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  1. Yes I had one of the DM as a voltante and the other one as a DLP. But if you do that you might want to change your passing to at least standard
  2. I played a 4231DM and my AMC was my best player, he had 122 key passes in the 22 games he played
  3. Personally, I have specific attributes I want for each duty for example if I was to choose between 2 players to play as a CM(s) the first thing I look at is positioning and off the ball, depending on the other players and roles around him I might favour one over the other; then I look at anticipation, concentration, composure, decision and acceleration especially if I'm playing a 4231; at this point if both players are still very similar I look at work rate, bravery, first touch, passing, vision, tackling and finally determination. Depending on the players around and who I'm playing I might pi
  4. I think happens more in lower leagues. The other day I loaded up a tier 10 data base just to try things out and I just plugged in one of my tactic and the GK never played it short and when I used the same tactic with a top division side the GK follows instruction
  5. And You’ll get torn apart with the first tactic on the counter. Primary Tactic These are the issues I have with the tactic: High line and aggressive pressing: There is nothing wrong playing with a high line if you are confident but selecting “extremely urgent” pressing and “prevent short GK distribution”, what you will see is 2 or 3 players going out of their position to close down leaving gaps. I’d advice you to use a split press; so set the teams pressing to standard and ask your front 4 players to close down more, if you want to be even more aggressive, you can use OI to pre
  6. on the graphs where you put "games played" can you change that to "minutes played" because I feel like that is more accurate. I don't know if "games played" includes sub appearances etc
  7. You shouldn't pay attention to the final score of xg because that doesn't tell you anything because you could have 30 low quality shots and finish with and xg of 3 and you'd be let to think that you should have scored 3 goals but that isn't the case. You need to look at the diffee in xg from one shot to another so in your first game you didn't create any quality chances to score from, in the second match you created only one good chance and it was a oebalti, and in the fourth game you created once again only one good chance so in all those games realistically you should have score only one an
  8. I tried to import the squad data and I get this error. I don't know why because I tried with another save from the day of the job and it works fine so I don't know if the problem is because I'm at the end of the season on this particular save. I went to look at the html file and that section is really missing so do I just edit the file on excel and add that column? I was also unable to install the app and I don't know if this is related but after I changed the path for the file in the help folder and install it I see this this on command prompt
  9. I was waiting for this to start my new season so thanks for making it available
  10. I've only read a few comments from when this was initially posted and I agree that player development is very fast and it stops really early, however, we have to keep in mind that realistically most people don't play a save for even up to 10 seasons and the game comes out every year so it makes sense. If you're only going to play a save for 5 seasons or 10 at most then you would never see a player reach his full potential if SI have to implement some of the suggestions people have given here
  11. I don't get why people like to complain about everything and don't get me wrong if something isn't working how it should then we should by all means report it with evidence, the more people that do this the more they are forced to find a solution but saying the game is unplayable because your players are getting 6.1 instead of a 6.7 or because the game doesn't record key tackles is a bit ridiculous. If you're worried that players not having high average ratings influence how much they are valued at then you should keep in mind that it affects the AI too and players values is not calculate
  12. They won't cancel out. I think what happens is every player regroups but since you have asked the front players to close down more their zone where the start pressing increases. For instance let's say with just regroup you team starts pressing at the half way line if you ask the front players to close down more then they will start pressing a little bit early while the rest of the team is still in position
  13. That looks better. Mentality is the amount of risk you are willing to take, If you are unsure Balanced is always good point to start from
  14. I personally think people should use tools like that just as a guide and not put 100% faith in them; after all they are only developed mostly following how the creator thinks the game should be played and that could be very different from how SI think the game should be played. I think people need to remember that although the game is meant to be a simulation of real football, it is still SI's representation of how football should be played and thus different from the real thing. Looking at your 4231 there isn't much wrong with it although I'll point out things I'd change later and
  15. There are a lot of player instructions in the tactic so you might want to look at them and change them if you want Pioli 4231.fmf
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