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  1. For next year's game could we see where the team is predicted to finish beside the teams name so we know what to expect from the team because sometimes we may manage in a league we know nothing about and pick a random team and expect then to do well when in reality they're not; and can this refresh every season, like when you get into a new season the game looks at the team in the background and gives you a news article with all clubs and where they are predicted to finish based on the squad they have and it should refresh once again after the first transfer window shuts just so we know if we improved our squad or not.
  2. I mean for me in my game... i'm in my third season now I'm a Milan supporter in real life and I watch all their games and I don't like him that much IRL but he's good okay in the game
  3. he scored over 20 goals in the previous season
  4. @Miravlix I want the AF to get most of the goals and the IF on support to get some as well, that's why I set him to support not attack and I chose the IW because technically his main objective is not to score but to create chances. I'll look to change one of the CMs to a B2B or the AMC to an AM on attack
  5. @pheelf i'll make some changes and let you know how it goes
  6. Thanks for the response. @pheelf could you elaborate more on the issues with the tactics
  7. So I'm playing a 4-2-3-1 with my striker as an AF and after 80 mins my striker has received just one pass, how can i improve my tactic so he's not that isolated
  8. Hi Lucas, I'm on Android and I downloaded that skin so and it doesn't work so I download one of the base skins and I did the changes but it doesn't work in game
  9. Thanks for the response, I ended up buying it to test and it works perfectly but I'm regretting the fact I didn't wait till fm20 since November is not that far
  10. I've got the Huawei honor note 10 and according to the Google play store it's compatible with FMT so I'd like to ask if it's really compatible do I don't waste my money unnecessarily. Thanks
  11. Can we have the team comparison page on mobile as well because sometimes it difficult to know the number to look for when managing in a league you've never managed in before
  12. https://fmmobile.net/2019/01/01/training-guide-for-fm19-mobile/ Feel free to look around the wibsite for other tips
  13. Personally, it's not something I'd use but if they add that alongside the traditional offline FMM I wouldn't be mad
  14. I suggested that last year as well. I think it shouldn't be that difficult to implement. When choosing the league you can decide to download what league you want to load and you could go down to the lowest tier
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