicked when I switched to Fluid and when I offset the AM and ST slightly, using the AMCL and STCL slots, with an AM(A) and False 9 (S) in the roles. I would use a Shadow Striker ideally, but don't have the players suited for it really. The real stars of the show though are the wide midfielders, playing both as WM (A), with the ML having the instruction to cut inside (Also has PPMs "Cuts inside from both wings" and "Gets into opposition area"), and the other having the instruction to play narrower. Was surprised at the success of a left-footed player cutting inside from the left, but he's scored 10-15 league goals in each of the last 3 seasons, and has 6 in 6 (with 5 assists) so far this season. What I tried to get working for the first few seasons was having the AMC as a playmaker (ideally an Enganche, Riquelme style) and the striker playing an advanced role, but never got that to play the way I wanted it to. Anyway the full setup is: Standard (Sometimes Control, rarely Counter), Fluid, Work Ball into Box, Lower Tempo GK (D) - Pass shorter, distribute to central defenders, roll it out DR: WB (S) DCR: CD © DCL: CD (D) DL: WB (S) MR: WM (A) - Sit narrower MCR: DLP (S) MCL: CM (D) - Close down less ML: WM (A) - Cut inside AMCL: AM (A) - Dribble less STCR: F9 (S) Creates some very nice interplay. Many goals coming from the two wide players setting eachother up. A lot of cutbacks and crosses to my F9 (Who isn't much of a F9 really, he's big and strong and an excellent finisher) from both the wide players and full backs. DLP isn't getting many assists but is involved in play a lot. Defensively not quite as sound as I'd like, but in terms of players defense is my weakest area. Using a "less is more" approach, not looking to complicate things too much. Overall focusing on getting, and developing, intelligent players, trusting in their decision making rather than micromanaging too much.
  11. I had this same problem, and solved it by removing the player from the "Unwanted List".
  12. After two midtable finishes with Atalanta in my first two seasons I went on to win the double in my third, without adding much in the way of players, and I did it with a 4-1-4-1 utilizing two Wide Playmakers, a DLP (s) in MC and a False 9. I wouldn't say they got in eachothers way really, in fact it created a lot of really nice interplay, one-twos and such. Although it should be said that the idea behind the WPs was to create something akin to Inside Forwards, but remaining more defensively solid while taking more part in the build-up play. I could've done it by using another wide midfield role and setting them to cut inside, play narrower, cross less and such, and initially I did as I had the same feeling about "Too many cooks..." with regards to multiple playmakers. But then I just went ahead and did it, and it turned out very well. I found a few downsides with this attacking approach though. One is that with attacking fullbacks you get a ridiculous amount of crossing opportunities playing this way, the full backs always have space. Which would be a good thing, if I had something other than midget WPs and F9s to get on the end of crosses. I could have games with 25 crosses, none completed. Another one is that I have a huge amount of shots each game, yet only convert a small percentage. This is with both team and a few individual instructions to shoot less. Has some to do with PPMs, but mainly due to not having an in-the-box player, meaning that many chances fall to my WPs who will be coming from narrow angles and who aren't natural finishers. Thinking about changing the lone striker to something else, but the ones I have fit the False 9 role very well. Perhaps a CF (s) or DLF could serve me well, while giving me more of a presence in the box? Then again, I love the concept of the lone F9 enough to perhaps just sticking with it just for that reason alone.
  13. Ronny Thill, Luxembourg's greatest ever. At least in any of my games.
  14. I enjoy the long career games, sticking to the same club and seeing it grow. Setting club records. Seeing players from your youth system play their whole career at the club. Things like that. Thus I like to play fast, and go through seasons at a good pace and without unnecessary micromanagement (Although I do enjoy some of it), so in that sense FMC fits me well. However the one thing I'm missing is being able to shape players into what I want them to be. Part of being able to have your own youth players make up a big part of your team is to be able to have them fulfill the right roles. Your own academy usually won't produce enough good players, but if their CA points are in just the right places and their mental attributes are good you can make up for some of it and still use them even if they should ideally be 5-10 CA higher. The problem with FMC is that you can't really do that. You can't tutor your players to get with the team personality. You can't train them in the role of Regista from an early age to shape them into the next Pirlo. Players will be quite generic, and that takes a lot of the fun out of the youth focus career saves. So in short what I'd want for next year is individual training in FMC, to be able to get them working on attributes for a special role.
  15. I'm very particular with squad numbers. Players are always given numbers according to their position and their status. i.e my intended starters and backups for every position have their numbers (i.e my strikers will be 9, 19 and 29. My right backs will be 2, 22, 32. Defensive midfielders 6, 16, 26), and so if I intend to play a player in a different position next season, or a players gets promoted from backup to starter, their number changes. Zero loyalty towards squad numbers. I'll also do things like give my favourite DC #5 and the other one #4. If my backup keeper is a young player who I intend to take over, he will still wear #13 for his first season as a starter before getting the #1 jersey. Similarly, a young promising attacking midfielder or winger will get #27 before he breaks through as a starter, even if he's second in line for the position, and will get the applicable shirt (#7, #10 or #11 deepnding on the formation I use) when he becomes a starter, skipping #17, #18 or #21. Whereas an older, or less promising, player who is simply the backup will get one of #17, #18 or #21. I also never quite know what to do with #12. I'll usually give it to my attacking utility man (i.e a player who can cover multiple attacking positions, but is not primary backup for any of them), and it'll usually not get on the field a lot. I never like my #12. So yeah, those are just a few pecularities I have. If I don't have a particular type of player or role, a squad number goes unused. Such as in a formation without full backs or wing backs there wouldn't be a #22, #23, or #32 (The first normally used for backup DR, the other two for backup D R/L), but there could be a #33 (Which is usually my backup DL, but in this case could be a backup ML if one is used). But if the formation had no ML either, just an AML, it would be unused.