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  1. FC Hound Dogs 2018-19 Season October Results We started off the month of October with a trip to Leo FC. Despite bossing the game from start to finish we failed to score a goal despite having the better chances. William Bell YP1k missing quite a few good chances. Due to the nature of the Second Division, you can go 2 to 3 weeks without a game. I was determined to keep morale and fitness up so arranged two friendlies. The first was against Gibraltar Regiment at home. Despite being the better side the only goal of the game came from a failed corner as Kenny Russell YP1 a rifled home on 19 minutes. Against Gibraltar Phoenix I went with the same mentality and Morgan Brown rewarded us with an early goal in the 13th minute from James Brown YP2f's corner. Unfortunately just before the hour mark Christian Hewitt equalised for them as Wszeborowski was dragged out of position which gave Hewitt enough space for a composed finish. Our final game of the month saw another friendly against College '75. A goalless first half despite us being the better side and I made my usual 12 changes for a friendly. William Bell YP1k put us infront with a clam finish just 45 seconds after the restart. Ben Knight YP1h replicated Bell's finish in the 85th minute as we won comfortably. Leo FC Stats Gibraltar Regiment Stats Gibraltar Phoenix Stats College '75 Stats League Table In the league we sit in a very respectable 6th place. We still have a few games in hand so we've made a steady start. Other News Unfortunately after the Leo FC game we were informed that we had now gone 12 games without a win dating back to the 12th January 2018. I was also offered an interview at Burton Albion who were 23rd in League One. Of course as always I rejected it.
  2. Gibraltar 2018-19 Season September We were drawn in what the media described as a tough group for the European International League D Group 1. As were scheduled to face FYR Macedonia, Faroe Islands and Liechtenstein. Based on where we are as a side I'd be confident of getting results against Liechtenstein(home & away) and a win at home to the Faroe Islands. Ethan Jolley and Max Cottrell were named the new captain and vice captain respectively. Cottrell is an 18 year old who I gave a debut to 2 seasons ago. Between July and August we rose to a record high 170th in the world. Our first two games in the competition would be against FYR Macedonia and Liechtenstein. I decided to announce the following squad for the games. The surprise inclusion was 16 year old Jodi Owen who had made a cracking start to the season for his club in the European competition. Unfortunately Ethan Jolley missed out through injury. The two games were a shambles and we played dreadfully in both. Shortly afterwards I got informed that Cottrell would be out for 4 months and we'd dropped to 191st in the world rankings due to our poor performances.
  3. FC Hound Dogs 2018-19 Season Pre-Season Board, Media Expectations & Other Bits Second Division: Finish Bottom Media Prediction: 9th Title Odds: 250-1 Rock Cup: 1st Round Division 2 League Cup: Be Competitive Finances: £5,714 Season Ticket Sales: 25(+0) Wage Budget: N/A Pre-Season Results The league campaign is just 16 games long and with last season's disappointment of finishing 9th, I felt it was important that we had a strong pre-season. I got the lads back for 7 weeks of pre-season training and decided to arrange 25 games. I tweaked our tactics a little and whilst we were slow in the 4 games against the reserves, we soon got into our stride. Despite being the better side in most of our pre-season games we never got the rewards of the big wins. But towards the end of the pre-season campaign we were passing sides off the park and creating numerous good chances. Our biggest issue this season will be our inability to put chances away based upon what I've seen over pre-season. Player & Staff News Over the course of pre-season we allowed 6 players to leave. The four I wasn't overly fussed about were Jonathan Mccarthy, Gabriel Liccudi, Devon Ballester and Kieron Francis Gonzalez. I also allowed Shaun De Soto to leave when he kicked up a fuss about being demoted to the reserves. Shaun De'Ath also departed as I made a big decision on his future. He's failed to live upto expectations and I felt it was best for him to leave after he failed to impress in reserve games. I've also managed to get the board to allow us to have more staff which now leaves our backroom looking like this; Other News I've managed to pass my Continental C Licence badge. The board have also formed a partnership with First Division side Lynx. I requested another parent club for financial purposes but was rejected. I've also been offered interviews with Albion Rovers, Europa Point, Gibraltar Phoenix, Leo, Limerick, Lions Gibraltar, Macclesfield Town, Manchester 62, Morecambe, St Joseph's, St Mirren and St Patrick's Athletic. The board were extremely delighted I rejected the St Pat's job as the media asked me about it before I was offered it. Didn't attend any of the interviews as I had no interest.
  4. Yeah, initially I had a 3-5 year plan to get out of the 2nd division with Hound Dogs. I'm revising that to a 5-10 year plan. With Gibraltar the 2 points were unexpected. We even took the lead in one of the games. It's going to be tough in the near future as the quality isn't there.
  5. The Squad 2018-19 Season As with all youth challenges, youth intake day is the most important. Here I'm going to give you a current run down of my squad until the next intake day which will be early March 2019. All players are listed in order of choices and positions I expect them to play in my formation. Whilst I have a large squad of 38 players, only 25 of them make up my first team squad. Which for a 16 game league season is a lot. However, we're only an amateur side and my concern is we could lose any of these players at any given time so I'd prefer to be over stacked than under. Goalkeepers: Liam Spillane-Davis YP1b, Chris Matthews YP2h, James Simpson & Juan Antonio Carcano Blanco Right Backs: Colin Sheppard YP2g, Jake Cameron YP0b & Matt Johnson YP1g Left Backs: Alan Taylor YP1e, Shaun Gonzalez & Jordan Sargant YP2m Centre Backs: Alan Wszeborowski, Luke McKenna YP2e, Adam Martin YP2d, Jensen Perera, Sean Harrison, Billy Dean YP1l, Alan Holmes YP1m & Chris Dean YP2n Central Midfield(D): Tom Perry YP1c & Ismael Ballesteros YP0a Central Midfield(DLP-D): Morgan Brown & Etien Victory Advanced Playmaker(CAM): James Brown YP2f, Ben Knight YP1h & Andy Baker YP1f Attacking Midfielder(CAM): Kenny Russell YP1a, John Luke Olivera, Shane Townrow YP2c & Alejandro Herrera Lopez Shadow Striker(CAM): Marouane Chawki YP1d, Stuart Lee YP2j & Craig Owens YP2k Striker(Advanced Forward): Joe Lowe YP2b, Alex Hart YP2a, William Bell YP1k, Shaun De'Ath, Zac Davis YP1j & Jansen Ramagge YP2l
  6. 2016-2017 Season/2017-2018 Season FC Hound Dogs In the league we have so far finished 8th and 9th. Which I'm pleased with considering we're always expected to finish bottom. In the cups we've not really made much progress but it's a long term project. 2016-17 Season Table 2017-18 Season Table Gibraltar We started off being ranked 208th in the world and in just two seasons we have managed to climb up to 178th. Our highest position so far has been 175th. We're currently going through a bit of a tricky period due to the lack of quality coming through. But over time I'm hopeful we can kick on again. We managed to pick up two points during qualifying against Cyrpus and Bosnia which I'm extremely pleased with.
  7. Gibraltar International Records Top 5 Most International Caps Player Caps ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Liam Walker 32 Jake Gosling/Jack Sergeant 29 George Cabrera 23 Scott Wiseman/Roy Chipolina 22 Top International Goalscorers Player Goals ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jake Gosling 6 Liam Walker 4 George Cabrera/Jamie Coombes 2 Evan Green/Michael Yome/Roy Chipolina/Kyle Casciaro/Jayan Brennan 1
  8. So I think I've stumbled upon a save that will keep interested until FM18 comes out or further. At this present moment in time it'll probably be past FM18. The aim of the save is to turn Gibraltar into a footballing powerhouse. Unlikely I know, but I'll give it a good crack. I've loaded the Gibraltar league through Steam along with the rest of the standard leagues like England, Germany, France, Scotland, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, Wales, Northern Ireland, Holland and Italy etc etc. I've decided to start with no badges and Sunday league rep. As I wasn't sure how long this would last, I don't have many screenshots from the two seasons that I've already completed. The club I have chose is FC Hound Dogs due to the fact they're expected to finish bottom of the second division(9 teams). I have been offered about 10-15 club interviews but rejected all of them as I want to take Hound Dogs as far as possible.
  9. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    What is the best image sharing site to use now guys?
  10. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    Sweden doesn't interest me. Forest and a journeyman will be happening for 18 at the moment. Dundee United will be on my list if my current idea doesn't work.
  11. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    Currently at a really tough time in terms of getting a save started on FM. As it stands I've had one good save on FM17 with Forest and was slowly building something. Unfortunately due to a poor start I got sacked. Since then I've tried to start about 10 different saves but none have kept me interested. Any ideas as to what I can do? Edit: I was sacked at Forest after about 8/9 seasons.
  12. The English Football League Thread - EFL in FM17

    Nottingham Forest wouldn't be a bad shout. Positives Have a lot of good youngsters. Have good potential youngsters. Club that had a good past that comes under your 'sleeping giants' theory kind of. Possibility of a takeover. Negatives Mad chairman. Large squad. Little money. Not the greatest of squads.
  13. Off Topic Thread: Hey lurkers, post ffs!!

    Wow, I knew you were engaged last time. A baby!!!! Jeez. Yeah, went to Australia to play cricket. Greatest 7 months of my life tbh. Wanted to stay but cricket is over. Put in to stay but didn't get it. Was planning to go back but managed to get my old job back so I'll stay for the time being. Apart from that, life has been fairly simple.