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  1. No, it really isn’t. Nottingham Forest has never been shortened to Notts Forest. It’s always Nottm Forest. So unfortunately you’re wrong. Manchester United has always been shortened to Man United.
  2. More that I’m never successful with a Forest. Hoping I can be successful this time. There is no Notts Forest. I used to recommend Nottingham Forest.
  3. Waiting for FM21 to come out. Seriously want to get a Forest save going. Think I’ve got the tactic. Just hope things actually work.
  4. Interesting update @warlock. Have been waiting for you to resume. The fact you tried to re-sign Diakhaby WBL was rubbish for us in real life. Hopefully you can maintain a strong second half to the season.
  5. Always wary of getting sacked. Thankfully not come close yet. Frustrating but enjoying it.
  6. That’s a ridiculous fee that @DazRTaylor. After what feels like a gazillion attempts at this challenge. I maybe ready to post. Two seasons completed with Tamworth.
  7. He looks solid Padders. You're in 2082 and in the Championship. Oh, but June 2082. Did you stay up?
  8. Heath! Jesus. Maybe the lockdown will bring an increase in traffic back to this thread. I’m currently in the UK lockdown. No longer miss Australia as much. Won’t be playing much cricket this summer I don’t think. Have got back into my FM18 save. Struggle with the morale side of 19 and 20.
  9. Further update to this. Tried further bits and pieces. Nothing is working and it's still crashing. Out of ideas as to what else to try.
  10. Have tried troubleshooting through the website and searching for the right drivers. It’s the intel one that is causing the issue.
  11. Have tried doing this. There's an update that says it isn't supported on the device I have and won't install.
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