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  1. I think he meant sitting back a bit to allow the other team to attack him that way both the fullbacks and DM come inside his own half and he has space he can exploit
  2. If your striker can play as an F9 he can most likely play as a DLF. the roles are very similar
  3. maybe take out extremely urgent pressing and see what happens and are you sure the person in question us your RB?
  4. maybe drop the pressing and tempo in games you're winning. I know FM is just a game but realistically teams don't press aggressively for 90 mins
  5. It's in the analysis tab, the you go to team and then passes
  6. Did you look at the key pass combination too? it should be easier to see it from there I think
  7. to add to this, I'll also say try to know your players because 2 player would play differently in a certain role, regardless of traits. Last year i hade 2 players I was playing either as W or IW and they didn't have any traits but one of them would always run with the ball into the box to shoot and he scored a few goals while the other had more assists because I didn't make as many runs into the box as the other player did
  8. I Think it does. Think about when defenders have to clear a corner that comes in, they don't jump and let the ball hit their head and go wherever it goes, they try to direct it to an area on the pitch and that is where this like decision and technique would come in I guess
  9. If you are favourite for relegation it could just be that your team isn't that good
  10. I'll probably just speak on the first screenshot then you can apply whatever I say to the others if you think it's useful but first I want to ask you what you are looking to achieve with the tactic. How do you want it to play? How do you want to score goals? who do you want to be the primary goal scorerscorer etc
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