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  1. I'm not the OP, but I have had a similar issue the past two seasons (99% certain it didn't happen in the seasons before 24/25) in Serie A; basically the 1-week winter break triggers a pre-season prompt, but unable to select a pre-season schedule. As you can see in the screenshot below, it seems to both think that it is the pre-season for 2026, but shows the fixtures at the start of the 25/26 seasons which have already been played. The reason this thing is a problem is that half the squad are unhappy with training because they feel pre-season training was scheduled to start too late this season. I have uploaded a save game called "Lathund midseason preseason", the message in the screenshot should pop up after the first processing break.
  2. Is the option to schedule games only (when possible) schedule games on certain days (Like saturday and wednesday) gone from FM 2020, or is it just me who can't find it? I ask it here because for me the benefit of that option was training; I could make versions of my training schedule for 0, 1 and 2 games, and just apply them quickly. WIthout that option, any week I load my training schedule I'd have to move a lot of things around to make it work, as the automatic shifting was very hit and miss.
  3. Whats team cohesion like? I've found it to be very powerful in FM19. My team feels unbeatable when it gets to a certain point, but when it's low I can't seem to ever get consecutive good results.
  4. Far from the only one to do it, but I obsess a lot about squad numbers. - First XI is always numbered 1-11. It seriously annoys me when I can't have that, like when transfers happen late. - 1-11 are always assigned to the same positions. Which is easy in a 4-4-2 for instance (I'm in the #4 as DC and #6 as DMC/MC camp), but it gets unsatisfying in many formations. Like in the 4-1-2-2-1 (2 CM, wingers, striker) formation I don't really like the idea of #10 being a CM. Like it's OK if it's a very attacking role so he plays like an AMC, but I'm not happy about it. But that's small potatoes compared to the various 3-5-2 type of formations. Numbering your defenders #2-4 is OK, but that means #5 (or #4) as a midfielder. Having them as #4-6 is preferable, but only works if you use wing backs; can't have a wide midfielder be #2 or #3. And even then you're forced to have #11 as a striker, #10 and #7 as MCs. And #7 as MC only works if he's on the right in a formation without wingers. When thinking about formations to use, this isn't the only factor, but it seriously plays into it. If I have two options I like about the same, I'll go with the formation that allows for the best numbering. Which is why I play a lot of 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1 and 4-4-1-1 type of formations. - GKs are #1, #13 and #31. I try to avoid using a 4th GK because there's no number I like. When I have to, it's usually #41. I believe in older CMs with the 3-man benches the GK would automatically be #13, and so it has stuck with me. GK will always be in the second sub slot as well. Subs are ordered from most attacking (#1) to most defensive with the exception of that. If I play in Italy where they have 12 subs in the league, but 7 in Europe, it'll be the same down to #7, but then go backwards with #8 being a DC and #12 a striker. - DR is #2 and #22. DL #3 and #33. #23 and #32 are for guys who can play both positions. A player who is a D/ML is the perfect #33 (3x11=33). - DCs are #4,5, 14, 15, 24 and so on. My best or favourite of the pair will have #5, #15 and so on. - (A)MR are #7, 17, 27. (A)ML are #11 and then it gets tricky. If they can play multiple positions they can get away with some other numbers, but #11 is the only one that feels right for a full-time AML. #21 is alright. - MC are #6, 8, 16, 18, 26 and so on. 6 is the more defensive-minded. Same goes for DMC. A BWM/DLP combo doesn't feel right for me with either distribution. - AMC/ST are #9, 10, 19, 20, 29, 39. Rarely ever use #30, as I'll rarely have a dedicated AMC/ST only player for that role. A lone striker will always be #9, but if it's a support role it needs to be a F9, as otherwise the number just feels wrong. - Numbers like #17, #27, #28 can be used for multi-position attacking players too. A particularly promising youngster will usually be #27 and then #17. - #12 is retired for many clubs, but if not I'll rarely assign it. When I do it's usually a AML/ST (Or more positions) type of guy for whom #20 or #21 doesn't feel right. - #21 and #13 are the only ones I'm sort of flexible about. #21 can be a DLP type of player, even if he's a clear starter, in honor of Andrea Pirlo. It's one way to get around the BWM/DLP conundrum, and to avoid things like #10 in CM. I'll also sometimes let a young GK who has been #13 and gradually taken over the starting role over several years (Or if the current #1 is a true legend) keep #13 even after breaking into the first team, at least if the old #1 is still around. Basically, I spend waaaay too much time and energy on this. And I don't have OCD-tendencies in any other areas so it's a bit weird.
  5. I suspect this could be the issue. I've been playing a save as Lugano, which is located in an Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, so forFC Lugano Italian is the language spoken. So Italian players don't need a language course when signing for me, but I would presume they do when signing for FC Servette or FC Basel, and the other way around for French and German speakers respectively.
  6. Noticed that I'm unable to put both mods and head researchers on my ignore list. I obviously understand why mods can't be ignored, but why head researchers? Is it intended behaviour or is it a product of their "member group" on the board having that parameter set? And if so, should that be a board-wide thing that applies in OTF too? I should perhaps also add that there has been just one mod and one head researcher I've wanted to put on ignore, it's not a whole campaign against those two groups
  7. Under the "Rest" tab in the training screen you can set up intensity according to their condition %. Any player set to "Automatic" intensity will follow those instructions. I have mine set to "No pitch/gym work" for the lowest level of fitness, half intensity for the next two, normal for 80-89 and double for 90+. If that's optimal or not I really don't know, I suspect it might be too conservative. But adjusting the training intensity to their fitness levels seems to at least make some kind of sense, more than sticking to the same intensity at all times. And it saves you a lot of micromanagement.
  8. Even if you have it set so that you yourself control general training ("Plan general training for first team") your AM will still make sure there is a training schedule set for every week, and will make some changes when fixtures change. Those changes are sometimes good, sometimes less so, but he'll try. With these settings, any changes you make stays and you won't be prompted anything.
  9. Had this happen to a player with a hamstring injury. Lost 5+ Acceleration immediately (14.2 down to 8.6). Rehabing saw it rise steadily back up to a high of 11.2 8-10 months later, at which time he missed 5 months with a broken leg and the recovery stopped and another small decline to 10.2 occured. Stabilized at 10.6 for the last couple of years now. Without the broken leg it might have recovered more. Had he been younger (Was 25 at the time of the injury), or had I had better coaching/medical staff and facilities the effect might have been bigger. The fact that this type of decline is reversible, at least partially, makes it more realistic. Michael Owen would be one example of where hamstring injuries seriously affected acceleration/pace and forced him to turn into a completely different type of player. Luckily for me this guy is a DLP type of player in a 3-man midfield, not a very acceleration-dependent role.
  10. I'm managing in Switzerland, who have a 1½ month winter break, and I have the option to request it, so the presence of a winter break shouldn't be an obstacle. Haven't actually tried it yet though; club has been €1.5m in the red each December so far, don't want to push it
  11. In FM19, how do I best go about training a new position? Setting the player to train the new position like in FM18, and playing him in the position, but beyond that? Does including more training sessions which focus on Role/Position/Duty (Like for instance Attacking Shadow Play, which has it as one of only 3 Familiarity categories) help speed up the process? Or training sessions which focus on the attributes associated with Individual Role (Like Attacking Movement/Defensive Shape)? The first one seems more likely to me, but it's also not entirely obvious. Or doesn't it matter one way or the other?
  12. Perhaps not a stupid question, but didn't want to start a new thread. I've got a player who I cannot understand why he cannot be tutored by another player. I've looked up the criteria for tutoring (In this case from here), but I've seen them elsewhere too and they seem to fulfill them. The intended tutor is Alberto Paloschi, and the tutee Christian Capone. Both are natural strikers, Paloschi is 28 and Capone 19 years old, Paloschi has a higher squad status (Rotation vs hot prospect) and a higher reputation, neither one is training a trait or are injured, Capone has played less than 75 senior matches and both have multiple years left on their contracts. Paloschi isn't tutoring anyone, and I can have him start tutoring other players (Both from his profile and the youngsters). When initiating from Capones profile, it says he can't be tutored by anyone; 8 potential tutors are too young, 8 play in the wrong positions and 2 have too low reputation. You can hover over the text and it shows you who those 18 players are. What's interesting is that Paloschi doesn't show up in this list, it's as if he's not being considered at all which is what I'm struggling to understand. Anyone know why tutoring isn't possible in this case?
  13. You mentioned earlier in the thread that midfield support roles gets an increase in mentality when there are no attacking duties. Just to clarify, does that mean no attacking duties at all in the team or just when there are no attack duties in midfield?
  14. Well deserved win. Always great to see a nation reach the WC final for the first time. Congratulations Croatia!
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