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  1. I don't think it's possible... It would be like switch from PlayStation to Xbox.. android and iOS are 2 completely different OS
  2. Try putting them in the reserves then go to managers settings and set the assistant to take care of loans
  3. That's the problem I have with the system. I'd prefer I'd they changed it to the way it is in the full version, however to answer your question he would always move into opposition area it when he plays as a B2B while he might still do that if he plays as a CM but it would depend on the situation
  4. I get what you mean. I don't get job offers either when I manage in the big leagues
  5. In on Android and I'm in the 4th season now but I think I started receiving offers towards the end of the end of season 2. The leagues I have loaded are England down to the lower leagues, the Scottish League, the Irish league and of course Northern Ireland. Most of the clubs that have appointed me are from the Vanarama national below but the highest offer I've received became from a league 1 team
  6. I started a save in the Northern Ireland third division and I've been pretty successful but the thing that surprised me the most is that my reputation is still regional but I've turned down more than 10 job offers from teams in the Scottish league and even league one teams in England an my nationality is Italian
  7. I think in you case scouts and assistant manager would have different taught on a player but in his case where he uses the IGE I can't find an explanation for that
  8. Like I've already said, I'm not planning on updating. I'm ok with how the game is currently
  9. I'd get a screenshot to explain better what I mean
  10. There had been a problem with the movement of the IFs since FMM 16 I think where they start their movement too early crowding the box and taking the main striker completely out of the game. I've never raised the issue because no one seems to be talking about it but I'm tired of seeing it and I'm wandering when it would be fixed. Ideally the IF should start his run from wide where he would receive the ball then cut inside and that's not how it's represented currently in the game
  11. Click that button twice or you disable replays
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