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  1. Avoid relegation. Only won like 4 games out of 30 after a great start. We were playing Kettering who were two clear in the next game as well.
  2. Annoyingly checked the youth candidates and had a 3 star CA 15 year old RB.
  3. Sacked as Tamworth boss with 5 games to go. Was two points off safety.
  4. Having not had chance to play much until today. I managed to look further into Bognor Regis Town and the squad was lacking enough balance. Have restarted and I'm now Tamworth. Shall post if I get into it.
  5. I’ve got my side anyway. But off to bed now. Bognor Regis Town.
  6. Think we may need to have a rethink of England. There’s a date that needs to be saved at to get different sides.
  7. I think it can change. Although I've never personally seen it.
  8. Have just read through this. An incredible idea for whoever put it together. I've seen people request but can't see a link in any of the posts. But would be interesting to see whether I can stop Forest from becoming rubbish like they are now. Joe Kinnear as Forest manager about 7 years before he took us down to L1.
  9. Haven't posted for a few weeks. I don't think. Still been reading. Such a shame that you've decided to end the save. But I understand why.
  10. Really keen to see how you strengthen. You’ve got an identity so I’d imagine it’ll be slightly difficult to get the players you want.
  11. Good achievement staying up. Especially by winning 4-0.
  12. Weirdly, I have. I dislike managing abroad but a few years ago. FM13 I was struggling from FM burnout so decided to try rancer890’s Asian challenge. Decided to go to Indonesia and it’s my longest FM save to date as I got to 2072 iirc. It’s also my second most enjoyable save after the Billericay save. I’ve gone back to the All Whites save now. It’s very basic and you’d do a lot of frowning as we’re not playing nice football and I’ve got no respect for finances. But we’ll see if it leads to anywhere.
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