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  1. I'm managing in Switzerland, who have a 1½ month winter break, and I have the option to request it, so the presence of a winter break shouldn't be an obstacle. Haven't actually tried it yet though; club has been €1.5m in the red each December so far, don't want to push it
  2. In FM19, how do I best go about training a new position? Setting the player to train the new position like in FM18, and playing him in the position, but beyond that? Does including more training sessions which focus on Role/Position/Duty (Like for instance Attacking Shadow Play, which has it as one of only 3 Familiarity categories) help speed up the process? Or training sessions which focus on the attributes associated with Individual Role (Like Attacking Movement/Defensive Shape)? The first one seems more likely to me, but it's also not entirely obvious. Or doesn't it matter one way or the other?
  3. Perhaps not a stupid question, but didn't want to start a new thread. I've got a player who I cannot understand why he cannot be tutored by another player. I've looked up the criteria for tutoring (In this case from here), but I've seen them elsewhere too and they seem to fulfill them. The intended tutor is Alberto Paloschi, and the tutee Christian Capone. Both are natural strikers, Paloschi is 28 and Capone 19 years old, Paloschi has a higher squad status (Rotation vs hot prospect) and a higher reputation, neither one is training a trait or are injured, Capone has played less than 75 senior matches and both have multiple years left on their contracts. Paloschi isn't tutoring anyone, and I can have him start tutoring other players (Both from his profile and the youngsters). When initiating from Capones profile, it says he can't be tutored by anyone; 8 potential tutors are too young, 8 play in the wrong positions and 2 have too low reputation. You can hover over the text and it shows you who those 18 players are. What's interesting is that Paloschi doesn't show up in this list, it's as if he's not being considered at all which is what I'm struggling to understand. Anyone know why tutoring isn't possible in this case?
  4. You mentioned earlier in the thread that midfield support roles gets an increase in mentality when there are no attacking duties. Just to clarify, does that mean no attacking duties at all in the team or just when there are no attack duties in midfield?
  5. Well deserved win. Always great to see a nation reach the WC final for the first time. Congratulations Croatia!
  6. Lathund

    Round of 16: Colombia v England (19:00 BST ITV1)

    I don't really care who wins, Sweden won't be the favourite either way. But whoever it is having to go through extra time can only be good news. No idea about the suspension situation, but I wouldn't mind a suspension or two ahead of the QF.
  7. Lathund

    Match 55 - Sweden VS Switzerland - 3pm KO

    First QF since 1994. All we had to do was rid the team of any and all star players (and get Janne Andersson ofc) 2002 was agnoizingly close though... can still see Anders Svensson's pirouette followed by hitting the post against Senegal.
  8. Lathund

    Match 55 - Sweden VS Switzerland - 3pm KO

    Why do you even watch? Seems like you post some variation of how boring Sweden are every time a Sweden game is discussed here. And unless I'm confusing you with someone else, you've been doing it for years.
  9. This is pretty amazing. Not what I expected to happen after Zlatan, Isaksson and Källström retired. Had no idea what to expect from Janne Andersson and this Swedish team that really lacks star power and name recognition. Even qualifying, the playoffs against Italy, was great.
  10. I play the same formation, and judging from your TIs I play a style similar to what you're trying to create. What I've generally found though is that TIs generally just fine-tune what's already set up through Mentality, Duties, Shape, Positions and Roles. The way my team plays now is through relatively patient short passing play, working the ball into the box, with a lot of movement. But without using any TI that implicitly addresses that (Other than, to an extent, Play out of Defense). The mentality (Standard), shape (Fluid), duties (5 Support, 2 Attack, 3 Defend) and roles (Not many roles that prioritize dribbling over passing and moving, few "extreme" roles) tends to create situations where the players are fairly close to eachother, and are on the same page mentality-wise. That tends to lead to more short passing options. So you posted two rather different setups, with different issues, but I think that one thing they both have in common is that they have a lot of players who in attack will end up between the opposition defense and midfield, but not really much in the way of players who will either push their defense back, or sit back to recycle the ball or switch it to the flanks and such. Sometimes an attack bogs down, and you need to reset a bit. Who's there to do that? The HB/BWM and the FB on support might be the only options for a back pass, and they might not even be available. Or lack the creative abilities to do anything useful with the ball. Most of the other players will be in, or on the edge of, the box. And similarly, who provides a threat for the through ball? The three forwards in both versions all look to drop deep, or in the case of the W(A) who doesn't, he might instead be rather isolated wide and high up the pitch. So you're faced with little in the way of forward passes available, and little in the way of backwards passes. So fairly often there's nothing to do except shoot. Two simple things to do would be to make one of the two CM players more of a "sitter" than a "runner". Such as a DLP(s), CM(s) or such. Basically create a fulcrum in the center of the pitch who can switch the ball between flanks, who can (with the right player and right PPMs) control the tempo of the game etc. And to have one of the forwards be someone who pushes the defensive line back. I'm a big fan of the F9/DLF types of players so I have it be a Raumdeuter/IF(A) instead; my current Raumdeuter has the PPM to try to beat the offside trap, which works great. It could be the central striker too, but I've yet to find much success with that. Not to say that I've found the ideal setup or anything, but the following is working well for me right now: WB(S) - CD(D) - CD(D) - FB(S) DM (D) CM(A) - DLP(S) W/IF(S) - F9(S) - RMD/IF(A) The two wing roles depends on the players selected but it doesn't play very differently either way which surprised me. There is a lot of interplay between the three forwards, they frequently play through balls to eachother, play one-twos, provide cutbacks etc.
  11. But what does it do? When I have it checked before going into a match and go into Tactics - Opposition in the pregame it looks like this. If I have it unchecked it looks like this . So the wording is different, but OIs are still set regardless. So what I'm wondering is what the setting actually does? In an "instant result" game, will they or won't they be applied?
  12. Looking around a bit, what I managed to find was an option when you click the "Actions" button from your Assistant Manager's profile where you can select or unselect "Handles Opposition Instructions". Now maybe I'm missing something about what that's supposed to be doing (Or if there's another option somewhere), but it doesn't seem to be working. Regardless of whether the option is checked or not, OI are still set at the start of the match.
  13. This, so much this. If SI prefer it the current way, leave it as a default. Just please give us the option to turn it off. Would be great if it could apply to "instant result" matches too; makes it rather pointless to have a deep sit back-defense when OI's are set to close down most attacking players anyway.
  14. Yes. This, so much this. In the last two versions I had the issue of the squad screen always reverting back to one random standard view. This year it is at least the slightly more useful general view, but even so, it's very annoying to have to always change to the custom view. Some option to set the standard squad view would be fantastic. Also what do you mean by not having a zoomed view? If I can fix this in any way possible I would be delighted. WIth it having been an issue for three versions now I don't see any official fix coming for it. EDIT: Looking around a bit more I found that it seems to stick if you make a copy of the custom view. Finally!!
  15. After two midtable finishes with Atalanta in my first two seasons I went on to win the double in my third, without adding much in the way of players, and I did it with a 4-1-4-1 utilizing two Wide Playmakers, a DLP (s) in MC and a False 9. I wouldn't say they got in eachothers way really, in fact it created a lot of really nice interplay, one-twos and such. Although it should be said that the idea behind the WPs was to create something akin to Inside Forwards, but remaining more defensively solid while taking more part in the build-up play. I could've done it by using another wide midfield role and setting them to cut inside, play narrower, cross less and such, and initially I did as I had the same feeling about "Too many cooks..." with regards to multiple playmakers. But then I just went ahead and did it, and it turned out very well. I found a few downsides with this attacking approach though. One is that with attacking fullbacks you get a ridiculous amount of crossing opportunities playing this way, the full backs always have space. Which would be a good thing, if I had something other than midget WPs and F9s to get on the end of crosses. I could have games with 25 crosses, none completed. Another one is that I have a huge amount of shots each game, yet only convert a small percentage. This is with both team and a few individual instructions to shoot less. Has some to do with PPMs, but mainly due to not having an in-the-box player, meaning that many chances fall to my WPs who will be coming from narrow angles and who aren't natural finishers. Thinking about changing the lone striker to something else, but the ones I have fit the False 9 role very well. Perhaps a CF (s) or DLF could serve me well, while giving me more of a presence in the box? Then again, I love the concept of the lone F9 enough to perhaps just sticking with it just for that reason alone.