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  1. After looking at the highlight I think the BWM is the problem because around 8sec in the video he rushed out to close down the player with the ball and there was no need for it since your no. 15 was already on him. I would keep an eye on that and if necessary, change the role to CM-D
  2. honestly I think it's difficult to tell without looking at the tactic and the highlight of the goal because sometimes, the error occurs way before the goal is scored
  3. He streams on YouTube now and that's his streaming channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBt2OspH0nPnsgWvmG_aChA
  4. Less risk for a defender is kicking the ball as far as they can. As others have said that seems to be the case in lower leagues but you could try telling them to take more risk instead
  5. Football manager and real football are 2 different things, when you play football manager, you are playing according to SI's rules and the limitations in the game so it's impossible to completely replicate a real football tactic. I'm not trying to say that you can't get more passes in the game but at the same time 580 is pretty comparable to 600 or 650 so I wouldn't bother too much about stats
  6. using a sweeper keeper on defend and asking him to take less risk works but he will still kick long from time to time
  7. To reduce the amount of through balls, my recommendation is to use opposition instruction to tight mark lone strikers especially if they play as AF, P and PF on attack (it won't always work but can be useful). For crosses tell your fullbacks to close down more. those 2 things have been useful for me but it's not something I use all the time. Then there are other things like dropping your lines a bit and play more of a mid block
  8. to add to what others have said, the carrilero is not an ideal role to play in a midfield 2 in a 4231 due to the fact that the player tends to play wider so it puta a lot of burden on the other midfielder
  9. The Enganche only works when you have players playing off him. Similar to roles such as the DLF on support that holds the ball, If you don't have players running ahead of him, it simply won't work
  10. I don't know why people seem to be obsessed with traits. I know they can be useful but if you change your style of play they could become a problem for you so I don't tend to train them or I train the basic ones
  11. You can play the wide players further forward in the AML and AMR position. Your striker is not well suited to play as a DLF though, he lacks Passing, vision and decision
  12. For me, I start from midfield; I'll pick one player who's creative, one how's defensive minded and a runner. Once I have my 3 midfielders or 2 depends on how many I have in the team, I'll then think about how I want them to play/interact together. Once the midfield is settled I'll then think about how we're going to score and defend. In your case you seem to have the players to play in midfield and since your fullbacks are bad defensively but good going forward as @Experienced Defender said, I'll go for a DM. Your key player is your striker and with the description you gave, I'll fo
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