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  1. One more thing - when evaluating players, don’t get too carried away by technical stats in isolation - a good goal scorer needs not only finishing, but also technique. He needs anticipation and off the ball to get into good goal scoring positions consistently, and composure and decisions to make the right choice in front of goal. Quickness and agility enables him to beat the defender, while balance ensures he is well placed to strike the ball as intended. always look at stats in a holistic manner. Same applies for passing, defensive stats etc. this guy has a good base in every
  2. Yes, at 19 he should be playing regularly. Rule of thumb is, training is most important until 18, after which match experience becomes crucial for development. This guy could become a great AF. I am using my long term 442 tactic, and have been searching for a tall left footed striker for the past 4 seasons, and there is no one I can find besides Haaland and Lukaku, both who are unaffordable (playing with Milan). as a long time FM’er, my advice would be to hold onto your future stars. Money can always be raised through selling squad players, especially in the premier league. Mone
  3. few things to keep in mind: 1. The 5 star potential rating is relative based on the ability of your squad. So, his potential is anywhere from one of the best players in your squad, to world class. Hard to say at this point. 2. personally, I would never sell this guy. Good, tall, left footed strikers are incredibly hard to find. He has a good personality as well. He’ll be worth 50m+ in a couple of seasons most likely
  4. It’s season 3 and the tactic has been clicking well. I’ve also had issues with my support striker, but I’ve found that what helps with the support striker is finding someone with the same strong foot as the side he’s on (STCL, left footed). This makes a big difference as most of the shots from the left slot come on the left foot. Also, the accuracy and prevalence of headed goals seems quite low in the new ME
  5. I finished 2 seasons with this tactic with Milan. first year, tied for lead and lost on H2H. second year, won the league narrowly and lost to Atletico in CL QF. To be honest, I don’t think the tactic works as well on FM 21 compared to FM 19 or 20. I still haven’t figured out why to be honest. Very good defensively still, but not scoring as much
  6. As always, thanks for posting and using the tactic! I haven’t tried FM21 yet, but I’d recommend “slightly higher defensive line” instead of much higher, and support striker as DLFs. I did a lot of tweaking and this seemed to work the best. this Everton squad looks a great fit for the tactic, James as WP is tasty. Let me know how it goes, I haven’t decided yet if I’ll go with the 442 or use a 4231 (with a wide AP and winger, so similar overall movement to the 442. Striker would be CFs with AMa behind. I’ve used the 442 in FM 19 and 20 I’m thinking of trying someth
  7. Could you post your tactic? It could just be a case of not having the right Players for the roles, especially with regards to footedness and physical characteristics
  8. On your first point, from my understating the team and personal instructions combine. So a dribble more PI and a dribble less TI will lead to something in the middle. I’m not quite sure which has more of an impact, but I’m quite sure that the team instruction will have some degree of impact. In addition, there is also PPMs which could further affect this. in any case, defensive results look solid
  9. One thing to consider, it might be worth using PI dribble less and/or PPMs for bad dribbling players, rather than a TI. You don’t want your winger for example to dribble less if he has the required stats
  10. Nice to hear. Taking the baseline tactic and tweaking it based on your philosophies and players is definitely the right approach here. I made a thread about this earlier but FM doesn’t seem to have a “second striker” role - for example, someone like Griezzman. The PIs are similar to a False 9, but the F9 role seems to be built for a lone striker system. The DLF role on the other hand has hold up ball hard coded, which seems to suit stronger physical forwards, such as Giroud or Dzeko. I’d like to see a “second striker” role available in the ST slot to better recreate the type of behav
  11. I fired up FM last week and no major changes, except that I dropped defensive line back to slightly higher instead of much higher. Other than that I think the base tactic I posted works fine, you can always make tweaks based on the players at your disposal and opponent characteristics
  12. The issue with the 3 back is that is was in a way designed to play against 2 striker tactics, due to the spare man. the wide areas, particularly where the fullbacks overlap the WP, should provide a 2 vs 1 overload vs 3 back formations. in that regard, tall strikers tend to be quite useful (on both strikers), given that the tactic produces a lot of crosses.
  13. Roles and duties look fine to me, I would just make the CF a PF(s) and the PF(a) an AF(a), I’ve found this works best. Looking at your team instructions, the setup looks to be a bit too aggressive and forceful on the ball. You are already pressing high up the pitch and restricting space to the opposition, meaning that there isn’t likely to be much space behind the opponents defense when in possession. In my opinion, this high block with direct passing, higher tempo, and hit early crosses is going to lead to unnecessarily rushed and forced attacking moves, which could mean loss of possess
  14. Can you post your setup? The 442 article linked above was done by me, and the WP was meant to be the star of the team. It comes down to the role of the midfielder next to him, attack/support distribution of strikers, and in general players to create space in and around him. I can share my thoughts on your 442, having run a WP 442 myself across a couple editions of FM and 30+ seasons
  15. Can you post a screenshot of your tactics screen with players selected? I can give you a few Inputs on player/role combos based on this, from my experience in terms of what works for the tactic.
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