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  1. Hi Lucas, I'm on Android and I downloaded that skin so and it doesn't work so I download one of the base skins and I did the changes but it doesn't work in game
  2. Thanks for the response, I ended up buying it to test and it works perfectly but I'm regretting the fact I didn't wait till fm20 since November is not that far
  3. I've got the Huawei honor note 10 and according to the Google play store it's compatible with FMT so I'd like to ask if it's really compatible do I don't waste my money unnecessarily. Thanks
  4. Can we have the team comparison page on mobile as well because sometimes it difficult to know the number to look for when managing in a league you've never managed in before
  5. https://fmmobile.net/2019/01/01/training-guide-for-fm19-mobile/ Feel free to look around the wibsite for other tips
  6. Personally, it's not something I'd use but if they add that alongside the traditional offline FMM I wouldn't be mad
  7. I suggested that last year as well. I think it shouldn't be that difficult to implement. When choosing the league you can decide to download what league you want to load and you could go down to the lowest tier
  8. If I'm not mistaken I read somewhere probably on vibe where one of the Dev said the engine is basically the same as one of the earlier FM engine
  9. Personally, for picking my captain, I look at leadership, teamwork, age and sometimes how long he has been in the club. For offside trap, I look at positioning, teamwork and decision. For freekicks, I look for shooting, passing, crossing and technique
  10. Can we have new stats like pass percentage, pass attempted/completed and cross percentage with cross attempted/completed
  11. I don't think it's possible... It would be like switch from PlayStation to Xbox.. android and iOS are 2 completely different OS
  12. Try putting them in the reserves then go to managers settings and set the assistant to take care of loans
  13. That's the problem I have with the system. I'd prefer I'd they changed it to the way it is in the full version, however to answer your question he would always move into opposition area it when he plays as a B2B while he might still do that if he plays as a CM but it would depend on the situation
  14. I get what you mean. I don't get job offers either when I manage in the big leagues
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