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  1. That's a shame. I'm not back in the UK until the 13th April so it'll probably be back up by then.
  2. Does anyone know how much FM17 is retailing at on Steam at the minute as I'm unable to check.
  3. To take a screenshot outside of windowed mode it's control + F9 and upload to imgur or somewhere. Or whilst in Steam & game, just press F12, follow the uploading process and post the link.
  4. Might vote whilst I'm on the plane to Australia :D. If not, when I land I'll do it.
  5. I think my FM13 save has finally died. Just crashed twice in the space of 10 minutes around the same date. Such a shame as I never really got the one job I craved(Indonesia) or the Champions League. Still, I can't complain considering I never really expected it to last as long as it did when I started it on 19th November 2012.
  6. Good Player & Team Guide Forum.
  7. This forum has really kicked on this year but the GPTG has lost some of it's spark.
  8. In terms of getting the forum back and active again, is it worth having scaled down threads. I love reading updates about people's FM saves but I'm not trolling through 30 pages of United updates to read through. THe FL thread is a great read though. So something like that? Might build the interest up again and more people might post. Player threads of the past used to be good, now people don't post too much as they might feel you have to put war & peace. I also saw a comment where someone(think it was stig) who said that Twitter has meant a lot of users use that now and you're probably right.
  9. This thread in particular has been dead for about a year & a half at least. People just don't post in here anymore. I suppose as we've got older, there haven't been many people to replace us. I'm 24 ffs don't feel the need to post as much and honestly can't be arsed :(.
  10. By lost I mean I transferred it across and accidentally deleted it from my memory stick.
  11. Just booted up my FM13 save where I'm in Indonesia. Started off doing rancer890's challenge but then signed a player through the search filter. Still playing the save but not the challenge. When transferring everything across from 1 laptop to the other, I lost the hall of fame :(. Had to remove some leagues as it seems to be getting a bit sluggish.
  12. Tbh, some of the best saves in this forum have been community ones. The only issue nowadays is the forum is less active imo. I'd be up for most ideas but the England vs RoW saves don't seem to be very active anymore. I'm sure some people have got some better ideas so it could be good fun to explore those ideas and see which ones are feasible.
  13. Just had a thought for FM17 regarding a forum thread. Youth saves seem to be the 'in' thing at the moment and there seems to be a new one every other day. Personally I love a good youth challenge as there's nothing better than seeing a youngster who has honed his skills at your club go on to great things. Would people be interested in a community one for FM17? I'm not saying I could run it yet as I'll be in Australia but it could be good fun. If we were to do one, what countries would be people be interested in? I was thinking it'd be a season a person and then pass it on. That way there would be fairly quick seasons as no player transfers in and barring a few staff changes you'd get through the season quickly. How often would the updates be? A few countries that spring to mind is England, San Marino or possibly another lesser European country? Another idea I had was a created team/nation? Maybe including FMCU posters or any posters for that matter.
  14. The first season is always tough but you have quality within the squad. Hopefully with next years FM it could be better as we have some more great youngsters coming through.
  15. Got some hours with the cricket club already. Got money behind so don't actually have to work. I know people out there and one of our clients we use is going to put me in touch with some people out there as she's stayed there for 18 months. I'm also staying with someone from the club. Will sort bank accounts when I get there as I know a few people out there who can help.