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  1. I don't think it's possible
  2. DarJ

    FMM19 observations

    What I've noticed this year is that you would probably struggle with average players. You need the best players you can get that fit your tactic and keep an eye on moral... I have a save with Hamburger SV where the moral of the squad is down because of contracts etc. and I refused to improve my squad every year and I'm finding it tougher and tougher, I almost got the sack so I decided to spend some money, fix the moral and the squad is performing very well now
  3. DarJ

    Player height?

    you can't really see the players height but I think it's reflected in the aerial ability
  4. DarJ

    FMM19 observations

    My striker is always the top scorer also but I think It would be hard to adjust because we as human managers have the advantage of adjusting or tactic for it to play in a specific way while the AI in my opinion just change their width and mentality which isn't enough
  5. DarJ

    FMM19 observations

    Player conditioning for me is a joke. I'd have 11 players play 120 minutes and still have 100% conditioning for the next match in 3 days time. It was better last year
  6. Can I see your formation and instructions?
  7. I think the % is the experience they've gained from that match and the yellow bar means they have reached their potential if I'm not mistaken
  8. Go to "settings", if you look down at the first page you would see "players attribute highlighting". Set that to "trained role" so when you choose a role to train your player in it highlights the attributes that are trained
  9. You can change it o show the role the player is training in
  10. DarJ

    No money, no problem

    It's no longer a problem since I got promoted and won the champions league
  11. DarJ

    No money, no problem

    I've come across many of those even as the manager of Hamburger SV
  12. try tweaking your tactics. I concede an average of 25 goals a season