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  1. And "stay wider" seems to be the only locked instruction so it open lots of possibilities
  2. That's correct you are asking your players to look out wide first for options, however, it also increases the distance between your players and focus play doesn't do that
  3. I just put the player in a role that includes "jumping reach" then I add additional training of strength and finally in the team training I have at least 3 schedules that train "individual role" those schedules are match prep like "attacking movement", "defensive shape", "match practice" and on weeks where I play 2 or more games I only do match prep so the players train in their roles
  4. As you can see that's the developement of one of my CBs and his jumping has improved a lot so it does improve depending on your training
  5. If your team is playing from the back pause the game each time your player passes the ball to someone then ask yourself these questions: does he have options to pass the ball to? what type of pass would I want him to play and to who? Do that until you loose the ball then pause immediately and ask yourself: Do I have enough players back? how many players does the AI have forward and are my players in the best position to deal with the threat? If you see that you don't have enough players back then rewind and watch closely the movement of your players and try to identify why they lost the ball. Play the game once again and watch your pressing was the pressing efficient? did any player step up too early to press etc. You don't want to change anything immediately unless you see the same problem repeat itself. Ideally you want to be watching the games in comprehensive for the first few highlights and if you're happy with the movement offensively and defensively then you can switch to key. If you're not happy, make changes then watch again before changing to key
  6. I have similar problem but mine is more self inflicted. So most of my saves are based on building the reputation of the league I'm managing in (I'm currently doing that in Poland) so to achieve that faster I need the help of other polish teams so my transfer strategy is bring in as many 16-18 year olds as I can, keep the better ones in the team for about 2 seasons and loan out the ones that are not good enough yet. What ends up happening is that almost every season I'm selling my best players to my rivals in the league or sometimes to other team in Europe and replacing them with players that are not good enough yet and although I've won the league 7 seasons straight, the last 2 seasons were difficult and I just won it because I had better head to head result and in Europe we don't even make it out of the group. In 7 seasons we've made it out once and come 3rd twice. At least I've raised the reputation of the league enough to where this season we get to the group stage of the champions League directly if we win the league
  7. I guess I don't understand this part because those stats already exist in football and some of us want them in the game as well. We can't influence what happens irl
  8. That's a good question. Personally I think players because with good players you ca still get results even if the roles are not perfect but it's more difficult the other way around
  9. I'm tired of seeing comments like this (no offence). The truth is you won't always control possession, there's always going to be a team or 2 that will be able to keep the ball better than you and when you come against a team like that you have to find another way to win. That's just the nature of football
  10. I'm not sure what you're king for but t have the full widget you just have to zoom out a little bit
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