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  1. Lathund

    2018 Major League Baseball Thread

    Wheelin' dealin' Jerry Dipoto. Reporters should try to interview him in the parking lot (or driveway) on deadline day as well, to allow him to go full Harry Redknapp.
  2. https://www.paradoxplaza.com/imperator-rome/IMIM01GSK0000001-MASTER.html Trailer and some screenshots. That's a *lot* of different nations.
  3. Johan Andersson just entered the stage wearing a toga and a laurel. I think I see where this is going. Imperator: Rome Release date early 2019. Map similar in size to CK2 (i.e England-India, Scandinavia-Ethiopia). Mentioned some of the things in the teasers like a pop system with religion/culture, there are multiple unit/army types, there are characters with loyalty/disloyalty and a couple of other things I didn't catch. Not really a lot of info. First look tomorrow at PDX Con.
  4. Announced so far: Age of Wonders: Planetfall. Set in space, a 4X game playing as one of the remaining surviving factions of a fallen space empire. EU IV: Dharma: India-themed expansion CK 2: Holy Fury: Focused on Pagans, Christians and well, Holy Fury HOI IV: Man the Guns.
  5. Anyway, announcement show about to start on Twitch. ]
  6. They keep saying it's not Victoria III, and a hint like that could be used to rule out Vicky III (But like I said, it's ambiguous enough to allow it to be Vicky III), but it's the fact that they come out and say that it's not Victoria III which I find really odd. Why would they do that?
  7. Norway was in a personal union under Sweden at that time; though obviously would depend on how they depict that on the map.
  8. That's a good question, tried to find out right now. The Celsii were rather prominent people; astronomers, historians, bishops and all that. The name stems from Anders Celsius' grandfather. So at the time Celsius lived, the only people with that name were him, his father, his two uncles and a few cousins. There weren't all that many of them basically. The name died out in 1838.
  9. Those tips all scream Victoria III, but they've come straight out and said that they're not announcing Victoria III this year Still holding out hope for Victoria II: Episode II. More seriously though, I'll go for Rome.
  10. Mike Celsius Betros Betros, 38 years old. And no, I have no idea wtf kind of name that is.
  11. It's not very common in Sweden where this took place though. 104 people aged 16 or older are named Kelvin; in most cases though as a middle name. Compared to 7329 Kevins. Anders Celsius was actually Swedish, although there's only person with the name Celsius in Sweden currently, and that's as a first name, not a surname. There's an insight into Swedish names that I'm sure you never knew you wanted. Probably because you didn't.
  12. New 12 point recipient every time! Well, until Cyprus got their second one.
  13. Wouldn't surprise me if something like Moldova, Israel or Hungary won this year. None of the "good" songs really stood out to me this year tbh. Some good voices, some good songs, some slick performances, but none that really put it all together. "Love, love, peace , peace" type of stuff like Italy could be very hit or miss. Didn't like Cyprus but it's the kind of thing that'll go well. Honestly feels quite open this year, about half a dozen songs I could see do really well, but could also see them flop; entires like Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Estonia. Uhm yeah, so I just named like half the songs there.... oh well. I'll stick with Moldova for now as my prediction.
  14. Finno-Ugric people winning Eurovision for the first time with a metal song has happened before, so wouldn't surprise me...
  15. That seems to be our niche for several years now.