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  1. I think it can change. Although I've never personally seen it.
  2. Have just read through this. An incredible idea for whoever put it together. I've seen people request but can't see a link in any of the posts. But would be interesting to see whether I can stop Forest from becoming rubbish like they are now. Joe Kinnear as Forest manager about 7 years before he took us down to L1.
  3. Haven't posted for a few weeks. I don't think. Still been reading. Such a shame that you've decided to end the save. But I understand why.
  4. Really keen to see how you strengthen. You’ve got an identity so I’d imagine it’ll be slightly difficult to get the players you want.
  5. Good achievement staying up. Especially by winning 4-0.
  6. Weirdly, I have. I dislike managing abroad but a few years ago. FM13 I was struggling from FM burnout so decided to try rancer890’s Asian challenge. Decided to go to Indonesia and it’s my longest FM save to date as I got to 2072 iirc. It’s also my second most enjoyable save after the Billericay save. I’ve gone back to the All Whites save now. It’s very basic and you’d do a lot of frowning as we’re not playing nice football and I’ve got no respect for finances. But we’ll see if it leads to anywhere.
  7. No, no proper new save. Started as Forest. Stormed the league first season playing a rather attractive style of football. Started the second season well including beating a top 6 side. But just not feeling it. Decided to download an edited database and have taken my local side Clifton All Whites to the title in the first season playing a very attacking 4-4-2. We actually lost only two games all season which included a cup SF which we were the better side and game 37 which ruined my unbeaten season which I’ve never had. We did score 143 goals and only conceded 32! That’s a shame that you’ve not found the source yet.
  8. Haven’t posted for a few weeks. But honestly the progression is still there. Don’t go away from the principles as you know they’ll work eventually. Intrigued to see who the rebel team leader is. Reckon you can find out who? I now have visions of you completely discarding them!
  9. I’m not sure it’s 100% been solved yet. I can’t say I’ve paid enough attention. I know my Basford save was hampered by it.
  10. 2 solid signings. I’m surprised you’ve not tapped into the released players from other clubs. Unless you’re doing that already. I’m sure you’d find a couple of youngsters from PL who you could mould that could be signed on frees.
  11. Initial thoughts, he looks good. Also, solid start to season.
  12. You’re going to have so much fun when it comes to moulding a player to how you like them to be. It wouldn’t surprise me to see you catch a player and turn him into a model citizen and best player in the game.
  13. Now we’re talking. One of the best parts of a game as you progress further in. Finding some hidden gems. I often as time goes on have scouts to look for under 24s. I try to set them so they scout a nation they’re used to.
  14. It’s alright, we’ll point them out. If you’re taking East Midlands as a stretch, Mickleover as a very loose one. In terms of champions. I have a feeling you’ll storm the league.
  15. Solid season. Which means Champions next season. Could Rugby not be classed as local?
  16. Nope, content. I’ll just sit here and applaud. However, have Forest approached you yet? I real life....
  17. Basically should just give every FMCU award to you this year. Your threads provide me with much entertainment as you create an atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re playing the save. Edit: By you’re I mean me!
  18. I’d love to see some videos of the movements and passages of your team playing.
  19. The amount of effort and time you put in to create something special(in all your saves) is amazing. The thought processes, the logic behind why and how. I’d be interested to see how your side play in a proper game. As in watching them to see whether they do as you wish.
  20. No idea. A break of some form possibly . Frustrated more than anything as we had a decent squad. Unfortunately confidence is crucial on FM and when you lose it you’re done for. We started our usual rut early on and never recovered. I’m tempted to start as Forest properly but not sure whether I’m that interested.
  21. Basford United 2032-33 Season Youth Intake Truthfully a poor intake. There's possible potential there but they're going to have to work hard to make it. None of have any of the desired attributes for their roles/positions I play.
  22. Basford United YI Preview 2032-33 Season Fair bit of green so this looks promising.
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