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  1. Always wary of getting sacked. Thankfully not come close yet. Frustrating but enjoying it.
  2. That’s a ridiculous fee that @DazRTaylor. After what feels like a gazillion attempts at this challenge. I maybe ready to post. Two seasons completed with Tamworth.
  3. He looks solid Padders. You're in 2082 and in the Championship. Oh, but June 2082. Did you stay up?
  4. Heath! Jesus. Maybe the lockdown will bring an increase in traffic back to this thread. I’m currently in the UK lockdown. No longer miss Australia as much. Won’t be playing much cricket this summer I don’t think. Have got back into my FM18 save. Struggle with the morale side of 19 and 20.
  5. Further update to this. Tried further bits and pieces. Nothing is working and it's still crashing. Out of ideas as to what else to try.
  6. Have tried troubleshooting through the website and searching for the right drivers. It’s the intel one that is causing the issue.
  7. Have tried doing this. There's an update that says it isn't supported on the device I have and won't install.
  8. Have uploaded as test. Apologies for not naming it correctly. Have attached dxdiag DxDiag.txt
  9. Afternoon, I'm experiencing crash dumps when I'm going into a match. Have attached the latest one. Thanks FM 2020 v20.4.0.1356331 (2020.03.24 15.11.18).dmp
  10. Trust me, you might not think it’s that much of an increase tactically but it is for me. I think I’ve successfully created one realistic tactic in 13 years of FM. Although I have a lot of success with 4-4-2! Ha. The attributes thing is a massive change from the norm and I like it. I’m enjoying the fact you have a keeper who has earned his chance in the top flight with you. That’s how real football is normally.
  11. Don’t comment as much now. However, of all the threads on here, this is my favourite currently. I can’t say I know what you’re doing half the time as it seems tactically and technically more advanced than I’ve ever got involved in. I caught the back end of your FM19 save and enjoyed that. I like the idea of no stars and having to use judgement more, although I guess you work how who is actually good. The fact you’re slowly building a side and not going all out for the instant success is also enjoyable to read.
  12. Is there much interest in a signup of FMCU? Starting from L10 I'd document how the club progressed over the years. If so, I'll set up a thread.
  13. Literally with the last roll of the dice, I have Basford. Well last roll tonight. @glynnbob, I'll look to upload it tomorrow if you haven't got them come up by then. Edit: Reckon it's took 250 reloads.
  14. Welcome to the club haha. Probably one of the only sides a 1900 rated side hasn't come up at least once.
  15. I'd take a guess and say Hartney Whitney won't come up as they're the lowest repped side looking at the list.
  16. Infact, having looked at the eligible teams from all divisions the only one's I don't recall seeing are; Basford United, Bamber Bridge and Lancaster*. Wimbourne, Weymouth*, Walton Casuals, Tiverton, Taunton, Swindon Supermarine, Met Police, Kings Langley*, Hartney Whitney, Harrow and Beaconsfield. Statford, St Ives, Rushall, Royston*, Needham Market, Leiston, Biggleswade Town, Bedworth, Barwell, Banbury, Alvechurch and AFC Rushden. Worthing*, Wingate & Finchley, Potters Bar Town, Merstham, Lewes, Leatherhead, Harlow, Haringey Borough, Corinthian-Casuals, Burgess Hill and Brightlingsea. *I'm sure I've seen these.
  17. I think I've had St Neots once in all the reloads. Just had Matlock for the first time and Mickleover.
  18. I've tried different holiday databases. Different loads and everything. Just not getting any luck.
  19. Can't believe you got Basford :(. Must have tried about 150 times at least.
  20. Great job @warlock. Not that it matters much, but on the full release Forest have £3.5m to play with, or did.
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