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  1. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    What is the best image sharing site to use now guys?
  2. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    Sweden doesn't interest me. Forest and a journeyman will be happening for 18 at the moment. Dundee United will be on my list if my current idea doesn't work.
  3. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    Currently at a really tough time in terms of getting a save started on FM. As it stands I've had one good save on FM17 with Forest and was slowly building something. Unfortunately due to a poor start I got sacked. Since then I've tried to start about 10 different saves but none have kept me interested. Any ideas as to what I can do? Edit: I was sacked at Forest after about 8/9 seasons.
  4. The English Football League Thread - EFL in FM17

    Nottingham Forest wouldn't be a bad shout. Positives Have a lot of good youngsters. Have good potential youngsters. Club that had a good past that comes under your 'sleeping giants' theory kind of. Possibility of a takeover. Negatives Mad chairman. Large squad. Little money. Not the greatest of squads.
  5. Off Topic Thread: Hey lurkers, post ffs!!

    Wow, I knew you were engaged last time. A baby!!!! Jeez. Yeah, went to Australia to play cricket. Greatest 7 months of my life tbh. Wanted to stay but cricket is over. Put in to stay but didn't get it. Was planning to go back but managed to get my old job back so I'll stay for the time being. Apart from that, life has been fairly simple.
  6. Off Topic Thread: Hey lurkers, post ffs!!

    Yeah it's dead. I'm only posting because you've posted. How are you BB?
  7. [FM17] The Hart Chronicles - Volume II: Adam Hart is 'Yes Man'!

    Away goals shouldn't count for play-offs.
  8. [CM01/02] Football in the dark forest...

    Massive talents of Barry Roche haha :D. Look how that one played out :D. Louis-Jean was one of my favourite players back then. Oh man the memories :D.
  9. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    Forgot one more @Cougar2010. Wing Half? Would that be like a right midfielder?
  10. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    Thanks Cougar.
  11. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    Just looking at a little project possibly. Can anyone tell me how the following old positions would relate to in today's game; Inside Left Inside Right Inside Forward Half Back Left Half Right Half Plus if there are anymore I've missed?
  12. The English Football League Thread - EFL in FM17

    Just finished my second season at Forest. I shall try to do a more detailed update soon. However, first season the media predicted us to finish 16th whilst the 2 boards wanted a top half finish. We ended up finishing 14th. I managed to scrape another contract out of the board for 2 years somehow. Mid-table expectations for second season and we finished 15th. Wage expenditure has dropped by about £100k so far. The last 5 games of the season and we've managed to win 4 and draw 1. First time we've managed to win 3 on the bounce.
  13. The English Football League Thread - EFL in FM17

    Started a save as Forest because once again we're a good challenge with a first team squad of about 35 players and most of the dreadful players are new signings. Not sure how long it'll last as I reckon I've got to be close to getting sacked as I've only won 1 in 9. Fawaz has left and he's been bought out by Anthony Armstrong-Emery(who is a real life person). I knew they usually are but this one is interesting. He's turned us into a PLC and then increased my wage budget by £400k and transfer budget by about £900k. SO in turn I've gone and signed some 17 year old left back from Falkirk iirc as well as John McGinn and Bradley Dack. The board aren't happy with Dack's signing as I spent £5m on him. Not all in one go obviously. I'll do a full update later.
  14. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    A question for those who have played FM17 a while. What are good attributes for sports scientists and data analysts?
  15. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    I wouldn't be bothered if I hadn't just come back from Oz. Just want a normal nights sleep :(.