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  1. Good to hear from you, keep me posted. I myself haven’t bought FM20 yet as I heard there were issues with the match engine (one on ones, shooting into side netting, etc). Would be great if you could also post screenshots of the tactic, as the link to the FM base forums has expired
  2. Anyone tried this on FM 20 yet? How is the ME overall and how does this tactic look on it?
  3. Im not convinced ill Play FM 20 yet, sadly. Just moved to a new city and started a new demanding job. I would consider playing but from a core feature perspective, I don’t see much to be excited about. I think FM 19 was fantastic that way with the rework of the tactics module, made such a big difference. The features this year seem to be just ease of use features so far (unless I am underestimating their impact). In any case, I hope for a better match engine. It’ll be interesting to see different types of goals with the same tactic. If you guys do end up using it, please post the results here
  4. Incredible! 5th season win with Cardiff is no joke. I haven’t tried this tactic with a team worse than Milan, the question is how it will perform with worse teams - especially lower league. I do expect this tactic to work on FM20 since there are no real ME exploits, but it’ll be interesting with a lower league side. Might need to go more conservative with the defensive line and mentality, and perhaps change the WP to an inverted winger. It’ll be interesting to see. Excellent results again, congratulations, and thank you for testing the tactic. From all the stories on here, there seems to be a point where the tactic really clicks and everything falls into place. Various interactions of 433/4141/352 have never given me as good results, at least with my Milan side, so for me it was good from the get go.
  5. This is wonderful to hear - as was the case with hig2, I’m quite emotionally invested in both yours saves since you are both taking the time and effort to testing this tactic. 4th in your 4th season is certainly a nice trajectory. Winning in season 6 is certainly an attainable objective, with the right players brought in. Now, with CL football, you can aim to bring in genuine world class players into your setup. Good luck and keep me posted. PS- if you find yourself getting too many yellow cards, you can remove the “get stuck in” instruction. My CMs in my previous save were great tacklers (but were good in positioning anticipating and work rate) so I removed this instruction myself.
  6. Nice to see that it turned around. After going through all the responses it seems like the aggressive defensive nature of the tactic (high line high press) is better suited for Europa league teams or better, as it requires good mental and physical stats. I also agree that for this tactic it’s critical to get the right profile of players in, in terms of their attributes and preferences. It makes it quite hard to build (as compared to say, a generic 433 where most people can be fitted in). I’ve seen countless fight footed wingers, playmakers, and wrong footed strikers who I just can’t use, despite being world class. It’s frustrating at times, but with the right players I’ve noticed results can be very good on both ends of the pitch. The two most important players to me for this tactic are the advanced forward and winger. Try focusing your resources on improving here to see the biggest jumps in performance
  7. Thanks for the update. I only ever manage Milan (except for one LLM save), because I always lose interest with other clubs, no emotional connect. Considering how bad Milan are in real life, this is my only chance to see them win. That being said, unlike the premier league, serie a becomes awfully weak a few seasons in, so the entire league campaign becomes a no contest. At this point, you end up playing just for those few CL knockout games a year, which isn’t nearly as exciting as the journey to the top. I think a good challenge would be to take up Ajax next, and try and win CL with them. I’ve always had a soft spot for Ajax, the challenge imo will be holding onto your best players since the Dutch league has a low rep.
  8. Cheers mate thanks for the update. Developing young players is always fun, especially when you have a blueprint you are working with. My biggest gripe however with fm and new gens is the big match attribute. There are a ridiculously high number of good regens who don’t enjoy big matches. For me, regardless of how good they are, I always sell them if they have this. The issue is that you can’t see this until they are 22. In any case, keep us posted on the progress! I think you should win a couple CLs before moving on. Italy has to be the next step
  9. Thanks for your input and for explaining what you are looking for. I can certainly relate to what you are saying, variety and unpredictability is so much more fun than seeing the same types of goals again and again. While building the tactic, I tried to create 3 distinct build up paths to goal - left, right, center, all with slightly different features (overlap vs direct play, long vs short passing, etc). In that regard, I do think that this tactic will be an excellent fit with your vision. To answer some of your questions: 1. In terms of assists, crossing I would say is the largest contributor (from the attacking winger and overlapping attacking full back). That being said, the crosses are spread across two players (mentioned above), across both flanks, and feature different build up (winger is more direct, usually in counter situations, while the full back relies on overlapping past the midfield, which happens more in possession situations). So even though it is crossing heavy, there is variety in how this occurs. 2. Other forms of assists I have seen - through ball from WP to winger or one of the strikers (range of passing lengths, usually mid/long), including beautiful cross field balls and passes to the overlapping fullback - combination short passing between the strikers (train ppm plays one twos to encourage this) - med/long range passing from the CMs to the striker so there is definitely variety in the assists and build up, even if your winger and full back will usually end up with the most assists 3. In terms of goals, I would say the advanced forward will be the leading scorer (I can’t stress this enough - make sure he is tall, short strikers just don’t do as well for me). My support striker and attacking winger also get a fairly large amount of goals. The WP will also chip in. The CMs in this tactic will play a more restrained role, so don’t expect too many goals from them. Overall, I do believe that you will get what you are after with this tactic. You can convert one AM to a WP, and perhaps another one who is reasonably well rounded to a CMs. Definitely need to invest in wingers though.
  10. Thanks for the update, keep me posted on your progress
  11. Thanks for posting this, interesting to see the changes you have made. From your post below, the results have certainly been good (whether it’s better or worse than the original is hard to say at this point, but awesome job innovating in any case). i had a few thoughts on the above changes: 1. A wing back behind an attacking winger to be seems like overkill, as they will both try to “get further forward” and provide width, resulting in a large amount of space being left behind. Imo you would be better off with a fullback who stays a little deeper, creating vertical separation between the 2. The WB behind the WP should be ok on paper, but it is worth noting that WB(a) has dribble more as an instruction, so you’d need the right player for it. The FB(a) instead moves more without the ball 2. I experimented with this in the last, but it greatly reduced a key feature of this tactic: the cross field ball from the WP to the winger. In my experience, this was one of the key “pre-assist” moves of this tactic, and my favorite one to watch. 3. This instruction reduces the dribbling of your WP - if he is slow/a poor dribbler, it could work, but once you get better players in this role, it could hamstring his impact. I’ve found that WPs with high vision still get the ball to the attacking fullback consistently. 4. Should be fine for a shorter forward. Have you tried “whipped crosses”? 5. Attacking mentality with lower defensive line will result in the same D line as control mentality at default. So this isn’t an issue. theory wise, my main concern was with “use tighter marking”. The offside trap is contingent upon a zonal marking scheme (you want the defense to be in a line and stepping up together, rather than being pulled away by tighter marking individual players). 6. Regarding attacking mentality, what was the rationale behind this? From what I understand, compared to positive/control, attacking will increase the following by a notch: passing length, defensive line, width, default player mentality, tempo, and creative freedom. From the TIs, you have reduced the defensive line, passing length, team width, and creative freedom by a notch - the resulting play will be identical to a positive/control mentality in all the above aspects as a result. Just something to think about - perhaps a control mentality on default setting is really what you are after. A blank canvas also tends to be easier to tweak and adjust
  12. You must keep going until you win at least 2 back to back CL, including a six trophy haul in the second season. That and finishing the league season unbeaten is imo the stage where you have beat the game. That being said, I tend to play for several seasons after that to perfect my team, dominating and shattering records is fun
  13. I was skeptical when I heard Real Madrid as I thought it would be too easy, but looks like the perfect time to take over. Definitely an intriguing and challenging rebuilding job the cards here. Early on, I think you’ll need to decide on your key players and see who is available on the market to see if you’ll go with the original or inverted tactic, and build from there
  14. Well done mate. Glad to see your perseverance pay off. Dominant league season, and it’s only going to get better from here on out. After the early frustration, I’m happy you stayed committed to the tactic and continued to get the right players to make it work. Excellent job. You will certainly be remembered as a Newcastle legend now whether you chose to stay or seek pastures anew. If I were you I would stay and try to win the CL. In my saves PL teams always dominate the CL, so you can’t be far away. Getting the right AF with height and heading is going to make a big difference. Pellegri averaged a goal a game for me using the tactic, which shows the added benefit that height can bring. You can always make your wonderkid as the support striker and bring in a true bomber as the #9. Good luck in any case - did you have time to experiment with the one notch higher defensive line? This could also be a simple change that boosts your results, now that your team is approaching top levels
  15. In addition, I group the players into units as follows: 1. Attacking unit: strikers, wingers, WP, attacking full back, support CM 2. Defensive unit: CB, support fullback, CM defend If a support CM needs to work on his defense (for example when converting a young #10 for the tactic) I’ll move him to the defensive unit and train as either CMd or DLPd, with additional focus on defensive positioning or endurance. I once did this and had my star #10 improve from 3 to 12 marking over 7-8 years, making him a great CM support player.
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