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  1. Just finished my second season at Forest. I shall try to do a more detailed update soon. However, first season the media predicted us to finish 16th whilst the 2 boards wanted a top half finish. We ended up finishing 14th. I managed to scrape another contract out of the board for 2 years somehow. Mid-table expectations for second season and we finished 15th. Wage expenditure has dropped by about £100k so far. The last 5 games of the season and we've managed to win 4 and draw 1. First time we've managed to win 3 on the bounce.
  2. Started a save as Forest because once again we're a good challenge with a first team squad of about 35 players and most of the dreadful players are new signings. Not sure how long it'll last as I reckon I've got to be close to getting sacked as I've only won 1 in 9. Fawaz has left and he's been bought out by Anthony Armstrong-Emery(who is a real life person). I knew they usually are but this one is interesting. He's turned us into a PLC and then increased my wage budget by £400k and transfer budget by about £900k. SO in turn I've gone and signed some 17 year old left back from Falkirk iirc as well as John McGinn and Bradley Dack. The board aren't happy with Dack's signing as I spent £5m on him. Not all in one go obviously. I'll do a full update later.
  3. A question for those who have played FM17 a while. What are good attributes for sports scientists and data analysts?
  4. I wouldn't be bothered if I hadn't just come back from Oz. Just want a normal nights sleep :(.
  5. Have just read all 25 pages in one sitting. Have to say this is one of the best saves I've read in a long time. The sort of save I'd love to have. I did read your other save on and off. Hopefully you guide Salford to League Two soon and build your rep up.
  6. Jetlag is doing my head in now. 4am ish, 5:30am & 3:30am. That's the times I've woken up in the past 3 days. I'm even going to bed at reasonable times. Bodyclock is all over the shop.
  7. Ah yes. Read the post again and actually like that idea too. I wish I could blame tiredness for my error but I can't. There have been many attempts at these type of threads over the years but ultimately they fall flat after a while. Which is a shame.
  8. Similar things have been tried in the past. I wanted to do something like that last year. Would have to be a club where there are minimal expectations. Maybe one of the challenges. The biggest issue would be people play the game at different speeds. Maybe worth trying it for FM18 but beforehand, creating a thread to get an understanding of how long it takes everyone to complete the season and what team should be managed. Plus what happens with player transfers etc. Do they get decided by a committee or the player whose turn it is? Infact, thinking about it, San Marino could be the perfect setting as it's timeless and could be continued when new releases happen.
  9. Applied to reinstate my old Australian visa. Not confident of getting it but I'd be delighted if it went through.
  10. I haven't even got FM17 yet. When I'm back from Australia I'll probably get 17 and I have 2 ideas for a save. One being Forest and the other was a possible youth save. However, it's only going to be possible if a player is at Kettering Town.
  11. That's a shame. I'm not back in the UK until the 13th April so it'll probably be back up by then.
  12. Does anyone know how much FM17 is retailing at on Steam at the minute as I'm unable to check.
  13. To take a screenshot outside of windowed mode it's control + F9 and upload to imgur or somewhere. Or whilst in Steam & game, just press F12, follow the uploading process and post the link.
  14. Might vote whilst I'm on the plane to Australia :D. If not, when I land I'll do it.
  15. I think my FM13 save has finally died. Just crashed twice in the space of 10 minutes around the same date. Such a shame as I never really got the one job I craved(Indonesia) or the Champions League. Still, I can't complain considering I never really expected it to last as long as it did when I started it on 19th November 2012.